Titan Quest Anniversary Edition - PC Review

Return to an even better Ancient Greece

Game Info: (Box Display)

  • System: PC
  • Publisher: THQ Nordic
  • Developer: Iron Lore Entertainment, THQ Nordic
  • Release Date: Aug 31, 2016

Who it Caters to

Titan-Quest-Anniversary-Edition-game-300x436 Titan Quest Anniversary Edition - PC Review
Once more, step into the role of a mighty warrior in Titan Quest Anniversary Edition! Create your hero and go on a massive journey through Greece as you destroy various myth-based foes and help others with various troubles. Rise to become a new hero alone or with others in glorious co-op as you slay mighty foes enemies together. Titan Quest Anniversary even allows you to create your own worlds and battles for endless hours of custom made stories. If you like titles that fuse together old action RPG gameplay—akin to the Diablo franchise—then you’re going to like Titan Quest Anniversary Edition.

What to Expect

Titan-Quest-Anniversary-Edition-game-300x436 Titan Quest Anniversary Edition - PC Review
Titan Quest Anniversary Edition remasters the classic game from ten years ago adding updated visuals and even gameplay tweaks. Players will once again get to re-live the classic Titan Quest gameplay from back then but new gameplay enhancements have been added to make for a more modern action RPG aesthetic. With not one but two campaigns, Titan Quest Anniversary Edition offers hundreds of hours of content for a reasonably low price. Play Titan Quest Anniversary Edition online with others and/or use classic LAN set ups to play in the same area! Titan Quest Anniversary Edition might be an older title but with some new improvements, you will enjoy re-entering the life of a hero once more.


Titan-Quest-Anniversary-Edition-game-300x436 Titan Quest Anniversary Edition - PC Review
Titan Quest Anniversary Edition tells the tale of a rising hero who must save the world before the Titans destroy it. The Gods have given you the power to become the new hero but you will have to earn your status as you level up and fight off various enemies from Greek myth such as Cerberus and lower enemies like harpies and satyr. Join other heroes like Achilles and even rely on the ancient prophecies of Tiresias to see where your destiny will take you. Are you ready to journey across various lands like Egypt, Asia and Greece? Take up arms hero and prepare for an Earth changing battle in Titan Quest Anniversary Edition!


Titan-Quest-Anniversary-Edition-game-300x436 Titan Quest Anniversary Edition - PC Review
There have been hundreds of action RPG on the PC but one of our favorites here at Honey’s Anime was Titan Quest. Back in 2006, THQ created Titan Quest and gave players the ability to live the life of a Greek hero alone or with friends. Now, nearly 11 years later, Titan Quest Anniversary Edition has graced our doors thanks to THQ Nordic and Iron Lore Entertainment. Can it bring Titan Quest back from the past and into the modern-day gaming scene? Let us find out together in our review of Titan Quest Anniversary Edition.

Titan Quest Anniversary Edition gives players the means of creating their own hero—female or male—choosing a class, and then drops them into a world filled with chaos and hundreds of baddies to battle. Like most action RPGs from yesteryear, Titan Quest Anniversary Edition is controlled with mostly the mouse and keyboard where players click on enemies to engage in battle and use various hot keys for the menu and other special skills. It’s a simple setup but is a necessary one for all action RPGs to play well. Though what makes Titan Quest Anniversary Edition stand out from the more popular games like Diablo or Dungeon Siege?

Titan Quest Anniversary Edition is all about the loot and there is a ton of it to be found. Literally, almost every chest contains several items and even enemies occasionally drop weapons, armor and consumables. You could, of course, equip these or sell them—which you will tend to want to do—but one thing is for certain, you’ll never complain about not finding loot. Though as with the original, we still hate that you don’t have enough room for all the loot you’re going to find and will frequently need to return to town to sell off items. Trust us, it might sound like a small issue but there’s nothing worse than finding ten weapons and pieces of armor in a dungeon and needing to fast travel via the portal to town.

Luckily, that’s our only major gripe with Titan Quest Anniversary Edition in terms of gameplay. The fast-paced click based combat is still a lot of fun and incredibly tough in the early few hours but as you play, you’ll begin to feel your simple hero grow in power. The various classes you can make give you a nice amount of diversity with your hero being either melee focused or magic based. The progression system in Titan Quest Anniversary Edition isn’t anything brand new but it works allowing you a nice bevy of choices in gameplay styles. Ultimately, Titan Quest Anniversary Edition might be nothing mind blowing for action RPGs, but it works and is quite enjoyable.

The newer elements to Titan Quest Anniversary Edition come in the form of the mod system. We didn’t tinker much with the mod systems ourselves here at Honey’s Anime but we’ve seen some mods made already via other players of Titan Quest Anniversary Edition. Some of these mods add graphical enchantments and even change up the gameplay to offer guns to your hero instead of bows and swords. The modding system seems extremely deep and we know some of you out there online will love to tinker with the various elements found in Titan Quest Anniversary Edition. It just goes to show that THQ Nordic and Iron Lore Entertainment really wanted to give gamers a reason to return to a classic title.

Now, let us examine the graphics of Titan Quest Anniversary Edition. While Titan Quest Anniversary Edition looks to be slightly old in some designs here and there, you wouldn’t think it was 11 years old at the end of the day. A lot of the features from character models and enemies have been updated to look significantly improved from the original Titan Quest. The cutscenes look unchanged but are still pretty nice even by today’s standards. Overall, Titan Quest Anniversary Edition looks solid enough to be considered a game that might be a few years old but not a decade old and that is an impressive feat in our minds.

Finally, let us answer the biggest question on most of your minds. Is Titan Quest Anniversary Edition worth playing if you have played the original or even if you’re a newcomer? The simple answer is yes. Titan Quest Anniversary Edition has a ton of improvements—trust us, we only mentioned a few of them and it would take us days to mention them all—and offers easily hundreds of hours of gameplay. With new enemies, pets you can tame, and modern-day gaming improvements, Titan Quest Anniversary Edition plays quite well. Some of us here at Honey’s Anime put hours into the original Titan Quest but can easily see us putting tons more into Titan Quest Anniversary Edition.

Honey's Gameplay Consensus:

Titan-Quest-Anniversary-Edition-game-300x436 Titan Quest Anniversary Edition - PC Review
While it might be nearly 11 years old, Titan Quest Anniversary Edition sure doesn’t feel like it. With a plethora of new augmentations such as new bosses, enemies, item management systems, the ability to mod and numerous other gameplay fixes, Titan Quest Anniversary Edition feels less like a remastered edition and more akin to a remake. There are times where the game feels a bit dated visually and the game can run pretty rough when too much occurs on screen but none of these issues detract from a very fun loot based action RPG title. We definitely recommend picking up Titan Quest Anniversary Edition if you loved the original from 2006 and or need a break from the dark medieval feeling of Diablo and want something set in Greece.

Honey's Pros:

  • Tons of gameplay improvements
  • Co-op via online and LAN
  • Great classic loot based systems
  • Hours of content
  • Mod abilities if you want to make your own worlds

Honey's Cons:

  • A bit of frame rate issues when too much is happening on screen
  • Might not appeal to those who don’t like older action RPGs
  • Still wish you could hold more items…

Honey's Final Verdict:

Titan-Quest-Anniversary-Edition-game-300x436 Titan Quest Anniversary Edition - PC Review
Here at Honey’s Anime, we have a lot of fond memories stemming from classic action RPGs like Titan Quest. That’s why with Titan Quest Anniversary Edition, we found a lot to love in its glorious action RPG gameplay. While its not perfect and won’t be for those who might like more modern action RPG titles—Diablo III for example—Titan Quest Anniversary Edition still is an incredible title that gives a lot of content for an extremely affordable price. Have you played the original Titan Quest and are excited to play Titan Quest Anniversary Edition? Let us know in the comments down below and for more gaming reviews and articles stick to us here at Honey’s Anime.

Titan-Quest-Anniversary-Edition-game-300x436 Titan Quest Anniversary Edition - PC Review


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