Top 10 Cute Saijaku Muhai no Bahamut Characters

What seemed to be a pretty looking reference to Infinite Stratos, Saijaku Muhai no Bahamut added another short but fun series to the ever growing pool of harem shows. Though it may not have garnered the highest of ratings, Bahamut is a series that provides exactly what you would expect it to: fan service, action, and cute girls, so what's there really to complain about?

Now when it comes to ecchi and harem series, they tend to contain two types of girls: sexy girls, and cute ones. You get series like Highschool of the Dead that focus on sexy, To Love-Ru which has a mix of both, and then there's Saijaku Muhai no Bahamut, a show that's definitely honed in on the cuties. So we've written a list of who in our opinion, are the top 10 cutest Saijaku Muhai no Bahamut characters, to give you fanservice fans something to ponder over.

10. Noct Leaflet

One of several ever present sub-characters, Noct is roommates with Airi Arcadia and is often seen helping her like some kind of bodyguard-maid-assistant combo. Noct is like the smartphone of the group: logical, informative, helpful, but not exactly one for conversation, and with an almost chameleon-like ability to blend into the background. Despite that, it would be a darn shame to leave this quiet cutie out.

With her bob-cut hair and sleepy eyes, Noct has an innate cute and harmless look to her. Along with her soft voice, yet direct way of speaking and acting, Noct fits the cool and calm kuudere character type. Even filling the kuudere archetype, though, there is this softness and sweetness to her voice, which along with her petite, blushing face give her the charming warmth that got her put in the ranking.

9. Tillfur Lilmit

Like Noct, Tillfur is one of the ever present sub-characters in Saijaku Muhai no Bahamut, honestly, some of them are around more often than the main heroines! A member of the Royal Knight Academy's Triad squadron, Tillfur is one of the top brass of the school, though not on the same level as the main cast. Her main goal in life seems to be getting Lux into ridiculous and embarrassing situations, as well as pushing along his relationships with the main girls.

Tillfur actually has one of the most adorable voices in the whole show or at least one of the most unique. The way she speaks is much more girlish than many of the other more adult or high-class sounding characters, which makes her seem very bright and energetic. On top of that, her expressions are drawn so that she always looks cheerful, and her super high ponytail makes her seem fun and bouncy. It's nice that even as a minor character Tillfur gets plenty of screen time because we think she's funny and cute to boot!

8. Luno

Lux in a wig, yeeeah, that's what we're talking about. Some traps are okay to fall into. Luno came about when Lux was sent to investigate a strange man who was seen lurking about the academy, supposedly creeping on the female students. It all got a bit out of hand though when he spotted Celistia talking to a cat and she decided to befriend him. On the bright side, he did get to go on a nice shopping trip and pick her out a swimsuit so y'know, gotta take the good with the bad.

Being just a female version of Lux, Luno is the ordinary nice girl who's fun to be around and easy to get on with. It's surprising how well Lux's figure suits female clothes as well: he was always skinny but blimey. With long hair and Lux's constant troubled expressions, Luno quite resembles his sister Airi, although understandably substantially more nervous. Whenever a trap pops up, they tend to be made surprisingly cute for comedy reasons if nothing else, and Luno is a great example of this.

7. La Krulshe

A lost technology of days gone by, La Krulshe is the robotic supervisor of one of the ruins that Lux and the group explore, waking up after being touch by Krulcifer. Child-like in appearance, La Krulshe is half informative ruins guide and half kid that wants to be left alone to sleep. Sadly she doesn't stick with the group for very long, seemingly bound to the ruins, as well as being easily controlled by their enemies. Shame really, as the series is slightly lacking in the loli department.

With her petite frame and long hair, La Krulshe is already pretty darn cute right off the bat. The unusual attachments on the side of her head have a similar appeal to animal ears, as well as her pale green hair and eyelashes making her seem pure and innocent. La Krulshe's helpful, servant-like attitude makes her sound sweeter than she perhaps is, given that we know she has a childish, lazy personality when there isn't a job for her to do. Although only making a brief appearance, La Krulshe is definitely a cutie, and perhaps if she was a more major character would have ended up higher on the list.

6. Airi Arcadia

Lux's ever troubled little sister, Airi Arcadia seems to be constantly worried about her brother's actions and frequent slip-ups. Despite being a member of the previous Arcadia Empire's royal family, Airi seems to have settled into life in the new kingdom with few problems, though like Lux she has been called upon by the New Kingdom for favours. Although Saijiku Muhai no Bahamut does not appear to have gone down the imouto route, Airi still often seeks affection and compliments from her big brother, getting jealous of how friendly he is with the other girls.

Airi is probably the girl most prone to pouting in the series, often exaggerating and poking at Lux to get his attention. Despite this she is might also be the most genuinely kind and ordinary girl out of the cast, with an incredibly sweet smile, and a cute frown when she's troubled. Seemingly without her own Drag-Ride, Airi is also very much the innocent maiden who needs her prince around to protect her, being unable to fight for herself. With her occasional tsundere moments and overprotective tendencies, Airi is a truly adorable little sister.

5. Celistia Ralgris

The strongest Drag-Ride user in the Academy, bar Lux, of course, Celistia Ralgris is the daughter of one of the Four Great Noble families and in possession of a pretty awesome white and gold Divine Drag-Ride. Although in public Celistia portrays herself as a strong and noble lady, in private she's incredibly caring and sweet, being much more sensitive than you'd expect. Although supposedly a man hater, this rumor is fairly quickly debunked by Celistia herself, only making her sensitive and nervous side more apparent.

Being scared of interacting with men is one of Celistia's charm points, with her beating even Liseharte in terms of how nervous and embarrassed she gets. The contrast between this side of her personality and her mature, noble appearance is easily the cutest thing about her, as, despite her obvious beauty, she's not really sure what to do with it. Her desire to be friends with Luno though is possibly one of her most adorable moments, showing her to be just a lonely young girl who wants someone to hang out with.

4. Yoruka Kirihime

The strongest Drag-Ride user under the old Arcadia Empire, Yoruka remains loyal to her contact despite the empire's collapse, now serving Lux himself. Despite her youth, Yoruka is not only an incredibly strong Drag-Ride user but also an assassin, living her life very much in the shadows. With a harsh life behind her, Lux's kindness is both cause for confusion, and a rude awakening for the emotions that she has long kept hidden.

Filling the goth loli role, Yoruka wears traditional Japanese style clothing along with numerous red ribbons in her hair, making her one of the most prettily dressed girls in the series. On top of her already short stature, Yoruka's super long hair and bangs covering her face make her seem even smaller than she is, as well as making her face look cute and petite. With her goth loli look, traditional clothing, and heterochromia, Yoruka has had several charming and cute tropes used in her design, making her surprisingly adorable despite being a ruthless assassin.

3. Krulcifer Einfolk

The adopted daughter of the Einfolk House, Krulcifer was excavated from Yimir's Ruin as a child and is a member of the race who originally inhabited them. Though she doesn't seem to be the emotional type, Krulcifer works very hard in hopes that her family will accept her as a daughter, although they sadly only seem to be interested in her for research purposes. She seems happier now that she has Lux and friends whom she can trust around, which is not something she's used to.

A mix of formal, high-class lady and teasing teenage girl, Krulcifer's cutest moments are when all her barriers fall away, normally due to Lux's heroic acts, and she becomes a helpless damsel who isn't sure what to say. With one of the sweetest and most satisfying blushing faces in the series, her flustered reactions are the perfect reward for a job well done. Although Krulcifer looks quite strong and proper, the ribbon in her hair adds femininity that makes her seem younger and more innocent, as well as her pale blue hair adding a softness to her appearance. Starting off quiet and cool, Krulcifer was the surprise cutie of Saijaku Muhai no Bahamut.

2. Lisesharte "Lisha" Atismata

Princess of the New Kingdom and future Queen, Lisesharte was a prisoner of the Arcadia Empire before it was brought down and has their mark branded on her lower abdomen. Her original resentment of Lux is partly due to this, and of course partly due to him seeing her naked, though as we know that all gets cleared up fairly quickly. Lisha is surprisingly skilled when it comes to fixing and modifying Drag-Rides, something she takes a great amount of pride in and we see often throughout the series. Despite being constantly jealous of the other girls and inexperienced in love, she's determined to cling to Lux like her life depends on it.

The group's tsundere, Lisha spends more of the series with a bright red face than not, with there seeming to constantly be something for her to be embarrassed about. This adorable feature of hers is more often than not a result of her jealous and clingy attitude towards Lux, a sweet and girlish part of her personality. On top of that, Lisha's dainty, petite form is very appealing, along with her stylish side-tail hairstyle. Although tsunderes can be a bit much for some, Lisha manages to remain a loveable girl throughout the show.

1. Philphie Aingram

Little sister to the Academy's Principal and childhood friend of Lux, Philphie has been fortunate enough to have some very caring people in her life, although she's also had her share of bad luck. Almost dying and having an Abyss seed planted in her are among such unfortunate experiences, though those demons of the past are largely vanquished now. Having known Lux for such a long time, and being quite dim-witted when it comes to concepts like personal space, Philphie is naturally closer to him than anyone else, making her a formidable opponent for the other girls even if she isn't quite aware of it herself.

Being such a ditzy airhead, Philphie gets away with some ambitious and affectionate acts that none of the other girls dare to pull off quite yet, such as her unexpected appearance in Lux's bed. Despite the raunchy implications, however, her innocence and sweetness make her actions cuter than they are sexy. Her light pink hair with pigtails, soft voice, and sleepy expression all come together to give a constant charm to everything she does. Designed from her toes to the tip of her ahoge to be an absolute sweetheart, Philphie is the girl you want to pat on the head and feed strawberries to on a warm summer's day.

Final Thoughts

So those were our top 10 cutest Saijaku Muhai no Bahamut characters, what did you think? The top tiers are always tricky, and we're sure that Lisha and Yoruka, in particular, are bound to have a lot of fans. There's a kind of brightness and vibrancy to Saijaku Muhai no Bahamut's art style that really makes the charm of each girl apparent, though, as well as some very nicely drawn hairstyles.

Now then, if you had to pick one, who would you go with? These ten are all pretty great, but there are some awesome girls not on the list as well, including Philphie's more mature sister, and the quite frankly insane antagonist Hayes if you're into that sort of thing. Whoever you'd pick, let us know in the comments below!

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