Tokyo Babylon 2021

Tokyo Babylon 2021

Supernatural, Drama, Fantasy, Shoujo, Shounen Ai

Airing Date:
Spring 2021


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Subaru Sumeragi, the 13th head of the foremost onmyoji family in Japan, was born with incredible spiritual power. He and his twin sister Hokuto have protected Tokyo from all types of supernatural forces as part of their mystical training. One day, Subaru happens to meet the veterinarian Seishiro Sakurazaku among the cherry blossom trees at the base of Tokyo Tower while working on a case. Seishiro takes an interest in Subaru and occasionally lends his assistance to resolve spiritual incidents.

Subaru’s empathic nature often leads to him taking on others’ pain. He welcomes Hokuto and Seishiro’s support, and the three of them grow closer with every case they close. However, that is also what triggered the cruel twist fate had in store for them...

Characters & Voice Actors

Subaru Sumeragi: Shouta Aoi

The 13th head of a onmyoji family that has served the emperor for centuries, Subaru is one of, if not the most spiritually powerful among them. Along with his twin sister Hokuto, he undertakes assignments to resolve supernatural incidents in Tokyo in order to hone his skills. Subaru is kind-hearted, often putting others before himself and sharing their pain. On the flip side, this lack of self-preservation often results in him charing headlong into danger on others’ behalf. Hokuto constantly worries for his safety.
Hokuto Sumeragi: Nana Mizuki

Bright, cheerful, and always fashionable, Hokuto is the living embodiment of the “ideal girl” and Subaru’s older sister. Rather oblivious to the world around her, Hokuto looks after her ever-alert younger brother and even chooses his outfits every day. While Subaru takes everything seriously, Hokuto tends to overcome pain with laughter. She offers comfort to those tormented by misfortune, but also prudently avoids getting too involved in their problems.
Seishiro Sakurazuka: Yuichiro Umebara

Seishiro is a mild-mannered veterinarian who always has a warm smile on his face. Though he is descended from the “Sakurazukamori,” an organization that uses mystic power to kill, he claims not to have much spiritual power of his own. Seishiro takes an interest in Subaru after the two meet chasing down a parrot that escaped from his clinic and starts assisting the twins in their work. He even cooks for them. Whenever danger draws near, Seishiro is a reliable friend to turn to for help.

Theme Songs
  • Opening Song: by Shouta Aoi
  • Ending Song: by Nana Mizuki
"Tokyo Babylon" (Manga)

Main Staff
  • Original Creator: CLAMP
  • Director: Shingo Suzuki / Susumu Kudou
  • Series Composition: Jun Kumagai
  • Character Design: Makoto Furuta
  • Animation Director: Makoto Furuta / Keiji Tani
  • Sound Director: Fumiyuki Go
  • Music: Noriyuki Asakura

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