TONIKAWA: Over the Moon for You Moments that Put the ‘Aw’ in Kawaii

With such a cutesy name, it’s no wonder that Tonikawa deserves a list of its most endearing moments. Nasa and Tsukasa, enamored yet inexperienced, show their young love in very honest ways. It’s so refreshing to see anime characters who work to show their affections for each other from the very beginning. Let’s take a look at the top 5 most romantic scenes!

Episode 7: Love at the Truck Stop

While a late-night truck stop doesn’t seem like a place for romance, Tsukasa and Nasa just brim with cuteness wherever they go. Chitose is eagerly awaiting the couple to get in a fight and break up but they’re just so content to be with each other. When Nasa forgets his wallet on the bus, Tsukasa goes back with him saying she would rather walk farther with him than wait by herself. Holding hands, they enter the food court inside.

Even choosing what to eat is an adventure for Tsukasa and Nasa endearingly smiles at all her excited outbursts. When he takes pictures of her cute but disgruntled face after eating a lime, it looks like he ruined the mood for the rest of the trip! But he expertly promises Tsukasa ice cream and lets her pick something else they can eat together and before she knows it, she’s happily by his side again. Even in the most unlikely places, they find ways to have fun, tease each other, and show their affections!

Episode 11: Love is the Prize

While Tsukasa seems to be a perfect wife in most things, her obsession with gaming and winning shows a less than considerate side of her (though it’s still cute!). After an intense gaming session, Tsukasa and Nasa are washing the dishes together. Tsukasa started off the contest to keep other girls from asking things of Nasa but ended up getting caught up in defending her pride as a gamer. Nasa asks her what she was hoping to ask of him before she forgot her reason for playing.

Tsukasa silently blushes before suddenly kissing Nasa. It’s a simple kiss, but her determined feelings can be felt in the way she leans into him and holds their kiss for a good bit. It’s as if she’s saying ‘I wanted nothing more than to confirm you’re MY husband’. Turning back to the dishes, one at a time they both step just a bit closer to the other. As if they knew what the other was thinking, they lean their heads together and just enjoy each other’s company. It’s so nice that they constantly use words to show their love for each other, but the ways they express their love silently through actions are also very special!

Episode 12: In Sickness and in Health

When Nasa overworks himself and gets sick, Tsukasa is adamant about nursing him back to health. While she’s gentle in the way she touches him, Tsukasa becomes scary when Nasa protests to resting. She’s determined to use any means necessary to convince her husband to rest!

Her anger, of course, comes from a place of deep concern. This is made more apparent when the two lay down together for the night and Tsukasa clings to Nasa’s back. She admits that she was very worried about Nasa and how he often ignores his body when he’s focused on something. Nasa apologizes for worrying her and reveals he wanted to finish his work early so he could take Tsukasa to a festival. Nasa turns towards her and they link hands before sharing a kiss. Then more kisses before Tsukasa berates him again for doing things instead of resting properly! While cut short, it’s a very loving scene.

Episode 4: The Impromptu Proposal

One of the charming things about Nasa and Tsukasa is how they just decided to get married from the very beginning and are slowly getting used to married life. Unfortunately, that means there wasn’t much in the way of a proper proposal before signing papers! Thanks to Kaname’s nagging, it’s fresh on Nasa’s mind when the two escape through a secret tunnel and end up in a beautiful church. Hearing that Tsukasa wanted to share this beautiful image with him, Nasa is compelled to tell her that he plans to share his happiness and her sadness and everything else life throws at them from now on. Taken aback by his sudden seriousness, Tsukasa jokes that it sounds like a proposal. Nasa confidently says it is before leaning in and kissing his beautiful bride! With the backdrop of the light filtering through the church windows and Nasa and Tsukasa’s kiss after Nasa confirms his intentions out loud, you can’t help but root for them!

Episode 10: Night in the Park

Tonikaku-Kawaii-wallpaper-2-1-490x500 TONIKAWA: Over the Moon for You Moments that Put the ‘Aw’ in Kawaii

Walking at night in an empty park together can either be romantic or scary but thankfully, it was peaceful for our young couple. Tsukasa teases Nasa about why he brought her to an empty dark area and Nasa is completely embarrassed as per usual. But when Tsukasa asks what he planned to do he earnestly answers that he wanted to kiss her. Tsukasa says she’s surprised he answered so honestly and Nasa tells her he didn’t want to lie. Despite being married and having kissed several times before, he’s extremely hopeful despondent when Tsukasa refuses because she’s worried about having garlic breath.

Despite the setback, he’s still overcome just being with his wife like this and ends up jumping on Tsukasa in a bear-hug. They admit to being surprised and then Nasa tentatively asks Tsukasa how she feels being married to him. Tsukasa tells Nasa that she learns new things every day and she’s thankful to Nasa for letting her experience emotions she’s never felt before. Turning to face each other, Nasa admits it’s the same for him. They hold each other in the dark and silent park, just grateful to have moments like this.

Final Thoughts

Despite being young and inexperienced, Nasa and Tsukasa avoid many pitfalls that threaten couples. Being so upfront with their feelings may be embarrassing but it makes their relationship secure. Due to Nasa trying to be the most efficient person ever, he’s not great at picking up on how to be romantic but he certainly does go full force when he sees an opportunity to dote on his wife. What moments had you going ‘aw!!’? Let us know in the comments!

Tonikaku-Kawaii-wallpaper-2-1-490x500 TONIKAWA: Over the Moon for You Moments that Put the ‘Aw’ in Kawaii


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