Top 10 Adorable Cardcaptor Sakura Characters

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Happy 20th anniversary, Cardcaptor Sakura! Now you are an official adult in most of the whole world! Let’s all throw pink sakura confetti and celebrate making Kero-chan shaped pancakes (cosplay would be a plus). Ok, sorry for letting the emotions carry on, but it is only when we realize it has been two decades since Sakura and company conquered our hearts, that we can understand the influence CLAMP has on the manga and anime realm. We, as the otaku fans we are, also nearly had a heart attack when a new manga AND anime about Cardcaptor Sakura was announced.

So, my dear fellow otakus, it is about time that we remember our favorite adorable characters from Cardcaptor Sakura. If Cardcaptor Sakura has something memorable, it was the sweet, innocent and happy tone of her magical adventures. We could say that practically everyone in this anime was adorable, even the antagonists! It was not easy to choose only ten, but we did our best. So, let’s go to the countdown!

Warning: this article is full of cards, magic and spoilers. You can choose other article to read or continue at your own risk.

10. The Power Card

Cardcaptor-Sakura-wallpaper-2-20160727024840-700x496 Top 10 Adorable Cardcaptor Sakura Characters

Ok, just look at her once. Look-at-her. The Power Card in human form is a tiny pink girl with enormous shiny ruby eyes in baggy pants! Don’t dare say she is not adorable. We can only fully appreciate Power in episode 13, where she was invisible most of the time while breaking stuff around Tomoeda.

Nevertheless, this little girl is challenged by the Cardcaptors to prove her strength and was defeated! Power’s sorrowful face when Sakura was sealing her into Card form again also made us go all “aw, the poor thing!” But hang in there, this is only the beginning of our adorable countdown…

9. The Rain Card

Cardcaptor-Sakura-wallpaper-2-20160727024840-700x496 Top 10 Adorable Cardcaptor Sakura Characters

Let’s go back to one of the first captures by Sakura in the anime, shall we? On episode 4, Sakura is happily cleaning her house when she finds two Clow Cards. So, was the capture that easy? Nope. One of the Cards went out of control.

Do you recognize this little blue fellow in an arlequine costume? He used his riding cloud to almost drawn Sakura in a shower. Oh, and he mocked her before running away. The Rain is the classic mischievous kid, but that does not make him less cute. Maybe Sakura was not happy with The Rain’s actions, but after capturing him, he had to learn to behave. The Rain Card will always be there to remind us that although a sudden squall can be annoying, it can be adorable as well.

8. The Flower Card

Cardcaptor-Sakura-wallpaper-2-20160727024840-700x496 Top 10 Adorable Cardcaptor Sakura Characters

Talking about celebrations… we may as well enlist this beautiful lady to help with the decorations. The Flower was created for enjoyment afterall! Her character also refers such positive traits, as shown on Episode 10 of Cardcaptor Sakura. This lady in pink with pigtails and using corsages as accesories, appeared over Tomoeda Elementary school and almost suffocated everyone on a petals rain.

Of course, Sakura could not remain angry, so she went to the school’s rooftop with Tomoyo to find out what’s going on. The Flower was delighted when she was found, and simply took Sakura to dance! When Tomoyo called Kero-chan to ask what to do, he didn’t even bothered to stop playing video games, assuring them that The Flower was harmless. So, this was one of the easiest captures for Sakura. The Flower had such a positive and adorable attitude... 😛

7. Spinel Sun

Cardcaptor-Sakura-wallpaper-2-20160727024840-700x496 Top 10 Adorable Cardcaptor Sakura Characters

Yes, Eriol’s guardian of the Sun looks scary and has dangerous powers on his grown up version… But this side of him rarely appears. On Spinel’s normal daily life, he looks like the most adorable black cat with tiny green dragon-fly wings. Plus, Spinel has the most adorable nickname, Suppi-chan. Yes, we know he doesn’t like it, but details... 🙂

Another aspect of Spinel is that, as any respectable black cat, he has an elegant, refined and aristocratic side. Sadly, he has a weak spot that can make him even more adorable, although dangerous. When Spinel eats something sweet, he gets drunk. And well, we know what a drunk guy can do, right? Imagine a powerful magical creature driven happily crazy ^^U Only because of that, he is not very high on our adorable countdown.

6. Kerberos

Cardcaptor-Sakura-wallpaper-2-20160727024840-700x496 Top 10 Adorable Cardcaptor Sakura Characters

Let’s all gaze over the magnificent Beast of the Seal! This is the guardian of the Sun and protector of the powerful Cards bestowed by the magician Clow Read himself! Beware of Kerberos!... Nah, better go and hug him on his tiny and cute form of an orange mouse with lion’s tail and wings!

Kerberos also has a cute nickname, courtesy of Sakura: Kero-chan. But what else can be said about the trademark mascot of Cardcaptor Sakura? Kerberos wears matching accessories with Sakura when it’s time to capture a Card. He talks in a relaxed manner (Osaka style in the original japanese), plays video games and enjoys desserts. The Beast of the Seal practically is a pudding stuffed furry bundle of cuteness!

5. The Nothing Card

Cardcaptor-Sakura-wallpaper-2-20160727024840-700x496 Top 10 Adorable Cardcaptor Sakura Characters

At first sight, The Nothing in human form is not so different from other Clow and Sakura Cards. What makes her stand out as adorable is her story, shown in the Second Cardcaptor Sakura movie. Created as a counterbalance for the positive magic of the Clow Cards, The Nothing can make something or someone disappear in exchange of taking something in return.

The only ones capable of being with her without suffering harm are the Clow Cards (now Sakura Cards). We can notice The Nothing is highly dangerous, so she is a loner. When the Cards she stole from Sakura go back to her, she feels betrayed and cries :,( Fortunately, everything turns out well in the end and The Nothing becomes The Hope, able to stay with her new owner and friends.

4. Tomoyo Daidouji

Cardcaptor-Sakura-wallpaper-2-20160727024840-700x496 Top 10 Adorable Cardcaptor Sakura Characters

So far, we have remembered the magical creatures in the Cardcaptor Sakura universe. Now it’s time to give space to the humans! And who is more human and more adorable at the same time than Tomoyo-chan? Her black silky long hair makes her look like a princess! Also, if we notice, Tomoyo likes to do her hair in several ways. This anime is not like most of the others, where hairstyles for a character tend to be fixed. So, Tomoyo can bash us with her good taste at everything that has to do with fashion design and appearance.

Still, Tomoyo’s looks are not even half of what make of her an adorable character. She is the absolute fan for her cousin and best friend Sakura! And by absolute fan we mean that Tomoyo is always there for Sakura, cheering on her daily activities and on her achievements with magic. Besides that, Daidouji has a sharp wit and maturity, which she uses at the best of her abilities to help on her cousin’s adventures. And how about the times she has used her cute voice to encourage everyone? (like in the Second movie). We definitely could do with such a great adorable friend like Tomoyo!

3. The Mirror Card

Cardcaptor-Sakura-wallpaper-2-20160727024840-700x496 Top 10 Adorable Cardcaptor Sakura Characters

This is one of the most interesting Cards from the show. She appears on episode 25, where she assumes Sakura’s form and damages our favorite Cardcaptor’s reputation. She also hurts Touya Kinomoto, which in turn enrages Sakura. The adorable Mirror Card realizes she went too far and helps Sakura deduce who she is, in order to be sealed by the Cardcaptor. The Mirror even apologizes to Touya and kisses him before becoming a Card again!

From that point on, a special bond between this Card and Touya is born. Sakura tends to request The Mirror to replace her when she has urgent Cardcaptor duties, so the Card has had more chances to interact with the human world than the others. Touya even gave The Mirror a little present once, after spending the day together. So, for being a special ambassador between the cards and the humans, The Mirror deserves a high spot in our adorable countdown.

Cardcaptor-Sakura-wallpaper-2-20160727024840-700x496 Top 10 Adorable Cardcaptor Sakura Characters

2. Syaoran Li

Cardcaptor-Sakura-wallpaper-2-20160727024840-700x496 Top 10 Adorable Cardcaptor Sakura Characters

It’s time to mention the magical humans from Sakura Cardcaptor! So, what could we say about this boy from Hong Kong? Syaoran’s initial rivalry with Sakura while hunting the Cards down was comical. They also were competitive about Yukito’s attention, but here we can notice they share some other things in common. Sakura and Syaoran both are shy about showing their feelings openly, so they just go all red and make great efforts at cooking, collecting strawberries, and the like.

Nevertheless, Syaoran’s most adorable moments began when he understood that he fell in love with Sakura. He changes his behavior completely towards her. Syaoran can be very protective, comprehensive and warm without losing that cute, shy side of him. For example, when Sakura was rejected by Yukito, Syaoran was there for her. And who can forget all those occasions when he tried to confess his feelings to Sakura? He even took off his chinese hat on the time when he succeeded! How adorable is that?

1. Sakura Kinomoto

Cardcaptor-Sakura-wallpaper-2-20160727024840-700x496 Top 10 Adorable Cardcaptor Sakura Characters

And finally, we are here! The ultimate adorable character from Cardcaptor Sakura is none other than Sakura herself! Owner of a unique haircut, she enjoys trying different hairstyles, just like her cousin Tomoyo. And talking about Tomoyo, she makes sure Sakura has an ample variety of outfits to wear during her Cardcaptor adventures. She has been dressed as jester, bunny, cat, fairy, witch, Prince Charming, sheep… and let’s not forget the several sakura flower inspired outfits!

Of course, all those props would not do any good if Sakura didn’t have such a great personality. Both her parents were nice people, so of course she had to inherit that. Plus, Sakura is authentically innocent and clueless. Despite of the problems the Cards may cause to her or her confusion towards human relationships, she always holds hope on her heart. That is how Sakura is able to capture and manage the Cards that would later become Sakura Cards. As the star of the show, we could not wish for a more adorable leading female character!

Final thoughts

CLAMP’s works about childhood tend to deal on interesting ways with human relationships, combining the best and most positive human treats with hints of maturity. Cardcaptor Sakura offered us a great coming of age story full of magic, love and happiness, brought together with a bundle of cuteness. We can only hope (as Sakura always does) that the next chapter of the story will be as memorable as the former anime.

So, time for questions! Which other character from Cardcaptor Sakura is adorable and why? Which is your favorite character from the show? We are open to all your comments and suggestions. See you soon!

Cardcaptor-Sakura-wallpaper-2-20160727024840-700x496 Top 10 Adorable Cardcaptor Sakura Characters


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