To Be HERO 2nd Season Announced!

To Be HERO 2nd Season

Comedy, Super Hero

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The 2nd season of To Be HERO.

The main character Ossan (old man) looks graceful on the outside, but is actually slovenly in his everyday life and a useless father. He works as a toilet designer. After divorcing his wife, he lives together with his daughter Min-chan who excels at both her studies and sports.

One day, whilst in the middle of adding up some tasks, he is sucked into a toilet and given the great task of having to save the Earth as a hero! The price of it though is that his good body and looks are changed into a pudgy, unattractive man when he transforms into a hero! The battle to both save the Earth and protect his daughter begins now…

Characters & Voice Actors List


Voice Actor: Kenjirou Tsuda

Min-chan’s father. Good looking and a remarkable toilet designer. His desire for success led him to spending his days immersed in his work, but he ends up getting sucked into a toilet and becoming a hero. However, as compensation for this, his looks transform completely into a chubby guy.


Voice Actor: Moa Tsukino

A perfect high-school girl who excels in her studies and at sports, especially karate. She’s always been stubborn, but since her parents’ divorce that side of her personality has only got worse. She’s unhappy that her father is such a layabout, but she also thinks that it would be lonely if he disappeared.


Voice Actor: Yutaka Aoyama

A strange old guy that lives next to Ossan’s apartment. His head is almost double the size of regular people’s. He’s been living alone ever since he lost his wife.


Voice Actor: Tomokazu Sugita

The prince of a certain planet and the leader of an alien invasion advance army. His aim was to invade earth, but now...

Other TitleTo Be HERO 2

Main Staff
  • Original Creator: Li Haoling
  • Director: Li Haoling
  • Script: Li Haoling
  • Character Design: LAN
  • Animation Director: LAN

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