Top 10 Bald Anime Characters

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“Bald”, an expression to emphasize the lack of hair on a person’s head. This next article will be about a list of Top 10 Bald Anime Characters. Although the idea of having no hair on your head seems a bit scary since a lot of people are quite self-conscious about their hair, there have been many rumors of bald men appearing to be more powerful, manlier, and even more popular amongst the ladies.

The selections on the list will be based on the character’s baldness, obviously, as well as how well they rock that hairstyle, which contributes to how likeable and popular the character is known to people. So without further ado, here’s the Top 10 Bald Anime Characters.

10. Yasushi Takagi from Nana

Kicking off a start with the number 10 on the list which goes to Yasushi Takagi from the anime ‘Nana’. Yasushi Takagi is a drummer in a punk band called Black Stones and acts out as Nana Osaki’s elder brother figure. Despite having to develop feelings for her, he chose not to engage any further and in the end, ends up with a budding romance with Miu Shinoda.

Though having a bald head, Yasushi was bald by choice. In the series, Yasushi decided to shave his head off and take on the ‘bald’ style ever since. Having multiple piercings on his ears and usually seen in business-like clothing, Yasushi appeared to be the ‘cool’ guy amongst all the characters in the series, making him a cool character to start off the count on this top 10 bald anime characters list.

9. Mamoru Banba from Eyeshield 21

This next character on the list is an American Football player playing as a linemen position for the Taiyou Sphinx Team in the most popular American football anime of all time, Eyeshield 21. Mamorou Banba is very well-respected amongst all the linemen in Tokyo thanks to his determined and dedicated personality. After losing the match against the Seibu Wild Gunmen, Banba and his teammates undergo intense training, resulting in multiple scars on his face.

His determination can be seen the most when it comes to his duties as the lineman position, to protect his team’s quarterback, Harao, at all cost. This can be seen on the episode when Taiyou Sphinx was up against the Hakushu Dinosaurs. Even when his entire line was pulverized by Gaou, the linemen from Hakushu Dinosaurs, Banba didn’t give up until the end, despite suffering severe injuries.

This sacrifice made by Banba and the rest of the linemen saved Harao, making him the only quarterback ever to escape unscathed from the matchup with Gao and the Hakushu Dinosaurs. This character’s personality combined with his baldness makes him a very manly character in the anime world, making him be in the number 9 spot on the list.

8. Okisuke from Naruto Shippuden

Moving on to number 8 on the list is Okisuke from Naruto Shippuden. Okisuke is a samurai whose origin is from the Land of Iron. He is also the right-hand man of Mifune, the general of the Land of Iron. Being Mifune’s faithful servant, Okisuke is very skillful when it comes to doing his job and completing duties that were laid out for him. Mastering the art of kenjutsu, Okisuke is able to effortlessly cut down and kill a White Zetsu Army clone wearing samurai armor with a single strike.

One of Okisuke’s distinctive features aside from his baldness is a scar that extends from his forehead and downwards right across his right eye resulting in him being partially blind as his right eye remained permanently closed due to the injury. His loyalty, conviction, and masterful skills is the reason why this character is on number 8 of the list.

7. Sword Art Online from Sword Art Online

As one of the many that were trapped in the VRMMORPG (Virtual Reality Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) Sword Art Online. His real name is Andrew Gilbert Mills, and in SAO he plays as an axe-wielding character and works as a merchant. Owning a shop in the city of Algage, the 50th floor of the SAO, he is very helpful towards others. Often times, taking a portion from his profit to help those players that are on the lower floors.

Agil being a bald character, is one that doesn’t seem to be ever made fun of. Perhaps Agil’s kind and generous personality made this character well-known amongst SAO players and definitely enable him to take the number 7 spot on the list.

6. Master Roshi from Dragon Ball

This next bald character is from one of the most popular series of all time, the Dragon Ball series. Master Roshi, who is sometimes referred to as the turtle hermit, is the master of martial arts. He was the one who taught martial arts to Goku, Gohan, Krillin and the Ox-King. Despite his outer appearance of a feeble old man, he is considered to be young-spirited through his way of clothing. You would agree with this statement when you consider the fact that Master Roshi is a 300-year-old man who walks around with a walking stick and a turtle shell on his back, but still rocks a pair of his signature sunglasses and beach clothes.

Apart from his ‘hip’ clothing, one of the most distinctive traits of Master Roshi is that he is a perverted old man. One that does not afraid to show it as well as throughout the series, Master Roshi can be seen having multiple nosebleeds in cases where either if he is reading erotic magazines, or involved in an erotic romance quest to hit on the women making this character the perfect comic relief and securing him a spot on number 6 of the list.

5. Keith Shadis from Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan)

Shouting and commanding his way on to number 5 of the list is Keith Shadis from Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan). Upon setting the first set of eyes on Keith, you can see that his appearance can be a bit intimidating, bald-headed, with dark circles around his eyes. Being the head instructor of the 104th Training Corps, his personality is not as frightening as the way he looks. Although he deliberately presents himself to be strict and unwavering, he still has an emotional side.

During his younger days as the former 12th Commander of the Survey Corps, he can be seen without dark circles around his eyes and still having hair on his head. This indicates that being a part of the Survey Corps had scarred him physically and emotionally to a certain degree, losing all of his hair and submitted to his current physical state. Nonetheless, all the character traits from Keith helped him secure a spot in the number 5 spot on the list.

4. Cromwell from Re:Zero

Cromwell or usually referred to as Grandpa Rom is a club-wielding old man who spends most of his time getting drunk in the afternoon. One of his distinctive features is that he has thick white eyebrows and a bald head.

Despite his barbaric stature, he has a kind personality, this can be seen on the first episode of the Re:Zero series as he decides to look out for Felt in a negotiation. Crom also has an incredible bulky and gigantic body, standing at 7’3 in height. In the series, his height is not as noticeable because of his hunched back walking style. But in all sense, he is a gentle giant and deserves to take the number 4 spot on the list.

3. Jura Neekis from Fairy Tail

Jura Neekis, one of the Ten Wizard Saints, is well-known for his expertise in using Earth Magic, giving him the nickname “Iron Rock Jura”. Having able to wield tremendous amounts of power, Jura is a humble character with an amazing attitude. This can be seen as he always seems to address everyone he met with high honor, adding the suffix ‘-dono’, regardless of if it’s his enemy, his subordinates, and people that are weaker than him.

However, whilst he has an amazing personality and a humbling presence, he does have a spot for his baldness. Showing the comedic side of him by having an annoyed expression whenever someone points out that he has no hair. To sum it up, this character holds everything in high regards and honor, and of that, he definitely deserves the number 3 spot on this list.

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2. Ikkaku Madarame from Bleach

Sitting on number 2 of the list is Ikkaku Madarame from the ongoing popular series Bleach. Ikkaku Madarame ranks as the 3rd seat officer in the 11th Division of the Gotei 13, under Captain Kenpachi Zaraki. Aside from his baldness, Ikkaku is known to be quite the ‘enthusiast’ when it comes to fighting and battles. This can be seen as he often times limits his own power by not using his Bankai or Shikai to prolong the fight just because he loves the idea of fighting battles so much. This can be sometimes stricken as cocky and full of himself, but nonetheless, Ikkaku is a loyal character.

Despite having an intimidating presence, Ikkaku Madarame is often being made fun of being bald by Yachiru Kusajishi, the lieutenant of the 11th Division, who calls him ‘cue ball’ or ‘baldy’. As a bald character, Ikkaku Madarame definitely earned a lot of praise from the anime community for being a bald anime character making him take the spot of number 2 on the list.

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1. Saitama from One Punch Man

Sitting in the number one spot on the list is Saitama. His role as the protagonist in the anime is as admirable as one anime character can be. Featuring him as a normal human being that worked his way through intensive training until he loses all his hair and become bald. But eventually, all his efforts doesn’t go to waste as he gained incredible superhuman strength, enhanced reflexes and was able to defeat any monsters or enemies with just a single punch, hence the title of the series, “One Punch Man”.

A lot of you might have already guessed, this winner takes the cake completely. Saitama, the main character from the popular series anime ‘One Punch Man’ is the most popular and well-liked character amongst all bald anime characters. Even though his baldness does look kind of weird combined with plain his facial complexion that has an uncanny resemblance to a chicken egg, the creators have successfully made this character into something that is well-liked by fans around the world.

His personality is also another thing that fans find amusing contrasting to his appearance. Never seem to be easily agitated or excited, no matter how serious when villains intimidate him, he just has this blank expression on his face making this character somewhat a comic relief itself.

Final Thoughts

There are a few characters that takes the honorable mentions like Major Armstrong from Fullmetal Alchemist series, although because of his tiny sprout of hair on his forehead he was not included in the list (Not technically bald), Koro-Sensei from Assassination Classroom and Piccolo who are considered bald but the characters mentioned are not human and does not have a typical standard for baldness. But nonetheless, they are very popular amongst anime fans around the world.

And that concludes the Top 10 Bald Anime Characters list! Do the characters on the list inspire you in some way to have your own bald head style as well? Do you think that being bald suits them? What are your favorite bald anime characters? Be sure to leave them down in the comments below!

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