Top 10 Best Hyperdimension Neptunia Characters

Hyperdimension Neptunia is one of the most popular game series around and it was made even more popular when it was one of the first modern JRPGs to be ported to PC. The stories of each game are repetitive at best, with its same game progression, characters, and recycled game assets, but what made the game series popular is that it was made for the anime fans who like cute girls doing cute things while poking fun at the console wars between the three gaming giants: Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft.

In this top 10, we’re going to list 10 best CPUs in Hyperdimension Neptunia The Animation! The game series has many characters, but this list is for the anime series so we will not include characters that weren’t featured in the show. Why top 10 CPUs? Well, ask yourself: “Why do I love this series?” Exactly, dear reader. And it’s exactly why we chose this category!

Let’s get started!

10. Rom and Ram

Choujigen-Game-Neptune-The-Animation-wallpaper-20160819200328-700x394 Top 10 Best Hyperdimension Neptunia Characters
Choujigen-Game-Neptune-The-Animation-wallpaper-20160819200328-700x394 Top 10 Best Hyperdimension Neptunia Characters

The anime left out that detail as to why the sisters came into being, but it is clear that these little girls are inseparable and it’s technically rude to put one of them on a different number. Rom and Ram are the younger siblings of CPU of Lowee Blanc and each of them has some traits found in their sister. Rom is shy, quiet and doesn’t say much while Ram is playful and the more dominant. Though not full-fledged goddesses like their sister, Rom and Ram are still CPUs that, given time, will one day rule the land of Lowee… That’s assuming Blanc actually ages and/or retires.

With their different personalities, they also have different roles in combat. Known as the White Sisters, Rom and Ram, they are always seen together during combat. Rom is capable of direct combat, she is more of the support type and Ram is the offensive type. Like every young sister on the list, their CPU powers manifested when their big sisters get into trouble.

9. Arfoire

Choujigen-Game-Neptune-The-Animation-wallpaper-20160819200328-700x394 Top 10 Best Hyperdimension Neptunia Characters

While her role in the anime was scaled down, Arfoire, the series’ main antagonist, is also a goddess. Given there are a number of games and she’s always the bad guy in these games, you’ll get the impression what type of villain she is: A persistent villain who doesn’t know when to quit. Arfoire might actually win against Bowser Koopa as the world’s most persistent villain if she keeps this up.

Cocky, cold and a sore loser, Arfoire is a formidable enemy with the ability to shapeshift and the ability to copy the powers of other goddesses. And when the going gets tough, like when she’s outnumbered 4 to 1, she can unleash her true form by becoming a powerful and gigantic… eggplant... thing… Wait, what? Hey, being an eggplant farmer isn’t really a bad profession!

8. Peashy

Choujigen-Game-Neptune-The-Animation-wallpaper-20160819200328-700x394 Top 10 Best Hyperdimension Neptunia Characters

Peashy is your bratty kid who is playful and sometimes can be a handful, despite her petite build, she can pack a mean punch. Peashy’s CPU form, Yellow Heart, is dramatic, giving her a full grown body and breasts that could rival Vert’s, but her personality is mostly the same but with added emphasis that she treats every battle like it’s a game. Game or not, Yellow Heart favors destructive power over anything else.

Aside from being a brat, she is still a kid who has loving siblings, and thankfully for her, Neptune is a good big sister. Peashy knocking out Neptune with a good uppercut may be her own way of showing love, but we’ll never know for sure. Unless you’re willing to give her punches a try.

7. Blanc

Choujigen-Game-Neptune-The-Animation-wallpaper-20160819200328-700x394 Top 10 Best Hyperdimension Neptunia Characters

One of the 4 goddesses of the Gamindustri, Blanc rules over the land of Lowee and represents the Nintendo and Nintendo Wii series. Blanc is quiet and apathetic at times, but she cares a lot for her people, and of her younger sister's, Rom and Ram. However, Blanc is sort of bipolar and she can be foul-mouthed towards everyone when provoked or even slightly annoyed. So it’s best you don’t mention you accidentally read one of her fantasy story books she has written.

Blanc’s violent outburst and short temper are multiplied when she transforms into White Heart, as she is the most violent and gets easily pissed offed out of the 4 main goddesses in this form. And for a goddess of her size (she’s the smallest among the 4), she likes to wield gigantic hammers and axes with highly destructive efficiency. One would wonder why Blanc prefers these kinds of weapons, though. Maybe it’s to compensate for her height or her chest that is so flat you can land a cargo plane on it.

6. Uni

Choujigen-Game-Neptune-The-Animation-wallpaper-20160819200328-700x394 Top 10 Best Hyperdimension Neptunia Characters

Uni is the younger sister of the goddess Noire, of the country Lastation, and has big sister issues. Very big, big sisters issues. Uni looks a lot like Noire, sharing some of that trademark tsundere attitude, but Uni is more friendly and isn’t too focused on making her country functioning like her sister. One thing’s for sure, though, Uni loves her big sister Noire so much she takes every opportunity to get Noire’s attention.

Like Rom and Ram, Uni is a CPU candidate and her power to transform into Black Sister manifested after seeing Noire’s life in danger. Uni prefers long range attacks using her oversized rifle, hitting fast moving targets and sometimes hitting two with one hit. Aside from her black hair turning white when in HDD form, her breast size shrinks for some reason. Don’t tell her that, though.

5. Nepgear

Choujigen-Game-Neptune-The-Animation-wallpaper-20160819200328-700x394 Top 10 Best Hyperdimension Neptunia Characters

Nepgear is the exact polar opposite of her big sister Neptune: responsible and timid. Nepgear takes her role as CPU candidate very seriously and does every task while her big sister is out goofing off, sleeping, or playing video games all day. Nepgear loves to tinker or make various gadgets ranging from portable cameras to trackers. But one thing they have in common though is Nepgear is very friendly, can make lots of friends, and is an airhead. I guess it runs in the family… them being airheads.

A beam saber is Nepgear’s main weapon and she is a skilled combatant, but not skilled enough to defeat hordes of monsters like her big sister. In her HDD form, Purple Sister, Nepgear has a more confident personality and is more serious without that airheadedness trademark. Purple Sister favors a gun blade and while she’s more of a ranged fighter in this form, she can deal lots of damage up close.

4. Vert

Choujigen-Game-Neptune-The-Animation-wallpaper-20160819200328-700x394 Top 10 Best Hyperdimension Neptunia Characters

Not sure what Idea Factory was thinking when making Vert, one of the 4 main goddesses, CPU of Leanbox, and representative of Microsoft's Xbox line of consoles because Yaoi/BL visual novels were certainly not in Xbox or Xbox 360 game libraries.

Anyway, Vert is the most mature goddess of the group in both body and personality. She is hardworking, calm, polite, and supportive, and has the biggest breasts that she proudly shows off to everyone. Especially towards Blanc (probably that explains why Blanc is so pissed off all the time). Vert doesn’t have a younger sister, but she treats Nepgear as one and loves her as much as Neptune. Vert is also an avid gamer and games a lot more than Neptune, and you can see Vert binge gaming MMOs almost every day. Oh, and she loves playing Yaoi/BL visual novels.

In her Green Heart form, Vert is more stubborn, arrogant and prideful (especially her breasts) that she often teases her opponents and friends, like teasing Blanc for not having enough “processing power.”

3. Noire

Choujigen-Game-Neptune-The-Animation-wallpaper-20160819200328-700x394 Top 10 Best Hyperdimension Neptunia Characters

Noire is popular amongst fans for many reasons. First, Noire and her nation Lastation represents Sony’s PlayStation 3. Second, is she’s extremely tsundere, especially towards Neptune. And lastly, she loves cosplay.

As the CPU of Lastation, Noire is very dedicated in making her nation the best, so you see her working non-stop, eventually pushing herself too much. To the eyes of her people, Noire is the perfect goddess who is mature, calculated and imposing, but Noire sings a different tune when she’s around troublemakers and rival-friend goddess, Neptune. Every time Neptune does something annoying, Noire turns into this cute tsundere, fighting back against Neptune’s comebacks and playful insults. And like a tsundere, Noire considers Neptune as one of her first true friends.

When Nore turns into Black Heart, she is very aggressive and competitive, like when she competes with other goddesses to see who gets to land the finishing blow first. Noire prefers the fast attacks of a rapier and also prefers heavy swords and gun blades when in her HDD form.

2. Neptune

Choujigen-Game-Neptune-The-Animation-wallpaper-20160819200328-700x394 Top 10 Best Hyperdimension Neptunia Characters

Neptune is the main protagonist of the series and, to many fans, she is the best character all around with her fourth-wall-breaking one-liners, klutzy attitude, playfulness, love for video games, love for food, and can kick serious ass in any form. But be sure not to throw an eggplant her way, though.

The goddess Neptune and her country Planeptune is loosely based on a canceled successor of the Sega Dreamcast, the Sega Neptune, and while her playful demeanor and the habit of not doing goddess activities (like making Planeptune and her people happy), is just busywork for her. However, throughout the course of the anime, Neptune does realize her immaturity can get people hurt, like how she hurt Peashy.

Neptune’s HDD form, Purple Heart, is, in terms of combat style, identical to Black Heart, who prefer swords and gun blades. Black Heart is also aggressive and competitive with none of the klutzy personality and the habit of breaking fourth walls.

1. Plutia

Choujigen-Game-Neptune-The-Animation-wallpaper-20160819200328-700x394 Top 10 Best Hyperdimension Neptunia Characters

What happens if you mix sadism and Neptune together? Your answer is probably Plutia or Pururut in Japanese. Plutia is the CPU of Planeptune from another dimension and she is currently hanging out with Neptune. Much like Neptune, Plutia often neglects her goddess duties and prefers playing and sleeping all the time. She is very soft-spoken, gentle and values friendship above all else, but in combat, she can pack a punch that rivals that of Peashy. If Plutia can kill a monster by whacking it with a stuffed doll, that’s a sign that Plutia isn’t the type of girl you wanna piss off. And if you do piss her off, oh boy, better start praying because you’re gonna meet your Maker very soon.

Neptune and friends try very hard to prevent Plutia from activating her HDD form because Iris Heart is one hell of a personality. When Plutia transforms into Iris Heart, her personality changes drastically from a soft-spoken, gentle and friendly girl, to one sadistic dominatrix who gains pleasure from hurting either friend or foe by whipping them and hurling insults to destroy their ego. Iris Heart is based on the Sega Genesis and her sadism is based on Sega’s aggressive marketing campaign against Nintendo’s Super Nintendo Entertainment System back in the 90s.

So what makes her number 1 than Neptune? It’s no doubt, Neptune is a great character with traits fans find appealing and relatable, but Plutia is a way more unique character with very different personalities. From a cute girl who loves making stuffed dolls, to a sadistic and sexy dominatrix with matching whip sword, Plutia single-handedly stole the show. This is one console war Sega clearly won.

Final Thoughts

And this concludes our Top 10 Best Hyperdimension Neptunia Characters! There are more CPUs in the series, but only a few of them were featured in the anime. The selections were limited but it doesn’t matter because these characters were the first ones we get to know and love, and they’re the very reasons why we love the games and anime. There will be new goddesses introduced in the future, but it was Nep and the gang who got us hooked in the beginning.

So what do you think of the list? Do you like the non-CPU characters like, say, MAGES.? (Seriously, how can you pronounce her name with a period?) Please leave a comment below!

Choujigen-Game-Neptune-The-Animation-wallpaper-20160819200328-700x394 Top 10 Best Hyperdimension Neptunia Characters


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