Top 10 Blue-Haired Boys in Anime

Blue, the color that most people will associate with ether the sky or ocean. Due to such associations, the color is quite frequently seen as representative of peace and tranquility. However, anime, if anything, likes to go against the expected. Blue-haired boys can come with a multitude of personalities, but more than anything, they’re a rambunctious bunch. At least, 80% of the boys in this list like to turn the tides and cause a scene. So let’s get this count down started.

10. Tokiya Ichinose from Uta no Prince-sama

  • Episodes: 26
  • Aired: Jul. 2011 – Jun. 2013

Talented and sexy are the two primary words to describe this blue-haired Adonis. Not only did he achieve fame at a young age and act as a source of inspiration for Nanami, but he is the type who’s constantly searching for ways to improve. Sadly, his search proves futile for the most part as his singing has noticeably lost a lot of heart.

When compared to the other characters from Uta no Prince-sama (all of which share those two initial qualities), Tokiya stands out in that he has the most inner turmoil. This is shown noticeably throughout the series and is frequently commented upon. He is after all the only person to actually be demoted. Admittedly, he is only downgraded from an S-ranking to an A-ranking, but the feeling is very much akin to a slap to the face.

However, it’s this inner struggle that makes him the type of character you want to root for. This is doubly so once you realize all the things he has sacrificed to get this far. When he was young, he pursued his dreams despite his parents abandoning him, and now he continues to chase his goals even after falling from grace. If that’s not dedication, then please explain what is.

9. Lancer from Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works

  • Episodes: 25
  • Aired: Oct. 2014 – Jun. 2015

The true name for this heroic spirit is none other than Cú Chulainn, a figure from Irish mythology who miraculously slayed the renowned blacksmith Culann’s guard dog. In reparations for this incident, he held himself responsible for the future protection of Culann and became feared by all as a ferocious beast in battle. It is this story, which involves lance mastery and a personal code of ethics, that earned him the title of Lancer in the series.

Being a mythological hero is already a pretty phenomenal accomplishment, but ufotable’s portrayal of this Irish demigod as an extremely handsome hero with a great head of blue hair, drawn back in a ponytail no less, takes him to the next level.

Though he probably angers most fans when he slays Shirou, he turns out to be a rather thoughtful character, who follows a rather strict moral code. We see his sense of righteousness in action when he goes all out to punish Archer for his rather unceremonious treatment of Rin. Then we see it again when he refuses Kotomine’s order to kill Rin. Hmmm, maybe he just really has a thing for Rin. That aside, time and time again he shows himself to be one who prizes honor above all else.

8. Aladdin from Magi: the Labyrinth of Magic

  • Episodes: 50
  • Aired: Oct. 2012 – Mar. 2014

Aladdin is simply an adorable kid with adorable blue spiky hair that’s braided into a ponytail. Enough said. Well, that is all you really need to know, but there’s so much more that’s begging to be told.

Aladdin’s main features, besides his hair, are his innocence and love for life that make every interaction with him special. He is literally seeing so many things for the first time, and his ability see the inner beauty of people is mesmerizing. Throughout the series he is able to grasp onto the better nature of a person, even when they have trouble seeing it themselves. It’s this type of attention to those around him that make Aladdin so enjoyable to watch.

Besides a kind-hearted openness to people and the world at large, he also has incredible power when it comes down to a fight. Though he’s able to see the little bits of good in people, he’s not a push over. Severe is the best way to describe how he generally handles those who decide to reign through oppression. When it came to protecting Princess Hakuei, he basically obliterated the battlefield in one fell swoop. In the end, despite being a wide-eyed little kid, he will valiantly follow the route that he believes is right.

7. Jellal from Fairy Tail

  • Episodes: 277
  • Aired: Oct. 2009 – Mar. 2016

In Fairy Tail, you have to be somewhat of an intense character in order to 1) become one of the Ten Wizard Saints, 2) severely piss off most of the Fairy Tail guild, and 3) make Ezra cry. None of those things are easy to do, but Jellal’s cunning, strength, and complicated past prove to be up for the task in each situation.

It’s hard to deny that Jellal’s power is felt whenever he’s on screen. He’s the youngest member of the Magic Council, which says more than enough about his strength. Then, he’s also able to create a swell of emotion in the audience at any given moment. Out of all the characters his backstory is arguably the most tortured and the most likely to produce immediate feels. It is almost too heartbreaking to see the flashbacks of him as a child, because he was literally one of the gentlest kids growing up. Then breaking your heart later on is the massive amount of guilt he feels for walking down the path of darkness. This guy is just always pulling on some strings, whether they be political or emotional.

6. Black Star from Soul Eater

  • Episodes: 51
  • Aired: Apr. 2008 – Mar. 2009

“It doesn't matter who they are, I won't forgive anyone who tries to stand out more than me.” Black Star is one character you can’t turn away from even if you want to. He can be infuriatingly annoying, cocky, and loud; but you’re constantly praying for him to succeed. Thankfully, these conflicting emotions aren’t just a random, inexplicable phenomenon. No, it’s a carefully planned character arc that really progresses at just the right moments to grab you. That being said, let’s move on to the on screen results that came from such work.

More than anyone else he’s trying to prove his capabilities and is willing to go to hell and back in order to get stronger. Why does he want such power? Well, his family just happens to be rooted in history as one of the most powerful and self-destructive clans. With the fear of being consumed by his innate power, Black Star wants to be stronger than any previous member of his family in order to properly control it and maintain his sanity. Suddenly, his laugh-it-off nature just doesn’t seem as grating. In fact, you’ll probably start to appreciate his ability to joke around and remain lighthearted even in the middle of a fight.

5. Rei from Free!

  • Episodes: 25
  • Aired: Jul. 2013 – Sep. 2014

Who doesn’t love the caterpillar turned butterfly Rei from Free! He’s by no means the best swimmer, but he is a die-hard fan of his fellow swimming mates, and always gives 150%. Compared to the others, Rei had just been exposed to the beauty of swimming, and so it’s through him that we often received comedic relief and some of the best facial reactions in general.

Despite his beginner status, his love for his teammates and desire to be ‘beautiful’ in water like Haru, pushes him to swim on a competitive level in a relative short period of time. Not only is he simply an athletic, well-toned man of muscle, but a caring friend who takes so much delight in every aspect of swimming. It’s his innocence and ignorance about the swimming community that makes him such a perfect catalyst to solve the conflicts between Haru and Rin. On top of it all, he works overtime on his form in order to learn each stroke and surprise his teammates; the guy’s just simply loveable.

4. Kuroko from Kuroko no Basket

  • Episodes: 75
  • Aired: Apr. 2012 – Jun. 2015

Sorry, Kuroko, your misdirection doesn’t work on us adoring fans. Kuroko is simply one of those characters you fall in love with instantly. He’s just so soft-spoken and silently determined that you can’t help but root for him. Plus, his light blue hair was simply a great choice, as it really enhances his pale and rather ghostly attributes, while contrasting well with the intensity of his eyes. But let’s talk more about his character traits.

Despite not having a good build for basketball and average stats, Kuroko works tirelessly to perfect his basketball and ensure victory for his team. At one point he leaves Kagami speechless as it’s discovered that in a short amount of time, Kuroko was able to wear off the grip of several basketballs due to the amount he practiced. Yeah, that’s some intense dedication and it’s this level of dedication that is shown throughout the series.

It’s because of this dedication that he is the one changing the pace and outcome. He relentlessly chases the ball every second he’s on the court and he always believe that his team can pull through. “It’s only when” Add to his steadfast character a natural ability to read people, and you have someone who knows how to bring out the best in anyone. To put it simply, he really is the best shadow to exemplify the light.

3. Tomoya Okazaki from Clannad

  • Episodes: 23
  • Aired: Oct. 2007 – Mar. 2008

“Nagisa… Nagisa...” Does anymore really need to be said. Clannad is one of those anime that can break the heart of the most stoic viewers. A lot of this is due to the plethora of heart breaking circumstances for the entire cast. However, who’s at the center of this drama consistently trying to put the pieces back together? It’s Tomoya, and it’s his kindness and willingness to put himself in these relationships that makes the show function.

Plenty of other characters wouldn’t have committed themselves to Nagisa, especially if they had a shot at being with Ryou or Tomoyo. Nonetheless, he sees this girl and the strength of her spirit, and knows that he must be by her side. He wants to be by her side so that she can have those moments of normalcy any teenager wants. He stays by her side, because she, more than anyone else, is able to help him move beyond his own failings and tortured past.

On a lighter note, he also has a great sense of humor. He’s consistently able to make light of a situation and make sure that everyone feels at ease. It’s this sense of humor, his ability to joke with his friends and still enjoy the little moments that allows the sadness to exert so much extra force.

2. Grimmjow from Bleach

  • Episodes: 366
  • Aired: Oct. 2004 – Mar. 2012

Grimmjow has four amazing things going for him that make you question whether or not you actually want to see Ichigo win. First, he has a gorgeous character design, and his blue hair works surprisingly well with his sharp features. Second, he displays immense confidence, a highly appraised trait that his hair color actually accentuates. Something about the light blue just confirms that he’s prideful, if not arrogant. It’s like ‘hey, I can work any type of hair, how about you?’ Third, Grimmjow has incredible power to back up his strut and skill. To put it simply, he’s a beast, and it really is enjoyable to watch him fight. There is just a certain ferocity that is infused with his natural instinct and incorporated into every single move he makes. Finally, he has his own endearing power struggle with another fan favorite, Ulquiorra. In this struggle, we’re able to see so much of Grimmjow’s personal struggles and desires. It also proves how hard earned his pride is and that it’s something he had to ingrain in himself. So he may not be an all-powerful figure, but he knows his own strengths because he’s have been tested on numerous occasions.

1. Kamina from Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann

  • Episodes: 27
  • Aired: Apr. 2007 – Sep. 2007

“God gave us eyes at the front of our heads so we can look forward to the future.” We all wish we had a bro like Kamina. He’s brash, courageous, caring, motivational, trusting, and even vulnerable from time to time; and these are the traits that define an incredible leader. His character was the type that you just wanted to see on screen every second as he always had something to say and he always had a crazy plan. It’s because of his personality and instant likeability that make his death one of the toughest to swallow in anime.

It’s not because it was unthinkable to have him die, but that his last actions are dedicated to something greater. They are dedicated to the person he knows can achieve greatness. They are a tribute to the trust and the love that Kamina and Simon shared, and it’s a beautiful scene. It was the only proper way that someone like him, someone willing to steal the fire from the gods, could go out. Watching such an incendiary figure leave in such a way was truly inspiring. In the end, Kamina went out in a dramatic blaze of glory, which only emphasized the feeling of emptiness felt afterwards.


Guys with blue hair in anime do vary in a lot of ways, but all in all you know you’re in for a ride when one pops up. No matter what, that boy with the blue streaks is bound to mix things up. You can also make a pretty safe bet that he’ll never give up no matter what the circumstances are. So are there any men of the anime world that I may have forgotten, who don the blue and are deserving of such recognition.

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