Top 10 Anime Girl with Brown Hair

k-on wallpaper

Yui Hirasawa, Ritsu Tainaka (K-on!)

In the anime world, characters tend to have crazy-colored hair to make us remember them. Silver, red, blue, green — you name it and it’s bound to have been in anime history at some point! Every once in a while though, we get characters that have more normal hair, black and brown and blond (although sometimes it’s perceived as yellow)! A lot of people like to argue that this makes characters seem less appealing and even a little boring — but what this article aims to do is to show that there are some lovely ladies in anime that have brown hair!

10. Aioi Yuuko [Nichijou]

Aioi Yuuko Nichijou
nichijou dvd
  • Episodes: 26
  • Aired: April 2011 — September 2011

Yuuko, the protagonist, is one of the most energetic anime characters that you will come across. She’s an interesting character, mainly due to the fact that bad stuff always seems to happen to her no matter how much she dodges it — though of course, not in a bad way! She loves sepak takraw, a Malay and Indonesian game that is essentially playing volleyball with your foot and a ball made of wicker! This is a testimony to the author, who had spent a few years in Indonesia. Not only that, but Yuuko’s catch phrase is, quite literally, anything she says in Malay, such as “selamat pagi” (good morning) and “terima kasih” (thank you). With a protagonist like this, you can’t get bored!

Yuuko has light brown hair that’s graceful and somewhat supposed to reflect kindness, Yuuko’s hair is definitely a huge contrast from her actual personality — but that’s what we love about her! Although her hair is plain and in no way showcases the fact that she is the protagonist, it still very much suits her. It’s fairly short and not layered, and in reality, the chestnut-like color of her hair is what a lot of girls dye their hair to!

Nichijou wallpaper 1

9. Natsume Asako [My Little Monster, JPN: Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun]

natsume asako Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun
Tonari no Kaibutsu-Kun dvd
  • Episodes: 13
  • Aired: October 2012 — December 2012

My Little Monster is a shoujo that revolves around Mizutani Shizuku, a brilliant straight-A student who despises the idea of dating. That is, of course, until she meets Yoshida Haru. Natsume Asako, an online blogger who seeks to make good friends with Shizuku, encourages Haru to get closer to her, while simultaneously pushing Shizuku closer to him. Because of her cute personality, Natsume had gained quite a considerable amount of followers. Although many girls at their school generally see Natsume as a threat because she’s so pretty, she is the sweetest character in the entire series!

Natsume has brown hair that’s fairly long, that goes to the middle of her back, and it frames her face nicely with side bangs. From the roots, her hair is straight, cascades past her shoulders, but is always curled towards the ends. It’s not necessarily a different hairstyle than what some people are used to seeing, but it is definitely becoming a timeless hairstyle that goes with any outfit — as Natsume has proven various times throughout the anime, what with being an internet celebrity and all!

Tonari no Kaibutsu-Kun wallpaper

8. Hanji Zoe [Attack on Titan, JPN: Shingeki no Kyojin]

Hange Zoë Attack on Titan
attack on titan dvd2
  • Episodes: 25
  • Aired: April 2013 — September 2013

Hanji can be thought of as a “mad scientist”, since she’s so fascinated by the chemistry and biology of how Titans operate. As opposed to being afraid like most of the soldiers and the people, Hanji always uses it as an opportunity to further her understanding of the inner workings of Titans. When she was introduced to Eren, she wouldn’t take her eyes off him, until Levi, the corporal of the Survey Corps, stepped into the picture.

On top of being a brilliant mind that helps lead the Survey Corps forward, she is also one of the only ones who is somewhat compassionate towards the Titans. Although it’s arguable that her treatment of the Titans is harsh, it’s important to remember that in the anime, Titans are not considered human and therefore do not experience the same threshold of pain that humans would. Another reason why Hanji is loved amongst her fans is because although in the anime she is perceived as a woman, in the manga she does not identify with a gender! It’s an interesting twist on representing people who are not commonly perceived in the manga and anime industry!

We don’t actually know how long Hanji’s hair hangs off her head, since it’s always in a ponytail, but what kind of researcher and scientist doesn’t keep her appearances in check?! With large glasses and a messy pony tail, Hanji is the true definition of a brown-haired beauty that’s slightly insane. Although not the only brown-haired woman in the anime, she is definitely one of the smartest and one of the most obviously hopeful soldiers who trusts that humanity will prevail against the enemy.

Zoë Hange wallpaper attack on titan 2

7. Momozono Nanami [Kamisama Kiss]

Kamisama Hajimemashita Nanami Momozono
Kamisama Kiss dvd
  • Episodes: 13
  • Aired: October 2012 — December 2012

Although Nanami is absolutely adorable, she is not the typical Mary-Sue anime character that some of us are used to seeing onscreen. With perseverance and integrity, Nanami proves to even her audience, that if you work hard enough, you will always be given new opportunities to prove that you are doing well, and what kind of person doesn’t want that kind of inspiration to do better?

Determined and always willing to improve herself, it is not news that Nanami is one of the most radiant characters in this anime, which says a lot considering most of the characters are so beautifully portrayed and drawn. With long brown hair that suits her perfectly, we get a sense of warmth from Nanami that makes her seem unattainable, like the deity she is. While gods and deities are generally meant to be thought of as beautiful and revered, it’s important to remember that Nanami is a human, and yet esteemed spirits fall for her charm and the smile that she wears so proudly. Her beautiful brown hair only amplifies her wonderful features and attributes.

kamisama hajimemashita momozono nanami wallpaper

6. Iki Hiyori [Noragami]

noragami iki hiyori
Noragami dvd
  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: January 2014 — March 2014

For a majority of the anime, Hiyori is in her spirit form, helping Yato and his Regalia, Yukine, to fight off spirits and demons. The gods and spirits that are close to her and Yato are aware that their relationship isn’t merely a friendship, nor is it merely platonic, either. However, there are those who are after her for the express purpose of hurting Yato and making him obey their orders, which sets up a whole new dynamic for Hiyori’s character. She is someone that’s caring and nurturing, particularly towards Yukine, whom she sees as a younger brother. Not only does she encourage fair behaviour to Yato by telling him to be honest, but she also shows to other spirits and gods that spiritually, she is strong. Someone who is outspoken but refuses to be ruthless is someone that definitely is loved!

Hiyori is a highschool girl with the magical ability to slip in and out of her physical form. She has long brown hair, which makes her look a bit like a ghost but is no less beautiful for it, which compliments her personality in having a strong sense of right and wrong and is deeply loyal to the ones she trusts as she treats Yukine like a little brother. Her love for her friends Yato and Yukine is so strong she can’t even see a future without them. She always cares about the other gods and regalias and in turn they love her back and know how important she is to Yato. One noticeable physical characteristic is her eyes. They are a light purple and they seem to encapsulate you and are a feature that makes you look at her face, and with her brown gorgeous hair, you can’t look away for one second.

Noragami  wallpaper

5. Sango [Inuyasha]

inuyasha sango
inuyasya dvd
  • Episodes: 167
  • Aired: October 2000 — September 2004

When we first see Sango, we immediately learn that she is a Demon Slayer. In this time period in the story, it is a respectable job to have, and there are a special set of skills that she possesses that can only come from her family. The first time we see her in action and take down a demon, we are, of course, immensely impressed. However, she also ends up losing her whole family, including her younger brother — whom she loves very much — and she discovers soon enough that Naraku, the enemy that all her friends are trying to destroy, had taken control of her dead brother by implanting a Sacred Jewel shard into him. Furious and heartbroken, Sango travels with Kagome, Inuyasha, Miroku, and Shippo, in order to seek justice for her entire family, and wipe out the enemy that took everything away from her. Not only is Sango a badass, but she is a beautiful young woman who cares for her friends and will protect them with her life.

Given the time period that the Inuyasha anime started, it's pretty common that women in anime had long hair. Sango’s long brown hair perceived her as a badass woman that people loved seeing in action, and she was definitely a favorite. From the moment she’s introduced, Sango had long hair that was pulled into a high pony-tail with her fringe left out from her battles with demons. When she travels with Kagome and the rest of her friends, Sango’s hair is let down except for the ends that tied together with a ribbon so as to keep her hair from flailing about in the wind, which would be wonderful, really.

Sango Inuyasha wallpaper

4. Shimura Otae [Gintama]

Tae Shimura gintama
dvd Gintama
  • Episodes: 201
  • Aired: April 2006 — March 2010

Not only is Otae protective of her brother, Shimura Shinpachi, but she is also a character that stands up for herself and those she loves. She also knows that despite what people might say about cabaret girls, she doesn’t allow disrespect on a man’s part and is a good role model in terms of teaching that it doesn’t matter how much someone feels they are entitled to you — if they do not approach you in a decent way, then they should be dismissed as unworthy. Although her role is to be the cabaret girl who’s also an older sister, Otae is certainly a badass in her own way; she can fight and prove her worth just as much as the other girls of Gintama can. For sure, even though some may say her looks are boring, her character is not one to be messed with!

Otae is a beautiful woman with brown hair tied in a ponytail and brown eyes. Her beauty is so potent she is the main attraction in her workplace: Snack Smile. Her beauty also makes people underestimate her combat skills. Otae is very egotistical about her good personality traits and at the same time insecure about her bad personality traits. Despite being sweet and good natured, she has a quick temper and it a bit violent as well. Her bravery always makes her care more about her family and closest friends rather than herself. She smiles through every situation no matter how sad or hurt she is.

wallpaper Gintama

3. Furukawa Nagisa [Clannad]

clannad nagisa
clannad movie
  • Episodes: 23
  • Aired: October 2007 — March 2008

When Nagisa wants to open up the theatre club at school again, most people saw it as something ridiculous — why put in so much effort for something as petty as a club, when there were other things to do? Over time though, when we see how genuine she is, we can’t help but want to support her. Her manner of speaking to her friends is soft-spoken and although it is difficult for her to open up, once she does, it’s something that her friends fully support her for. Her relationship with her parents also contributes to why she is in this top 10 list, as it portrays an atypical Japanese family that causes her to stand out from the others. Not only is Nagisa sweet, but she also has a drive where, if she puts her mind to it, she will not give up on what she loves most.

Nagisa is portrayed as a very sweet and innocent girl who is always caring for others. Her sensitivity makes her insulted easily. She’s also prone to getting sick and because of that she had to repeat her final year of high school because of an illness that lasted nine months. One noticeable personality trait is her lack of self confidence and her insecurity makes her seek help in order to motivate her to do things. She’s not exactly a sexy character but her beauty is more cute in a way, which makes you want to protect her. Her appearance suits her personality as it doesn’t make her overly sexy. Her brown hair is a soft color and darker than her more golden eyes, but the contrast itself is one that is subtle and yet, drastic.

CLANNAD Review highlight one

2. Fuwa Aika [Blast of Tempest, JPN: Zetsuen no Tempest]

Fuwa Aika Zetsuen no Tempest
Zetsuen No Tempest-DVD
  • Episodes: 24
  • Aired: October 2012 — March 2013

For most of the story, we are led to believe that Aika was a mysterious girl who was killed for apparently no reason, that she was helpless and couldn’t defend herself in the end. However, Aika is an incredibly bright girl who had ultimately set up her own death for her brother and her boyfriend to find her, and have motivation to take revenge. While Hakaze is born for the good end of the spectrum, Aika was born for the opposite side. Initially, we are led to think she was evil, but the fact that she killed herself was proof enough that she wanted to be on the good end, and wanted to protect her brother and her boyfriend. In cases of setting up one’s own death, it obviously takes a considerable amount of thinking through and leaves absolutely no room for mistakes — and Aika, being as gracious as she is as well as adamant about what she wants, is definitely a girl that had tons of promise.

Not only is Aika an interesting character, but she is one that possesses incredible beauty that amazes those around her. Her hair is layered and goes all the way down to her hips. In the anime, every time Aika moves, her hair follows her subtly and gracefully, creating an atmosphere of elegance around her that never seems to disappear, even though we are given bits and pieces of information about her that’s supposed to give us a holistic image of her. Although the first time we really see her is when she is draped over a chair after having been killed, her long, straight brown hair still frames her beautifully and continues to give her an air of gracefulness and elegance!

wallpaper Fuwa Aika Zetsuen no Tempest

1. Cana Alberona [Fairy Tail]

Cana Alberona Fairy Tail
dvd Fairy Tail
  • Episodes: 175
  • Aired: October 2009 — March 2013

Fairy Tail is one of the anime that has many characters with crazy-colored hair, pink and blue and green alike. It’s almost strange to think that Cana Alberona, one of the members of the Fairy Tail guild, has normal brown hair. She possesses card magic and is rumoured to be a raging alcoholic particularly in times of victory. Outgoing and somewhat of a jokester, Cana is close to Lucy and teases her from time to time about her love life. Although we don’t see much of Cana’s potential in the beginning of the series, we begin to see shadows and glimmers of it during the Tenrou Island Arc, where members of Fairy Tail are tested on whether they are eligible to be S-Class wizards or not. Cana is smart, beautiful, and an absolute badass — a trope that never seems to get old!

During the Grand Magic Games, we find that Cana’s brains definitely help her to get in the lead of the ranking of strongest members from each guild in Fiore, She is not a reckless wizard who uses all her powers at once, and only resorts to drastic measures when she has no other choice. In this case, she ended up having to use Fairy Heart, a secret weapon of the guild that was passed onto her by the First Master, Mavis Vermillion. When she showcases this special and secret weapon in front of the millions of viewers and her opponent in the Games, suddenly, Cana’s character is taken very seriously, and dubbed not to be messed around with!

A member of Fairy Tail and potential S-Class mage, Cana is a character who is remarkably powerful and beautiful. Her one prominent characteristic is her love of alcohol and how it borders on addiction. Nevertheless, when she isn’t drunk she has a serious personality and hardly goofs off. Cana is also extremely loyal to Fairy Tail and it’s members regardless of new they are or what their background is. Her tenacious personality is also notable as she always stands up for her dreams of being an S-Class mage. Like most Fairy Tail characters who are female Cana is extremely attractive and her tanned skin gives off the impression that she works hard. Most of Cana’s attire shows off her body which means she is aware of how attractive she is.

wallpaper Cana Alberona Fairy Tail

Makise Kurisu steins gate wallpaper

Kurisu Makise (Steins;Gate)


All the women listed in this top 10 list are very much liked! If it’s not for their sweet personality, it’s for their badass, I-don’t-take-crap-from-anyone attitude that makes them so great. A lot of anime fans tend to think that wonderful brown-haired anime characters are rare, but if you look hard enough, you’ll find a few diamonds in the rough, despite popular belief. All these women in this top 10 are cute and beautiful in their own way, and what could be better than women who know how to strut their stuff, knowing that they’re fabulous!

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