Top 10 Alien Characters in Anime

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Haiyore! Nyaruko-san wallpaper

On this occasion we have a special treat for all those lovers of sci-fi. Anime are often filled with stories involving other worlds, planets and a wide range of extraterrestrial beings. The next selection includes some of the most popular, beloved, memorable or infamous of aliens in Anime.

Many times, aliens in Anime are portrayed as hot women with almost no alien feature at sight instead of the more traditional, old-fashioned idea of skinny green people with big heads and no noses. On this segment we do not discriminate between races. We have place for both the good-looking and the creepy ones alike. Hey, there are even some that are simply adorable.

A little heads up before we get started; we included only one character per show, otherwise this list would be filled with Saiyans and Nameks, which would take some of the fun out of it. Now, if you are ready for takeoff, join in me on this space adventure to meet the top 10 alien characters in Anime!

10. Stitch from Stitch!

stitch dvd
  • Episodes: 25
  • Aired: Oct 2008 – Mar 2009

Out of the big screen and into the world of Anime, we begin our list with a most likeable creature from across the galaxy. On the Anime version, our alien lead character, experiment #626, lands on Earth once again where he becomes friends with 10-year old Yuna Kamihara and together they discover the “Spiritual Stone”, that will grant his wish of becoming the strongest being in the universe.

Of course, there is a catch; he has to perform 43 good deeds. This little rascal has a most difficult time and some exciting adventures as he tries to overcome his troublemaking nature in order to be good enough to accomplish the task.

stitsch wallpaper

9. Valkyrie from UFO Ultramaiden Valkyrie

UFO Princess Valkyrie Valkyrie
UFO Princess Valkyrie dvd
  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: Jul 2002 – Sep 2002

Princess Valkyrie from Planet Valhalla crushed her spaceship on Earth and landed on our list. On her arrival, she destroyed Kazuto Tokino’s bathhouse and nearly killed him, so she gave him half of her soul in order to save him. As a result, princess Valkyrie turned into a child (both physically and mentally) and can only come back to her original form when she kisses him.

As a grown up woman she is quite powerful and astonishingly beautiful, although after a couple of minutes she turns into the cutest 8-year old ever. Considering she came from a planet based on the mighty and frightening Viking Gods, this playful and mischievous little princess is absolutely adorable.

UFO Princess Valkyrie wallpaper

8. Sergeant Keroro from Keroro Gunso

keroro gundou
keroro gunsou dvd
  • Episodes: 358
  • Aired: Apr 2004 – Apr 2011

This little frog from outer space came to invade Earth, but all he could invade was our hearts. Seriously, no other space invader ever performed such miserable attempts at conquering our world as sergeant Keroro did. As miserable or as funny either. This alien villain is as incompetent as he is adorable.

After he is left behind by his people during the invasion, he is captured/adopted by the Hinata family and forced to do house chores. There he befriends Fuyuki, an innocent young boy with a golden heart, and together they go through the funniest adventures.

keroro gunso wallpaper

7. Green Onion Alien Child from Gantz

gantz negi seijin
  • Episodes: 13
  • Aired: Apr 2004 – Jun 2004

When you are watching the first chapters of Gantz you just have to feel sorry for that poor ugly Green Onion Alien Child. The little thing just came into scene and he was immediately attacked by a gang of bullies. Luckily, his monstrously large and terrifying father was able to avenge him by chopping off some limbs and splitting the poor child’s killers in halves.

He just did not arrive on time though. Still, however sad it might have been, it was fun to see that ugly green boy explode in pieces. We honor his memory and include him on our list of top aliens for giving us such a good time at the cost of his short life.

gantz wallpaper

6. Mizuho Kazami from Onegai Teacher!

onegai teacher mizuho kazami
onegai teacher dvd
  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: Jan 2002 – Mar 2002

Coming all the way across the solar system, Mizuho Kazami landed right into our hearts. The teacher of our wildest and hottest dreams is in fact an alien observer for the Galaxy Federation in charge of looking over planets with primitive civilizations, just like ours. She is actually only half alien, her father was an astronaut left in space who fell in love with an alien woman (Mizuho’s also hot mother, Hatsuho), thus conceiving Mizuho.

Her only memory of her late father is a box of chocolates, which is why she is constantly eating that same brand of candy here on Earth. This sexy alien plays a high-school teacher as a cover, making things as hot as they can possibly get. She even falls deeply in love with Kusanagi Kei, one of her students. Certainly, the dream of any adolescent school boy.

onegai teacher wallpaper

5. Nyaruko from Haiyore! Nyaruko-san

haiyoru nyaruko san nyaruko
haiyore nyaruko san dvd
  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: Apr 2012 – Jun 2012

Nyarlathotep (from Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Myths), AKA Nyaruko, came to Earth on a mission she was assigned by the Planetary Defense Organization to stop intergalactic criminals who capture humans to sell in slavery. She is completely head over heels for Yasaka Mahiro, the human she has to protect, as she constantly keeps harassing him and trying to kiss him.

This cute alien girl is always smiling and in a good mood, except when she is fighting, then she turns into a bloodthirsty devil slayer that scares the hell out of Mahiro. On her free time, she enjoys watching anime and reading manga, and her job is to keep Mahiro safe, destroy the criminal organization and go shopping!

haiyore nyaruko san wallpaper

4. Lala Satalin from To Love Ru

to love ru lala satalin
To Love Ru
  • Episodes: 26
  • Aired: Apr 2008 – Sep 2008

She is a lovely little devil and the princess of planet Deviluke. Lala Satalin appears one day in Yuuki Rito’s bathtub after running away from her home planet because she did not want to marry any of her alien suitors. She soon falls in love with Rito and puts him through a lot of troubles and awkward situations.

Lala has a devil-like tail (which is both her strength and her weakness) but do not let that confuse you. She is in fact a sweet, loving young girl who intends to be free and marry the one she is in love with.

to love ru lala satalin wallpaper

3. Kagura from Gintama

gintama kagura
Gintama dvd
  • Episodes: 201
  • Aired: Apr 2006 – Mar 2010

Our favorite tomboy from outer space is Kagura from Gintama. She is a cute looking girl in Chinese clothing, hiding a troublemaker personality. Kagura belongs to the Yato clan, one of the strongest and fiercest races, but deep down she has a good heart. She came to Earth to make money for her family doing some dirty jobs, but ran away when she was assigned to kill a target and she just could not do it.

After running away, she met Gintoki and ended up working with him. In little time she grows fond of him and starts to see him as an older brother. Having Yato blood, Kagura is extremely strong; so much that sometimes she cannot even control her own strength. However, she has a sensitive side; she is sunlight sensitive (that’s the umbrella for).

gintama kagura wallpaper

2. Haruko Haruhara from FLCL

flcl haruko haruhara
flcl dvd
  • Episodes: 6
  • Aired: Apr 2000 – Mar 2001

Coming from one of the weirdest and most bizarre worlds of Anime, Haruko Haruhara is surely the coolest alien to ride a scooter ever. The Wasp Woman (in reference to her Vespa) Haruko, is an investigator for the Galactic Space Patrol Brotherhood/Stellar Fraternity, although it is not quite clear why she came to Earth other than to make poor Naota insane.

Her weapon of choice is a blue bass-guitar that has a razor and can fire different projectiles but she is rather fond of just hitting things with it. Oh, I almost forgot; if she hits you in the head with her guitar, you grow a horn that can eventually turn into a mecha robot. Yeah!, just another ordinary alien girl.

flcl haruko haruhara wallpaper

1. Frieza (Dragon Ball Z)

Fdragon ball frieza
dragonball wallpaper dvd
  • Episodes: 291
  • Aired: Apr 1989 – Jan 1996

We have finally arrived at our destination, the top of our list of alien characters, where we find one of the most (if not the most) terrifying space villains of all times, Frieza from the Dragon Ball series. With 4 transformations, each more terrifying than the previous (except for his ultimate transformation, which makes him look kind of cute), it seemed at first that there was no limit to his terrible powers.

He was among our greatest enemies during childhood and I am sure that many of you raised your hands into the sky to help Goku defeat him with the Genki-Dama just like I did. But oh no!, he just kept coming. After the battle in Namek (one of the longest and most thrilling in the Dragon Ball series) he came to Earth as Mecha Frieza, having survived a Genki-Dama and the powerful anger of Super Saiyan Goku, in search of revenge.

Fortunately for mankind, the saiyan sent from the future, Trunks, defeated him in the blink of an eye. That would not be the end of Frieza however, we saw him back on a few OVAs, on Dragon Ball GT and more recently on the latest Toei Animation production Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection “F”, where he is back angrier, scarier and more powerful than ever before.

dragonball z freeza fanart

Frieza wallpaper

This was our selection of popular aliens in Anime. We would like to honor all those extraterrestrial beings who were not included above but who still share with us their cultures and let us know we are not alone in the universe. Also, we give special thanks to those Saiyans saving the Earth on a regular basis.

We would like to know which is your favorite alien character/race and if you would include someone else on the list and why.

Hope you enjoyed it!



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