Top 10 Cutscenes in Video Games [Best Recommendations]

Some people love them, some people hate them; but almost every game has cut scenes. They’re used for a myriad of reasons. Sometimes it’s to introduce an environment, showcase an important event, or greet a new character. A lot of the time they have long, drawn-out conversations that for one reason or another a gamer will simply want to skip through. However, you would be quite foolish to skip through any of the cut scenes on this list. These cut scenes represent the best of the best. They represent everything that a cut scene can be and will definitely make you question ever skipping a cut scene ever again, unless of course you are replaying a game. Why? Well, they show just how impactful these scenes can be when the writing is done right and you are finally given a moment where the characters can express themselves. Yes, it helps that in many cases the graphics improve to cinematic quality, but more importantly you’re getting an in-depth view of the character(s) you have been controlling. Without further ado, let’s get to the top 10 video game cut scenes.


  • System: PC
  • Publisher: Electronic Arts
  • Developer: Valve Software
  • Release Dates: Apr. 8, 2008

Portal put us in the shoes of a human in a testing center. We are given a portal gun and then put through some tests. Then the facility tries to kill us and it’s our job to escape using the technology we have been given and our wits. It’s a unique adventure that challenges players to view their environment analytically and creatively as they can utilize just about any aspect of it with their portal gun.

The gameplay of Portal caught everyone’s attention. It became an instant classic and is renowned for challenging players’ abilities to manipulate the environment. However, it became a cult classic with an intense fanbase due to its ending credits, which basically flip the ending of the game on its head. In song, Glados narrates basically our whole adventure, describing how impressive we were. Yep, we did not kill Glados. Glados is fine and Glados holds a certain fondness for us and so we will get our cake. The remaining question is will we eat it?

9. Diablo III

  • System: PC, PS3, X360
  • Publisher: Blizzard Entertainment
  • Developer: Blizzard Entertainment
  • Release Dates: May 15, 2012

Diablo III brings us back to the Sanctuary where we will come face to face with demonic hordes as we try to make our way to the Lord of Terror, Diablo. Like most things that Blizzard develops, Diablo III displays amazing production quality in practically every aspect of the game. This includes the cut scenes and one cut scene that most gamers will remember with ease is the Act II introduction where we bear witness to the confrontation of the angels Tyrael and Imperius. The artwork is absolutely astounding and sets the mood for the game as we realize even the divine beings are experiencing unrest. It lets us know that practically anyone who stands before us can be as likely an enemy as a friend.

8. God of War III

  • System: PS3, PS4
  • Publisher: SCEA
  • Developer: SCE Santa Monica
  • Release Dates: Mar. 16, 2010

God of War III brought us back to ancient Greece and set us against the gods. Nothing quite new there in regards to the God of War series. The only real difference is that number of people on Kratos’s hit list has grown considerably. Essentially every single being residing on Mount Olympus must be destroyed.

The God of War series is infamous for its level of gore both for in-game combat and cut scenes. One scene in God of War III outdoes every single other moment though. It really is one of the most brutal moments in gaming history that will be burned into your mind if you ever see it. The killing, more specifically the beheading of Helios is simply disturbing and yet you will not be able to look away. Kratos systematically tears this god apart and cements himself as the most terrifying and ruthless protagonists in video gaming.

7. Kingdom Come: Deliverance

  • System: PS4, XONE, PC
  • Publisher: Deep Silver
  • Developer: Warhorse Studios
  • Release Dates: Feb. 13, 2018

Kingdom Come: Deliverance brings us back to the year 1403 when a war is occurring in Bohemia. Our family and most people of our village have been massacred by a band of mercenaries sent by the Hungarian king, Sigismund. That’s why we get involved with a resistance force that is trying to restore the rightful king of Bohemia.

Unlike most scenes on this list, the top Kingdom Come cut scene is all about making you laugh. It’s not really dramatic or intense or bloody. It’s about you getting completely drunk with a group of people and one person in your group happens to be a priest. Getting drunk and stumbling around while the group throws around witty banter is pretty enjoyable in and of itself. However, the gold is when the priest wakes up the next day and remembers that he has to give a sermon in a little bit. Well, he’s in no condition, so you’re going to have to prep a service yourself. Best of luck.

6. Metal Gear Solid

  • System: PS, DC, PC
  • Publisher: Konami
  • Developer: KCEJ
  • Release Dates: Oct. 21, 1998

Metal Gear Solid puts you in the shoes of special agent Snake. It’s your job to regain control of a secret nuclear weapons base.

The Metal Gear Solid series is renowned for many things. It has been one of the best military/stealth games of all time. The game’s cut scenes have played a huge role in the game’s success. This is especially true for the earlier games when the cut scenes were basically the only way for the game to give you insight into the true drama that was unfolding, and boy did those early games have a lot of drama. One of the best happened to come out with the first game.

The death of Gray Fox was a moment that defined the series and made this first game unforgettable. The history between Gray Fox and Snake goes way back, from being friends to turning enemies, and in this scene Gray Fox throws away his hatred and saves Snake. That plotline alone is enough to tug at your heartstrings, and yet there’s more. Gray Fox reveals that he’s the one who killed Naomi’s parents, a girl who had considered him her brother. It’s this that type of multi-faceted reveal that has defined so many moments in the Metal Gear Solid series as we discover double agents and other twisted connections.

5. Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

  • System: PS4, XONE, PC, NS
  • Publisher: Bethesda Softworks
  • Developer: MachineGames
  • Release Dates: Oct. 27, 2017

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus continues the saga that gamers were introduced in Wolfenstein II: The New Order. In this game, players are sent to an America under Nazi control and it is their job to recruit the most hardened resistance leaders.

This is a game with a lot of impact. Between the graphics and dialogue, every single cut scene is incredible to view. Though most of the scenes are brutal and suspenseful, the best one in the game takes it those aspects to the next level. The scene where BJ and a group of actors audition for a role in Hitler’s movie is terrifying, hilarious, and brutal. Every single movement Hitler makes will send a shiver down your spine. You never know when he’ll decide to pull the trigger of the gun he keeps waving around. However, with every moment of suspense of gore, there’s a moment to make you laugh. The scene will make you question your morals as you’ll probably laugh at one things that is completely inappropriate.

4. Warcraft III

  • System: PCs
  • Publisher: Blizzard Entertainment
  • Developer: Blizzard Entertainment
  • Release Dates: Jul. 3, 2002

Warcraft III was an epic adventure that few games today can even compare to. It brought us into a world full of strife and tension as the Undead forces rose to threaten every living thing. One of the essential characters you play as is Prince Arthas, who will do anything to protect his homeland…even if that means killing his own people.

Though there are plenty of great cut scenes from Warcraft III, the most impactful scene is when Arthas returns home from Northrend, after slaying the Undead forces and claiming the legendary sword Frostmourne at great costs. He essentially betrayed all his allies and sold his soul in order to achieve his victory. We know he’s changed, and yet no could expect him to unsheathe his sword and slay his own father in this scene. This moment basically caused the plot to turn a 180. We were given a clean slate. Anything could happen moving forward as we controlled the Undead. Furthermore, this moment clearly detailed how far Arthas had fallen from humanity and set the tone for the second half of the game.

3. Mass Effect III

  • System: X360, PS3, PC, Wii U
  • Publisher: Electronic Arts
  • Developer: BioWare
  • Release Dates: Mar. 6, 2012

Mass Effect III brings us into a universe where Earth is being brought down by a race of terrifying machines. Commander Shepard understands how dire the situation is and so sets out to bring the various civilizations of the galaxy together in order to save humanity.

The Mass Effect series is one of the best sci-fi RPG series out there. It has captured the hearts and imaginations of countless gamers and a lot of its best moments have been cut scenes. So many cut scenes helped build tension, flesh out characters, and create a dynamic universe. The amount of tension built over the entirety of the series finally comes to a head in the dramatic Battle for Earth sequence. The artwork is absolutely incredible and from here on out, everything is on the line. You can feel the intensity behind every single movement because there’s no room for mistakes. It really is such a satisfying scene that brings together gorgeous artwork, crazy action, and emotional honesty.

2. Final Fantasy VII

  • System: PS, PC
  • Publisher: SCEA
  • Developer: SquareSoft
  • Release Dates: Sep. 7, 1997

Final Fantasy VII brought us into a world full of political and social strife. You see, the world’s energy source of mako, which basically everyone depends on, is monopolized by a single company, Shinra. This company essentially controls the world. Cloud was once a soldier for Shinra, but now he has joined an anti-Shinra organization known as AVALANCHE. While most of his comrades fight to create a more equal society, Cloud is basically trying to figure out his purpose in life.

Final Fantasy VII has several memorable moments, such as Cloud cross-dressing, none really compare to the power behind the scene when Sephiroth stabs Aerith in the back. This moment in gaming shook the entire gaming community. It reminded players that their characters are not necessarily their characters. They are the game’s characters and the game can decide if one of them will disappear. It also cemented Sephiroth as one of the most evil, cruel, and heartless villains in video gaming history. Overall, it left many gamers despondent and an

1.The Last of Us

  • System: PS3, PS4
  • Publisher: SCEA
  • Developer: Naughty Dog
  • Release Dates: Jun. 14, 2013

The Last of Us is an action-adventure game that is all about surviving an apocalyptic setting. A modern plague has wiped out most of humanity. The few that are left need to defend themselves against the hordes of infected as well as each other. It’s a dangerous environment and you need to make sure that Joel and Ellie make it through together.

You can’t make a list like the top 10 cut scenes and not include The Last of Us. This is one of the most cinematic games out there. Not a single cut scene is wasted in this video game. Each moment incites a feeling, furthers the character development, or introduces new information. It really is writing at its best. Though there are many great cut scenes, the moment when Ellie says, “And if I say no” is absolutely incredible. She stands her ground and shows off an incredible amount of willpower and intelligence. She is not going to let anyone decide things for her, not even Joel. It really is an incredible moment that has a lot of emotional impact considering the events that have led up to that point.

Final Thoughts:

There you have it. Those are the Top 10 Video Game Cut Scenes. Though many people tend to write cut scenes off, cut scenes are in fact essential parts to video games. They help tie in the character development and let us see just how much a certain event has affected our characters. They also allow for the input of incredible visuals in order to better capture a momentous occasion so that you will never ever forget it. With that being said, are there any incredible cut scenes that you feel should be on this list?

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