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Sometimes we as otakus just want to shut down the door of the ordinary life. We live aside our problems for a while and try to immerse in different worlds, where our avatars await. Then, we can experiment with any type of life we would like to live. That is why games such as Maplestory are successful. Developed by Wizet and released in 2003, this game eventually became an anime produced by TV Tokyo, Detsu and Nexon.

The story was merely inspired by the original game, but it is the type of plot that attracts oldies and newbies alike. We have a strong backstory, evil forces and several races in the middle of a conflict in an alternative world. The protagonist (Al) is a happy-go-lucky young guy who is always trying his best. But one of the most important features of Maplestory is the cuteness of its characters. This cuteness is manifested not only on looks, but also on certain personality traits. So, who wants to remember some of the most adorable Maplestory characters? Let’s proceed.

10. Ben and Akane

MapleStory-wallpaper-697x500 Top 10 Cutest MapleStory Characters

Let’s start this list with some unique characters from Maplestory. Let us introduce the slow snails, who are introduced since the first chapter of our story. They are a big red snail and a small green snail. Their rounded shapes make them look comfortable and cute.

The personality of these pair is easy-going. Although they are snails, they can move pretty fast if they want to. They also try to do what is right. Unfortunately they are not shown a lot in the anime, that is why they are low in our Top Ten.

9. Harp-kun

MapleStory-wallpaper-697x500 Top 10 Cutest MapleStory Characters

Taking into account that Maplestory develops in a fairy like world, we need some flying little critters around. And the best ones have to be cute, right? That is why we have a winged companion among the cast of this anime. Harp-kun has blond hair, white skin and adorable pink butterfly wings.

So, her looks are perfect, but how about her character? Well, this girl is outspoken and kind of a sub-commander of the Archers in Maplestory. Harp-kun can be very brave, although impulsive sometimes. Her voice is also cute, but you have to watch out when she is in duty mood!

8. Barrow

MapleStory-wallpaper-697x500 Top 10 Cutest MapleStory Characters

Meet the cool guy in the town, everyone. Barrow resembles a detective blue wolf with stylish glasses, cream colored elegant shirt, the classical hat, etc. He looks lean and tall, but not so much that he loses the comfortable proportions most of the characters of this anime have. And let’s not forget the rounded shapes everyone has.

Barrow also has other points to emphasize his cuteness. This guy is a master of weapons, being the boss of the Archers in the anime. But Barrow shows off in such a relaxed manner, that we can not say he is petty or vain. He looks absolutely cute when he shows us his abilities! Plus, Barrow’s disciples tend to be cute as well.

7. The rabbits

MapleStory-wallpaper-697x500 Top 10 Cutest MapleStory Characters

Cute stories need rabbits. Period. Maplestory was not going to be left behind. That is why we have a tribe of pink, fluffy rabbits here. And look at those shiny little red eyes! But remember to not judge a book by it’s cover. Besides their obviously cute looks, rabbits on this world can be dangerous.

They are the disciples of none other than Barrow! But taking into account the coolness of their leader, that just adds to the rabbits cuteness. Their training movements are simply adorable! And have we mentioned when they are performing on a concert with their impeccable military uniform?

6. Lady Krone

MapleStory-wallpaper-697x500 Top 10 Cutest MapleStory Characters

Meet one of the villains in Maplestory! Lady Krone is a good looking lady with white skin, slim proportions and purple colored hair. She also has bat wings on her head for some reason… and pointy teeth. Maybe Lady Krone is some sort of vampire with a taste for candy.

This little characteristic of her points to a not so evil side of Lady Krone When later (in chapter 24) Zakteman reveals that he wants to plunge the world into darkness, she has second thoughts about being by his side. And thus, she ends up joining the heroes side! Truly speaking, Lady Krone might be a villain just because she enjoys playing jokes on other people, which is also a reason for her being cute.

5. Yetis

MapleStory-wallpaper-697x500 Top 10 Cutest MapleStory Characters

Just look at these fluffy creatures! The yetis live on the exotic island of Victoria Island. Some are like small, rounded hairy snowballs and others have plump arms and legs, plus minute shiny eyes. They can be easily overlooked in the snow, but here in the island, they are easy to spot. Legend says the Yetis are dangerous.

Poor cute yetis! When they make their debut on episode 11 (Gill appears), everyone is scared of them. But the tiny ones have such cute childish like voices, how come people are scared of them? It is only when one giant Yeti rescues and heals Al that our protagonists find out they are inoffensive and generous creatures. This just adds up points for the yetis’ cuteness.

4. Puudou

MapleStory-wallpaper-697x500 Top 10 Cutest MapleStory Characters

This little, cute and plump pink pig with a red ribbon around his neck is introduced in episode 2. Puudou is Nina’s pet, a role he does not like too much at the beginning. In fact, he is running away when our protagonist Al finds him. Although we can not say Puudou has the cutest of voices to match his charming looks, he has had several adorable scenes.

For example, when Al tries to make Puudou not yell that he is a human, the poor pig gets all red in the face and moves his legs all over the place XD Puudou has been seen cleaning Nina’s place with a broom too. And how about when he sits over Nina’s head? A good anime has to have cute pets like Puudou, definitely.

3. Nina

MapleStory-wallpaper-697x500 Top 10 Cutest MapleStory Characters

But let us talk about Puudou’s owner a little, shall we? This dark skinned, purple haired and green eyed girl looks all cute and skinny. Nevertheless, she is the strongest witch in her village, thus she is the leader of the place! That is why at first she is rather shellfish and a little shallow.

Yet, we must admit that Nina earns points on character development with time. After travelling with Al and company for a while, she learns the importance of team-work. Nina also treats Puudou better, plus uses her magic to do good things (in short, to help save the world). Her sassy attitude and those little moments when she is flying on her pink cloud make of her one of the cutest characters of this story.

MapleStory-wallpaper-697x500 Top 10 Cutest MapleStory Characters

2. Al

MapleStory-wallpaper-697x500 Top 10 Cutest MapleStory Characters

We finally arrived to our protagonist! Al is an enthusiastic dark skinned guy with straight brown hair and eyes. He wishes to become a hero, but he also trains rigorously to achieve that dream. Al also has a secret, at first he hides that he is a human with a fake tail and elf ears. That is kinda cute.

Nevertheless, the strongest point of Al is his character. Our protagonist always stays positive. He never blamed anyone for the problems of their world and tried to achieve peace by uniting all sorts of races. Al’s belief on friendship and his will to never give up make of him a great role model, plus make of him a cute character.

MapleStory-wallpaper-697x500 Top 10 Cutest MapleStory Characters

1. Kino

MapleStory-wallpaper-697x500 Top 10 Cutest MapleStory Characters

Who can’t resist Kino? Just look at him! An oversized yellow and orange mushroom with white spots and tiny, black, shiny eyes. Kino is first seen collecting jewels in the first chapter of Maple Story. We could think he is an adult because he looks so big, but the truth is that he is still a child. Kino is, in fact, collecting jewels to make a present for his mother (aw!).

Anyway, Kino is fond of Al and becomes some sort of sidekick for him. He is not considered a pet, as Al does not “enslave” him or anything, as Nina did at first with Puudou. Kino almost always looks cheerful, but we can notice immediately when he is troubled or sad, as his face is so easy to read. He is the most perfect, cute character of Maplestory!

MapleStory-wallpaper-697x500 Top 10 Cutest MapleStory Characters

Final thoughts

And there you go! This was a wonderful review throughout one of the most cute and innocent animes ever! If you are a young child at heart or if you have kids, don’t hesitate to watch (or rewatch) Maplestory. Its cute characters will take you to a world full of adventures with a happy ending. Plus, it does not have a lot of chapters. Maplestory has the ideal size and dynamics to not get you bored.

Which other characters in Maplestory could be considered cute? Which ones were your favorites? Don’t forget that we are open to all your comments and suggestions. See you soon!

MapleStory-wallpaper-697x500 Top 10 Cutest MapleStory Characters


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