This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [08/08/2017]

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bee-gendou This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [08/08/2017]
Very nice. I have been waiting.
bee-gendou This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [08/08/2017]
ugggghhhh there were just so many good shows!
bee-gendou This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [08/08/2017]
I agree! There are so many good shows. I am in love with Kakegurui, but I hate that it is on a break this week.
bee-gendou This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [08/08/2017]
Let's just go talk about Hot Moments in Anime!

Contains Spoilers

Watersports, Panty Shots, & Looking Down Little Girl’s Shirts Oh My!


Tenshi 3P is great if you are a loli-fan, and if you are not, then you can always enjoy the rehabilitation of hikikomori Kyou. This week, he asks the owner of the orphanage to let them use it as an event. He agrees, but gives Kyou only 1 month to prove himself. Kyou is then advised by Sakura that he needs to shoot a music video to help the girls gain more fans, and thus, the camping trip is born. They go camping and he starts to shoot the video, but then we are given some new nuggets in the part of Sora flashing her cooter at the screen and Kyou just taking a massive gaze at it before telling himself he should edit it out. Ten, Nozomi gets a bee stuck in her shirt and cried to Kyou to have him take it out. There are of course, ensuing awkward scenes. Then if it could not get any better, Jun reveals that she has been holding in the fact that she needs to go to the bathroom. Kyou rushes to a bathroom carrying her on his back, and we learn that basically she is bouncing and trying her hardest to hold it in. She makes it into the bathroom at the last minute and a guitar solo plays while she is going. All of the jokes teasing about pedos just left me in tears because I was laughing so hard! This creator and Project No.9 are trying really really hard to cram everything into this anime that pedos will love and it’s making for decent humor. I can’t want to see what next week holds.

bee-gendou This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [08/08/2017]
I think I liked Jun’s moment the best. ehehehehhe

Can You Really Be Unselfish?


My moment of the week comes from Koi to Uso. There is a point in episode 5 where Yuusuke speaks with Ririna. Ririna has been forcing situations where Yukari and Misaki can be together because she loves them both and wants them to be happy, but Yuusuke contests this theory as being selfish. Yuusuke states that this will cause trouble for them if they reject their selected marriages as it’ll make life difficult for them in the future. Then there’s the fact that Ririna is in love with them. Can all of them truly ever find happiness?

The irony in this is that Yuusuke also loves our Yukari, but he has resigned himself to his fate. Yuusuke says all of these things to Ririna but I cannot help but wonder if he really wants to do what she is doing and pursue happiness over what the government dictates. His situation is so much more complex, but it is obvious that he has a lot of conflicted feelings about the situation. This also leads me to wonder: aren’t all of us selfish? While Koi to Uso may seem like a cute school romance anime about two students who are trying to defy the government and pursue their love, at the enforcement of a forced fiance, doesn’t the entire premise sound completely selfish? Like Scum’s Wish, isn’t Koi to Uso more about selfish individuals trying to get what they want?

bee-gendou This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [08/08/2017]
Is this a type of teens vs the government anime or is it just about fighting against basic desires?

Welcome Aboard!

Rod Locksley

So here we are, another week of anime to talk about, and what a week! To be honest, we had a few very good episodes of different shows, but now we’ll talk about Princess Principal. Maybe the way this anime presents it’s episodes can mess with your head, but it’s really cool how this can make some things get even better, like Chise’s presentation. Yeah, we’ve already seen her and yeah, you probably thought “who’s this little girl that came out of nowhere?”... well, now we know! This petite spy from Japan is a badass girl indeed, with a sad story, and a huge talent for wielding her sword. She is a merciless killer with a sweet child on the outside and a pure heart inside.

Aside from Chise, let’s talk about the beautiful train scene, shall we? This is not the first time we see a fight on the roof of a running train, but this episode was a good homage to the old spy movies, with great fights, explosions and a potential derailment. Ange is always great, but on the other side, Princess Principal also tries to appear kinda realistic; yes, Dorothy may not survive a real bomb exploding a couple meters away, but at least she was injured. Yes, Princess may not be able to stop a train —under a lot of pressure— just by following orders, but at least she was helped by Ange, one of the smartest spies out there; and yes, as cheesy as it may sound, Chise’s relation with the assassin Jubei Todo had a good close and explains a few things about politics. For me, this fifth episode of Princess Principal was one of the best (if not THE best) so far, and the one that confirmed it as a great anime to follow this season.

bee-gendou This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [08/08/2017]
Oh, I love this Chise girl! I only wish she’s not a traitor...

Things We Do for Love

Lizzy Nyanko

In the 5th episode of Keppeki Danshi! Aoyama-kun, the Fujimi soccer team is practicing when it’s brought to our attention that the team captain is a member of the Aoyama fan club, which is made obvious by the captain and his girlfriend wearing matching “No Aoyama No Life” t-shirts. This fanclub stands in the sidelines and cheers on Aoyama-kun no matter what he’s doing.

Another team member says he’s gained a new respect for their captain, Gaku, and then we’re taken to a cutaway where we see Gaku and his girlfriend, Yuri, doing cute couple things like holding hands, using baby names for each other, and smiling at each other during games, with Yuri sweetly wishing Gaku “good luck!”.

But then... we see that during a game, Gaku’s girlfriend is in full Aoyama club garb and with her eyes following Aoyama’s every move and not Gaku’s. The best part comes when we see Yuri genuinely telling Gaku “I only love you, Gaku!”, again, in full Aoyama wear and with a sign that reads “I love Aoyama”. “Ok” Gaku sighs, and then we see him and Yurippe, as he calls her, both enthusiastically cheering for Aoyama-kun, before Gaku takes his fanclub clothes off before hitting the field as the Fujimi soccer team captain. Does Gaku also idolize Aoyama? Or is he only in the club because of Yuri? It doesn’t really matter, because it’s super awkward, adorable, and hilarious!

The hilarity doesn’t stop there in this episode, but that was certainly something that stuck with me all week! I hope you’re not missing out on this wonderful comedy!

bee-gendou This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [08/08/2017]
Where do I sign up for the Aoyama Fanclub!?


And that is it for this first week of summer! Thank you for staying with us until the end. What did you think? Did you see any of the hot moments that are discussed here? Be sure to let us know below!!