This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [05/30/2017]

This week is






bee-jerk This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [05/30/2017]
Well, well, well it is about time that we talked about anime.
bee-jerk This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [05/30/2017]
bee-jerk This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [05/30/2017]
There were a lot of good shows this week. Spring is finally starting to get good.
bee-jerk This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [05/30/2017]
Eeeeek! Let's just go! I just wanna talk about anime!

Contains Spoilers

Oh Yeah. Let’s Just Throw in More Confusion.


I have had so much patience with this season and the massive plot holes and what not that AoT 2 is marred with. But this week, was a step in a very good direction overall for the series. We finally kind of find out what is going on. While Mikasa and crew search for Eren and Ymir, Eren, Ymir, Reiner and Bertolt discuss just WHAT IS GOING ON. Just kidding though because we are not getting any real progress. Or are we? We spend the first few minutes of the episode just listening to Eren talk to himself about to get away and the titans watching them. Then though, Reiner has a stark change of character and starts this big aside about how all of the work that they have been doing recently is worthy of a raise. Everyone is confused but Bertolt is quiet. It is then deduced that the stress, trauma, and guilt is destroying him and has caused either his psyche to split or his mind to.

Now, while I am not a psychologist and cannot diagnose anyone, Reiner is clearly suffering from some sort of mental issue that could be DIS or something else. While it is not that important what he has, it is important that Reiner is shown to be struggling with mental issues! This is HUGE for an anime. Japan is notorious for treating people with mental health issues, and even things like ADD and AHDH, by sweeping them under the rug and isolating afflicted people from everyone else rather than helping. Seriously google it. This scene alone honestly redeemed the whole season for e and has made me really really like this a lot. A good story is one thing, but diverse characters that are not just stereotypes, is something that is truly good.

bee-jerk This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [05/30/2017]
food for thought for sure.

Kai is Best Boy. No Arguments.

Ellyn Barnes

Oushitsu Kyoushi Haine has definitely got to be one of my favourite anime this season. It’s got a bit of everything I like - beautiful boys, soothing slice-of-life elements, and comedy. Each of the characters is so full of life and have their own little quirks - but my favourite boy definitely has to be the silent-and-surly-looking Kai, so I was practically giddy waiting for his character episode. This week I got it, and was definitely not disappointed. It was everything I could have hoped for and more.

In episode eight, we follow Kai’s journey to challenge himself and learn how to talk to other people without making them crap their pants in terror. He goes through various trials and failures, and every scene is packed full of Kai-based cuteness. I think my favourite scene, though, is when he goes to the zoo and tries to smile at stranger - only to look like he’s threatening to kill them. As someone who has a thing for bad boys and is also Kai’s No. 1 Supporter, I both cracked up and felt a little flustered. Of course I felt sorry for him after but, personally, I think he should keep that smile anyway.

bee-jerk This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [05/30/2017]
Kai has the mix of the bad boy outside and the soft sweetheart inside… Best Boy of the season for sure!



Sometimes people want others to be jealous to show their affection, but I’ve never been into that kind of thing. It’s a sign of possessiveness I don’t care for. However, I love it in shoujo manga. To see that Silent Black Kitty is making its debut to squash In No Hurry by clearly copying their sound and disguise theme is clearly a sign that Momo wants to destroy the band that stole his Nino away. And throughout the episode, Momo and Yuzu talk about girls they like when in fact, they turn out to be the same girl!

This is the moment when the love triangle finally collides and it is so great. It is dramatic irony at its finest. We hardly know much about Momo, too, but imagine where the audience leans and then this all happens! What will happen between the friendship between Yuzu and Momo? Nino is such a dunce that I doubt she’d even realize that Momo is jealous of her and so trying to compete directly with In No Hurry. But she knows it is Momo taking the stage behind that mask. It is all so great and I cannot wait to see what their next moves are going to be.

bee-jerk This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [05/30/2017]
Jealousy is ugly unless it’s moe like Momo!!

Of Dreams and Greed

Rod Locksley

For me, this week’s best moment was Warau Salesman NEW first story, the one about beautiful paintings, beautiful ladies and a nice ending. I mean, this anime is very philosophical, so you can always watch it and think about a lot of things; this episode was about dreams and greed, 2 things that get along very well, specially when put against human will. Subaru is a simple guy who loves to roam from sentō to sentō, searching for the perfect mural. He likes Mount Fuji, he likes Suruga harbor and he also likes Miho Pine Grove, but there’s no painting yet that combine the best of this 3 places. This makes you think about all the things that are perfect in your head, but never come out the same in reality. Also, and as Subaru himself told us, the beauty of this is the journey itself, giving your life a purpose, a dream that may never become true but will keep you interested. And then there’s greed…

When Moguro told this man where to find the perfect painting, he wanted more, not only the painting, but the beautiful young lady who takes care of the place. How many times do we actually feel like this?! The moral of this story is so tipìcally japanese, very simple and predictable, yet powerful. Next time you desire something, be sure to remember this anime moment.

bee-jerk This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [05/30/2017]
I don’t blame him, this lady was gorgeous! I mean, painting…


And that is it for this week! Thank you for staying with us until the end. What did you think? Did you see any of the moments that are discussed here? Let us know below!!