TGS-2020-Online-560x218 TOKYO GAME SHOW 2020 Online is OFFICIAL!

What You Need to Know:

  • Computer Entertainment Supplier’s Association announced that TOKYO GAME SHOW 2020 ONLINE (TGS2020 ONLINE) will be held for five days from September 23 (Wed.) to 27 (Sun.),2020 on the official TGS website (, which replaces the cancelled TOKYO GAME SHOW 2020 originally planned to be held at Makuhari Messe in this September. Call for exhibitors will launch from June 25 (Thu.), 2020.
  • From September 24 (Thu.) to 27 (Sun.), various companies and organizations in the gaming industry, from major publishers to indie game developers, will unveil the latest updates including the release of new titles and services via the Official TGS channel, and streaming programs, videos and websites created by TGS2020 ONLINE Exhibits.
  • In addition to the live streaming of e-Sports tournament, TGS2020 ONLINE will provide new information about game-related goods. The online round-table discussions covering the latest topics in games will also be hosted by the organizer. All of these online contents can be viewed for free of charge.
  • Moreover, TGS2020 ONLINE will host the online business matching systems for TGS ONLINE exhibitors and those involved in game-related businesses from September 23 (Wed.).The Business Matching System prepared by TGS2020 ONLINE will support the participants to facilitate flawless online meetings and networking opportunities.
  • In addition to exhibitors with free of charge to all TGS Exhibits, individuals involved in game-related businesses can also participate in this online matching event with fee-charged bases. The systems will launch in the middle of August 2020 with call for participations. Additional information and more details will be announced as decided on the official website ( ) and press releases.
  • You can expect so much more at TGS2020 ONLINE, the festival of games catching the eyes of the world.

Source: Official Press Release

TGS-2020-Online-560x218 TOKYO GAME SHOW 2020 Online is OFFICIAL!
Sucks that we can't be there in person, but hey, I'm still HYPE!
TGS-2020-Online-560x218 TOKYO GAME SHOW 2020 Online is OFFICIAL!
Same! I really loved being there in person!