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When we watch anime we tend to pay attention to all of the action and special effects that give us that sense of excitement. From the spectacular cut scenes to the wonderful flow of the story, we become immersed in the world which we tune into. We often see characters with a slim and trim figure, and one who is often fearless in their pursuits. So it comes as a surprise when some of our favorite characters are a complete contrast to the norm, and come out with Arnold-like muscular features to take down the enemy. Even more so is that these heroine are female and can totally tear your head off like a weed in the grass. Honey's Anime thought it would be cool to go away from the norm for a while and give you the top ten list of anime muscle girls for you to enjoy!

10. Mikage Sharaku – Durarara!!

  • Episodes: 24
  • Aired: January 8, 2010 – June 25, 2010

Kicking off our top ten list of anime muscle girl, we have none other than Mikage from Durarara!! Mikage is a martial arts teacher at her father's dojo and is the youngest out of three siblings. She is often seen training the Orihara twins, and has a romantic feelings towards the main antagonist Izaya. Mikage is always in prime condition due to her strict training regimen and sheer determination. She has enough raw strength to penetrate concrete with one kick, and I'm sure if you tried to mess with her your head would suffer the same crushing defeat. Having muscles is nothing to be ashamed of even if you're a woman, because it only shows how much you love yourself enough to stay in excellent shape.

While we don't get to see Mikage in action until later in the series, much can be said about her personality outside of kicking serious butt. She is seen as a tomboy primarily due to spending most of the time with her brothers, and training hard at her dojo. Mikage is pretty level headed but due to her lack of romantic encounters, she tends to get really flustered and can't truly express her feelings especially with Izaya. We encourage you to watch Durarara!! to know more about Mikage but to also relish in a very well presented anime.

9. Biscuit Krueger– Hunter x Hunter

  • Episodes: 148
  • Aired: October 2, 2011 - September 24, 2014

Biscuit is one woman who you probably don’t want to run into on a bad day. She comes in at number nine on our top ten anime muscle girl list. At first glance you’re probably wondering why we even put her here, since she seems like a very young porcelain doll. Surprisingly enough this brute is 57 years old and when she powers up to max level, she becomes an overwhelming beast of a woman. Biscuit tends to stay in her more youthful form because it allows her to dig up important information, but more so to give off the impression of weakness towards her opponents. Once you do get on her nerves however, her true muscular form unveals itself with her fists big enough to punch a hole through your stomach. Despite which form she decides to be in, Biscuit is extremely powerful and it should also be noted that she’s a pro hunter as well.

So whatever side you decide to enrage just be sure to have your insurance papers by your side, in case you wake up somewhere you didn’t expect to be. The name “Biscuit” seems very cute and it most certainly fits her youthful personality, but on the other hand it could just be a warning that if you’re not careful, Biscuit may crush you like one, leaving nothing but crumbs on the floor.

8. Yukina – Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: April 8, 2016 – July 1, 2016

Rolling in at number eight is Yukina from the very popular Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress series. She is a crew member on board the Koutetsujou, transporting items across Hinomoto and helping Ikouma along his journey to stopping the Kabane threat. While we don't see her fight throughout the series, you can see that she is packed full of muscle and we can only assume it's due to her controlling the Koutetsujou as we see in numerous episodes. Yukina is seen with strawberry red hair, and a small physique when compared to everyone else. Despite her size in relation to the cast, her form and tone are a prime reason why she's on our list.

You can see that she spends a lot of time taking care of herself, and wants to ensure the best for everyone on the train. Her compassion for others is seen throughout the series and one example is when she confronts a boy, hiding the fact about his father's fate to protect him. So not only is she incredibly intelligent and full of muscle, she has a huge heart to balance it all out.

7. Daidouji – Senran Kagura

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: January 6, 2013 – March 24, 2013

This next heavy hitter on the list is no slouch as she comes in standing tall and full of power. Our number seven choice for muscle anime girl is Daidouji from Senran Kagura. Her staggering height is enough to scare any opponent away, while her glare can pierce through even the strongest of opponents. Daidouji's attire has some history behind it which can also explain her intimidating appearance as well. Daidouji in Japanese means “Large Temple Road” and her outfits resemble that of Japanese High School delinquents which implies that her character is meant to be frowned upon. Her ninja turnover outfit is a shredded Gakuran which in Japan is a male uniform, while invoking a Sukeban appearance meaning female delinquent in Japanese.

Her towering structure is extraordinary with muscles popping out of every inch of her clothing, while her long dark hair is strikingly beautiful to create this balance of strength and attraction. She is a legendary senior student who returns to Hanzou every year during the graduation period. She was the underclassman to Rin and the two would become sparring partners in their free time. Senran Kagura is an awesome series that you should check out, especially if you want to see more of Daidouji's brute strength in action.

6. Tairano Kagekiyo from Big Order

  • Episodes: 10
  • Aired: April 16, 2016 – June 18, 2016

Big Order was part of the Spring anime lineup this year, and it was a popular series among the anime community. It revolved around Eji whose only concern was to save his sick sister. He had made a wish to a fairy named Daisy but it remained unclear as to what he wished for. Unfortunately his wish had created more catastrophic events than he'd imagined causing a great destruction, with countless people dying. He learns throughout the series that others have had their wishes come true, and they were called “Orders” who are generally hated by the public but are also out to kill Eiji for what he created.

This brings us to Tairano who we managed to get a glimpse of in some of the episodes of the series, and is one of Eiji's enemies along his journey. While she doesn't play a major role in the entire story, her presence alone is quite big since she is a tall, dark, and powerful woman with a massive hammer on a long pole. Her sadistic glare along with her appearance is scary, and just looking at her physique you immediately know she is no pushover, since her muscles are so sharp and defined. Carved and sculpted to the utmost perfection, Tairano is our number six entry on our anime muscle girl and she definitely deserves the spot.

5. Nikuma - Seikon no Qwaser

  • Episodes: 24
  • Aired: January 10, 2010 – June 20, 2010

Pounding her way through the competition to take the fifth spot on our list is the burly and insanely strong Nikuma from Seiko no Qwaser. Nikuma is no slouch as she packs a punch not only in supreme strength but as the best strategist of Athos. Nicknamed “Hell's Dairy Cow” Nikuma's appearance is definitely quite large, and without question very intimidating. In episode 11 of the series, you clearly get to see Nikuma in her full form as she trains the rest of the girls on the squad. Her abs are so hard and well defined that if you tried punching her you'd probably break your wrist in doing so. Her fierce glare will have you running with your tail between your legs, while her sharp wit will chop you down tearing away at your confidence like a rabid dog.

Seeing Nikuma on the street and you'd probably not want to mess with her since her biceps seem strong enough to pop your head off like a dandelion. Perhaps if you needed a bodyguard then she'd be the right one to call, since she has everything you need to feel protected. Nikuma’s strong discipline will straighten you right out should you fail to abide by her rules. To see more of her brute strength be sure to watch the Seikon no Qwaser series!

4. Michelle K. Davis – Terraformars

  • Episodes: 13
  • Aired: September 27, 2014 –December 20, 2014

Terraformars is an ongoing popular franchise which originated from manga, then made into an anime series. The story revolves humanoid-type cockroaches who serve no purpose with man, and only seek to annihilate anyone who stands in their way. An elite team of experienced soldiers are sent to Mars to seek out more information pertaining to the roaches, but unfortunately these roaches aren't interested in casual conversation.

Michelle K. Davis is one of those soldiers sent out to seek more information about the mutant species and she comes in at number four on our list. At first glace Michelle is a very beautiful woman with a strong sense of justice, and a passion to protect others. Her exterior is hidden under her clothing but when on the battlefield her hulk-like appearance flies onto the screen. She is a strong advocate of staying in shape as you'll see in various episodes where she works out and eats healthy to stay focused. When she is suited up at max level, her muscles come pouring out just waiting to pound an unsuspecting roach into the ground. Michelle generally doesn't like fighting but when it comes to ensuring the safety of her comrades, her muscles do all of the talking. Considered to be more of a tomboy than other members of the team, she tends to focus more on her own well being and has a soft spot for cute animals.

3. Diane – Seven Deadly Sins

  • Episodes: 24
  • Aired: October 5, 2014 – March 29, 2015

Diane is the aloof and envious giant in the Seven Deadly Sins series, who spends most of her time daydreaming about Meliodas. Despite her beautiful looks, Diane is a giant that you'd probably not want to scratch the wrong way since she can deal an enormous amount of damage with her trusted hammer. Not only that but her towering muscular appearance is a danger to those who oppose her. She wears a one piece orange suit, boots that extend up to the knees, and a metal armband. Whenever she notices Elizabeth spending time with Meliodas she grows jealous knowing that she can't do the same, due to her height. Her dream is to be small again so that she could be with him, protecting him at all times.

Diane's body despite being very large is quite defined and curvaceous, which makes her very attractive in her own way. Her muscles aren't as toned as our previous girls on the list, but anyone that can wield around a big hammer like hers is sure to be packing some heat. Diane is also a little emotionally fragile as she tends to take things to heart very easily, but when confronted with a chance to save Meliodas and her team she will stop at nothing to ensure their safety.

Daidouji-–-Senran-Kagura-wallpaper-20160713004349-582x500 Top 10 Anime Muscle Girl

2. Zorin Blitz – Hellsing

  • Episodes: 13
  • Aired: October 11, 2001 – January 7, 2002

This crazy and menacing character makes her way to number two on our list for various reasons. Zorin Blitz is a vampire with an imposing presence, and just by looking at her you'd most likely want to keep your distance. Not only that but she has a third eye in the palm of her right hand, which only opens when she uses her illusion powers. Zorin blitz is full of tattoos also which you can clearly see on her forehead, right shoulder and innumerable letters that cover the majority of her right side of the body. She also carries a large silver and dark scythe, as if her muscles and tattoo's weren't enough to begin with.

Zorin is just a very scary character and we wouldn't want to be caught walking down an alleyway where she waits for an unsuspecting victim to walk right in. Her sadistic smile and frightening physical stature are enough to leave you frozen. Hellsing has always made it very clear to make their character designs stand out, and Zorin is a great example of this. Most definitely watch the Hellsing series because if you don't, Zorin will come looking for you.

1. Sakura – Dangan Ronpa

  • Episodes: 13
  • Aired: July 5, 2013 – September 27, 2013

Sakura is arguably the largest muscular female we have seen in most anime, and so we had no choice but to crown her as our number one pick on the top ten anime muscle girl list. We were a bit scared with Sakura so we figured if we placed her at the top, she most likely wouldn't choke hold one of our writers. Luckily for us we are safe, and so let us talk a little bit about this ogre of a character. Sakura comes from the popular Dangan Ronpa series which focuses on the more psychological aspects, following a group of students solving mysteries surrounding who the killer is within their school. If the killer is caught, then he or she will be executed while the remaining survivors must continue to take part in the grueling death match until only one person remains.

Sakura is part of this whole ordeal and the characters of the series are confronted by her early on. She is an elite wrestler who also specializes in mixed martial arts. Her goal is to become the strongest person on earth, and we can definitely see that in her appearance. Her height is a staggering 192 cm (6'4), build is that of a bodybuilder, and a very deep voice. Despite all of these scary attributes, Sakura is actually generally quiet and level-headed. She only tends to lash out when she grows impatient or when her friends are in dire need of help, so it's best that you don't hurt anyone she knows otherwise you just might become another statistic.


So that about wraps up our top ten anime muscle girl list, and we hope that you found this journey to be quite enjoyable. Honey's Anime always appreciates your support since without you, we'd probably be confined to a wheelchair after a severe beat down by these girls. We encourage that you let us know who else you feel deserves a spot on our list, and be sure to leave them down in the comments section down below. Perhaps someday you just might see your chosen girl on our list, and we'll be sure to give you a shout out when we can! Until next time, for your sweet anime fill, always keep it locked here at Honey's Anime. See you again soon!

Daidouji-–-Senran-Kagura-wallpaper-20160713004349-582x500 Top 10 Anime Muscle Girl


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