[Anime Culture Monday] Top 10 Best Anime Cakes

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There are cakes designed for just about anything. If you can think of it, then it’s bound to be out there somewhere. So, it’s only natural that there would be an endless supply of cakes inspired by the diverse world of anime, right? While you’re stuck slobbering over the thought of eating a cake; now that we’ve mentioned it, we at Honey’s Anime ask you to wipe your faces and pick up your jaws, because once you take a look at these Top 10 Anime Cakes, you may want to reconsider tearing it to shreds with your teeth. Mind your manners now.

10. Hatsune Miku

  • Episodes: 1
  • Aired: May. 2016

The star face of the ever popular vocaloid community, Hatsune Miku, finds herself growing in popularity with each passing day. One moment she’s nothing more than a synthesized voice for a computer program; the next, she’s dancing all over your computer screen and performing at your nearby venues. She even made an anime appearance in a music video produced for The Cosmic Record’s CD titled Downloader; and now, she’s standing atop a beautifully decorated cake that you would just love to sink your teeth in. This girl sure is busy.

This may seem like nothing more than your typical circle cake with a fancy piece of ornamentation, but we challenge you to look closer. Grasping the essence that is Hatsune Miku, Hmong Baker blends musical imagery, and wonderful design skills to recreate Miku’s character with this mouthwatering pastry. While this Hatsune Miku anime cake is an exceptional piece; there’s still much more to check out on HMONG baker’s youtube channel, as she has multiple step by step videos, and recipes for her plethora of wonderful cakes.

9. Dragon Ball

  • Episodes: 153
  • Aired: Feb. 1986 – Apr. 1989

When a young child crash-landed into the arms of Grampa Gohan, the tale of Son Goku and the world of Dragon Ball were carved into history. From traversing the land unknown, to expressing unmatched strength in both his fists and his perseverance. Goku has inspired everyone from all ages alike, and as such, it’s only normal to see an astounding piece of delectable artwork like this cake by Rebecca Lilley, aka Ginger pops, aka Beck Makes Cakes; inspired by Dragon Ball, find its way onto our Top 10 list.

So, how well does this young Saiyan pastry live up to its expectations? Beautifully! Replicating the Saiyan boy himself, this 3D banana and peanut butter cream cake is a marvel to look at. Presented how we know him best, young Goku is paired with his trusty nimbus, so that he’s set to fly right off your plate. Even Goku and his bottomless appetite couldn’t dare sink his teeth into such a well sculpted masterpiece.

8. Death Note

Top-10-Best-Anime-Cakes-wallpaper-death-note-500x331 [Anime Culture Monday] Top 10 Best Anime Cakes

Image courtesy of:

  • Episodes: 37
  • Aired: Oct. 2006 – Jun. 2007

What is a god? Is it someone that creates life, or is it the one who destroys it? Does he or she bring peace or mayhem? Is this person in control, or is this person simply a bystander? These are the questions that Light Yagami decides to answer for himself after stumbling across a Death Note. With a name and a face, he can bring forth the death of anyone he wishes. How they die, when they die, and where they die is all one pen stroke away. Is this the true nature of a god?

Beats us, but one thing we know for sure is that Ramona knows how to make one hell of a Death Note inspired cake. With a rather hefty Death Note built precisely to satisfy your sweet hunger; topped with an apple for Ryuk to join in on the fun as well, no one should be left unsatisfied. Possibly the best part of all, is the comic strip images lining the base of the cake, featuring; of course, the quirky L. How could we ever enjoy a cake without his sweet tooth playing a part in it? Don’t forget to head over to Ramona’s deviantart page; sydney96, for more images of this fantastic creation.

7. Naruto

Naruto cake #kakaloki #boatbakery #hatyai #birthdaycake #3dcake #narutocake #naruto

KakaLoki🐯さん(@kakaloki)が投稿した写真 -

  • Episodes: 220
  • Aired: Oct. 2002 – Feb. 2007

Born with the soul of a demon fox within, he lived a lonely life; despised, shunned and laughed at for crimes he himself, did not commit. But somehow, he saw hope; and he used that hope to gain trust, to gain admiration; and most of all, to gain friends. He is Naruto Uzumaki, and he is the one person who you wouldn’t want to miss in action, for he is the star of the show. Even when we’re talking about cakes.

Pieced together with delicious expertise, this cake by Kaka Loki; owner of Boat Bakery in Thailand, is a hard piece to miss. Sitting on top of a lovely designed base are two handcrafted Naruto characters; Naruto and Sakura, placed beside one another in a warm and loving scenery. One that Naruto would have loved to experience himself. Using fondant to craft each character from head to toe, and surrounded with ornamentation to give the piece some pizzazz, you could imagine how reluctant anyone would be to devour this delicacy.

6. Himouto! Umaru-chan

Himouto!Umaru chan! I hope u guys enjoyed your gathering today 🙂 #umaruchan#cakebahrain#animecake

Marta Godlewskaさん(@rabarbar_cakery_bahrain)が投稿した写真 -

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: Jul. 2015 – Sep. 2015

Umaru Doma is a pro at leading a double life. One of a perfect, model high school student, with top notch grades; alongside the lazy, otaku, couch potato that she truly is. Saved by her responsible brother Taihei, Umaru manages to don her orange hoodie and slack off around the house without worries. For someone who knows how to stuff her face with junk food and sweets, how better to pay homage than by baking a cake featuring her lovable self. Here we have our next submission for Top 10 Anime Cakes. Umaru-chan By Marta Godlewska.

Nailing Umaru Doma’s sheltered home lifestyle is no ordinary feat. From Umaru’s character; modeled with her one of a kind orange hoodie, to her favorite pass time; video games. Details are robust as ever, and the handling of every square inch of this cake is not without the utmost care. Marta Godlewska has proven to be an exceptional source when it comes to specially designed cakes of any kind, and we hope you stop by her Instagram; @rabarbar_cakery_bahrain, to get a good look at some of her other works.

5. Pokémon

the super trending cake theme, #pokemongo ! how i wish this is not a cake so that i can keep it in my bedroom forever 😿

Duchess Cakes & Bakesさん(@duchess.bakes)が投稿した写真 -

  • Episodes: 276
  • Aired: Apr. 1997 – Nov. 2002

If you’ve never heard of Pokémon, then you’ve got some catching up to do. Taking the world by storm in 1997, Pokémon is now one of the most iconic franchises in the anime, video game, and trading card game world. Beginning with the story of Ash Ketchum and his Pikachu, Pokémon has grown to inspire us all in many ways as we join the initiative to Catch ‘Em All. And clearly, that stimulus has spread over to the world of scrumptious desserts. Thus, without further ado, say hello to this Pokémon inspired cake by duches.bakes.

Bright colors, smooth textures, and the wonderful smiling faces of Pokémon. What else could you possibly ask for in an anime inspired cake? A great selection for a child’s birthday, and a perfect way to make an adult feel young again. Like many of the other magnificent pieces on this list, each tiny character is sculpted using edible ingredients, making every centimeter of this fine piece of construction into one fine dessert. Also, make sure to swing by duches.bakes’ Instagram for over 400 posts of confectionery delight.

4. Hello Kitty's Paradise (Kitty's Paradise)

Top-10-Best-Anime-Cakes-wallpaper-death-note-500x331 [Anime Culture Monday] Top 10 Best Anime Cakes

  • Episodes: 16
  • Aired: Apr. 1994 – Sep. 1994

When the Hello Kitty character; Kitty White, was first brought to the world by Sanrio, no one could have imagined the world icon she would become today. From stores, to airplanes, to children’s bedrooms, this little kitty seems to find herself almost everywhere. So, it’s not a surprise to find her topping this well put together cake by Nely Tavares, also known as Dragonfly Doces.

This Hello Kitty cake reads professional at every turn. Cloaked in a smooth layered pink icing, positioned in perfect symmetry, and featuring multiple characters to take part in all of the Hello Kitty fun. Topping the cake; and made with gum paste, is none other than Hello Kitty herself, and she is unfathomably perfected. Thinking of what it takes to produce this level of quality is quite astounding; but we assure you, it has something to do with skill, hard work, and enjoyment. She even added cupcakes. Please give Nely Tavares a round of applause for this wonderful dessert. With over 1.3 thousand flickr followers, it’s safe to say she knows a thing or two about baking cakes.

3. My Neighbor Totoro (Tonari no Totoro)

  • Episodes: 1
  • Aired: Apr. 1988

My Neighbor Totoro is probably one of the most well revered films by the legendary Hayao Miyazaki to come out of Ghibli Studios. A tale of two sisters, and their struggle to take on an ever changing life in the face of their own mother’s deteriorating health. Comforted by the mysterious creature Totoro, us viewers were brought to a magical world of hope, dreams, and excitement. Now, we get to relive that beautiful film all over again by enjoying this wonderful pastry by Jade Butterfly Cakes.

This cake brings My Neighbor Totoro to life with its three dimensionally crafted characters; including the lovable Totoro, and surrounding scenery. But it doesn’t just stop there. Every bit of this confection is handled like a painter’s canvas. Beautifully brushed-on imagery dazzles every visible corner, leaving us with nothing short of a Mona Lisa. Jade Butterfly Cakes defines pushing the boundary with a piece that feels straight out of the Ghibli film itself. With over 170 posts of sweet dessert creations, you should be dying to see what Jade Butterfly Cakes produces next.

2. Gudetama

Top-10-Best-Anime-Cakes-wallpaper-death-note-500x331 [Anime Culture Monday] Top 10 Best Anime Cakes

Image courtesy of:

  • Episodes: Currently Airing
  • Aired: Mar. 2014 - present

Stuck in his ways, Gudetama; like his name proposes, is the laziest character from Sanrio to date, as he alludes even the smallest desire to do anything with his life. Thankfully, it won’t require much of him to top one the most beautiful cakes on the list. Ladies and gentlemen, our number 2 selection, Gudetama by Cherry’s Cake.

Soft blended colors make a delicious gradient for an outstanding addition to our list of Top 10 Anime Cakes. Its design has been handled with such care that staring at it for too long makes it seem almost unreal. At first sight, it’s hard to imagine that this Gudetama cake is even edible, and feels more akin to a clay sculpture. However, we assure you it’s 100% cake. Cherry’s Cake’s performance with this piece deserves applause. If you can’t get enough of this Gudetama cake, and would like to see more work by Cherry’s Cakes, then head over to their blog now, and stop missing out on all of the good stuff.

1. Mobile Suit Gundam (Kidou Senshi Gundam)

  • Episodes: 43
  • Aired: Apr. 1979 – Jan. 1980

A Sci-Fi anime with giant mech suits. The machine designs are a beauty, and the action sequences are one of a kind. One of the greatest anime to have ever hit our television sets, and one of the highest grossing franchises to date. For our number 1 selection in our Top 10 list of Anime Cakes, is this unfathomably incredible, Mobile Suit Gundam cake by Mike.

Built with stunning mastery, the attention to detail is uncanny. The Gundam design has become one of the most iconic pieces of imagery within anime, and Mike nailed every corner down to a T. From the overall contour, to the extremely well handled coloring, this cake takes realism to new heights. Every angle on this F91 helmet, and there are a lot of angles, is spot on. Crafted with fondant and raw skill, this cake should make any Gundam fan go head over heels.

Final Thoughts

We hope we’ve kindled a craving in your stomachs for something sweet to devour, but not too much that you forget to admire the long hours put into making such stunning pastries. It’s safe to say that you may even want to decorate your house with one of these goodies. But why limit yourself to only ten? Swing down in the comments section below and speak your heart of the many alluring anime cakes you’ve happened across.

No drooling.

Top-10-Best-Anime-Cakes-wallpaper-death-note-500x331 [Anime Culture Monday] Top 10 Best Anime Cakes


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