Top 10 Anime Rivals of 2015

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Rivalries are often common in action anime with two parties fighting it out for their beliefs and goals. However, with the development of story in anime, it has grown to include love rivalries and friendly rivalries. Whichever the case, it is always fun to cheer on the side that favours, because it adds that extra element to an anime which makes you enjoy it even more.

Therefore, let's count the top 10 rivalries between anime characters in year 2015!

10. Satou vs Kyouko from Working!!! Top 10 Anime Rivals of 2015 Top 10 Anime Rivals of 2015 Top 10 Anime Rivals of 2015

  • Episodes: 13
  • Aired: Jul 2015 - Sep 2015

Welcome to Wagnaria, a family restaurant with a very interesting staff. We have Takanashi Souta, the new waiter who simply adores small and little things - for example Popura Taneshima, a petite childlike waitress. Yachiyo, is the head waitress who carries a katana with her everywhere she goes. The chefs - Souma and Satou, both having very different personalities. Put these unique individuals together and experience what it's like to work in a restaurant!

Satou and Kyouko have one person in common - the head waitress Yachiyo. Yachiyo gives her undivided attention to Kyouko to the annoyance to Satou, who secretly has a crush on her. Unbeknownst to Kyouko, Satou sees her as a rival as she always seem to get the attention of Yachiyo no matter what he does. This rivalry is anything but competitive and more on the comedic side as you see Satou sigh in frustration every single time! Top 10 Anime Rivals of 2015

9. Anna vs Ayame from Shimoneta to Iu Gainen ga Sonzai Shinai Taikutsu na Sekai Top 10 Anime Rivals of 2015 Top 10 Anime Rivals of 2015 Top 10 Anime Rivals of 2015

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: Jul 2015 - Sep 2015

Imagine a world where the concept of dirty jokes does not exist. Actually that's the literal meaning of the title! Where dirty jokes are restricted and there are even laws to prevent their outreach, the world is now a boring place. Terrorist organization, SOX seeks to end this tyrannical rule and bring back the 'golden age' of dirty jokes. Join them in their endeavours as they try all means to break the grasp on society. Warning, this anime is not for children!

At the head of the student council of the school that seeks to maintain the purity of all residents of Japan as well as its students sits the chairperson's daughter - Anna Nishikinomiya. Unfortunately for Anna, she does not know that one of her council representative, Ayame Kajou is in fact, the head of the terrorist organization SOX. Will she eventually discern the truth and will Ayame Kajou use her advantage to bring back dirty jokes to society? Top 10 Anime Rivals of 2015

8. Tooru vs K from Absolute Duo Top 10 Anime Rivals of 2015 Top 10 Anime Rivals of 2015 Top 10 Anime Rivals of 2015

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: Jan 2015 - Mar 2015

In a world where weapons known as Blaze are the manifestation of a human soul, Tooru Kokonoe is puzzled as his Blaze is actually a shield instead of a traditional weapon. At the Kouryou Academy, he is partnered with Julie Sigtuna, a silver haired girl who seemingly has interest in him. Having lost a precious person to him, Tooru sets out with a desire for revenge.

K remains as Tooru's most nefarious rival. Usually using very dirty tactics and a fight, he disregards the concept of friendship and relations with others. His beliefs are the direct opposite of Tooru’s, and he finds him extremely disgusting to the point of even mocking him and hurting his friends. Top 10 Anime Rivals of 2015

7. Inaho vs Slaine from Aldonoah.Zero 2nd Season Top 10 Anime Rivals of 2015 Top 10 Anime Rivals of 2015 Top 10 Anime Rivals of 2015

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: Jan 2015 - Mar 2015

Continuing from Season 1, in 1972, the Apollo 17 discovered a hypergate that allows instant teleportation to Mars. When humans started colonising Mars and adapting to the name 'Martians', humanity as it is known is split into two factions. Fast forward into the future, the Mars people invaded Earth for resources. The situation became worst when the Mars princess, Asseylum was seemingly assassinated. While she is alive, she seeks to end the conflict.

With the princess in the middle, trying to end conflict between the two factions, the two rivals on opposing sides are pitted against each other brutal mecha fights. Each time either one gains an advantage, the other finds a way to outmatch the other, such as Inaho getting better piloting skills, and Slaine getting a stronger mecha. With each conflict ending in a stalemate each time, their rivalry is truly a sight to behold. Top 10 Anime Rivals of 2015

6. Lenka vs Alisa from God Eater Top 10 Anime Rivals of 2015 Top 10 Anime Rivals of 2015 Top 10 Anime Rivals of 2015

  • Episodes: 13
  • Aired: Jul 2015 - Mar 2016

In a post apocalyptic world, the population is plagued by devious monsters called Aragami. Their only hope against the Aragami is the God Eaters of the organization Fenrir. Armed with a special weapon made from Aragami cells, aptly named God Arcs, God Eaters try their best to defend the world from harm.

A rare few are able to morph their God Arcs between the two forms at will, named New-Type God Eaters. Lenka starts out brash, naive and impatient. He rushes into situations in a headstrong manner and often gets himself in trouble. When his luck finally runs out, he is saved by his rival Alisa. At first contact, she is much more powerful than him, able to wipe out whole swarms of Aragami by herself. He begins to look up to her for her strength as a fellow God Arc wielder. However, as the series progresses, the gap starts to close and they are able to support each other more and more. Top 10 Anime Rivals of 2015

5. Souma vs Takumi from Shokugeki no Souma Top 10 Anime Rivals of 2015 Top 10 Anime Rivals of 2015 Top 10 Anime Rivals of 2015

  • Episodes: 24
  • Aired: Apr 2015 - Sep 2015

Tootsuki Culinary Academy is an elite cooking academy that is only reserved for the finest. Only the best of the best chefs are trained here. Enter Souma Yukihara, a simple cook from a family inherited restaurant. His creative and unique fusions are never seen before. He is admitted into the academy. In the academy, Food wars known as Shokugeki are commonly held where two chefs stake something of interest. Who will reign at the top in the end?

Takumi Aldini's forte is in the field of Italian cuisine. He forms a rivalry with Souma due to his skill, although secretly, he wishes for Souma to acknowledge him (anyone for notice me senpai?). While declaring that he will never lose to Souma (even though he always loses), he is a true friend that will help Souma out, their rivalry brings out the best of both of them and what better rivalry to spectate, than the warming competition between friends. Top 10 Anime Rivals of 2015

4. Izaya vs Shizuo from Durarara!!x2 Shou Top 10 Anime Rivals of 2015 Top 10 Anime Rivals of 2015 Top 10 Anime Rivals of 2015

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: Jan 2015 - Mar 2015

Continuing from the first season, we find ourselves in Ikebukuro, where numerous oddities happen. After time has passed since the major event occurred, our protagonists now find themselves leading normal lives. But a certain informant is scheming yet once again and our famous headless rider is being chased by the police for some reason. Just what is happening to Ikebukuro again?

The rivalry between Izaya Orihara, the information broker, and Shizuo Heiwajima, Ikebukuro's strongest bartender is always fun to watch. Both just can't simply stand the other and they will always end up in a fight. This conflict existed ever since they met in high school. Whenever they meet, there is sure to be destruction. Loyal fans will know that there is a fight scene coming when Heiwajima dishes out his famous catchphrase: "IZAYAAAAAAA!!" Top 10 Anime Rivals of 2015

3. Joutarou "JoJo" Kuujou vs Dio from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders 2nd Season Top 10 Anime Rivals of 2015 Top 10 Anime Rivals of 2015 Top 10 Anime Rivals of 2015

  • Episodes: 24
  • Aired: Jan 2015 to Jun 2015

The series picks up right after the first season. Dubbed the Egypt Arc, Jojo and friends continue their journey to Egypt to locate the arch nemesis of the Joestar family - Dio. The manifestation of power, or Stands as they are known, is the main weapon of the different users. This is the season where everything is eventually set right and the final battle between the Joestar and Jojo takes place.

Dio had always been a thorn to the Joestar family. This rivalry has long existed with Jotaro’s great grandfather - Jonathan to the present age. In the first season of Jojo, Dio has long been defeated but has resurfaced in this season again to battle with the Joestar. Ever since the start of time, is was already determined that Dio and the Joestar will forever be rivals and what better way to end the saga than to end it with the 3rd Jojo of the family and bring an end to the Dio saga. Top 10 Anime Rivals of 2015

2. Taiga vs Seijuurou from Kuroko no Basuke 3rd Season Top 10 Anime Rivals of 2015 Top 10 Anime Rivals of 2015 Top 10 Anime Rivals of 2015

  • Episodes: 25
  • Aired: Jan 2015 to Jun 2015

The third season of KnB sees Seirin High advancing through the Winter Cup as they will compete against the last of the Generation of Miracles. Seijuurou Akashi was the Captain of the Generation of Miracles and his present team mates, Rakuzan High are no pushover as well. Along the way, they will have to face old rivals and overcome many challenging opponents well.

Taiga Kagami, the ace for Seirin High, has an undying passion for basketball. He will be pitted against Akashi, a fellow player of the sport. Throughout the series, we see Taiga continuously trying to improve his play style and game in order to defeat the undefeatable Rakuzan High and face Akashi and his hidden ability. This is a very interesting rivalry as it shows the commitment that one will take to be the best with the final standoff as the culmination of efforts. Top 10 Anime Rivals of 2015

1. Emiya vs EMIYA from Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works 2nd Season Top 10 Anime Rivals of 2015 Top 10 Anime Rivals of 2015 Top 10 Anime Rivals of 2015

  • Episodes: 13
  • Aired: Apr 2015 - Jun 2015

In an all out battle royale style fight of mythological legends from the past, only one will reign supreme and clinch the Holy Grail as the prize. The new Holy Grail war has started and Emiya Shirou, a master, is stuck in the middle of it. With his newly summoned servant, Saber and a friend, Tohsaka Rin, they set off to seek out the other masters and to discover the truth behind the Holy Grail.

Before reading on, we should warn that the following contains MASSIVE SPOILERS.

Halfway through the series, it is revealed that Tohsaka's servant, Archer, is in fact Emiya from the future who has travelled back to the past. Betrayed by his own principle of saving the world, he is reduced to a killing machine and his original ideal is not that ideal at all. Fate/Stay night has portrayed one of the best rivalries to ever exist - the conflict between one's self and his ideals. We can never know what the future holds for us and our idealistic principles may only be an illusion in the face of causality. We will leave you to watch on if you are interested. Who will reign supreme in this rivalry - the defeated future self or the present ideal self. Top 10 Anime Rivals of 2015 Top 10 Anime Rivals of 2015

A true rivalry shows us the protagonist's strong will to overcome an opposing ideal and protect what is truly precious to them. Which of this rivalry in Year 2015 do you enjoy most? Leave us a comment on which of these rivalries appeal to you the most and we will see you next time! Top 10 Anime Rivals of 2015


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