Top 10 Anime Facepalm Scenes

suzumiya-haruhi-no-yuutsu-wallpaper-700x470 Top 10 Anime Facepalm Scenes

Kyon (Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu)

Everyday life is full of moments where all you can do is to facepalm. This single, simple gesture holds a lot of meanings, but usually, it is used when words cannot express how disappointed, frustrated or dumbfounded you are towards a friend's idiocy or life's daily pranks.

Well, did you know? Anime characters feel the same, and end up facepalming too. We can prove it! Whether it's a serious oriented anime, or a sillier one, there's always a reason for our favourite characters to remain speechless and use it! The purpose of this list is to show you some of the best facepalming scenes done out of exasperation, frustration or anger!

10. Tom Tanaka from Durarara!!

suzumiya-haruhi-no-yuutsu-wallpaper-700x470 Top 10 Anime Facepalm Scenes

Facepalms aren't unknown to Tom Tanaka. Being friends with Shizuo Heiwajima, the poor guy has it tough. You just cannot be friends with Shizuo Heiwajima and feel safe about him not throwing something against someone whenever he is angry. Oh, but well, let's not forget that Shizuo Heiwajima is basically always angry!

That's how, one day, our poor Tom Tanaka, ended up once again in a scuffle. Oh, but he saw it coming from afar! That's why, even before realizing what the ruckus was about, he was already facepalming in exasperation. He knows very well that where there's chaos around Ikebukuro, there's Shizuo Heiwajima sending everything flying! Congratulations Tom Tanaka, your facepalms were not in vain! The 10th position is all yours!

9. Barnaby Brooks Jr. from Tiger & Bunny

suzumiya-haruhi-no-yuutsu-wallpaper-700x470 Top 10 Anime Facepalm Scenes

Sometimes, the workplace is where your closest colleague is somehow the dumbest person you have ever known. This person is someone who manages to annoy you by simply breathing. That's how Barnaby Brooks Jr. , alias “Bunny”, must have felt all the time, being paired up with Kotetsu T. Kaburagi! Even though we pity the sparkling and popular Bunny, we can sympathize with the clumsy, trying-to-act-cool Kotetsu very well too! Ok, he is dumb, but at least he tries, and seeing how this hits Bunny's nerves it is amusing.

After Bunny signed an autograph for a woman with a baby and the woman dropped the pen on the floor, our keen Kotetsu tries to play the gentleman card, by picking up the pen for her. What could go wrong in doing something so simple? Kotetsu always knows how to make it worse! The pen ends up crushed by a car on the main road, all what's left to do for our speechless Bunny is to facepalm! Just smile now, Bunny, this facepalm guaranteed you the 9th position in this list!

8. Ciel Phantomhive from Black Butler II (Kuroshitsuji II)

suzumiya-haruhi-no-yuutsu-wallpaper-700x470 Top 10 Anime Facepalm Scenes

What about master-servant relationships? Ciel Phantomhive has the best butler in the world serving him: Sebastian Michaelis. Still, you all know that every relationship has highs and lows. Their relationship, in particular, is worsened by the hot-tempered master Ciel who is too demanding, despite Sebastian's impeccable attitude!

Sebastian is a devil. He is tricky, dangerous and wicked, but did you know? Even the devils have some weak points! Our devilish butler's weak point are kitties. Whenever he sees one, he just has to touch it. In the middle of an investigation, Sebastian leaves his position as a butler just to follow a group of kitties passing by, Ciel is dumbfounded. Facepalm is the only answer! Come on, Ciel. Just relax a bit, you're only twelve! The 8th position is yours!

7. Shirou Emiya from Fate/Stay Night [Unlimited Blade Works]

suzumiya-haruhi-no-yuutsu-wallpaper-700x470 Top 10 Anime Facepalm Scenes

Girls can be a tease sometimes and Shirou Emiya knows it very well! That's why when Rin Toosaka crashes his home at lunch time, he begins to see trouble. Obviously, the honest and kind Shirou cannot just say no to the beautiful girl, but still tries to act all serious, and after lunch he gently pushes for her to go home. Supported by the unaware Saber, the cunning Rin insists to stay for dinner and, possibly, for the night.

Can our Shirou stand her presence for that long time? When push comes to shove, Rin just starts messing around with Shirou, asking why he is so tense and why he reacts so timidly in front of her. Shirou tries to explain, but Rin pushes even further. At a loss of words, lacking the ability to lie at all, what's left to do for the vulnerable Shirou? Facepalm, of course! You can relax now, Shirou Emiya! The 7th position is yours!

6. Yuki Souma from Fruits Basket

suzumiya-haruhi-no-yuutsu-wallpaper-700x470 Top 10 Anime Facepalm Scenes

“Prince” Yuki Souma bumps into his older brother, Ayame, while he is bragging about his new wonderful shop with the cute Tooru Honda. The usually silent and apparently impassive Yuki dares to say that he would like to go and see. Having Yuki state that single sentence, Ayame bursts into happiness and starts telling all the other tenants what just happened. If not for Yuki, we could facepalm at the total idiocy of Ayame.

Soon after, Yuki hears from Tooru that the shop sells clothes for maids, nurses and stewardesses, and that's how poor Yuki begins to understand his mistake in showing enthusiasm about something relating to his big brother! Sunday morning brings Yuki and Tooru in front of Ayame's shop. It takes just a look for Yuki to understand what an ambiguous shop that could be! And it's a facepalm for him, a valid one we would add, because right after they enter the shop, Yuki discovers what that shop really is: a clothes' shop for boys' fetish! Resist, Yuki! We feel you, and that's why our 6th position is yours!

5. Gokudera Hayato from Tutor Hitman Reborn! (Katekyo Hitman Reborn!)

suzumiya-haruhi-no-yuutsu-wallpaper-700x470 Top 10 Anime Facepalm Scenes

Life is hard when you have a hot-tempered character, but have to constantly deal with the likes of Takeshi Yamamoto and Ryouhei Sasagawa! Gokudera Hayato, in the name of the admiration held toward Tsunayoshi Sawada, tries his best everyday!

In high school, right before a battle he is always forced to do the “Vongola Fight!” circle. Everybody knows that Tsuna is Gokudera's weak point, that's how they manage to coerce the unwilling Gokudera into doing what they want. Sadly, the situation won't change even in the future! His future self has to deal with Yamamoto, and the others, and their stupid ideas like always. That's why, when he found himself yet again doing the “Vongola Fight!” circle, he just facepalms at his own stupidity! Gokudera, your facepalm was worth the 5th position in this rank!

4. Shinjirou Kurama from Kamisama Kiss (Kamisama Hajimemashita)

suzumiya-haruhi-no-yuutsu-wallpaper-700x470 Top 10 Anime Facepalm Scenes

Can you guess what happens when you are a self-confident idol who ends up in a little high school full of fawning girls? Besides that, can you imagine what happens when there's only a single girl who doesn't blush at your view?

Well, Shinjirou Kurama is an idol accustomed to being flattered. He finds himself caught in a very difficult situation meeting the sweet yet strong-willed Nanami Momozono. A situation he has never experienced so far; being treated indifferently and coldly! Can you believe it? Well, he just can't! How can Nanami not blush in front of him? How can she see his true character? He is shocked enough to facepalm! And what about us? We are shocked enough at his idiocy, that we facepalm to his facepalm! Kurama, will you facepalm at your 4th position?

3. Atsushi Otani form Lovely Complex

suzumiya-haruhi-no-yuutsu-wallpaper-700x470 Top 10 Anime Facepalm Scenes

When your girlfriend is taller than you, and has the potential to be a beauty too, it can happen that she is asked to be a top model for one day!

Anyway, if you're Risa Koizumi and your boyfriend is Atsushi Otani, things get complicated! The day Risa Koizumi has to do the photoshoot, starts with her feelings as tense as a violin chord. When she has make-up artists get her prepared, she can't even relax her face. And when she's on set, well, anything happens!

She starts to move like a robot, nervous enough to tremble! Otani can't believe what he sees. The situation worsens when the photographer asks her to smile, because she smiles in a way that scares everyone! That sight is too much for Otani to stand, because he ends up facepalming! While we understand and give you the 3rd position as a gift, Otani, we must admit we find Risa just too funny!

2. Hiroki Kamijou form Junjou Romantica

suzumiya-haruhi-no-yuutsu-wallpaper-700x470 Top 10 Anime Facepalm Scenes

Did you know that even facepalms have their own power-ups? You didn't? Well, we can prove that! Facepalm's power-up is named “facewall”. Ah, what a difficult person Hiroki Kamijou is! He is always so grumpy on the outside, always pretending, always acting strong and unconcerned! Perfectly knowing his true character, Nowaki Kusama, his boyfriend, is so sweet and honest, struggles and yet manages to tame him.

One night, Hiroki just decides to put aside all those facades and be sincere for once. And can you believe what happens? He states to his Nowaki “I like you!”. Well, nothing abnormal to say to your boyfriend, right? And yet, Hiroki mumbles those simple words and starts to get flustered all by himself, and what next? He ends up facewalling! What a change of character for our needy Hiroki! Anyway, Nowaki loves him and is gentle enough not to facepalm to his boyfriend's miserable attitude. But since we are not as kind, a facepalm is what you deserve, Hiroki! As a gift, the 2nd position is yours!

1. Luna from Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal (Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Crystal)

suzumiya-haruhi-no-yuutsu-wallpaper-700x470 Top 10 Anime Facepalm Scenes

The little and cute Luna deserves our 1st position! When you're a cat, and have to make a girl like Usagi Tsukino know how to behave and how to fight, your life can become really messy! Luna manages very well, but you know, interacting with a whiny, spoiled, idiotic girl is a tough life.

Probably the only smart girl in the group is Rei Hino. In fact, she is the first one and only stating the obvious when, after some circumstances, she wakes up and sees Sailor Moon in the middle of a battle: “You are... Usagi?” Let's clap our hands, maybe you stated the obvious, but still you said out loud what no one ever could. Same hair colour, same voice, same stupidity: congratulations, Rei Hino, Sailor Moon is exactly Usagi! What about Sailor Moon's reaction? Well, it's Usagi we're talking about. She dares to strongly deny it! That's when little Luna facepalms. The most righteous facepalm. We feel you, Luna! (Rei just notices it because Sailor Moon remains in the same costume along with the same face, same stupidity, and the same hair! Luna probably facepalms because there is no time to deny it. Especially since Rei will be the next sailor warrior!

See? We gave you proof that anime characters facepalm too! Being out of exasperation, out of frustration, or simply when there's nothing left to say. Of course, these are just ten out of the infinite facepalming scenes you can find in the anime world, but we chose these because they all have different contexts and swing from funny to very very stupid!

We hope you had fun reading it, and if you know other facepalm scenes that were worth this ranking, feel free to comment below!

suzumiya-haruhi-no-yuutsu-wallpaper-700x470 Top 10 Anime Facepalm Scenes


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