Top 10 Adorable Little Baby Boys in Anime

Katekyou-Hitman-Reborn-wallpaper-700x438 Top 10 Adorable Little Baby Boys in Anime

Instead of looking up cute babies pictures on the Internet, take a look at our list which showcases the top 10 adorable little baby boys seen in anime series. There are many adorable characters in anime, and baby boys are some of those cuties. Babies in anime can look very similar to real life human babies but they can also take on traits which can only be seen in anime. The end result is that they are still cute so it does not matter whether they look much like real babies!

10. Ruu from Daa! Daa! Daa!

The story of Daa! Daa! Daa! is about 2 young children, Miyu and Kanata, who feel responsible for taking care of a mysterious alien baby who came crashing on the house of Kanata. Alongside the baby is also a pet babysitter that looks like a cat. The baby is not only from another planet, but also demonstrates ESP powers! The baby has taken a liking on Miyu and Kanata, and calls them Mama and Papa.

The alien baby is named Ruu, and he comes from Planet Otto. He can perform ESP powers like telekinesis and levitation, but he is still similar to a regular baby in that he would often cry and laugh. Sometimes, Ruu would use his powers at inappropriate moments, therefore causing problems to Miyu and Kanata. That’s actually quite cute as long as it does not lead to huge problems.

9. Boh from Spirited Away

Boh has the appearance of a baby, but he is much larger than the average baby. He is the son of Yubaba, the identical sister of Zeniba. Boh wears a bib with the kanji of his name on it. In the course of the story, he is turned into a rat by his aunt Zeniba. Despite being a baby, he is shown to be able to speak fluently.

Before meeting Chihiro, Boh is a baby whom we would not find cute at all due to his selfish and spoiled behavior. Boh became such a brat due to his mother, Yubaba, who always gives in to his every whim and fancy. While all that sounds pretty annoying, he does have a cute trait which is his excessive fear of germs that makes him stay in the nursery. Thankfully, his personality improved a lot after meeting Chihiro, otherwise, he would not even be on this list.

8. Reborn from Katekyo Hitman Reborn

Reborn is a baby boy, but do not underestimate him as he is a very capable hitman! He has the reputation of being the strongest hitman in the world. Reborn is tasked to tutor Tsunayoshi Sawada to enable Tsunayoshi to take on the role of a mafia leader. However, Tsunayoshi is known as a loser who is clumsy and talentless, so it may be a challenge for Reborn to groom him.

There’s just something cute about a baby who tries to act like an adult. Knowing that he is a hitman which automatically lumps him into the cool category, Reborn dons a black fedora and black suit, but still, he looks cute instead of cool. He even tries to pull off that curly sideburns look but that’s just gonna amplify his cuteness factor as the sideburns look more like cat’s whiskers.

7. Mao from Chibi Devi!

Sawada Honoka is one who does not believe in the existence of God, Angel, or Devil, which makes her an atheist. That does not help her situation whereby she is constantly bullied by her classmates, because if she were to believe in a divine presence, she could at least gain some comfort. One day, a devil baby named Mao is dropped into the room of Sawada, so is Sawada going to change her belief now?

Mao looks like a girl, but he is actually a pretty and adorable baby boy. He is always happy but easily gets frightened and cries over the tiniest things, so his personality is more like a baby girl as well. The good thing is that he also gets over them quickly. The most adorable thing about him is that he wears a cute dragon costume which enables him to breathe fire.

6. Justus from Shakugan no Shana

Justus is a baby boy and his existence stems from the combination of Pheles and Johann by using the Power of Existence. Pheles is a Crimson Lord who had fallen in love with Johann, a human, so Justus is essentially a half-human and half-spirit. Despite being only a year old, Justus is portrayed to have talents in using the Power of Unrestraint.

Justus is very aesthetically appealing due to his beautiful light green hair and sweet, innocent smile. Due to his special talents, he is believed to be a great spellcaster in the future. We have no doubt that he will be incredibly strong and powerful when he grows up, but we kind of don’t want him to grow up and remain a baby due to how cute he looks. Fortunately, his adult form is not shown in the anime.

5. Ivan Whisky from Cyborg 009: The Cyborg Soldier

Ivan Whisky is a cyborg who is given the codename 001. As he is modified into a cyborg when he was a baby and then frozen for a long period of time, Ivan remains with a baby appearance. He is said to be the most powerful cyborg, and such a cyborg is only used during dire times like when the other cyborgs are in risky situations which they cannot handle by themselves. Hence, Ivan Whisky is like the MVP, or most valuable player.

Ivan Whisky has blue hair with emo-style bangs that covers the eyes so it may seem like he is trying too hard, but since he is a baby, he gets cute points for that. Besides, he’s probably not the one who decides his own hairstyle anyway since he is, after all, a baby who can’t walk or talk, and so relies a lot on his teammates.

4. Kota Kunieda from Beelzebub

Kota Kunieda is the younger brother of Aoi Kunieda. Kota is the reason behind the existence of Aoi Kunie, who is Aoi Kunieda’s alter ego. Kota is a baby so he is sometimes seen carried by his sister. When he was brought to the park, many mothers assumed that he is Aoi’s baby.

Furry animals and babies are cute, so a cheap trick that works is to have some sort of combination involving those elements. Therefore, the creator of the series has Kota Kunieda donning a bear hat which instantly makes him look cuter. Kota also seems to take pleasure in bullying baby Beel which leads to the latter crying often. This is cute as they are both babies but hopefully, Kota fends off that bullying tendency when he grows up so he would not be seen as a prick.

3. The Infant from Inuyasha

Like in many stories, the evil one always desires for immortality or is in a quest for one. The main antagonist in the Inuyasha anime, Naraku, achieves this by separating his heart from his body. His heart will be contained in a vessel, such as in The Infant or Akago, which is Naraku’s 7th incarnation. The Infant possesses high intelligence and is able to manipulate a person’s darkest emotions.

Come to think of it, it is actually really scary that an infant could be so intelligent and evil. If not for his cute face, The Infant would be pretty creepy like Chucky. If only The Infant keeps quiet and does not do evil things, he would be hella adorable with his sweet lavender-colored eyes and hair. Just look at his pictures, he looks so cute in still frames, even if he is showing that bored gaze.

Katekyou-Hitman-Reborn-wallpaper-700x438 Top 10 Adorable Little Baby Boys in Anime

2. Baby Beel from Beelzebub

Baby Beel is actually the son of a demon. Baby Beel is sent by his father to the human world in order to destroy humanity. From the beginning, he is drawn to Tatsumi Oga who then becomes his adoptive father. Being a demon baby, Baby Beel is blessed with several abilities, such as electrocution and blessed urine which can sink a town.

Despite Baby Beel’s special abilities, he is not intimidating as he is pretty weak, so he easily loses to other babies and cats. He is a nudist who does not like wearing clothes, but he will feel embarrassed to be naked when he is around girls! He is really shy around girls and would listen to them. Hence, he is a cute and easy to handle a baby if you are a girl.

1. Hashida Kanshichirou from Gintama

Hashida Kanshichirou looks very similar to Gintoki Sakata, so many people thought that Kanshichirou is Sakata’s son. But it has been revealed that he is actually the baby of Hashida Kantarou and Ofusa. Kanshichirou is often seen wearing a light green yukata in the anime.

It is a common art style in anime to give the characters large doe eyes in order to make them look more attractive. However, Hashida Kanshichirou is drawn with hooded eyelids which make him look like a cute Japanese baby boy. He has a nonchalant personality so he is hardly fazed by chaotic moments and rarely cries, so major plus points for not being an annoying baby.

Katekyou-Hitman-Reborn-wallpaper-700x438 Top 10 Adorable Little Baby Boys in Anime

Final Thoughts

The list has come to an end and we hope that you are satisfied with this list. If there is anything that you agree or disagree with, you can write them down in the comment section below as we would love to listen to your opinions in order to improve our upcoming lists.

Katekyou-Hitman-Reborn-wallpaper-700x438 Top 10 Adorable Little Baby Boys in Anime


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