Time Bokan 24 - Anime Fall 2016

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time-bokan-24-dvd-300x446 Time Bokan 24 - Anime Fall 2016

time-bokan-24-dvd-300x446 Time Bokan 24 - Anime Fall 2016

Time Bokan 24

Action, Comedy, Mecha

Airing Date:
October 1 2016

Other Seasons:

Tatsunoko Production

Honey’s Highlights

time-bokan-24-dvd-300x446 Time Bokan 24 - Anime Fall 2016
What are those bug things? Did some anime company find us and make us into anime characters?!? I am totally here for Karen’s dress/skirt thingy though!
time-bokan-24-dvd-300x446 Time Bokan 24 - Anime Fall 2016
Bugs….. Is this some pokemon in space ripoff? Oh wait no… this is a remake of a classic. Interesting! Then I guess if anyone was ripping off anyone it would be Pokemon off of this, but let’s not make any crazy accusations.
time-bokan-24-dvd-300x446 Time Bokan 24 - Anime Fall 2016
Hmmmmmm Let’s think about this one. This is going to be interesting for sure! It kinda almost looks like Kamiwaza Wanda from Spring 2016.


Tokio is a first-year middle school student who lives in modern-day Tokyo. One day, he is suddenly appointed to be a member of the 24th Century time and space management office. Through this, he learns something shocking!

The truth is, the history written in his school textbooks is all a lie - and the real history is far more interesting! So, alongside fellow team member Calen, Tokio ends up searching for the true history whilst commanding Bokan Mecha 24.

However, in their way stands Bimajo, Tsubuyakky, and Suzukky! Also known as Akudama, they are hired by the world’s biggest textbook company History Paradise and ordered to protect history as is written in the books.

What kind of new history will be discovered next?

Characters & Voice Actors List


Voice Actor: Akihisa Wakayama

Scouted by JKK time and space management office due to his incredibly lax nature towards time (in other words, he’s always late.) He might seem like your typical kid nowadays, but he’s actually an honest, all-round good guy. Loves bugs.


Voice Actor: Akari Katou

Loves history, or rather loves cosplaying clothes from whatever era of history she’s in. A high school girl and Tokio’s upperclassman at JKK. Apparently she works there in order to find a certain someone...


Voice Actor: Eri Kitamura

The leader of the Akudama trio. A department chief… For now. Her age is… A mystery.


Voice Actor: Hiroaki Hirata

In charge of mechanics. Your average employee. His hobby is tweeting online.


Voice Actor: Kenta Miyake

A trainee whose only redeeming feature is his incredible strength. Suzukky is a temporary name - because he’s only half-qualified, he hasn’t got an Akudama nickname like the other two.

Theme Songs
  • Opening Song: Fantastic Time by Hey! Say! JUMP
  • Ending Song: TRUE LOVE by Ai Shinozaki

Main Staff
  • Original Creator: Tatsunoko Production
  • Director: Takayuki Inagaki
  • Series Composition: Youichi Kato
  • Character Design: Takahiro Yoshimatsu
  • Original Illustrator: Level Five
  • Music: Hitoshi Minowa

For more information: Official Website

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