Top 10 Angels in Manga

Angels have been one of the oldest running themes in manga. You could go back to the early 70s and 80s and find various manga with angelic characters. Though with so many years of manga that had angels in their narrative, haven’t you ever wondered who are some of the best angels? Well reader, we here at Honey’s Anime have found ourselves also wondering that same question. Thus, as per usual we went to work to craft a list for you all in the form of the Top 10 Angels in Manga.

With our Top 10 Angels in Manga list, we tried to stay close to manga only works. A few of our choices of angels appear in both manga and anime but the greater majority have only manga alliterations. We wanted to show some of our favorite angels and equally give you guys and girls something to read that you may not have heard of before. Now are you ready for one of our more heavenly articles done here at Honey’s Anime HQ? If you are, scroll on down to begin our Top 10 Angels in Manga list properly.

10. Shirou from Sky Claw

  • Mangaka: Shindou, Masaoki
  • Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Shounen
  • Volumes: 1
  • Published: Dec, 2016

In a world overflowing with powerful demons, angels are needed to defeat them and stop them from overthrowing the balance of the world. That’s where the Archangels come into play. The archangels are the prime warriors against the demonic threat using their mighty powers and skills. Shirou a young angel wishes to join the Archangels and help defeat demons, regardless of the fact that he’s an angel without wings. Can Shirou prove his worth or will he never become an Archangel?

Beginning our list of the Top 10 Angels in Manga we went with a very interesting choice. While Shirou might not have beautiful white wings—the usual representation of an angel—he has something that shines brightly. Shirou has an indomitable spirit and that makes him a force to be reckoned with. While Sky Claw might be a one volume short manga from Shindou Masakoi, it there is a beautiful lesson contained within this tale. Don’t ever give up even if you are different. Shirou might not have wings but as you’ll see in Sky Claw, that doesn’t stop him from pursuing his dreams and even doing something truly angelic.

9. Love-yan from Rabuyan

  • Mangaka: Tamaru, Hiroshi
  • Genre: Comedy, Ecchi, Supernatural
  • Volumes: 22
  • Published: Aug, 2000- May, 2015

Love-yan is a proud angel and many understand why. As an angel of love—known as cupid to many—Love-yan has a perfect record of making people fall in love. However, Love-yan’s newest target isn’t looking for a normal relationship. In fact, he wants a relationship that is considered forbidden to many. Can Love-yan make his dream come true but also is she even allowed to!?

Most of us know all about the little angel called cupid. The little angel with the cute diaper that carries a bow with the magical ability to make those hit by it fall in love. However, Love-yan is a very different cupid but still performs the same magic as what we perceive as cupid. Though in Rabuyan, Love-yan’s power will be tested and the end result will make this angel run through various trials and tribulation. While we do feel bad she’s tested so hard, it still makes for some great comedy at the expense of Love-yan.

8. Angel from Hajimete wo Anata to

  • Mangaka: Kurumatani, Haruko
  • Genre: Romance, School, Shoujo
  • Volumes: 1
  • Published: 2009-2011

Hajimete wo Anata to is a one-shot manga with multiple stories within. One tale focuses on Sayo who has an odd relationship with the one she loves. Dating and various other normal couple things are nearly impossible for Sayo and her boyfriend but is that a good thing for a couple? Meanwhile, Miki and Izumi—who happen to be childhood friends—thought their friendship would be eternal. Unfortunately, a little boy tells Miki that he’s an angel and he will take Izumi. What can Miki do to stop this from happening?!

For our Top 10 Angels in Manga list we chose Angel—not just for his name mind you—from Hajimete wo Anata to. Angel appears in the short story known as Angel Sky and while the story itself is quite short, Angel proves he is indeed a heavenly being. Izumi’s fate is tied to Angel and while we won’t spoil how, Angel’s move to help Miki in Angel Sky is truly beautiful and self-sacrificial. That’s why Angel made our Top 10 Angels in Manga list. In our hearts here at Honey’s Anime, an angel needs to do something incredible and Angel from Hajimete wo Anata to truly accomplishes this.

7. Nasse from Platinum End

  • Mangaka: Obata, Takeshi- Ohba, Tsugumi
  • Genre: Drama, Shounen, Supernatural, Psychological
  • Volumes: 7
  • Published: Nov, 2015- Present

Maybe there was a time where Mirai Kakehashi was kind and loved life. However, when his parents died and Mirai was sent to his abusive new family his soul became dark and shattered. Deciding suicide would be his only freedom, Mirai attempts to end it all. Just as Mirai is about to carry out his act he is saved by an angel named Nasse who gives Mirai powers and makes a bold claim. Mirai can in return become the next God…

Nasse is what we here at Honey’s Anime consider a blessing and a curse. Yes, Nasse can grant powers—and even wings—to the user, but having her around may not be ideal. Nasse is quite well known in the Platinum End manga as being kind of harsh. That’s why while we’d love Nasse’s powers we’re not sure if we would accept them. Hearing cruel remarks quite often can be quite tiring…

6. Amalda from Godspeed

  • Mangaka: Takabatake, Enaga
  • Genre: Action, Fantasy, Seinen
  • Volumes: 2
  • Published: Aug, 2014- May, 2015

In a distant past, angels and demons fought a great war. The prize to the victor was the fate of mankind. The demons would treat the humans poorly torturing them and humiliating them as if they were breakable objects. With no other option, the angels erected a town named Ilvia to keep the humans safe from their demon torturers. In the center of Ilvia, the angels place the children there to reside till their 14th birthdays where they will then be led to a so-called paradise. However, is paradise truly a blessing or is there a darkness in the kind intention of the angels?

Amalda is the giant angel that takes care of the children in Ilvia. With beautiful looks and a kind face—as well as huge oppais—Amalda seems truly to be a beautiful angel. Though if you know of Godspeed from mangaka Takabatake Enaga you know this story is full of twists and turns. One minute the story seems pleasant and then the next page reveals a dark plot twist for the reader. Amalda is definitely one of those darker twists and as Godspeed continues on you’ll see her power and how scary this beautiful angel can truly be.

5. Sasara from Countrouble

  • Mangaka: Nao, Akinari
  • Genre: Comedy, Romance, School, Shounen, Harem, Supernatural
  • Volumes: 7
  • Published: Nov, 2009- Nov, 2012

It can be tough liking a girl who doesn’t notice you. The struggle of praying the girl will see you and fall head over heels in love with you can be quite depressing. Just ask Matsushiro Kouta. Luckily, Kouta has an angel named Sasara who’s willing to help him out. With Sasara’s powerful magic as an angel—or so she claims—she can help Kouta with her 10 to 0 magic skills…

An angel—in our minds at least—is suppose to help you out when you’re in a jam. That’s why Sasara from Countrouble seems perfect enough when she tells Kouta she can help him nab the girl he’s crushing over. With her strange magic, Sasara tries her best to lend aid to Kouta along the 7 volumes of Countrouble. Though, quite often Sasara’s weird 10 to 0 magic actually backfires in numerous—but hilarious—ways. No one said an angel had to be perfect right?

4. El “Michael” Mikamoto from Princess Lucia

  • Mangaka: Seo, Kouji
  • Genre: Comedy, Drama, Ecchi, Romance, Shounen, Harem, Supernatural
  • Volumes: 5
  • Published: Mar, 2009- Oct, 2015

Most teens like Koizumi Yuta would be quite happy to have a girl want them so badly. However, Yuta’s crush isn’t what you would call normal. In fact, this girl happens to be a princess from a magical world called Lucia who wishes to have Yuta’s child. Why, you might ask? Well that’s because Yuta and Lucia’s child would engulf the world for a week. Though two angels—Mikamoto El and Kasukabe Rie—plan on preventing this fornication in whatever way possible.

El Mikamoto might be of the art club but as Yuta learns quickly she’s not a normal school girl. El is actually the powerful angel known as Michael! Focused on keeping Yuta a virgin to prevent the destruction of humanity—which we’re glad she’s doing—her means of preventing this are quite…interesting. El might not be the angel many would expect from heaven. However, that doesn’t mean El isn’t an angel and she is trying to prevent the world’s destruction.

3. Cross Bianchina from 666 Satan (O-Parts Hunter)

  • Mangaka: Kishimoto, Seishi
  • Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Shounen, Supernatural
  • Volumes: 19
  • Published: Aug, 2001- Dec, 2007

O-Parts, ancient artifacts from a civilization long gone. These powerful items can give people immense power but only so many humans can use O-Parts. Jio—a young boy with a terrible past—is one human who wishes to gain as many O-Parts as possible. However, little does Jiro know that inside him sleeps a powerful force that might make him the strongest being alive. Teaming up with an O.P.T.s—O-Parts Tactician—named Ruby, together Jiro will travel the lands for O-Parts to eventually rule the world with his power.

While 666 Satan has a slew of powerful forces, Cross Bianchina is easily one of the strongest. Plus, Cross is also an angel—though he doesn’t know it—making him a perfect fit for our Top 10 Angels in Manga list. Cross actually harbors inside of him the angel known as Metatron who by angelic lore is considered to be the strongest angel in terms of power. That’s why here’s some advice for you all. Don’t see Cross for his female looks, you might be facing his inner wrath and that would show to you the force of an angel getting angry.

2. Chihaya from Earthian

  • Mangaka: Kouga, Yun
  • Genre: Romance, Sci-Fi, Shoujo, Shounen Ai
  • Volumes: 5
  • Published: Apr, 1988- Jul, 1994

For many years, the humans of Earth have begun to annoy the angels above. Their actions and lack of kindness continue to anger the angels and thus have reached an impasse. The angels could wipe out all of humanity or preserve it. In order to help them make this difficult choice, two classes of angels are released one being plus checkers who will look for the positives in keeping humanity alive and the other being minus checkers who will look for the negatives in humans. Our story from here follows Chihaya a strange angel with black hair, wings and even eyes as he teams up with Kagetsuya. Both have different opinions on humanity and with that they will try to convince one another whose side is right/wrong.

If you read up about angels, you’ll get a lot of different descriptions. Some lore will say angels are feminine in nature. Others will say that angels are either male or female. However, Chihaya is a fusion of both despite his gender being obviously male. With female definitions, Chihaya is what many could consider the ideal image of an angel. Add to that Chihaya’s angel qualities—such as being kind and caring—and you have the best example of an angel thanks to the story of Earthian.

1. Belldandy from Aa! Megami-sama! (Oh! My Goddess)

  • Mangaka: Fujishima, Kousuke
  • Genre: Comedy, Fantasy, Romance, Seinen
  • Volumes: 48
  • Published: Aug, 1988- Apr, 2014

Every person on Earth has that one moment where everything can change in their life. That moment befell Keiichi Morisato who by accident made a phone call to the wrong number. The voice on the other line claimed Keiichi had called the Goddess Technical Help Line and was to receive one wish from a fellow goddess. Thus an angel named Belldandy appears before Keiichi and asks what he wants. Keiichi in return asks the goddess to stay with him forever…

Those who consider themselves manga romance buffs know of Aa! Megami-sama! quite well. At 48 volumes, we meet a slew of characters but one angel—though often referred to as a goddess—trumps all others in Aa! Megami-sama! That angel is none other than Belldandy who is not only beautiful to look at but extremely kind and caring. If you ever have found yourself wishing for an angel to enter your life, then you’re going to want an angel like Belldandy to be there to grant your own one wish. Belldandy is the personification of an angel and that’s why she beats the rest to make it to number one on our list.

Final Thoughts

Angels are a pretty cool theme in manga if we do say so ourselves. The concept of heavenly creatures—or beings—coming down to assist man in our time of need is a truly wonderful concept. Even if you’re not religious many can find angels to be truly thrilling and even if the angels above on our list don’t always do the right thing, it does make you think about angels in the real world and if they are the cause of the boons we sometimes experience. Why not comment down below what are some of your favorite angels in manga—if we missed them on this list—and also state what series they are from. As always, if you’re looking for more articles like this one we do indeed have more here at Honey’s Anime!

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