Top 10 Dynamic Guilty Crown Characters

Guilty Crown is an action packed anime set in a somewhat dystopian future. Where the hopes of humanity seem bleak due to the Apocalypse Virus, it is up to Ouma Shu to wield the power of the Kings to save Japan. Unfortunately for him, the virus is not the only threat that he faced. The organisation known as the GHQ was set up by the UN to curb the virus but it is secretly controlling Japan, removing Japan of its independence. Shu becomes an unwilling participant in this conflict and joins the Funeral Parlour.

In Guilty Crown, both factions have their central characters. Due to the intensity of the anime, most of the characters are heavily dramatized. Each character is unique and dynamic in their own way – be it by their actions or their individual personalities. So without further ado, join us today as we count 10 of the most dynamic Guilty Crown Characters. Which one of them is your favourite?

10. Ouma Haruka

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Haruka is the stepmother of Shu. She is his caretaker and has an aura of a youth despite being around 30. Whilst at home, Haruka has a playful and light hearted side to her. She maintains a more serious mode, while at work however. Haruka is a Senior Researcher of Genomics which is within the GHQ, the very faction that Shu is rallying against. Despite the differences, Haruka genuinely cares for Shu as though as he is one of her offspring.

Haruka’s personality while at home is that of one that is extremely lively and cheerful. After several scenes of action, it is nice to peek into the simpler side of the relationship of her and Shu. Haruka is very lax at home to the point of greeting guests in her night wear. This is completely contrasted while she is at work however. Haruka is dedicated to her work and takes on a focused stance to it. It is amazing how she manages to switch between the two and maintain the level of zeal at the same time.

9. Hare Menjou

guilty-crown-wallpaper-700x438 Top 10 Dynamic Guilty Crown Characters

Gentle and free-spirited are probably the words you would want to use to describe Hare. Hare has been shown to be kind to others numerous times. Not only that, she harbours feelings for Shu as well. She believes that he would one day be a great kind, with reference to a fairy tale she once read. Even her Void has healing properties to represent her passion for rejuvenation.

So what makes this character in any way dynamic? Dynamism may not only be restricted to action and energy. In a way, Hare has the same level of passion in motivating her peers. Her ability to stimulate others and provide them with strength alone can be a trait. Hare’s passion and zeal, along with her tenacity is the driving force behind this character. Perhaps we can call it… passive dynamism?

8. Tsugumi

guilty-crown-wallpaper-700x438 Top 10 Dynamic Guilty Crown Characters

Tsugumi is the hacker for the Funeral Parlour. She has a neko-like appearance. Whereas the rest of the team is out on the frontlines, she is the sole person who supports them on the backend. Tsugumi’s origins are unclear but she was reported to be an orphan. Traumatized by the actions of the GHQ, Tsugumi joins the Funeral Parlour in order to save her home country.

Especially in high action sequences, Tsugumi is usually the one dishing out instructions or commands in a spirited manner. Using Aye! and Nay!, her mood matches the frequency of the situation as it is usually heated and exciting. Outside of battles, she is usually cheerful and cheeky. Even if the situation is dire, Tsugumi eliminates the graveness with her upbeat personality. She can be said to be the most enthusiastic support character.

7. Dan Eagleman

guilty-crown-wallpaper-700x438 Top 10 Dynamic Guilty Crown Characters

Dan is an American and a GHQ Colonel. He is a stereotypical jock who speaks and acts in a brash manner. However, he is good natured at heart and prefers for his subordinates to be friendly with him. Dan is often irresponsible at work. Often his ideas are often unorthodox to the point of being ludicrous.

Dan is a very upbeat man and exudes an aura of confidence. He often tries to show his subordinates that he cares for them by giving them talks but this is often undermined as he is often pushy and assertive. Dan is extremely fervent and passionate for the cause of the GHQ and fights for the better of mankind. He can be hot-headed and aggressive. Despite being a side character, his spirit and passion blows us away every time he appears.

6. Daryl Yan

guilty-crown-wallpaper-700x438 Top 10 Dynamic Guilty Crown Characters

Daryl is a young officer under the GHQ. He is known as “the Butcher” due to his vicious and cruel tendencies. Suspected to have a split personality, he can be playful at times but sadistic when on the battlefield. Daryl’s father is a top commander in the GHQ and Daryl yearned for his approval and acceptance. When his role model was caught having an affair, he felt betrayed and became enraged.

Daryl’s dynamism is best displayed when he is piloting an Endlave unit. Even at a young age, he is shown to possess skills that rival many skilled pilots. He even cornered Ayase, another highly skilled pilot on numerous occasions and almost succeeded in killing her. Whilst piloting an Endlave, Daryl is capable of causing mass destruction. His tenacity and somewhat violent tendencies makes it extremely intriguing to watch while on the battlefield.

5. Gai

guilty-crown-wallpaper-700x438 Top 10 Dynamic Guilty Crown Characters

At the top of the opposing faction is Gai Tsutsugami – the head of Funeral Parlour. Enigmatic as much as he is charismatic, Gai fights for an unknown reason until the later part of the anime. He is apparently the childhood friend of Shu and their relationship is not expanded until the later half of the anime. Gai is extremely intelligent. He is able to concoct complex plans and execute them despite Funeral Parlour being inferior to the massive GHQ.

Gai is the front of the Funeral Parlour. He is unlike most leaders who command the battlefield from a distance. Gai jumps straight into the battlefield and fights alongside his members whilst giving out instructions and issuing commands. During high intensity situations, this is very exciting to watch as Gai is able to fight and command at the same time. Since he is extremely charismatic as well, he will leave you very pumped up!

4. Ayase Shinomiya

guilty-crown-wallpaper-700x438 Top 10 Dynamic Guilty Crown Characters

Ayase is the wheelchair bound Endlave pilot for the Funeral Parlour. She does not allow her handicapped status to draw her down. A highly skilled Endlave pilot, Ayase rivals Daryl with her piloting skills. Ayase is also a strong willed individual who puts her all for the cause of the Funeral Parlour. When she developed feelings for Shu, her loyalty and disposition shows itself as she refused to leave Shu alone when the building is collapsing, putting herself at risk as well.

One thing you should never do is underestimate Ayase. Her handicapped status only makes her drive even stronger and more impassioned than ever. Ayase fights with the same level of energy as her comrades. As an Endlave pilot, she has a fiery attitude that is overwhelming. Ayase’s dynamism on the field is what makes her Funeral Parlour’s best Endlave pilot!

3. Makoto Waltz Segai

guilty-crown-wallpaper-700x438 Top 10 Dynamic Guilty Crown Characters

Cunning and calculative, Makoto is a Major that is related to the GHQ. Makoto pledges allegiance to none and his role in this era is to simply fulfil his own agendas. Makoto also has the ability to manipulate people to get the information he wants. Originally an antagonist, Makoto fought against Shu. After realising the power of Voids, he aids Shu simply to see the beauty of the Voids.

Makoto is certainly an unorthodox figure in this anime. In his scenes, he is always shown to be dedicated to accomplishing his goals and targets. Yet however, these goals and targets change so frequently such that Makoto is always striving for something different every time. No matter what his intentions are however, Makoto will always use methods that are so inconceivable – that they strike and awe even his foes. Regardless of his calm and cool exterior, you can sense his drive and motivation in achieving his goals.

2. Ouma Shu

guilty-crown-wallpaper-700x438 Top 10 Dynamic Guilty Crown Characters

An unsociable teen, Shu was quick to break out of his shell after an encountering with Inori. Wielding the Power of the King, Shu carries the future and hope of Japan. Along the way, he encountered many situations which allow him to mature further. At his pinnacle, Shu realises his power and now fights to save everyone even if it means soiling his own hands. At the climax of this whole conflict, Shu was even ready to sacrifice himself for the sake of mankind.

The King’s power is that of the ability to draw out the Voids of individuals. This means that Shu possesses the power of every human being. However, his favoured Void is still Inori’s void – a giant sword, so powerful, he can sweep through numerous Endlave’s at once. While originally unconfident, Shu matures and become a dominating force on the battlefield. His newly found drive only gives him new purpose and resolve to protect his ideals fervently.

1. Inori Yuzuriha

guilty-crown-wallpaper-700x438 Top 10 Dynamic Guilty Crown Characters

Inori was first introduced to be an emotionless girl. She is a singer going by the pseudonym of Egoist, a highly popular Internet artiste. Through her meeting with Shu however, she develops her own feelings and found the purpose for her existence. A puppet that was controlled by Gai, Inori soon found her resolve to follow Shu and fight for his ideals. Now, she stands beside him as they try to save the world from the Apocalypse Virus and Mana.

So what is so dynamic about this character that she is placed first on this list? Maybe it’s her combat skills, even though she is emotionless from the start, Inori is peerless on the battlefield, being able to singlehandedly wipe out several soldiers from the GHQ. Or it could even be her strong resolve to fight and protect the ideal of another with passion. However, what we feel about this character that makes her so dynamic is her expression. As Egoist, Inori was able to save a few people and captured the hearts of many more.

Let’s not forget that in addition to the storyline, the music of Guilty Crown is what made it famous and popular. Where is Inori’s dynamism? It is in her singing, where she is able to fully express herself. With her song, she sung of the sorrows of others and hopes for a better future. Through her song, it is where we find her dynamism, her dedication and her absolute resolve for the world.


With the dynamic cast of characters in Guilty Crown, which one of them is your favourite? Undoubtedly, each and every character in the Guilty Crown franchise is unique and spirited respectively. Perhaps there might even be one character whose zeal and force that catches your attention. Who is this character that strikes out the most to you? Let us know in the comments below and we will see you next time.

guilty-crown-wallpaper-700x438 Top 10 Dynamic Guilty Crown Characters


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