This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [11/15/2016]

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honey-detective This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [11/15/2016]
Welcome to a new type of article here from the editors at Honey's Anime!
honey-detective This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [11/15/2016]
Each week, the English editors are going to be picking their standout moments in anime.
honey-detective This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [11/15/2016]
Then, they will explain why it was standout or memorable!
honey-detective This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [11/15/2016]
Please tell us what has stood out for you as well~!

Utterly Speechless Yet, Amazed!

Alfonso "Fonzy" Ortiz

Part of the training in Keijo!!!!!!!! is knowing the sport and learning strategies to it, which brings us to the many WTF moments in Keijo!!!!!!!! Ep. 6. As Kazane, Nozomi, Sayaka and Toyoguchi learn about special moves (with their hysterical names) performed in Keijo.
While on a training retreat to sharpen the girls’ skills, a pile of lumber suddenly falls towards the girls due to Toyoguchi tripping on the rope that was holding the lumber together, threatening their lives. New character Shirayuki, from a stationary position, flies right into the air, butt first, and, at super speed, breaks apart the lumber to a safe area. The name of this outrageous move is “Surface-to-Surface Butt Missile”. My favorite moment is when we learn the names to some new moves in the series. Keijo!!!!!!!! is definitely a series full of fanservice, to the point that the creators came up with a new sport to cash in on it.
From now on, I eagerly await the next episode to learn the newest and craziest name they come up with. I mean, I’m sure we all haven’t and will never forget Fujisaki’s Cerb-chan, right?! Right?! Lol

honey-detective This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [11/15/2016]
Come on! Really?!

She Just Won’t Die.


Calamity Mary is out for blood now that Magicaloid44 has been killed. She will undertake a mission from Fav personally after it tells her who has killed Magicaloid44. Calamity Mary gets her revenge against Hardgore Alice again, and again, and again. Gunshots, dismemberment, acid, a grenade, stabbing, heck, even an oil drum filled with cement, is not enough to stop Hardgore Alice. You see, the problem is is that Hardgore Alice cannot die! Even if you kill her, she will always regenerate. This poses a real threat for the other magical girls who do not know about her power yet, and could really change the entire hunt as we all know it. Her appearance is especially crucial after Fav revealed last week that this is just a game for someone else. That brings us back to Snow White too. What will she do?

honey-detective This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [11/15/2016]
Even I do not get how she cannot die!! Magic or not, I want what she has!

“Don’t you dare take your eyes off me”

Ellyn Barnes

This episode is all about Yuri trying to seduce Victor with his Eros as he goes up against the other skaters in the China short program cup - and boy, I think he managed to seduce everyone watching this anime along the way. After the subtle but telling touch of Victor’s hand on Yuri’s, Yuri quickly takes the initiative and entwines their fingers, before pushing their foreheads together. This moment speaks volumes about their relationship, the thin line they’re treading, and how important skinship is to them. As Yuri goes on to pull off a perfect performance of Eros, “Love wins,” cheer the commentators. And it really does. This instant shows just how important Victor is to Yuri, as well as how much Victor has changed Yuri for the better - and if you think I spent this entire scene screaming, you’d be right.

honey-detective This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [11/15/2016]
It’s bad enough when Victor is all touchy-feely, but seeing Yuri reciprocate...Ahh, my heart!

Whiny Baby


In episode 6, we get to see more of what Chinatsu is all about. Despite luring a child into making a contract as a Selector after hearing the girl’s story about wanting to bring back her deceased mother, Chinatsu continues on as if she has the most problems in the world. Like, oh my gosh, your dad was the one whose business went bankrupt; why is it your job to take care of everything? You chose to do the part time work to pay for college! Chinatsu takes all of this burden onto herself and then blames Suzuko for the heavy expectations. It’s freaking annoying. I thought her story was going to be much more emotional, but this reminds me a lot of antagonistic anime characters who are given terrible backstories just so they can be the antagonist. GIVE IT SOME THOUGHT!

honey-detective This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [11/15/2016]


Well, what did you think? Which is your favorite and what has stood out for you this week in anime? Let us know in the comments below!