Top 10 Anime Boy/Guy with Black Hair

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Lelouch Lamperouge (Code Geas)

There’s always that one iconic anime character in every few series that really strikes the top character list, and they often times will share one thing in common; black hair. One almost might mistake this list for top male anime characters in general, it’s such an elite list! There’s fighters with swords, with magic, and then there’s some fighters of the fists and of the mind.

Their striking black hair comes in many different hues, as well as many styles - from messy to cleaner cut, to spiky hair and beyond!

Whether you love action, drama, romance or others, you will definitely find one, if not all, of your favorite black haired anime boys/guys below.

10. Saizou Kirigakure from Brave 10

Saizou Kirigakure Brave 10
dvd Brave 10

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: Jan 2012 - Mar 2012

Coming in at number 10 is the blue under toned, black haired bishounen, Saizou! He’s an Iga Ninja who specializes in assassinations using his large kunai called “Mari-blade”, which is more like a long, wide sword than anything. He’s a bit of a loner and refuses to serve any lord as his master and hates Koga ninja with a vengeful passion. His lone wolf life is interrupted when he runs into a loosely dressed priestess who was on the run from assassins. She has him be her bodyguard while she searches for a lord named Sanada, who was told to go find refuge with. Sanada then recruited Saizou and his elite ninja group with plans to bring upon a new era. Isanami herself has a secret hidden power that Saizou seems to be the only one to help her contain.

Saizou’s black hair is a bit bushy; although it’s a little neater in the front, the sides are messy and overall there’s little locks going every which way. There’s a large chunk of hair in the middle with two sides framing his face and messy locks off the side. His hair almost matches his wardrobe and with him being a ninja, it’s no wonder that his hair and clothes are all black. In the series, it’s shown that Saizou and Isanami are light and darkness, and only them together will be a powerful force.

wallpaper Brave 10

9. Roy Mustang from Fullmetal Alchemist

Fullmetal Alchemist dvd

  • Episodes: 51
  • Aired: Oct 2003 - Oct 2004

Roy is no stranger to being on popular lists. He’s cool, he’s composed, he loves short skirts and, although he wouldn’t like to admit it, he’s a guy with a heart and a bit of a softie. He mourned as we mourned when Maes Hughes tragically died and left him to climb up the ladder alone. He secretly aims to be Fuhrer and change the backwards system around. He oversees Edward, the Fullmetal Alchemist, and even though they don’t always see eye to eye, they do share a true bond.

Roy may not be under the category of ‘bishie’ but he does have very fine, handsome qualities. His hair is jet black with few grey highlights and black eyes to match. His hair is like a porcupine with all of the quills facing downwards and is a pretty short cut as he’s in the military, but much longer than a normal short buzz cut. His sharp hair really adds more angst when he’s angry and almost seems to get even sharper. He wears the traditional military general uniform but when he can, also wears a black coat. He is known as the Flame Alchemist and was in the Ishval war, something that haunts him until this day. He wears gloves with transmutation circles on them so he can just snap his fingers to start flames.

Fullmetal Alchemist wallpaper

8. Hak Son from Akatsuki no Yona (Yona of the Dawn)

dvd Akatsuki no Yona
  • Episodes: 24
  • Aired: Oct 2014 - Mar 2015

Hak resembles Saizou just a bit in their looks with an ‘icy cool attitude’ but the difference here is the history length with the main female. Hak has been friends with Princess Yona since they were children and now is her bodyguard. They have a love hate relationship but Hak proves he will go to the ends of the earth for her. He is known as the Thunder Beast of the Wind Tribe, to which he was their chief and general before handing it over. He’s in love with Yona and when her father is killed by Su-won, their other childhood friend who Yona was in love with, Hak flees with her and takes care of her.

Hak’s hair is a blue hued black with a less controlled, messy look about him. It extends far past his ears and is always in his face, making him look darker when he’s angry or more playful when he’s being comical. His hair part is off to the side like every good bishounen and pairs really well with his blue eyes. His wardrobe, like the rest of the series, is very Korean inspired as also guessed by their names. His best moments are when he’s single handedly annihilating groups of attackers, or, well, licking honey meticulously off of Yona’s hands.

akatsuki no yona wallpaper (2)

7. Sebastian Michaelis from Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler)

Sebastian Kuroshitsuji
Elizabeth Midford (Kuroshitsuji) dvd
  • Episodes: 24
  • Aired: Oct 2008 - Mar 2009

“Black hair anime boy/guy” basically coincides with Black Butler to a tee. Sebastian Michaelis is the ultimate butler with well groomed black locks and of course, a black suit to boot. His suit is Victorian era as the series is set there, but also ever so slightly visual kei inspired. His hair itself is a popular visual kei cut and has made girls from all over the world swoon. It includes his bangs being tucked behind his ears with a large strand falling down the middle of his face and a couple off to the side. The hair framing his face is chin length while the back length is hardly to his ears. It’s a pretty solid black with very minimalist highlights. Overall, it really plays off his handsome-but-going-to-steal-your-soul aura.

On top of being ‘one hell of a butler’, he is a demon who is contracted with Ciel Phantomhive to seek out revenge for the murder of his parents. Ciel almost lost his life too, but by signing his soul away for revenge is able to live until justice is served. He’s a demon who can do many things and accel at them simply because he says it is his duty as butler of the Phantomhive household.

kuroshitsuji sebastian wallpaper

6. Vegeta from Dragonball Z

dragonball vegeta
dragonball DVD
  • Episodes: 291
  • Aired: Apr 1989 - Jan 1996

Vegeta is about iconic as characters can get all over the world. Although he started out as a villain early on in DBZ, he is an ally who marries Bulma and aids in countless battles protecting Earth. He is a Saiyan (or Saiyajin for the Japanese version) along with Goku, who he addresses as Kakarot, Goku’s Saiyan name. Vegeta’s hair takes the cake for volume with many large spikes sticking straight up, resembling fire itself or maybe just a cleverly designed ice cream cone. His hair is completely jet black with no highlights. In Dragonball GT, Vegeta gets a hilarious makeover with randomly chopped off hair and a stereotypical manly man that almost resembles Mr. Satan.

Vegeta can usually be seen in traditional Saiyan garb but later, especially in human cities, wears some pretty hilarious clothes. Most notably, a bright pink shirt that says ‘BADMAN’ on the back and bright yellow pants. His face is forever in an angry scowl that is imprinted into our childhood memories as being a legit cool character.

dragonball z vegeta wallpaper

5. Rin Okumura from Ao no Exorcist (Blue Exorcist)

Rin Okumura Blue Exorcist
blue exorcist the movie dvd
  • Episodes: 25
  • Aired: Apr 2011 - Oct 2011

Rin Okumura is a fan favorite with his boyish, hot headed charm. He was a normal 15 year old boy/guy who one day finds out he’s the son of Satan himself, ruler of Gehenna, and has his demon powers unleashed. As it turns out, his brother, Yukio, already knew about it and was training to become an exorcist. Rin didn’t want to join his father in ruling Gehenna, so he started training to become an exorcist, too.

Ao no Exorcist rightfully has a blue theme to it so Rin’s flames are a bright blue with his hair and eyes having faded blue tones and shadows. His hair style itself isn’t extremely notable but it is very purposeful. He’s just a regular joe with a basic messy boy/guy haircut going slightly passed his ears. He’s got bangs and hair going in every direction with a good guy look about it. When he’s in demon form, he’s got pointy ears, flaming horns, and a tail. Overall he’s a good guy trying to fight the demon blood in him while making friends at his new exorcist school.

wallpaper ao no Exorcist

4. Sasuke Uchiha from Naruto

Naruto Shippuden
  • Episodes: 220
  • Aired: Oct 2002 - Feb 2007

Sasuke was everyone’s first crush while simultaneously wishing for him and Sakura to get together. Anyone who’s ever even heard of anime has probably seen a picture of him but he’s definitely grown up a lot in the series from being a small kid to an older, battle hardened veteran. Sasuke’s black hair is a solid dark blue black with hair framing his face and short spikes in the back. The hair framing his face is pointing directly downwards like fangs while the hair in back is sticking straight out, almost as if his head was licked by a cat! He’s got black eyes and is generally seen wearing some version of blue/grey clothes.

Sasuke specializes in fire and lightning jutsu and is a wielder of the Sharingan. Due to tragedies of his past he is a bit of a loner and feels he does not need friends but is always quick to help Naruto and Sakura when they are in need.

naruto uchiha sasuke wallpaper

3. Levi from Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan)

Levi attack on titan
attack on titan dvd1
  • Episodes: 25
  • Aired: Apr 2013 - Sep 2013

When humanity was almost brought to extinction centuries ago by Titans, humanity began building walls to protect them. And for one hundred years, no Titan got their way in until a colossal Titan appeared and broke the wall, letting many Titans inside to wreak havoc. Those within Wall Maria fled inside further and the battle to take back what is there’s starts. As humanity’s best, most powerful soldier, Levi has quite a fan base. He has the iconic haircut that is popular in Japan, with shaved sides and loose, black locks that go past his ears. His hair is parted ever so slightly off to the side and just barely go to his eyes. It’s almost like a really well done bowl cut, but actually attractive and some layering.

His facial expression is always in a scowl that looks like he’s either pissed or bored, which ends up being pretty comical when he’s in cleaning mode or chibi parodies. He’s a captain in the Scouting Legion division and also leader in the Special Operations Squad, a team of elite members specifically to protect Eren.

Levi Attack on Titan wallpaper

2. Monkey D. Luffy from One Piece

one piece luffy
one piece film z dvd
  • Episodes: Unknown
  • Aired: Oct 1999 - Present

One Piece is one of the longest running anime in Japan and Luffy is by far one of the most recognizable characters in Japan for any age. Luffy has the blackest hair on this list with no usual shadows or highlights due to the series’ simple animation art style and is always seen wearing a yellow straw hat with a red stripe on it. His hair is eye length with disheveled locks but if he’s wearing his hat, a couple strands hug the rim. It’s a cute boyish haircut, not specifically handsome but really carries a charm about it. A scar is found below his right eye and his iconic pirate clothes looks definite beach-worthy and has an X scar on his chest. His dream is to find the One Piece and become become Pirate King, along the way defeating many powerful enemies but never killing them.

Luffy has a very happy-go-lucky personality with that stereotypical large appetite. He’s captain of the Straw Hat Pirates and values his friends above all else. Because he is so childish and straightforward, he makes a great captain that gets the job done. He knows no fear, except for his grandfather who he is very intimidated by. Above all, Luffy is a funny black haired captain that loves to travel and go on adventures with his crew.

One Piece wallpaper

1. L from Death Note

deathnote L prof
death note

  • Episodes: 37
  • Aired: Oct 2006 - Jun 2007

L, who has many name aliases, is the world’s greatest detective who debatably is also the most eccentric person there is in the world. Although there are others on this list that are most iconic and well known, L tops most favorite character charts by a wide margin. He goes up against mastermind Light, whose gotten ahold of a Death Note that can kill anyone with a name and knowing their face.

He’s a complete sweet tooth who always sits in a crouched position and picks things up very strangely, stating if he sat normally his brain functioning would drop by 40%. He’s a star tennis player that won the England Junior Cup and when getting closer to Light, they share a special tennis playing bond. He has wild, unruly black hair that still has really nice movement in certain directions; the highlights seem painted on beautifully and can emphasize his childishness or his ingenuity. It all is perfected with his simple jet black eyes with dark rims that make him as iconic and loved as he is. His white sweater and jeans almost makes him seem like the simplest character ever, but it’s so much more than that!

L Lawliet Death Note

shinsengumi gintama hijikata kondou okita wallpaper

Hijikata Toushirou (Gintama)

Although this list is for black haired anime boys/guys, this is a list with top favorite characters of any category coming from some really great series. They may be rough around the edges or a little funny at times but these guys will warm your hearts and get you coming back for another episode; and possibly fanfiction!

In anime black hair comes in so many different styles, shapes, tints and hues but the character that’s built around it is what makes or breaks it. Is there anyone we missed? Who would you put on this list?



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