Top 10 Female Soulcalibur Characters

Soulcalibur-wallpaper-700x438 Top 10 Female Soulcalibur Characters

Soulcalibur may not be as iconic or popular compared to its Tekken cousin, but the Soulcalibur franchise has been praised to be consistently good and have a wide range of diverse characters that it is unlikely to not have a character that speaks to you. Soulcalibur has delighted us with a bunch of sexy female characters which is kind of the main reason we play this game, really.

We would like to showcase our favorite Top 10 Female Characters Soulcalibur from the franchise, which we think are highly memorable and eye-catching!

10. Cassandra

Soulcalibur-wallpaper-700x438 Top 10 Female Soulcalibur Characters

Cassandra is the younger sister of Sophitia. Cassandra is called The Valiant Princess, due to her bravery and strong will. Cassandra is not really happy that her sister is being burdened with the task to destroy Soul Edge, so Cassandra is determined to destroy it on her sister’s behalf.

Cassandra is known to be a well-balanced character. While she may not be as strong as her sister, Cassandra is still considered as a high to top-tier, character. Her fighting style is aggressive and composed of short-range and long-range attacks. Unlike Sophitia, who is obedient and humble towards Hephaestus, Cassandra does not give a rat’s ass as to whether one is a god or not. Cassandra is quite the rebel to blame Hephaestus for burdening her sister with the difficult mission!

9. Seong Mi-Na

Soulcalibur-wallpaper-700x438 Top 10 Female Soulcalibur Characters

With all the Korean Wave we get sucked into, it’s hard to not like an attractive Korean girl. Seong Mi-Na is a beauty with brawn who is better than her father at using the wol-do, which is a Korean pole weapon. Her looks charm many of the men and her father is happy with how things are going as he wants her to get married and settle down. Seong Mi-Na is similar to Mulan in that she wants to join the military but is rejected due to being a female.

Seong Mi-Na fights using the wol-do and she does best at long-range attacks. She is actually a low-tier character as she is fairly weak, so the main reason she is on this list is clearly due to how hot she looks. She seems to know that she is not a very strong character, so she gets rather pissed off when someone views her as weak (Please spar with us, Seong Mi-Na!).

8. Xianghua

Soulcalibur-wallpaper-700x438 Top 10 Female Soulcalibur Characters

In perhaps every fighting game ever, there is a Chinese chick or dude who is good at kung fu, and in Soulcalibur, that character is Xianghua. Xianghua is the illegitimate child of Xiangfei and a monk named Kong Xiuqiang. Xianghua’s mother, Xiangfei, is skilled in sword arts, and she passes it down to her daughter. Due to Xianghua’s cheerful and slightly childish personality, she has been likened to Ling Xiaoyu from the Tekken franchise.

Xianghua has an arsenal of feint attacks that make her attacks unpredictable to opponents. While she does not have great strength, her combos are deadly which leads to her being a high-tier character. In fact, many players considered Xianghua to be overpowered. She’s not difficult to use either, which makes her a great beginner’s choice!

7. Amy

Soulcalibur-wallpaper-700x438 Top 10 Female Soulcalibur Characters

Amy may look like a doll but she’s not the sweet variety, but rather a cold-hearted one. At least she looks the opposite of Chucky. Amy was an orphan after her parents died from the Black Death plague. After saving Raphael Sorel’s life, Raphael takes care of Amy, and the two develop a special father-and-daughter bond.

Ah, a Gothic Lolita character. It’s time that Japan introduces its unconventional fashion trends into fighting games. Perhaps there would be an idol girl character with yaeba teeth next. Amy’s movements are so graceful that it reminds us of a dancing ballerina in music box. Her individual attacks lack power but she make up for it by stringing powerful combos. Plus, those cute curls make our knees weak.

6. Tira

Soulcalibur-wallpaper-700x438 Top 10 Female Soulcalibur Characters

So you can spin the hula hoop around your waist for as long as you want? Congrats, but Tira has the coolest hula hoop ever invented and she can wield it expertly, and not just spin it around her waist. Being raised as an assassin, Tira has gotten used to killing that she becomes addicted to it. She enjoys tormenting people and seeing them suffer.

Tira is basically a crazy bitch with split personality caused by the conflict between Soul Edge and Soul Calibur. And you know how some people dislike people in general but love animals? Tira is the extreme version of that. Tira is very unpredictable and has two major sides known as Jolly and Gloomy. She is also capable of hurting herself so beginners may find it difficult to play her character. Nevertheless, these attributes make her a very unique character and we cannot recall seeing a similar character to her in other fighting games!

5. Ivy

Soulcalibur-wallpaper-700x438 Top 10 Female Soulcalibur Characters

Ivy is one of the most recognizable characters in Soulcalibur due to her silver hair, ample bust, and sexy attire. Ivy is raised by the once wealthy Valentine’s family. Ivy’s father was driven to insanity due to his quest for the key to immortality which lies in the sword known as Soul Edge. Ivy is determined to destroy the evil sword, so she creates a sword that could also transforms into a whip.

Her cold personality leads many to regard her as an evil character, but she is really just a person who wants to avenge her father’s death. She is kind of a neutral character overall. We love Ivy for her unusual weapon and character design. Ivy is a pretty difficult character to use, so depending on how skillful you are, she can range to be from low to high-tier character. For obvious reasons, she is also pretty difficult to cosplay as, and we wish there are more girls who are daring enough to cosplay as Ivy!

4. Sophitia

Soulcalibur-wallpaper-700x438 Top 10 Female Soulcalibur Characters

Not only is Sophitia a beautiful name, but the character is also a fine-looking lady with an ancient Greece-inspired drape that makes her look like an angel. Sophitia’s father is a baker and they live in Athens. Sophitia is one who loves her country’s culture and would often pray to Athena, the Greek goddess of Wisdom. She was given a holy mission by the Olympian god of fire to destroy Soul Edge.

Sophitia is regarded as a high to top-tier character due to her strong attacks. Like her sister, Cassandra, Sophitia is an aggressive fighter, but Sophitia is a better character as her attacks do more damage. Throughout the Soulcalibur franchise, we have seen how Sophitia grew from a valiant teenage girl to a caring mother. As a mother, she is very protective of her children, Pyrrha and Patroklos, that we sadly lose this beautiful character when she sacrifices her life to save Pyrrha.

3. Hilde

Soulcalibur-wallpaper-700x438 Top 10 Female Soulcalibur Characters

We have the notion that princesses are pampered brats, so we are pretty surprised to find out that Hilde is actually a princess. Hilde’s father is the king of Wolfkrone who had gone mad. As her father was left to live in an isolated chamber due to his insanity, Hilde was forced to take over the throne at a very young age. She wields a sword and a spear which can be used for short-range and long-range attacks. Due to the heavy armor, her speed is not great. However, her attacks are powerful, moreso for her charge attacks which inflict incredible damage.

Honestly, how often do you get to see a female character clad in full armor? Usually the mechanism in games is that the higher level the female character is, the skimpier the armor and the higher the defense. Even though Hilde wears full armor, it does not mean she is a noob, but rather the opposite. So finally, there is a game that works with our common sense. The first time we laid our eyes on her, we thought that she looked ridiculous in the clunky armor, but twice is the charm and now we think that she totally slays it.

2. Taki

Soulcalibur-wallpaper-700x438 Top 10 Female Soulcalibur Characters

Taki, The Hunter of Darkness, is a busty female ninja clad in a very attention-grabbing bright red bodysuit. Guess we were wrong about ninjas having to blend with the environment or perhaps Taki is just too skillful that she does not need to bother about concealing herself during missions. Taki is one of the nice characters in the series and her goal is to search and obliterate Soul Edge before it brings chaos to the world.

Being a ninja, Taki is skilled in ninjutsu and is also really agile, thus making her a formidable fighter who can easily defeat the slower enemies. Unfortunately, Taki has been replaced by Natsu in Soulcalibur V as the director and producer of the game thought that Taki was too old to continue being a ninja. Alas, even game characters grow old and retire too, so fans should accept this as a part and parcel of their gaming life.

Soulcalibur-wallpaper-700x438 Top 10 Female Soulcalibur Characters

1. Talim

Soulcalibur-wallpaper-700x438 Top 10 Female Soulcalibur Characters

Talim is also referred to as, The Last Priestess of the Wind, and her fighting style involves wind control techniques such as summoning tornadoes. Her weapon of choice is the Dual Tonfa-styled Blades which she uses skillfully along with her wind dancing attacks. Her youthful looks and short stature reflects her soft and innocent personality.

Talim is a character from The Philippines, and it is pretty rare to see a character from that country in a fighting game. In fact, she is regarded as the first Filipina in a fighting game. Although Talim may be considered as a low-tier character, she is consistently a major fan favorite! The team behind Soulcalibur should take cue from this and introduce us to more characters from other countries, which are not commonly featured in fighting games because we really want to see beautiful women from various countries!

Soulcalibur-wallpaper-700x438 Top 10 Female Soulcalibur Characters

Final Thoughts

We hope that your favorites made it into the list. If they didn’t, do tell us who we should have included. We love reading your comments so do leave one down below whether you agree or disagree with this list!

Soulcalibur-wallpaper-700x438 Top 10 Female Soulcalibur Characters


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