Thousands Swarm Lezhin at Anime Expo 2017

Lezhin-560x374 Thousands Swarm Lezhin at Anime Expo 2017

What You Need to Know:

  • Multiple times per day at Anime Expo this year, the aisles towards the back of the convention floor were flooded with hundreds of webtoon fans eagerly awaiting their chance to purchase exclusive Lezhin merchandise and meet their favorite creators.
  • For their first exhibit at a US convention, webtoons publisher Lezhin Entertainment hosted autograph sessions with Koogi, creator of the popular psychological horror comic “Killing Stalking,” and SilB, creator of the BL webtoon “Blood Bank, panels, and giveaway sessions throughout the four and a half-day expo.
  • This being the publisher’s first US convention appearance, Lezhin Entertainment was pleasantly surprised when its booth was greeted by swarms of fans within the first thirty minutes of the expo’s opening on Saturday. Over the next several days, thousands of fans visited the webtoon publisher’s booth to purchase merchandise, get autographs, and read comics.
  • Over the course of the seven autograph sessions, the creators, Koogi and SilB, did over 800 signings. To accommodate as many fans as possible, the sessions were even extended from one hour to two. Following the “Blood Bank” signings on Monday and Tuesday, the publisher hosted three giveaways of exclusive artwork by SilB.
  • In addition, Lezhin Entertainment also sold posters at the booth from their most popular BL titles including “A Guy Like You,” “At the End of the Road,” and “Royal Servant.” The booth sold out of most of their merchandise within the first two days and sold out completely by the end of the expo.
  • Lezhin Entertainment has already booked a larger space for next year’s Anime Expo and is exploring the possibility of attending other conventions in the US.

Lezhin-560x374 Thousands Swarm Lezhin at Anime Expo 2017
Whoa, this is amazing considering it's their first time exhibiting in the US!
Lezhin-560x374 Thousands Swarm Lezhin at Anime Expo 2017
I'm not surprised at all, although I'm totally jealous I couldn't be there!

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