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Boybands are a very controversial subject in the world of music. Some think they are not really musicians, since they’re picked and groomed by agencies to get the best marketed band possible. Others refuse to consider that the agencies have anything to do with them, except produce their albums and concerts; that their music is only a result of their talent and effort, and their good looks are just a happy happenstance.

The truth is somewhere in between, at least in the real world. And sometimes, there are members whose looks aren’t as great as their singing voice and fans don’t care because they love their music. However, in the anime world, where every group has a team of dedicated animators, it is really hard to figure out who is the most handsome of them all.

Case in point, Tsukiuta. Between Procellarum and Six Gravity, this series gives us twelve bishounen to pick from. So, which ones of these monthly-themed singers will make the cut?

10. Kannaduki Iku

We start the list with Kannaduki, from the unit Procellarum. A very active young man, who has some trouble standing still, he is the representative for the month of October. Born in Hyogo, he studied in Osaka due to the fact that his school had more opportunities for after-school activities. He has an older sister, but they resemble each other so much, they were often mistaken for twins at their high school.

He got scouted for Procellarum when he was attending the national athletic meet for the track and field events, but despite being part of the group, he keeps up his studies thanks to sports recommendations, not his musical talents. Because of this, he is probably one of the fittest members of both bands, despite his small size.

He wears his brown hair short, which makes him look quite young despite his desire to be seen as more masculine than his bandmates. And because of this, he has cultivated a “guy next door” image, so he gets the tenth place on our list.

9. Satsuki Aoi

Satsuki Aoi is a very attractive young man who tries to be the responsible member of the Six Gravity unit. He’s diligent and serious, so he sometimes comes off as a very cold person. This is not because he’s that cold; it is because he has difficulties opening up to new friends. Once he starts getting comfortable with the group, it’s easy to see that he also has a very mischievous side.

Blonde and with blue eyes, he is the representative of May, so his colors are usually spring related. It is also very common to see him with blue accents, as it shows off his eyes. His smile also makes him look younger, and some people claim that the sun shines brighter when he is happy. However, he still works to show a completely different side of himself, which leaves him in the ninth place of our list.

8. Shiwasu Kakeru

The youngest-looking of both units, Shiwasu Kakeru is the representative of December and sings for Six Gravity. He is the other blonde member of the group, but unlike Satsuki’s more normal blue eyes, Kakeru’s eyes are orange, which gives him a different look that draws the attention of fans immediately. He is also cheerful all the time and is always working. This makes him seem a lot more energetic than all his bandmates together.

As an only child, he had some family troubles when he was younger: his father had a lot of money, and would spoil his son whenever possible. This made Kakeru prone to doing whatever he wanted without regard to consequences; and at some point, before being scouted, he ran away from home to try and support himself with many different part-time jobs.

This determination to be his own man, together with his unusual eyes, make Kakeru win over Satsuki, and earn the eighth place on our list.

7. Minaduki Rui

Representing June for Procellarum, Rui is probably the most delicate-looking of the whole band. He looks quite naïve and innocent, which makes him the target of some mean jokes from his band mates, who love to see how gullible he really is, since they know that at 20 years old, he still believes in Santa Claus. Unlike the other band members, he had a disagreement with his parents and brother, which ended with him running away from home for a while before he was scouted for the band.

At times, Rui seems completely unaffected by things that go on around him. This gives him an aura of mystery that, of course, adds to his attractive looks. It also helps that he has almost no physical strength, which makes him perfect for the role of the romantic lead for his fans. Unfortunately, this also means he is a terrible dancer, as he can’t rehearse as much as the rest.

All of these things together make Rui the misunderstood loner of Procellarum, and the seventh place on our list.

6. Kisaragi Koi

February is the month of love, and Kisaragi Koi represents it with all his soul. From his pink hair, to his joyful personality, it seems that he is friendship and love personified. Even his fashion sense shows how friendly he is, as he always wears hairpins given by his sister Ai. He loves making friends, and is always encouraging people when they need a pick me up. This, of course, makes him very popular as a member of Six Gravity.

To make things even better, Koi doesn’t break people’s hearts. He doesn’t play with girls’ feelings, and always tries to be honest and straightforward. Sometimes, his endless energy may seem like too much to take, but even then he knows when people need some time alone. Because of this, he is a very special friend for many. This makes him so attractive, that he manages to land in sixth place.

5. Fuduki Kai

Every band needs an “older brother” type. The kind of guy who protects everyone, is always smiling, and you can count on to be around when you need them the most. And for Procellarum, that guy is Fuduki Kai, who also happens to represent the month of July. Of course, he sometimes goes too far, and can also spoil his “little brothers” too much because he doesn’t like to leave them to their own devices.

Born in Osaka, the reason why he is so good in his role in the band is because he is the oldest of six children. So it was really easy to go from taking care of his shy blood brothers, to adopting the whole band. In fact, it was because of his habit of helping those in need that he met both Rui and Yamato. Tall, with short brown hair, what really stands out is his sincere smile that can melt even the iciest heart.

Because of his personality, more than his looks, Kai gets the fifth place on our list.

4. Uduki Arata

Every group has a laid back member who seems to go at his own pace, no matter how fast or slow the others are. For Six Gravity, this member is Uduki Arata, the representative of April. At first glance, he might seem expressionless and cold, an image that is helped by his grey eyes and black hair, but the truth is that he can be the exact opposite. Like a cat, or the weather of his given month, he changes moods in a second: Energetic and focused now, and distracted and bored at the drop of a hat.

Despite this small flaw, and the fact that his best songs are the ones about heartbreak and despair, he has a very devoted fanclub. And it’s easy to see why: the loner image is very attractive. His fashion sense is more serious than the rest of the group, and while that would be a negative point, given how extravagant the others can be, it lets him stand out. And this is why he gets the fourth place on our list.

3. Shimotsuki Shun

Some people are natural leaders. Others are leaders due to family connections. Shun seems to be the second kind of person, as his family is possibly one of the most distinguished in Western Japan. A bit spoiled, since he was an only child, some people consider him a wannabe prince. However, despite the fact that he is useless when it comes to manual labor, he is very intelligent and has an amazing memory that allows him to remember whole books even after just one reading. Just don’t ask him to cook, as cup noodles are about the limit of his abilities in the kitchen.

So basically, Shun is the perfect example of a guy too fancy for daily use. He is very handsome, and his white hair adds to his elegant image, as well as his impeccable fashion sense. Add to that his enigmatic smile, and his tendency to speak in riddles –that unfortunately are more for show than out of some real deep meaning- and it’s easy to see why the leader of Procellarum, and representative of the month of November is in the third place on our list.

2. Haduki You

It is a well known truth that redheads have great personalities. Fiery and passionate, they catch everyone’s eyes and hearts. Haduki You, who happens to be the August representative and a member of Procellarum, absolutely fills that expectative with his easy going smile and his free-spirit personality. Surprisingly, he is the third son of a monk, and was raised in a temple. Perhaps it’s due to this that he is laid back despite also disliking restrictions and rules- in fact, he has said that he’d rather die than show the world that he can be a dutiful son.

Because of this interesting dichotomy, You is the most level headed of Procellarum, which puts him in charge of answering the press when there’s a problem. It also makes him incredibly popular with women, although it helps that he is also known as “the enemy of men”; the latter is because he will always take a girl’s side when there’s a problem. And this is one of the reasons why he gets the second place on our list.

1. Mutsuki Hajime

The leader of Six Gravity, and the representative of January, Mutsuki Hajime may very well be the perfect idol. Tall, pale, and with piercing purple eyes –that he compliments by highlighting his black hair with the same tone- Hajime knows he is attractive, and how to use his looks to his advantage. To this, we have to add that he is one of the top students in his private school, has the best English level of all twelve members of Six Gravity and Procellarum combined, can crush apples with his bare hands, and has a great voice. And if that wasn’t enough, he also has noble blood in his veins.

And yet, he doesn’t let any of that go to his head. He works well as a team leader, because he knows that the group can only succeed if they all are on it together. Because of this, no matter how much more talented than the rest he could be, no one feels left out by his presence. And that makes him even more attractive: A perfect gentleman, and a talented star that surely deserves the first place on the list.

Final thoughts

With a concept as broad as the twelve months of the year, the creators of Tsukiuta had their work cut out for them in the character design department. They could’ve been satisfied with twelve cookie-cutter cute guys and call it a day, but instead they did their research on each month’s traditions and myths in order to create each singer without falling into the trap of adding magic powers or animal motifs, and still make them handsome and different.

If you haven’t seen the anime, you are missing out on some enjoyable hijinks as Six Gravity try to climb to fame. If you have, and don’t agree with our list completely, please let us know! Which one is your favorite guy? Did we leave out your favorite? Comment and vote for your personal favorite Tsukiuta guy.

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