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To many of us manga and anime lovers who started young, Doraemon is easily one of our first few ventures, unless you are born in this decade. Doraemon is easily one of the most successful Japanese series ever, and it is hard not to love this series or its characters. The series may be old but it leaves a lasting impression. If you have been missing Doraemon, allow us to delight you with our selection of favorite characters in Doraemon which will stir a feeling of nostalgia!

10. Takeshi Gouda

Takeshi Gouda is commonly referred to as Gian in the Doraemon series. His large build means that he is easily stronger than the average kid in the neighborhood, so he reigns over them with his forceful, violent personality. Nobita often becomes his favorite victim, upon which Nobita would often seek help from Doraemon. Gian’s hobby is singing and he thinks of himself as a great singer, but he actually has terrible singing skills. He would often force his friends to attend his concert and have them praise his singing.

With such despicable personality, why does Gian even appear in this list? Well, firstly, there aren’t many characters in Doraemon anyway. And despite his brutish behavior and often unkind attitude towards others, he is shown to be loyal to his friends in times of trouble. As Gian is physically strong, he is useful during difficult situations.

9. Suneo Honekawa

Suneo Honekawa belongs to a wealthy family and he often likes to show off the expensive things that he can get. He is always seen hanging out with Gian and teams up with him to bully Nobita. Suneo acts like a yes-man to Gian and would lie to please Gian to avoid him from getting angry. Suneo is a narcissist who likes to look at the mirror and praise his appearance, but he is insecure about his height.

Suneo may be a bully like Gian, but at least he does it on a lesser scale. This is mainly attributed to his weak physical strength. Suneo may seem like a coward as he always gives in to Gian, but he will demonstrate his bravery when his friends are in desperate situations. Therefore, he is ultimately a nice person inside despite his rich spoiled brat personality.

8. Tamako Nobi

Tamako Nobi is the mother of Nobita. She is always concerned about Nobita’s test results and would often scold him for scoring 0 marks. Hence, Nobita is afraid of her and would always try to hide his test papers, but they often get found out by his mother. Tamako is conscious of her weight and would try various diets to lose weight. She is also secretly jealous of Suneo’s mother due to her wealthy lifestyle.

It can get annoying when a mother always nags and scolds but a mother always does that out of love. Tamako always scolds Nobita for being lazy and not doing his homework because Nobita is seriously a hopeless brat who needs to be pushed a lot. We doubt the soft approach would have worked for Nobita so Tamako is doing a great job in scolding her son.

7. Nobita Nobi

Along with Doraemon, Nobita is the main character of the series. He does poorly in school, often does not finish his homework, and always comes late to class, so he frequently gets punished by his teacher. He is lazy and would often take naps after coming back from school. Besides that, he is terrible in sports. Due to his good-for-nothing personality, Doraemon came from the future to help Nobita.

Nobita may not do well in exams, but he is shown to be creative and have a great imagination. He has many unfavorable characteristics, but he is a very nice person who would show pity on stray animals or even his bully, Gian. Most importantly, the existence of Nobita leads to Doraemon showing us many of his wondrous gadgets, and also illustrates a zero to hero theme which many fans love.

6. Shizuka Minamoto

Shizuka is the main female character in the Doraemon series. She is the love interest of Nobita and both of them will get married in the future. She is smart and studious, so she is a very responsible student. As she is a kind person, she aspires to become a nurse or an air-stewardess in the future.

Shizuka is remembered as the chick who likes to bathe in which she does several times a day. Although she always exhibits a prim and proper personality, there are instances when she would act lazy and unladylike at home, such as stealing her mum’s lipstick, and eating and sleeping at the same time. Therefore, this quality makes her an interesting character that many of us could relate to.

5. Hidetoshi Dekisugi

Dekisugi is the polar opposite of Nobita which makes him the subject of envy or admiration by many students. Dekisugi practically excels in everything. His intelligence leads to him getting perfect scores in tests every time, making him the archetypal son an Asian father would be proud of. He is also great at sports so he is not a weak nerd.

Usually, people would associate a person with high intelligence to look like Nobita who has the appearance of a stereotypical geek. However, Dekisugi is the perfect prince who is blessed with everything including a handsome appearance. Even though he has all the great qualities, he does not boast and always treats everyone kindly. There is nothing to dislike about this character unless you are jealous of him or a person like him in real life.

4. Dorami

The younger sister of Doraemon is named Dorami, a yellow robotic cat. She lives in the future with Sewashi, the great-great-grandson of Nobita. She would occasionally travel back to the past to visit Nobita, especially when Doraemon is “off-duty”. Her favorite food is melon bread and her major weakness is that she is scared of cockroaches. She has a boyfriend called Dora the Kid.

Dorami is a more advanced robot than Doraemon which is malfunctioned. In addition, she was the smartest student in school. Therefore, Dorami is a way cooler robot than Doraemon. She is better in using gadgets so she could actually be a better companion for Nobita. However, a perfect robot would have made the story dull!

3. Doraemon

The titular character, Doraemon, is a blue robotic cat that is considered a malfunctioned product. As a result from a lightning, Doraemon lost a screw in his head which affects his performance. He also developed a fear of mice after his ears were chewed away by a robotic mouse. His love for dorayaki allows Nobita to manipulate him sometimes. In the pocket of Doraemon lies a slew of futuristic gadgets which he often uses to help Nobita. He may be a robotic cat but he gets along well with other cats in the neighborhood and often organizes a party with them.

We love Doraemon because we all want one! Imagine how easy our lives would be, maybe we should be as hopeless as Nobita so a Doraemon would appear in our lives. Doraemon may be a malfunctioned product but he is still greater than anything or anyone in this era. The fact that none of us have a Doraemon means that our descendants don’t care about us enough or there are sadly no time travel machines invented in the future.

2. Mini-Doras

These little guys are actually one of Doraemon’s gadgets. Mini-Doras are useful in various cases, such as entering into the body of Doraemon to fix the internal mechanism. They are available in a variety of colors such as green, red, and yellow. Therefore, it is difficult to pick a favorite one.

What’s even cuter than Doraemon? The Mini-Doras! These tiny versions of Doraemon are clumsy and can cause a mess. They can use gadgets but they don’t know what they are for. Even though they are essentially gadgets, they have the ability to think, feel, and communicate using their own language. Hence, they can be considered as characters!

1. Piisuke

Piisuke is a dinosaur owned by Nobita and it appears in the first Doraemon movie. Due to Piisuke’s ability to bond with humans and it being a dinosaur, there are many parties who are interested in it. Despite several attempts of negotiation for Nobita to sell Piisuke, Nobita refuses to sell his dinosaur as he does not trust the others to treat Piisuke well.

Piisuke is such a memorable character due to it having a sad story. The ending of the first Doraemon movie is expected as there is no way Nobita could bring the dinosaur to live with him in his timeframe. Piisuke exhibits qualities like a sweet, loyal pet in which it would go and find Nobita at his house even after it was left to stay at the lake. Piisuke is such a cute, lovable pet which we wish to have too even if it does not have cool gadgets like Doraemon!

Final Thoughts

AN AN AN who are your favorite Doraemon characters? Since Doraemon isn’t exactly filled with tons of characters, we are pretty sure that most of your favorites are already listed in this article. Nevertheless, you may surprise us with some of the characters we forgot to consider, so do tell us if we have missed out on your favorites!

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