To Make a Delicious Omega Squeak - The Struggle of a Mouse in a World of Predators

Fellow fujoshis, let’s gather again for another omegaverse story! To Make a Delicious Omega Squeak is a story that combines handsome men with animal features and the classic second gender (alpha, omega, beta). It’s a mystery whether the delicious omega from this story will squeak or not, but one thing’s for sure: the readers will definitely squeak demanding more chapters!

A Mouse Trying to Make a Living

Kurumizawa has always known that he wanted to be an artist. Ever since he was a child, he would draw different types of stories but, once he grew up, he realized there was only one way he could earn money creating manga. Even though he is still a virgin, Kurumizawa starts drawing ecchi manga, with scenes that are a little too spicy for him to talk about his work with his family.

He tries his best to come up with ideas for his stories, but it starts to be hard for Kurumizawa to write things given his little experience in life. On top of that, this mouse has a different—and more important—problem: his editor. No matter how hard he tries to ignore it, Kurumizawa can’t forget the fact that Ukano is a fox. In this civilized world, prey and predator have learned how to coexist, but Kurumizawa is still afraid Ukano will give in to his instincts and have him for dinner. And why does Ukano look at Kurumizawa in that strange way?

A Sly Fox

At first glance, Ukano looks like the perfect gentleman: he has a beautiful smile, warm eyes, and great fashion sense. But don’t let his appearance fool you! He is a fox after all. Working as an editor for a publisher means that Ukano has to be constantly in touch with the mangakas he works with, and Kurumizawa is no exception. Although it looks like Ukano could be great at any kind of job, he takes his job as an editor very seriously, suggesting changes to Kurumizawa and telling him how he can make his stories more interesting.

Underneath all that charm, though, Ukano is hiding a different face. It’s not just Kurumizawa’s imagination; his editor has been staring at him like he’d want to have a mouse for dessert… but what the mangaka doesn’t know is that Ukano wants to eat him up in a completely different way. When Kurumizawa’s heat comes unexpectedly at an omega exclusive bar, Ukano takes him to a love hotel to wait until his heat subsides. When that doesn’t happen, there’s only one other option… right?

When Prey and Predator Share a Bed

In the world of To Make a Delicious Omega Squeak, alphas and omegas from different species can be together and even have children. Nonetheless, it’s not common for an omega who’s a prey to sleep with an alpha who’s a predator. That’s why, when Kurumizawa finds himself in a hotel room with Ukano, he fears he’s going to be devoured. He is partly right, but the way Ukano eats his body is far from being what Kurumizawa was expecting.

To make the mangaka’s heat subside, Ukano suggests they sleep together, saying that if he cums inside Kurumizawa once, he’ll feel better. Even with his judgment clouded by the heat, Kurumizawa knows it’s not a good idea to have sex with the fox but he ends up sleeping with Ukano anyways. For a little mouse, Kurumizawa has a lot of energy and is able to keep up with Ukano’s sex drive. Once his heat subsides, Kurumizawa is both embarrassed and scared so he runs away. However, his experience with Ukano teaches him a thing or two about sex and he ends up using his night with the editor to write a chapter of his manga.

Final Thoughts

After seeing Kurumizawa’s reactions while having sex with Ukano, we can all agree that the mangaka should change the word “squeak” in the title for “moan”, right?

This story has a cute character design, with a storyline that’s not very common in omegaverse manga. An enjoyable read with some spicy scenes that will have you impatiently waiting for the next chapter… just like we are!

to-make-a-delicious-omega-squeak To Make a Delicious Omega Squeak - The Struggle of a Mouse in a World of Predators

Author: Yaz L.

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