Top 10 Anime Punches

one-punch-man-wallpaper-700x481 Top 10 Anime Punches

We've all come to witness at one point in our lives, a punch so devastating that it made you even flinch at the sight of it. Perhaps it was your favorite boxing match, or that one karate movie you enjoyed as a child. Honey's Anime always try to take things one step further and so we decided to create an article nominating the top ten anime punches. Anime tend to focus a lot on exageration when performing such attacks, but it is for that reason why watching them is so satisfying. We often wish to ourselves that we too someday, could clench our fists and send someone to the next dimension with relative ease. These knockout blows are some of the most explosive that you'll ever come across, and so we ask that you prepare your hype goggles because this one is going to be a treat.

10. Accel World – Haruyuki vs. Seiji [Episode 24]

one-punch-man-wallpaper-700x481 Top 10 Anime Punches

  • Episodes: 24
  • Aired: April 7, 2012- September 22, 2012

Kicking off our top ten anime punches is Accel World, where Haruyuki squares off against Seiji in an intense battle. Words are traded between the two fighters before much of the action starts to explode. We decided to choose this awesome punch because it was a great start for the rest of the incredible punches on our list. Haruyuki has had enough of Seiji's talking and so he charges up his robot suit and makes his way towards Seiji at Mach four speed. In a scream of anger, Haruyuki unleashes a megaton punch that sends Seiji to another universe and changes the color of the moon from a blue to a purple tint, which is evidence of how unbelievably powerful his punch was. We highly suggest checking out Accel World not just for this spectacular punch, but also the wonderful story that comes along with it.

9. Akame ga Kill – Tatsumi vs Nyau [Episode 8]

one-punch-man-wallpaper-700x481 Top 10 Anime Punches

  • Episodes: 24
  • Aired: July 7, 2014 – December 15, 2014

Akame ga Kill makes its way to our number nine spot on the top ten anime punches, and this time we have Tatsumi against Nyau. A lot took place during episode 8 but this fight was definitely one of the finer moments, since it really gave us a glimpse of Tatsumi's true power. The fight started off with the two introducing each other graciously before the true battle ensued. As the battle erupted we could clearly start to see who was ahead in terms of power, and Tatsumi was that very individual.

Nyau tried his best to fight back delivering counter attacks to keep Tatsumi at bay, but all it took was a transformation to seal the deal. Nyau and Tatsumi clashed fists just before Tatsumi unleashed a critical punch that sent Nyau flying back and pierced him into the wall covered in blood. Tatsumi ended up winning but lost all of his power shortly after, with his colleagues coming to his aid.

8. Fairy Tail – Gildarts vs. Bluenote [Episode 115]

one-punch-man-wallpaper-700x481 Top 10 Anime Punches

  • Episodes: 175
  • Aired: October 12, 2009 – March 10, 2013

Fairy Tail released during the fall of October 2009 and since then it has grown dramatically in popularity. The series concluded in March of 2013 but it made sure to leave a mark on the anime community with its fun loving characters, and over the top action. One of our favorite punch scenes from Fairy Tail was in episode 115 between Gildarts and Bluenote. While the fight ended quite quickly, the action that took place prior was pure gold.

Bluenote was on the edge and Gildarts had all the momentum on his end, and so he took advantage of the situation and connected with a super uppercut that sent Bluenote flying upwards in a spiral motion, leaving everyone speechless including ourselves. The juxtaposition of Gildarts fist with Bluenote's chin was just perfect as it connected with the right amount of power to send him to the next dimension and us to grab a tissue from the tears of laughter. Fairy Tail is a must watch for anyone who loves comedy and action!

7. Durarara!! - Shizuo Punches Gangster [Episode 3]

one-punch-man-wallpaper-700x481 Top 10 Anime Punches

  • Episodes: 24
  • Aired: January 8, 2010 – June 25, 2010

Shizuo is the tall, slim, and well dressed quiet hero who wanders around the city of Ikebukuro as a bodyguard for a debt collector. Most of the time he is generally very nondescript in his demeanor until he's provoked, which happened early in episode 3 of the series. Shizuo carries intense animosity towards Izaya who always taunts him knowing that he has a short fuse. In this particular scene Izaya, Shizuo and the rest of the cast are surrounded by the gang known as The Dollars. One of the members randomly loses his cool under fear and charges toward Shizuo with a wooden stick breaking it over his head.

Unfortunately for this guy, Shizuo doesn't take kindly to this warm welcome and delivers a punch directly into the face of the goon, knocking off every piece of clothing in mid air and landing naked onto the street. This punch was not only powerful but extremely funny since it was so deadly that it was able to strip off every item of clothing while doing so. If you haven't checked out the Durarara!! series we highly suggest you do so, along with its second season too!

6. Seven Deadly Sins – Meliodas vs. Ban [Episode 11]

one-punch-man-wallpaper-700x481 Top 10 Anime Punches

  • Episodes: 24
  • Aired: October 5, 2014 – March 29, 2015

Meliodas was a fan favorite among many anime fan for his big heart and bright personality. His relationship with Elizabeth was entertaining as they seemed like the perfect couple, while Diana looked on with jealousy. In this episode Ban and Meliodas square off in a tournament to retrieve Diana's hammer since it was stolen by the enemy. The two of them have fought before since they've been friends for a very long time, but Ban is aware of Meliodas' true strength. Unfortunately throughout the match Ban seems to forget that and as he is about to unleash his final blow eliminating Meliodas from the tournament, Meliodas delivers an incredible counter attack that even the human eye couldn't keep up with sending Ban flying out the ring.

Without noticing, Elizabeth yells out to Meliodas thinking that he had been defeated but when the smoke clears Meliodas winks at Elizabeth reminding her he's alright. The camera then pans over to a building far in the distance where we can see Ban motionless in between the rocks further cementing the win for Meliodas. This was a spectacular scene because at first we couldn't tell what had happened due to the sheer speed that the punch was delivered, but once everything was explained we could clearly see why Ban ended up where he did.

5. Medaka Box – Medaka Punches Unzen [Episodes 10-11]

one-punch-man-wallpaper-700x481 Top 10 Anime Punches

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: April 5, 2012- June 21, 2012

Medaka Box was a great anime that released around the spring of 2012 and showcased a lot of fantastic action scenes, one of which we'll share with you. In this two episode fight, Medaka unleashes her fury on Unzen who had been terrorizing her for a very long time. Unable to suppress her emotions, she transforms into her second state and dashes her way towards Unzen. With marbles in his hand, Unzen also proceeds to dash towards her but with incredible speed Medaka delivers the first crushing blow digging her fist all the way into Unzen's stomach knocking the marbles out of his hand. This super punch sent Unzen flying through a library of concrete walls spewing blood from out of his mouth from the severe pain.

This scene was very endearing to watch because Unzen was clearly mocking Medaka and that didn't seem to sit too well with her, and so to quiet him down she took matters into her own hands putting an end to his annoying banter.

4. Goku vs. Frieza – Dragonball Z [Episodes 49-50]

one-punch-man-wallpaper-700x481 Top 10 Anime Punches

  • Episodes: 291
  • Aired: April 26, 1989 – January 31, 1996

Coming in at number four on our top anime punches has to be one of the greatest battles in anime history. The Frieza Saga was arguably one of the best of the entire Dragonball Z storyline, because of how many emotional ups and downs we had to experience while watching. The most emotional is when Krillin, Goku's childhood friend, loses his life at the hands of Frieza enraging Goku allowing him to transform into super saiya-jin. At this point Goku coerced Frieza to stop toying with him and go into his final form, which he agreed to do. Both at their full potential, Frieza tries to make the first move but Goku immediately avoids the attack unleashing us own explosive punch digging deep into Frieza's gut leaving him wincing in pain.

All you can see is Goku standing over him as Frieza's eyes bulge out while trying to find a source of oxygen. The screen blurs out to show the power of Goku's punch and how it left Frieza in a dizzying state. Akira Toriyama created a golden moment here because it showed Goku's burning desire to avenge his fallen friends, and to also protect the Planet Namek which Frieza threatened to destroy. This is most certainly a must watch for any anime fan out there, because you'll truly be blown away.

3. Terraformars – Macross Uppercut [Episode 4]

one-punch-man-wallpaper-700x481 Top 10 Anime Punches

  • Episodes: 13
  • Aired: September 27, 2014 – December 20, 2014

We truly loved Terraformars for not only its education on insects and their methods of killing, but also for its incredible action scenes that blew us away. One very good example is in episode four when Macross and his team are up against a horde of roaches, and he must avenge Sheila since she was such an inspiration to him. Filled with immense rage, Macross dashes towards one roach driving his knee into its face similar to Sagat from Street Fighter, then being confronted again by another. With his blood boiling beyond comprehension he makes a quick dash towards the second enemy and proceeds with a shoryuken style uppercut that sends the roach head flying into the air in slow motion. At this very moment, your jaw drops at the incredible power of one punch that immediately kills the enemy and just in awe at the sheer bravery that Macross had to take on an entire group of Terraformars. If you haven't tuned into Terraformars yet, this may be the perfect time to since the show is wrapping up and the action is just unraveling.

2. Hajime no Ippo: Rising – New Dempsey Roll [Episode 13]

one-punch-man-wallpaper-700x481 Top 10 Anime Punches

  • Episodes: 25
  • Aired: October 6, 2013 – March 29, 2014

Pound for pound Hajime no Ippo has the highest knockout percentage out of all anime, with every blow that is given making you wince in pain by the very sight of it. We chose it as number two because despite the New Dempsey Roll creating such an explosive impact, Saitama kills his opponents with one deadly blow and you can't really beat that. Nonetheless Makunouchi proves to us that he doesn't need a bald head or a yellow outfit to send his opponent to the next dimension, as you'll see in episode 13 of Hajime no Ippo Rising.

Makunouchi squares off against longtime rival Ryuuhei Sawamura in a match to defend the title, and Sawamura had come prepared for Makunouchi's Dempsey Roll with a list of counter attacks to prevent being punished. While the counters had shown a lot of potential throughout the match, it was towards the final rounds where Makunouchi unleashed his New Dempsey Roll which completely countered Sawamura's counters, with every single blow hitting like a freight train leaving Sawamura helpless in the rapid succession of attacks coming his way. Each punch revved up like the engine of a car, and every bend increasing in speed like a fighter jet leaving Sawamura open to every shot to the face. In the end, Makunouchi unleashes his final blow stretching Sawamura's neck past human calculations leaving his eyes protruding out of his sockets like a frog. Makunouchi takes the title and walks out of the ring a champion yet again.

1. One Punch Man – Sea King KO Punch [Episode 9]

one-punch-man-wallpaper-700x481 Top 10 Anime Punches

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: October 5, 2015 – December 21, 2015

This number one should come as no surprise since the title itself says it all. Punching its way to number one is none other than Saitama himself, from One Punch Man. In episode 9 The Sea King continues to terrorize much of the city while the citizens remain helpless. Genos tries to hold off the king by throwing out an onslaught of attacks, nearly defeating the mammoth creature. Unfortunately none of it scathed him, and he returned the favor by spitting acid in order to kill the townspeople but Genos intercepted the acid ball rendering him useless. Mumen Rider makes his way to the scene and tries his best to overpower the beast but instead gets tossed to the corner like a rag doll, his entire pride shattered in one blow. Shortly after that Saitama walks in nonchalantly and confronts The Sea King, interrupting his introduction causing him to become enraged and throws out a massive punch.

Within mere seconds all you can see is a big gaping hole in the middle of the king's body, his eye ball dangling out of his socket while the rest of his corpse comes crashing down to the ground in a massive heap. You can see how much force went into the punch simply by observing the wind that came out of Saitama's fist, blowing the crown off the king's head. We chose this as our number one simply because of how explosive the punch was, and how very quickly it ended the bout. Saitama just stands there as if it's just another day while the crowd cheers him on in victory. That is certainly a knockout punch we could never forget, and so we recommend you go and check out One Punch Man to see more wicked punches!

Final Thoughts

There is a huge library of celebrated knockout punches that we could talk about for days, but these ones just made our teeth chatter because of how destructive they were. Whether it came from a spell or just the raw brute force from within, any punch that sends your opponent flying is worth noting. Some anime that almost made the list were One Piece, Bleach, and Grappler Baki just to name a few. So if you have your own favorite knockout punch that you'd like to share, be sure to leave it down in the comments section and let us know how you felt after watching it.

As always, for your sweet anime fill, keep it locked here at Honey's Anime.

one-punch-man-wallpaper-700x481 Top 10 Anime Punches


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