Top 10 Casual Anime Games [Best Recommendations]

Ever felt like you deserve a game during your busy and hectic schedule but just couldn't find time to invest time into an RPG game? Maybe you just want a game where you can play for just a few minutes before you get along with your day activities? Or perhaps you're spoiled for choices and just simply do not wish to spend so much time on a console or the computer? With the advancement of technology, the smartphone has also introduced a myriad of games for us to indulge in. So look no further as we introduce the 10 casual anime games that you can simply play for the heck of it or in a relaxed manner!

10. Neko Atsume

  • System/Platform: Android & iOS
  • Publisher: Hit-Point Co., Ltd.
  • Developer: Hit-Point Co., Ltd.
  • Release Date: October 20, 2014

Are you a cat lover by chance? Have you ever wanted to own a cat playground? With Neko Atsume, now you can collect cats as they come along. Place food or treats to attract a variety of cats and slowly check off the list of various cats. Increase your play area to attract and accommodate even more cats. Buy or upgrade furniture and you just might see unique cats visiting your area. Welcome to the adorable world of Neko Atsume!

The interface and the concept of the game are easy enough to understand. Neko Atsume is an AFK game, meaning to say you can just fiddle with it for just a few minutes and let time pass. See the various cats interact with the extensive furniture list within the game. Neko Atsume is the kind of game in which you launch the app and check that status. The numerous cats in the game are also triggered by specific furniture so you can brag to all your friends if you happen to chance upon a special cat!

9. Jump Ultimate Star

  • System/Platform: Nintendo 3DS
  • Publisher: Nintendo, Tommo Inc.
  • Developer: Ganbarion
  • Release Date: November 23, 2006

Gather round, you shonen manga fanatics! Jump Ultimate Star features the top characters from various shonen mangas. Boasting around 305 characters in-game with 56 them fully playable! With such an extensive lineup, you're sure to find your favourite shonen character or at least heard of some! The ultimate battle stage awaits you!

Jump Ultimate Star has been labelled as a fighting game. As such, it wouldn't take too long to complete a few rounds or so on the go if you're bored. The game is arranged in a manga style format where you will have to manage your decks on these grids. Each character comes to their own nature and you will have to strategize how to arrange them in order to beat your opponents. This game does not require constant attention, just simply play it as and when to eventually complete Story Mode.

8. K-on Ho-kago Live

  • System/Platform: PlayStation 3, PSP
  • Publisher: Sega
  • Developer: Sega
  • Release Date: September 23, 2010 (PSP), June 21, 2012 (PS3)

Join everybody's favourite light music club in their jamming sessions. Play their hit songs from Fuwa Fuwa Time to No Thank You. You can even play as your favourite character, following the rhythm of the respective instruments that they play! If you're tired of playing, why not make an MV with the in game MV mode. The game also features a dress up mode where you dress the HTT girls in various costumes.

K-on Ho-kago Live is a rhythm game. There is no story progression nor the need to collect numerous items. Gameplay is freestyle and you choose how you want to play it. The portability of the PSP also means that you can whip it out anytime and play a few songs. Be it commuting to work or waiting for friends, you can just play a few songs and let time pass.

7. Moe Girl Cafe

  • System/Platform: Android & iOS
  • Publisher: Cat Studio HK
  • Developer: Cat Studio HK
  • Release Date: August 23, 2014

Moe Girl Cafe is a restaurant management style game. You can choose where you want your furniture to be and how it should look like. You can also hire staff and allocate them to posts either as waitstaff or cook staff. To get staff, you will have to roll and hope that you get someone with a lot of stars. Stars determine the stats of your staff and how well they are able to perform on the job.

This convenient app does not require constant attention except when you first start it up. After you are done with the preliminary tutorials, setting up the decor and placing your staff, the rest of it is simply waiting for money to roll in and continue upgrading your cafe. It's just that simple! Or you can also spend just a few minutes upgrading your anime wait-staff in their respective areas. You can also just launch the app to tap on them, producing various effects.

6. Hatsune Miku: Project Diva

  • System/Platform: PSP, PS3, PS4, Vita, iOS, 3DS
  • Publisher: Sega
  • Developer: Crypton Future Media
  • Release Date: July 2, 2009

Instead of listening to Vocaloid songs over YouTube, why not play it in Hatsune Miku: Project Diva. With so many titles under the Project Diva franchise, you can expect a wide array of various Vocaloid songs over the years. Customise your Vocaloid with the various unlockable costumes in-game. Slowly challenge the game even further by taking on Extreme mode. Or create your very own Vocaloid Promotional Video (PV) with the game's Edit Mode. This world of Vocaloid is yours to control!

The Project Diva is a popular franchise, spawning spinoffs, adaptation to various consoles and even an arcade game! So you have a few minutes, why not listen to some Vocaloid and get into the rhythm. Each song lasts approximately 2 to 3 minutes, ensuring little restraint over your time. Just pick a song, put in your earphones and get into the groove of the Vocaloid world. Simple, casual, and certainly addictive!

5. The IdolMaster Starlight Stage

  • System/Platform: Android & iOS
  • Publisher: Bandai Namco Entertainment
  • Developer: Cygames
  • Release Date: September 3, 2015 (Android) September 10, 2015(iOS)

You are the producer of the talent agency, 346 Production. Your job is to manage the idols and oversee the idol's development. Separated into cute, cool, and passion, you have to sort your idols who are in the form of collectable cards into those respective types so that the next performance will be successful. Train your idols such that their skills is also heightened, bringing more points to your performances. Watch out for your stamina bar though! You can't participate in more performances until you have enough stamina. Idols need time to recharge as well after all!

Starlight Stage is a mobile rhythm game. For fans of The Idolmaster, you can run lives together with the cast of Cinderella Girls in this mobile game. The game's interface, as well as mechanics, is easy enough to understand. Tap along to the idols icon in accordance with the beat and try to get a full combo! Acquire new Idol cards through rolls and pray that you get a UR. Like any rhythm game, it doesn't take much of your time, making it a very convenient casual game.

4. Kantai Collection (KanColle)

  • System/Platform: Web Browser
  • Publisher:
  • Developer: Kadokawa Games
  • Release Date: April 23, 2013

Take the reins of an admiral and send your fleets off to war. Except your armaments happen to be kawaii and moe girls designed to take after the ships they are named after. Command and collect some of the famous destroyers from the past. After the battle, resupply and repair them or make them stronger by upgrading them as well. Discover new areas where more powerful ships are found and hope that they drop as a reward for you to add to your arsenal.

KanColle is mostly a micro management game where you tweak numerous aspects of the game in order to make your fleet stronger and able to take on stronger foes. Combat gameplay is mostly automated and requires little attention by the player. While there is a story involved, you don't need heavy attention to the story in order to keep up. KanColle is best played after work or school or just the half hour before you go to bed. The game is purely Japanese however, so reading an English guide or having it beside you is essential.

3. Fate/Grand Order

  • System/Platform: Android & iOS
  • Publisher: TypeMoon
  • Developer: TypeMoon
  • Release Date: July 30, 2015

The year is 2015, and it is also known as the year in which the era of sorcery will end. The Chaldea Security Organization had just finished its foretelling of the future. Unfortunately for the world, there was no future at all. Identifying the root cause of the problem to be the events that transpired in Fuyuki City in 2004, Chaldea used the power of time manipulation to send agents back into the past to eliminate the anomalies that will bring about the extinction of mankind. This project's name is Grand Order, for the agents that risk their lives and rebel against fate itself.

Similar to any adventure RPG card based games, Fate features a stamina system in which you will need to wait for it to be replenished before attempting another quest. These elements allow you the flexibility of time in between quest and your activities, allowing you to attempt quests periodically. The progression of the game is sometimes dependent on luck as well, seeing as you need to be pretty lucky in order to roll a UR card. Each quest shouldn't last more than 5 minutes, making it easy for you startup the game and attempt a few rounds or event quests. The convenience and portability of the game makes it an excellent travel companion!

2. Divine Gate

  • System/Platform: Android & iOS
  • Publisher: GungHo Online Entertainment
  • Developer: Acquire
  • Release Date: September 30, 2013

Divine Gate is a turn based mobile game. Utilising panels, arrange and stack them to unleash devastating combos upon your enemies. Run a pure attack based fire type team or a balanced wind type team. String combos together by collecting powerful units through the in-game rolling system and breeze through the dungeon. Did we mention that it features weekly anime collaborations? Who knows? You may very well see your favourite anime character on the battlefield!

Divine Gate is a pure casual game which uses the stamina system. If you've run out of mojo, wait for it to restore. Or, you can wait for an event and then spend all your stamina points on it. Launch the app anytime to attempt a dungeon, it barely takes 5 minutes to complete one. You progress at your own time and pace with only your stamina as your limiting factor, perfect for a quick game before your next class or a good lunchtime game!

1. Love Live School Idol Festival

  • System/Platform: PSP, Vita, Windows, Nintendo 3DS, iOS
  • Publisher: NHN Entertainment Corp
  • Developer: KLab, BushiRoad
  • Release Date: May 12, 2014

Now you can bring Muse along with you on your mobile phone! School Idol Festival features just about all of the songs from the anime as well as originals not released on the anime. Collect cards of the various members to increase your games proficiency. With luck, roll a UR and you can see not just your game performance improving, but your Idol in a variant costume. Fan of Aquors as well? No problem! Switch over anytime to Aquors mode for even more songs and lives!

Love Live if without a doubt, the most recent sensation in the anime world. Even with the group's dissolution, it's popularity continued to soar. With a new group to the series, the whole franchise is revived once again. With its immense popularity, the game was also released in English. The premise of the mobile version of Love Live is simple. You can play as many songs as possible as long as you have sufficient stamina. Level up to have even more stamina, enabling more songs playable in succession. The best part? Wait for the recovery of stamina and continue with your day's activities. Each song lasts barely 3 minutes, making it a perfect casual game for just about anybody.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it! We have saved you more time from surfing countless of websites finding your perfect casual game. So pick one of these up now and be entertained on the go! These games won't take much of your time and you can even squeeze in a few minutes just to escape off to the virtual world. Got another game that you play casually? Be sure to introduce it to us and our fellow readers as well! Until next time, and keep on gaming!

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