Top 10 Anime Girls Men Would Like to Date [Updated]

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Anime can emit countless distinct feelings and impulses to us fans. It can make us laugh, cry or even fantasize over animated characters. For this particular countdown, we’re looking at females in anime that are simply desirable. It could be as elementary as the way they speak, or as complex as the way they evoke an emotional response from us, due to their actions and motives.

Whatever the reason may be, we here at Honey’s Anime pride ourselves in bringing you the best in everything anime. With that being said, we felt that we needed to present this top 10 with an updated list to coincide with some of the most recent anime out there. We couldn’t be more proud than to provide everyone with the Top 10 Anime Girls Men Would like to Date.

10. Reine Murasame from Date A Live

Typically on this list, you’re going to see females from the main cast of characters, but for this particular case, we’re going to give you a desirable supporting character. To that point, we’re going to present you with a mature doll face from the anime Date A Live. Reine Murasame has blue eyes and unkempt pale blue hair that is typically tied into a right-sided ponytail. She has a voluptuous body to support that alluring mind of hers. On top of all that she is logical, reasonable and considerate, what more could you ask for?

Reine is simply gorgeous both in terms of physical traits and personality. She is an incredible intellectual having earned the right to call herself a Fraxinus Analysis Officer and a high school physics teacher. One of her distinct features is the bags underneath her eyes from the lack of sleep she receives. Those bags don’t hinder her appearance, though, oh no, in fact, we think that it’s a bigger turn on because she is so devoted to her jobs. Don’t let anyone tell you that devotion in a woman is a bad thing.

9. Hitagi Senjougahara from Bakemonogatari

Up next on our list is a self-proclaimed tsundere from the anime Bakemonogatari. Hitagi Senjougahara is a peculiar individual. She very much lives up to the term tsundere. When she speaks to other people she is very blunt and most times has trouble keeping contact with others, due to the words that come out of her mouth. Although that’s not always welcomed, we think that’s part of her charm. She is able to be completely sincere with people and tell a person like it is. To be perfectly honest it’s an honorable trait.

Hitagi has a glamorous body with a well-rounded bust that is very reminiscent of a fashion model. In addition to that, she goes from having long to then short purple hair. Hitagi has angelic blue eyes that you could easily get lost in if she gave you the time of day to stare into them. She’s not always easy to talk to, but if you’re able to woo her, she can be as charming as anyone on this list. Her potential bi-curious nature further cements her on this list following that scene with Tsubasa, where Hitagi gropes her breast and then proceeds to have pillow talk afterwards.

8. Rory Mercury from Gate: Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri (GATE)

What we have next is a 961-year-old demigoddess from the anime Gate: Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri. She is widely known for the name Rory the Reaper, and not someone you want to tick off. I mean, it’s dating 101, don’t upset your date. In this case, those words cannot be clearer, as this demigoddess wields a giant halberd. Fortunately, her sadistic side is usually reserved for bad people. What’s unique about this petite girl is that she gets sexually aroused when people die around her. So if you’re lucky enough to be alive around her, you may get more than a just date.

What makes Rory cute is that she takes on the appearance of a younger female sporting a black ribbon hair ornament, which almost makes it look like she has fox ears. Furthermore, she dresses as a gothic Lolita with a black dress and red frills. Her lower half consists of black stockings supported by garters and red boots. Rory is not your typical adorable female; however her innocence, when she's not fighting mixed with that euphoric reaction she gets from death, is enough to warrant a date or two.

7. Mumei from Koutetsujou no Kabaneri (Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress)

Our number seven selection goes to another younger female by the name of Mumei. She is from the action and fantasy anime known as Koutetsujou no Kabaneri. She is a Kabaneri which is essentially a human and zombie hybrid. She has short brown hair and reddish-brown eyes that really stand out on her small frame. Mumei is seen wearing an indigo ribbon wrapped tightly around her neck, to suppress the Kabane virus. An attractive quality about Mumei is that she is able to kick some butt with the best of the world. Although small, she is more than capable of handling herself.

Mumei turns killing zombies into a game and often shows her youthfulness. In regards to that, she is also self-aware of her situations and is more than ready to enforce some strength when required. Mumei also has an apparent soft spot for children. That in its own right is something we can respect. It’s commendable to see such a young female grasp some of what it takes to be a woman. Despite her flaws, she has mass appeal due to having enhanced abilities. Without a doubt, she has exceptionally warmed our hearts.

6. Yui Yuigahama from Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru. (My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU)

Continuing on with our list is a dreamy and cheerful high school student from the ever popular anime, Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru.. Yui Yuigahama becomes the first customer of the “Service Club.” She follows that up by officially becoming the third member of said club. Her looks alone get her a spot on this list. Her peach eyes and shoulder length coral hair seems like it fits her personality well. It’s vibrant and colorful. Yui wouldn’t be considered book smart but she has a real knack for understanding social situations and adapting to them efficiently.

Yui is a very outgoing individual. What makes her stand out from some of the other girls is that no matter how dire the situation is, she always seems to have a smile on her face. She would be considered the glue of any friendship or relationship. Her positivity is infectious and it’s something that most guys would come to appreciate. If you were ever feeling down, she would always be there to support you. Whatever astonishing trait captivated you the most, it’s fair to say that she is a keeper.

5. Kurisu Makise from Steins;Gate

We’re now at the medial portion of this list and already we’ve had some great selections thus far. It’s time to continue on, with a genius girl from the grossly successful anime, Steins;Gate. Kurisu Makise shares something in common with several girls on this list, what you ask? She is a tsundere, regardless of how she feels about that. Her fashion sense is somewhat unusual but we consider that a bonus since she is truly unique. With reddish waist-length hair and a slender body, she could elicit attention from most guys without even saying a word.

Kurisu’s intelligence is off the charts and because of that, she was able to skip a grade in high school. To say nothing of her large contributions to a time machine would be a crime. Kurisu is an accomplished individual for someone her age and we feel that sets her apart from the pack. You couldn’t go wrong with her unless you thought it would be funny to give her the nickname “The Zombie.” Tread carefully with that one! If science is interesting to you, she would be a prime choice to date.

4. Hestia from Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Darou ka (Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?)

We’re steadily rolling on with our next choice of anime girls men would like to date. Number four brings us another petite goddess to this countdown. This time from the anime Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Darou ka or DanMachi for some. Hestia has dazzling roundish blue eyes and light black hair tied into two twin tails. Hestia has a small frame just like Rory Mercury; however Hestia has an ample bust size. She is often seen wearing a white mini dress with blue ribbons wrapped around her neck and just below her breasts, to only further emphasize her majestic endowment.

Beyond her seductive appearance, she is portrayed to be energetic and kind-hearted. When she is happy, her smile makes everyone’s heart skip a beat. I’m sure a lot of us wished that we were Bell when they enjoyed crepes with each other on their date. Hestia is such a bubbly person that practically everything she does is so cute. Another attractive quality about Hestia is her hard work and determination at maintaining two jobs to help support Bell while he is away. She may be small but she is arguably a total package.

3. Stella Vermillion from Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry (Chivalry of a Failed Knight)

As we get closer to that number one spot, things are really going to start to heat up. If you’re familiar with the anime Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry then you should know that Stella Vermillion deserves a spot on this list. The Crimson Princess as she is known as is a succulent A rank Apprentice Knight. As you can image she sports long crimson hair tied into twin tails and crimson eyes. Stella has a sensual body, complete with large breasts and legs that are emphasized by her black stockings and garter.

Stella in a lot of people’s minds is perfection; it’s like looking at a painting of a sexual goddess. Impulsive and sometimes feisty, Stella can really bring out the emotions in guys. Her perverted side is perhaps her best quality. Whether she is straddling Ikki while he is sleeping or washing his back with her voluptuous breasts, it’s hard not to be envious of Ikki. The restraint on Ikki is ungodly! Suffice it to say, she is probably a waifu to many anime enthusiasts out there. Also, she wields a spectacular looking sword and knows how to use it. Do we need to say anymore?

2. Mai Kawakami from Musaigen no Phantom World (Myriad Colors Phantom World)

Coming in at number two is a beautiful girl who has special abilities and fights phantoms, all the while attending high school. That’s right, if you don’t know she is from the 2016 anime, Musaigen no Phantom World. Distinctively, Mai Kawakami has two beauty marks under both her eyes. We feel it adds to her fresh youthful face, as it gives off a sort of wholesome look to her. Mai may not be as mischievous as our last pick but she more than makes up for it with her very active and caring personality.

It appears that there’s a theme of busty ladies on this list, Mai is no exception. Nonetheless, there is much more to her than that, including her sandy-blonde hair and vibrant purple eyes. Her appearance is merely the cherry on top for her, however. What really makes Mai dating material is the fact that she is fit, strong and can handle taking down phantoms without weapons most of the time. Combine that with her exuberant behavior and elevated maturity level and you got a breathtaking catch on your hands. It would be hard to pass up such a determined girl, who would be sweet and possess the strength to protect everyone around her.

1. Akeno Himejima from High School DxD

At last, we’ve reached our number one spot! We will say, if you’ve made it this far without passing out due to the blood loss coming out your nose, kudos to you. Our number one choice goes to the sultry Akeno Himejima from High School DxD. You simply cannot go wrong with this list, but we felt Akeno deserves the number one spot for several reasons, let us explain. For starter let’s take a moment and get lost in her lustful eyes. Are you good? Now let’s continue.

Akeno is tremendously elegant and gentle when she wants to be. Take her date with Issei as an example when she is dressed in a stunning, virtuous dress. However, she can quickly flip the switch and do a complete 180 and become a seductive masochist. That’s one of the greatest aspects about her; you can go out on a date and get the best of both worlds. She has the ability to adapt to one’s personality. She has an appearance of a well-developed young woman, who can simply overwhelm you with desires; Issei knows that all too well. We’ve gone this far without a mention of her chest. Let’s just say if you’re an oppai man, there is more than enough to handle. Take one last good look into Akeno’s eyes and tell me she doesn’t have waifu material written all over her.

Final Thoughts

That concludes our list full of gorgeous females that are most definitely worth at least one date in our eyes. These girls come in all shapes and sizes with varying personalities. Between the two countdowns, this undoubtedly offers enough for everybody to enjoy.

How do you feel about those recommendations? Did you see your waifu on there? Perhaps you just stumbled upon a new favorite? Share with us your thoughts about these girls or others that you desire. The comments section is calling your name!



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one piece log collection nami dvd

It is time to go through the top ten anime girls (not) all men would like to date.
Yes, there is no doubt this article would be very (VERY) opinionated. But I also believe quite a few of them are on your list of anime girls you would want to date too. So without further small talk, let us get right into our top ten.

10. Furukawa Nagisa

clannad dvd

For those of you who do not know her, she is from one of the best ‘slice of life’ anime series out there: Clannad. Based on my otaku life, Nagisa is one of the sweetest and most innocent girls ever to feature on anime.

While people may start questioning my choice already, basing on her modest physique, I would like to place my argument on why her personality does more than enough to get her on the list. She is innocent and super sensitive, the sort of girl you would want to make happy and go to amusement parks together.

9. Re-L Mayer

Re-l Mayer
ergo proxy DVD

I do hope there are more people out there who were mesmerized by Re-L’s beauty.She is a gothic girl, or at least dresses up dark, and is an investigator (cool!).

She is however somewhat cold-hearted, has a dominating personality and a perfectionist, thus will probably be difficult to impress on a date. Hilda from Beelzebub was contesting with Re-L as the other pretty gothic girl, but decided to give Re-L the spot since her look is comparatively rare and unique.

8. Yuki Asuna

Sword Art Online (sao)

The super sweet, cute and sometimes ‘Tsundere’ girl from Sword Art Online indubitably makes the list. She is cute but knows how to fend for herself as well.

Let’s be honest, a lot of us are jealous of the sort of love Asuna and Kirito share for each other. Despite having a kind personality, she does seem proud, but is part of her Tsundere personality which makes her adorable. I would definitely love to spend time with her.

7. Nami

one piece strong world dvd

Yup, it is the bossy girl from “One Piece”. When it comes to physique, she boasts one of the greatest body ratios/proportions.

You could simply spend the entire time when you go on a date with her, admiring her voluptuous body shape. She is however, bossy and loves to order people around. But most importantly, if I go on a date with her, I would be paranoid in fear of going broke, after all there is nothing Nami likes more than money. Let’s see, a date with Nami that will leave me penniless at the end of the day…. Worth!

6. Erza Scarlet

fairy tail

The Badass beauty from ‘Fairy Tail’. I am sure she is on EVERYONES list of ‘Anime Girls to date’.

Might not be the smartest, but she is super powerful and possesses her awesome ‘Requip Magic’ which allows her to change her outfit at will (Sweet!). Imagine going on a date and asking her to change to your favorite ‘Erza Requip’ outfit.Don’t like an outfit? She can fix that easy!

She is however a perfectionist and keeping her happy on a date would probably be a challenge. Regardless, she doesn’t need to do a lot to keep me happy on the date, so it’s a win. I was thinking of whether Akame is better suited to this spot, as she too is very serious and definitely knows how to destroy her enemies. But Erza’s ability and physique wins it for her.

5. Inori Yuzuriha

Guilty Crown DVD

While the anime ‘Guilty Crown’ had mixed reviews and sentiments among viewers, I think most agreed on the beautiful visuals but most importantly how beautiful Inori was.

To be frank, Inori makes it to third based mostly on appearance. She is really, REALLY (emphasis intended) cute. I could spend the date gazing at her beauty. Well yeah, not much to talk about her beside that, she did lack emotions for herself for the most part of the anime.

4. Misa Amane

death note DVD

It might seem somewhat unusual to put up Misa on the list, as she does seem overly attached and sometimes scary.

But this girl from ‘Death Note’ is super cute, super popular and super selfless. Although she seems childish, she is definitely clever and cunning when needed. And most importantly her love is selfless compared to other overly attached anime girls (*cough cough*, Gasai Yuno from Mirai Nikki). While Gasai Yuno's love was true, she only cared about herself and her love for Yukiteru, not what Yukiteru wanted.

Misa however was willing to do everything for light, and do what Light wanted her to do even if it posed a threat to her life. And she is cute. So Yay Misa!

3. Kurisu Makise

Steins_Gate dvd

Long reddish hair, a very pretty face and good body shape, Makise Kurisu from Steins Gate is definitely among my top choice of girls to date. Not only does she possess an amazing appearance, she is extremely intelligent and matured (uhm ya, I find intelligent women very attractive).

She is somewhat Tsundere, but combined with intelligence, it makes her even cuter. I would love to take her to dinner, but would definitely avoid talking about science; she would definitely make a fool out of me. I considered putting Chiriko Tsurumi (Tsuruko) from ‘Ano Hana: The Flower We Saw That Day’ who too is intelligent and has a sharp and pretty face structure, but Kurisu Makise would definitely outwit her (and most of us…).

kurisu makise steins;gate fan art

2. Winry Rockbell

Winry Rockbell
fullmetalalchemist DVD

I do hope I left out my personal bias and love for the Fullmetal Alchemist series in placing her here.She has long hair, a girlish physique, a pretty face and is adorable overall. Her personality is what I love best about her.

She is slightly tomboyish and hard-working, she knows how to look for herself but she can get quite emotional sometimes. She is the sort of girl you would want to protect. Sweet, adorable and caring personality, combined with prettiness all over and hard-working when needed, definitely the sort of girl I would date. And if you ever lose an arm or a leg, she can make an automail for you too!

winry rockbell fullmetal alchemist fan art

1. Hinata Hyuuga

naruto shippuden dvd 02

Did you think I would leave her out?

HINATA! Do not want to get carried away but Hinata no doubt has the best personality, she looks super cute and simply the best person to spend time with especially a date.

She is very shy and polite, she deeply cares for others and compared to some of the other girls I have listed here (especially Nami) you know she means what she says, a person you can trust. She can be badass sometimes when needed and can definitely fend for herself. She seems like the girl you would want to protect but will probably be protecting you.

She dresses up very modest and adorable, which fits her girly figure (which is not over the top voluptuous). She has a sweet voice, beautiful eyes, cute and long hair, and I can go on talking about her forever. Hinataaa!!!

hinata hyuuga fan art 01

hinata hyuuga fan art

That is my top ten girls I would love to go on a date with. I do honestly feel a lot of my choices will coincide with a lot of you guys. And let’s face it, Hinata is also probably number one in everyone’s list.

Felt someone left out? Felt some type of girl I missed out? Let me know in the comment section!

by Darkvizier