Top 10 Drama Manhwa [Best Recommendations]


That moment where a young teen has to fight back against his oppressor. A romance that is rife with questions and pains. These concepts and more can be found in the world of drama and we absolutely love. That moment where characters must endure to find some way to move onward and what they must do to make their dreams a reality fills our hearts with so many emotion. That’s why today, for our love of drama manhwa, we look at the Top 10 Drama Manhwa.

Drama is an element that can be seen in many manhwa. Like other genres, the drama motif allows for almost any other genres—examples would be romance or sci-fi to name a few—to work in harmony when handled correctly. Though that same reason means finding a good drama manhwa to read isn’t a simple task. That’s why Honey’s Anime began a tireless journey through hundreds of manhwa to craft a list that shows the best drama manhwa has to offer. With ten drama manhwa titles down below, we know something will catch your eye.

10. Kiss Wood

  • Manhwaga: Ahn Sung Ho
  • Genre: Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Supernatural, Seinen
  • Volumes: 2
  • Published Date: Jun, 2010- Jan, 2011

Sul has been a gardener for most of his life until he finally loses his job. Now with nothing left to focus on, Sul begins taking care of the rare plants in his own garden. Though it isn’t long before his own garden is also taken away thanks to a stranger setting Sul’s home and garden on fire. Barely surviving, Sul wakes up in a hospital but now with another thing taken away from him: his eyesight…

Kiss Wood puts main character Sul through a lot of issues, sometimes almost too many. However, manhwaga Ahn Sung Ho makes sure to never make Kiss Wood seem just pure drama thanks to its fantasy and supernatural themes. Sul’s transportation into another world seems really interesting and thanks to this manhwa’s amazing art and colorful story. Kiss Wood is one of those stories you can interrupt in different ways and we love that in this short 2 volume work. If you wanted a dramatic adventure full of interesting characters and cool narrative, definitely check out Kiss Wood.

9. Banquet Box

  • Manhwaga: Hun
  • Genre: Drama, Mystery, Psychological, Seinen
  • Volumes: 43 Chapters
  • Published Date: 2009

What would it take for you to face your past? Another question: can you deal with your past? Four people are about to be kidnapped and will face an unusual predicament. When the four wake up, they notice they are in a container box and then a voice echoes out a simple statement. If they wish to survive they must face their past actions and sins…

Banquet Box is one of those stories that keeps your jaw dropped from the moment it starts. Thanks to manhwaga Hun you’ll come to learn what these characters have gone through and why they are in this odd situation. Thanks to the amazing art—also done by Hun—readers will really feel immersed in this drama filled mystery story. A great story hooks you initially. However, Banquet Box doesn’t just hook you from the beginning but through the whole 43 chapters.

8. Can’t See Can’t Hear But Love (See, Hear, Love)

  • Manhwaga: Go, Yeong-Hun
  • Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance, Slice of Life, Seinen
  • Volumes: 6
  • Published Date: Oct, 2010- Aug, 2011

Min Geun Soo is finally finding his dreams become a great reality. As an upcoming comic book artist, Min seems to be obtaining his goal with each passing day. Then Min’s dreams come to a screeching halt when he begins to lose his eyesight. Now dealing with losing his sight and his mom’s mental issues, Min decides he doesn’t want to continue living. Just as he’s about to end his life a young deaf girl runs to the rescue saving Min’s life. This young claims to be Min’s biggest fan and from there these two souls begin to travel down the same path.

Romance already is a pretty tough ordeal. Manhwaga Go Yeong-Hun takes it up a few notches in Can’t See Can’t Hear But Love by adding a whole slew of issues and troubles for our young couple. Thankfully, while it may be tense at times and have some extreme amounts of drama—especially in the initial stages of the romance— it never feels like melodrama. We here at Honey’s Anime have loved Can’t See Can’t Hear But Love and now you fans of drama will love it just as much. Drama and romance merge perfectly in this awesome series thanks to Go Yeong-Hun and the expertise this creator bring in Can’t See Can’t Hear But Love. Also let us add that ending will really grab your emotions strongly but we won’t spoil it.

7. Dokgo

  • Manhwaga: Baek, Seung Hoon- Meen
  • Genre: Action, Drama, School
  • Volumes: 6
  • Published Date: 2012- 2013

Bullying can change a family’s life dramatically. This is proven when Kang Hu dies thanks to bullies in his school. Now living in a shattered family, Kang Hyuk wants revenge on those who have done this to his brother. Exactly one year passes and Kang Hyuk enters back into school seeking only one thing, the destruction of the delinquents and bullies who ended his brother’s life a year ago. In Dokgo, readers are about to learn what happens when you push someone too far.

Dokgo is a strong story of revenge and we here at Honey’s Anime found ourselves lost in each volume. Thanks to the duo behind Dokgo—Meen and Baek Seung Hoon—not only will the art capture you but so will the narrative. You feel the rage Kang Hyuk feels and you will find yourself enamored as he shows the world what you do when you hurt a family member. If you worry that this story may seem overly unrealistic let us tell you it’s really not as Meen never lets the narrative go too off kilter. The issues dealt with in Dokgo feel real because they are real issues that people go through and it’s nice to see a manhwaga present that in their work. If you want a drama story that ebbs closer to real life concepts and issues we fully recommend Dokgo.

6. The Friendly Winter

  • Manhwaga: Lee, Jun
  • Genre: Comedy, Drama, Slice of Life, Psychological
  • Volumes: 2
  • Published Date: Oct, 2011- Feb, 2013

Though Han Da-Jeong may be 19 years old her looks don’t match her. In fact Han looks more akin to that of a child thanks to a rare growth defect. Then fate ends up having Han meet 17 year old Kim Min-seong who just so happens to have the mindset of a child. With such an odd combination the two quickly become friends. However, their lives together won’t be the easiest thing as they will have to deal with their own differences and a harsh world.

Comedy and drama seem more akin to oil and water, they don’t seem to work in theory. However, Lee Jun—the manhwaga—really did an amazing job in The Friendly Winter. This comedy, drama, psychological slice of life story really feels real thanks to how the characters interact with one another. At times, you’ll burst out laughing and then other times you’ll feel their pain when certain issues arise. While The Friendly Winter may only be 2 volumes long, it doesn’t feel too short or too long and we always think that’s an important concept for a great manhwa. The Friendly Winter was a guaranteed choice for our Top 10 Drama Manhwa.

5. Save Me

  • Manhwaga: 1230
  • Genre: Drama, School Life
  • Volumes: Prologue + 23 Chapters
  • Published Date: 2016- Present

Hyeongoh is one of the best students of his school. In fact, he’s actually considered top ranked in terms of grades. Though this doesn’t make poor Hyeongoh popular with others. In fact he’s found his school life to be nonstop bullying and harassment. That all changes though when one day a young man stands by Hyeongoh. For the first time Hyeongoh will know what it feels to have a protector.

Save Me so far has been a great story mixing in drama with school life, which is a perfect unison. Anyone who has been bullied for being smart or skillful in something can easily identify with Hyeongoh thanks to manhwaga 1230 doing some incredible storytelling and character development. We here at Honey’s Anime also love the amount of detail thrown into 1230’s work with some beautiful character designs and impressive background detail. Save Me looks good and reads even better and that’s why it earned a place on our list. We could only wonder what will continue to happen in this manhwa—it still an ongoing series—but regardless we know Save Me will continue to wow its readers.

4. The Bride of the Water God

  • Manhwaga: Yoon, Mi-Kyung
  • Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Shoujo
  • Volumes: 24
  • Published Date: Oct, 2007- 2014

When a village faces a terrible drought the village starts becoming desperate. Soah—our main female lead—ends up becoming a sacrifice for the Water God. As she falls into the water and begins drowning Soah is saved by none other than the Water God. Now the Water God wishes to make Soah into his wife and let her live in his domain. Can Soah change her whole life?

Odd romances always seem to be the perfect way to infuse drama into a story. Poor Soah has lost her homes she’s known her whole life and now has to live with this Water God in a place she’s unfamiliar with. However, her drama becomes our entertainment. This 24 volume series from Yoon Mi-Kyung from beginning to end is a great romance story that gives plenty of drama to those who love their romances difficult and complex. Alright now it’s time to get into our top 3 drama manhwa.

3. The Breaker

  • Manhwaga: Park, Jin- Hwan- Jeon, Geuk, jin
  • Genre: Action, Comedy, Drama, Martial Arts, School, Shounen
  • Volumes: 10
  • Published Date: Jun, 2007- Jul, 2010

Shioon has known nothing but bullying and harassment since school started. After one more incident occur Shioon finally breaks down and decides he wants the pain to end. However, Shioon’s life is saved when a new teacher arrives at his school who seems to be anything but your typical teacher. Chun-Woo—the new teacher—seem to be able to use martial arts at an insane level. Shioon runs to Chun-Woo and begs this martial arts master to teach him how to fight just as well. Though Chun-Woo makes Shioon do one thing first, jump off a bridge…

A young man dealing with bullies and the struggles he goes through seems the ideal story for an action, drama and martial arts story. The Breaker—season one—is what we consider one of the best drama story thanks to seeing Shioon deal with his own insecurities as he becomes stronger physically and mentally. This ten volume work from manhwaga Park Jin-Hwan left us always wanting to read the next volume and then the next. Besides the narrative being so strong illustrator Jeon Geuk jin really uses some cool styles with the character design and action scenes. We here at Honey’s Anime can only hope one day The Breaker becomes an anime, seriously we wish for this a lot.

2. At the End of the Road

  • Manhwaga: Haribo
  • Genre: Drama, Psychological, School Life, Shounen Ai
  • Volumes: 44 Chapters + 2 Specials
  • Published Date: 2016- Present

Something very interesting and odd is about to befall Taemin. After a tragic car accident, Taemin should have died. However, Taemin notices he’s alive and within the body of Siwon. Unlike Siwon who was bulled, Taemin uses this new body to give Siwon a new image and stands up for himself. Then when Taemin runs into an old friend—who recognizes Taemin’s scent—an odd tale will soon unfold between the two.

Imagine for a second what it would be like to take over another person. What would your first actions be and what would you do with this new body as your vessel? At the End of the Road answers this through the eyes of Taemin and the choices this guy makes are very interesting. Haribo—the manhwaga and artist behind At the End of the Road—does an excellent job of crafting an interesting shounen ai work that really strong utilizes some great drama. If you were in the need of a solid dramatic shounen ai work you can’t go wrong with At the End of the Road which we enjoy still.

1. Nanohana Boys

  • Manhwaga: Pyon
  • Genre: Comedy, Drama, School Life, Slice of Life
  • Volumes: 63 Chapters
  • Published Date: 2014

Onishi Yuu was a delinquent and lived life on the edge. However, that all changed when Onishi was hit by a car and found himself badly hurt. Now with no vision in his left eye, Onishi attempts to regain his old school life. Then with one random event Onishi will mee Ishida Kenji—who also suffers from a disability— and the two’s lives will begin to change together. Watch as two high schoolers challenge the world together.

We end our list on the excellent Nanohana Boys by manhwaga Pyon. Nanohana Boys hits all the right notes making it an excellent drama story that feels real thanks to solid character writing and simple but impressive art. Our time with Nanohana Boys had us emotionally drawn into the world Pyon crafted for these two disabled young boys and it was an adventure we really love reading. We give two thumbs way up for Nanohana Boys and we knew it had to take the top spot on our Top 10 Drama Manhwa list. Goes to show you that friendship can be earned in some of the oddest ways indeed.

Final Thoughts

The drama theme is something we’re sure won’t be leaving the world of manhwa anytime soon. Could you imagine for a moment some of these titles above losing that dramatic emotion? That’s why drama is necessary in creating great manhwa titles, you need those problems in a story for characters to really show what they can do. Well with that folks, we here at Honey’s Anime are calling this article done. Let us know in the comments what titles you loved and stick around to Honey’s Anime for more articles coming at you soon.

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