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We all love badasses in anime, and what better place to find them than in one of the most badass anime ever, Fate/Zero! By definition these characters are cool, stylish and they radiate confidence. They are capable of pulling off great and impossible feats while keeping an attitude of “who cares? It’s just a Holy War”.

Some of them are everything we look up to or everything we´d like to be, while some others are the biggest thugs in anime. Today, we set out to explore the toughest and coolest Fate/Zero characters; those who can actually be called true badasses. Of course, badassery does not gender discriminate. That means that, on the following list, you will find strong independent women who can be just as badass as any man on Fate/Zero.

Now, let’s get rolling into the action! Our Top 10 Fate/Zero badasses are going down!

10. Maiya Hisau

Maiya Hisau is Emiya Kiritsugu’s right hand. She’s extremely cold, which makes her quite deadly and a very professional assistant. However, Maiya seems to have strong feelings for Emiya. Little is known of Maiya’s dark past and, probably due to her emotionless and detached personality, she may appear as dull or tasteless at first.

That is only until we get to see Maiya in action, of course. Maiya is an incredibly cool and lethal assassin and fighter. She comes into the scene when you least expect to kick some ass and snipe people down. Maiya even proved to be badass enough to face the fearsome Kotomine Kirei, and even though she had no chance against him, we have to admit she put up a hell of a fight.

9. Caster

Caster, also known as Gilles de Rais and as Bluebeard, is one of the craziest (together with Berserker) and most intriguing servants of all. He’s disturbingly fascinated with murdering and torturing people. Just like his master, Ryuunosuke Uryuu, Caster derives pleasure in finding new ways of killing people. He’s also mad enough to start mass murders with the intention of building a tower of corpses (for no good reason), while completely disregarding the Holy War he and his master are in.

However mad he is, Caster cannot be underestimated. He’s neither weak nor stupid. In fact, Caster proves to be a powerful and resourceful competitor in the Holy War, inspiring fear and awe in his rivals’ hearts. He may lack a bit of coolness, but Caster makes up for it with style (gruesome and dark, but style all the same) and skill. I mean, he stood against the most powerful servants and resisted Rider’s and Archer’s Noble Phantasms. That alone is enough to make Caster a true badass.

8. Tokiomi Tohsaka

Tokiomi Tohsaka is the head of the wealthy and highly respected Tohsaka Family. He’s very likely the most powerful master in the Holy War and he also commands the most powerful servant, Archer. Tokiomi is one of the main antagonists in Fate/Zero, although he’s not actually an evil character. In fact, his main concern is that the Holy Grail does not fall in the wrong hands.

Tokiomi is a fine gentleman with great manners who permanently looks cool and who’s always dressed for success. Tokiomi seems cold and he’s definitely merciless towards his enemies, although he’s a good guy deep down. Plus, Tokiomi is always the best in everything; he has the greatest magic powers, he has the best servant, etc. Tokiomi exudes confidence like a real badass because, let’s admit it, he’s got the highest chances of winning the Holy War. Sadly, it’s that kind of confidence that makes Tokiomi lower his guard just long enough for Kirei to betray him.

7. Lancer

Lancer, also known as Diarmuid Ua Duibhne, is one cool-looking servant. He’s a pimp daddy who gets ladies’ attention everywhere he goes, including the battlefield. Everything about Lancer is cool and stylish. His moves are awesome, his hair is amazing, and the beauty mark under his eye is to die for. Lancer is everything we’d like to be.

This servant is definitely a badass Fate/Zero character to the eye. However, on a deeper level Lancer has many flaws that decrease his badassery (otherwise he’d be at the top of this list). We’re referring mostly to his naivety and to his misplaced trust in his masters. Lancer can’t manage at any point to figure out what’s going on between his master, Kayneth, and his master’s fiancé. Lancer fails at pleasing Kayneth, who in turn starts bossing him around and humiliating him, until the very end in which Lancer is finally stripped of his precious honor and dignity as a knight.

6. Kayneth El-Melloi Archibald

Kayneth is a prodigious and renowned magus, master of Lancer and one of the main antagonists of the show. From his first appearance it is evident that Kayneth is an extremely powerful mage who can pose a real threat to the other contestants even without his servant. Of course, he’s not only powerful but he also looks like a million dollars.

Kayneth has that badass Draco Malfoy-look (back when Draco Malfoy was cool) that comes together with a superiority complex that oozes confidence in loads. Clearly, this makes him a bit of a loathsome Fate/Zero character, but that is also why he’s such a badass. Kayneth can actually be an evil jerk and get away with it because he really is that powerful. Plus, his magical liquid metal sphere is freaking scary!

5. Kotomine Kirei

Kotomine Kirei is also one scary antagonist. He’s the master of Assassin and Tokiomi’s pupil. Kotomine appears at first as a boring and mysterious character with sleepy eyes. However, little by little we begin to learn more about the dark side of this seemingly emotionless man.

Kotomine is in fact a sadist who loves toying with people and who feasts on others’ suffering. He’s actually deep and interesting enough to catch Archer’s attention. Kotomine is permanently cool and never loses his composure. He is a skilled and relentless mage killer, but more importantly, Kotomine’s deceitful enough to do whatever he wants and still get away with it (like backstabbing his own master). Kotomine Kirei is without a doubt an absolute badass thug.

4. Emiya Kiritsugu

Emiya Kiritsugu is the main Fate/Zero character and Saber’s master. For a protagonist though, Emiya is quite odd. He’s actually very dark and ruthless. Emiya prioritizes the Holy Grail above everything else, which means he can resort to deceitful and mischievous actions in order to eliminate his enemies.

In fact, that is one of the aspects that make Emiya such a badass. It’s not so much his everlasting coolness, his professionalism, his wardrobe, his weapon skills, his awesome hair or the fact that he smokes (which is a bad habit but it looks cool to many people) as much as the fact that Emiya’s a lone wolf. That overconfident attitude of “I can do everything by myself” (of course, with a little help from his trusted Maiya) is what really makes Emiya a true badass Fate/Zero character. This man actually believes he can win the Holy War without Saber’s help. Amazing!

3. Saber

Here we have our beloved Saber, also known as Artoria Pendragon. She is Emiya’s servant and one of the most powerful and respected servants. Saber is a total badass from the very beginning, demanding respect from her master as well as from the rest of the masters and servants, not only for belonging to the Saber-class but mostly for showing a strong and formidable character. She’s the only woman among servants, yet she stands among the rest as a most fearsome rival.

Saber shows the masters and servants that women are definitely not the weaker sex. Besides, as if her strong personality wasn’t badass enough, Saber wears the most badass-looking black suit ever. And don’t even get me started on how Saber rides that beast of a motorcycle. It’s freaking epic!

2. Rider

Rider is, together with Saber, one of the most popular and beloved characters in Fate/Zero. He’s also known as Iskandar (the Eastern name for Alexander the Great). Rider is a powerful warrior, a proud king and an ambitious conqueror. He has a fierce, cheerful and overconfident personality that makes him quite badass. Another thing that adds to Rider’s badass image is the fact that he is enormously huge.

This massive guy gets to the scene flying in an ornamented chariot pulled by giant oxen and followed by roaring thunders. Considering all this, it’s probably safe to say that Rider is the most intimidating servant of all. Plus, the way in which he faced Archer on the bridge was really brave and heroic. There’s hardly anyone more badass than Rider, the King of Conquerors.

1. Archer

Archer, also known as Gilgamesh, is the most overpowered servant and the main antagonist of the show together with Kotomine Kirei. He is extremely cocky and vain, which would be more than enough for us to hate him, that is if he didn’t look so damn cool of course. Archer wears a shiny golden armor with thick gold earrings and a beautiful golden hair. Even when he’s not wearing his armor, Archer looks freaking awesome in his casual clothing.

Archer is exceedingly cool in so many aspects. Even his Noble Phantasm, Babylon Gate, seems of divine origin. Every time he opens those golden portals in the air, Archer actually looks as the divinity he vainly claims to be. Archer can be a total ass but he has the looks, the charm, and the power to back it up and even get us to like him. Basically, Archer can get away with anything, and that makes him the ultimate badass.


Enough badassery for today, this is the end of our badass selection of Fate/Zero characters. We hope you’ve enjoyed it and that you’ve had your daily dose of badassercise (yup, that’s an actual word). If there’s one thing that really makes this show stand out from the rest, that is the set of cool and awesome Fate/Zero characters.

Speaking of which, some other characters that were considered but didn’t make it into the list are Berserker and his master, Kariya Matou. Berserker looks really badass every time he faces the overpowered Archer but, as he’s overly mad, he can’t manage to stay cool, which is a fundamental trait of a true badass. Something similar happens with Kariya Matou. Kariya’s a very noble character with a strong resolve who gets a lot of power as a result of the crest worm implantation, however, he can barely endure such dark magic and he becomes an agonizing mad man. Needless to say, that makes Kariya lose all his coolness.

If you got here, then you probably love Fate/Zero and its badass characters just as much as we do. Now, we’d like to know which is your favorite Fate/Zero character and why. Is he/she the most badass to you? Go ahead and share your thoughts with us! 😉

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