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Welcome back to Honey’s Anime Astrology! This month we’re going to be taking a close look at characters born under the water sign Cancer. The sign is closely associated with the symbol of a crab, and quite appropriately so. These people are often accused of being temperamental and “crabby” but this isn’t the only thing they have in common with crustaceans. They often have a hard outer emotional shell that they use to protect a soft, vulnerable exterior.

In addition to these common traits, Cancers can be adventurous and flexible, able to easily adapt to their circumstances. They are also quite creatively inclined, whether they use that ability to in artistic pursuits or put it towards innovative problem solving. Lastly, Cancers are almost always extremely loyal to their family and friends. Without any further delay let’s take a look at some of our favorite anime characters born under the sign of the crab!

10. Ritsuko Akizuki (THE IDOLM@STER)

  • Birthday: June 23rd

Ritsuko began her career with an internship at 765 Production Studio, and organization that focuses on the promotion of aspiring idols. In the office she is a valuable resource, excelling at management and coordinating logistics. She is so dedicated to the studio that when she heard they were short in the talent department she decided to contribute by working to become and idol herself.

Cancers often harbor two sides ­ Ritsuko works as both a businesswoman and an idol simultaneously. Like many born under her sign, her family is sacred to her. She is unusual for her star sign in some respects ­ she has a balanced disposition and is extremely organized.
However, she still uses key Cancer traits to get the job done ­ resourcefulness and creativity.

9. Tsukune Aono (ROSARIO+VAMPIRE)

  • Birthday: June 22nd

Tsukune Aono finds himself in a bit of a predicament. Through a bit of a slip up he finds himself enrolled as a student at Yokai Academy which is exactly what it sounds like ­ a school for monsters. This would be all good and well if he was a monster himself, but Tsukune is a human. He immediately finds himself a bit of a commodity among the monster girls and begins to wonder if he will survive until graduation!

Tsukune is a gentleman, and like many Cancers has a deep reservoir of empathy and kindness for his friends. Though he tends towards sensitivity when those who are close to him are threatened he is able to step up and act as a guardian. In true Cancer fashion, his vulnerable side can tend to get him in trouble when he isn’t paying attention, but with the help and support of his friends he is always able to come out in one piece.

8. Rachnera Arachnera (Monster Musume)

  • Birthday: June 27th

Rachnera is quite unusual in appearance, though beautiful ­ she is a monster girl that is half woman and half spider. In her past, she was abandoned, and then abused and used by humans for their own gain. Because of these traumatic experiences, she harbors a deep hatred for humans. However, she eventually finds one human who she comes to see as caring and kind and finds herself entangled along with other monster girls in the web of infatuation that is Monster Musume.

Some say Cancers can tend towards sadistic, and Rachnera is no different. However, there is a more striking trait of this star sign that she exhibits. Cancers at their core are extremely sensitive, though they may hide it very well. When they have been betrayed as many times as she has, they tend to develop and hard exterior to protect themselves. It can take an exceptional person to win their trust back, and even then it does not come easily.

7. Haruka Nanase (Free!)

  • Birthday: June 30th

Haruka is a high school student with a passion: he loves to swim. His affinity for aquatic sports is one he’s harbored for his whole life. For this reason, swimming competitions take on a major role in his world as he gets older. The show Free! itself centers around the drama that unfolds between Haruka and other characters at his high school, with competitive swimming at the center of everything.

Once Cancers like Haruka make a friend, they are completely loyal to them for life. Cancers are also a sign that is tied closely to water, so Haruka’s passion makes all the sense in the world. Whenever there is a body of water large enough for him to swim in, he will find a way to do so. However, he doesn’t like just any kind of swimming ­ his attachment to freestyle swimming could be interpreted as a showcase of Cancer creativity.

6. Nami (One Piece)

  • Birthday: July 3rd

When she first is introduced, Nami is a notorious thief with an innate sense of direction at sea. When she meets the pirate protagonist of the series she expresses a distrust for him but is eventually won over to join his crew as one of its first members and navigator. With new adventure ahead of her she aspires to one day draw an accurate map of the entire globe.

Like many Cancers, Nami is intelligent, creative, and above all resourceful. After all, one needs to be flexible and think on the fly in order to be a thief or a pirate, much less succeed at both. She has a tough appearance but those that have earned her loyalty and trust have found a true friend in her ­ showcasing the typical Cancer trait of her bark being much worse than her bite.

5. Kyoya Sata (Wolf Girl and Black Prince)

  • Birthday: July 4th

Kyoya Sata may be the most popular boy at his school, and is particularly well liked by the ladies. He has a reputation for being a gentleman, but one classmate finds out through an unfortunate set of circumstances that he is anything but the “Prince” people believe him to be.
He blackmails her into being his pet at first, but eventually it begins to look like real feelings may develop between the duo.

Cancers are occasionally accused of being two­faced because they can act very differently towards strangers than they do towards those they trust. Kyoya’s surface personality is very likeable, and Cancers are generally well liked by the general public. However, like many Cancers, he has a side of him that is sensitive. He hides his true nature behind an additional sadistic mask because deep down he harbors a fear of developing real romantic feelings.

4. Tamaki Kasuga (Hiiro no Kakera)

  • Birthday: June 28th

Tamaki Kasuga is a normal girl who leads a normal life that is completely disrupted when she sees a strange creature that turns out to be a spirit. This is only the beginning ­ she finds out that she is the descendant of an ancient royal bloodline with supernatural powers. Because of her ancestry, she is charged with the sole responsibility of defeating a powerful demon. Luckily, she has five handsome guardians to help aid her in her task.

Tamaki is a kind person who loves her friends and protects them at all costs, even when they get her into trouble. Her fierce loyalty is a common quality of her star sign. Surprisingly, she is generally more optimistic than most people think this star sign to be. However, her gentle sensitive nature is a good example of how all Cancers are at their core, whether they like to admit it or not.

3. Ichigo Kurosaki (Bleach)

  • Birthday: July 15th

Ichigo is a human boy who has been given demonic powers, and a special responsibility along with them. He must use his new skills to fight off evil spirits, and send good spirits on to where they belong. In addition to attending to his duties in the spirit realm, he must balance his newfound role as supernatural protector with the tribulations of being a teenager.

Ichigo can be moody and brooding ­ two characteristics most commonly associated with the star sign Cancer. He also attends to act before he thinks, and this impulsivity can also be attributed to the crab star sign. Perhaps the most typical Cancer trait of all, he has a vulnerable emotional underbelly that he hides behind a hard exterior shell of a personality. Like many Cancers, he assumes the role of protector for his friends and family.

2. Spike Spiegel (Cowboy Bebop)

  • Birthday: June 26th

Spike Spiegel is a space cowboy with a dark past. Behind his charming, laid back attitude lies a determination tougher than steel. Though he fancies himself a lone wolf bounty hunter with one close friend, through coincidence alone he quickly develops a crew of several unlikely partners. With their help, he chases down some of the galaxy’s most wanted criminals. Though they often succeed, one way or another they always manage to wind up broke and right back where they started.

Though he may seem playful, Spike is also prone to bouts of Cancer pessimism and moodiness. He also exhibits the star sign’s resourcefulness, adaptability and unquenchable
thirst for adventure. Even when he finds himself in tight spots, he is usually able to find creative solutions to escape danger. Throughout the series he proves his loyalty to his friends, again and again, sometimes to a fault.

1. Usagi Tsukino (Sailor Moon)

  • Birthday: June 30th

Usagi Tsukino is the leader of the Sailor Scouts, a group of magical girls who are the only ones who can save the planet earth from mysterious forces that would otherwise destroy it. This huge responsibility would be a lot for anyone to handle, but that’s not all that Usagi has on her plate. She may be a superhero, but she still has the responsibilities and insecurities of an average teenage girl. Unfortunately, life doesn’t slow down for anyone, not even Sailor Moon!

Usagi may be the most well-known Cancer character, and she also epitomizes the stars sign in many ways. Her sensitivity often results in her tears, and her friends calling her a crybaby. However, her sense of loyalty to her friends allows her to put this aside, and she can be a strong leader whenever they are in jeopardy, in typical Cancer fashion.

Final Thoughts

Cancers come in all shapes and sizes but tend to share common traits with one another. Their resourcefulness and creativity often get them out of difficult situations. They are usually sensitive creatures, even if they may do their best to hide it. Above all, they are almost always unrelentingly loyal to their friends and family. Not everyone born under one-star sign is the same, but it’s certainly fun to think about astrology and how it applies to our favorite anime characters. If you’re a Cancer, we’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

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