Top 10 Funniest Mob Psycho 100 Characters

Mob Psycho 100 comes from the same creator of that insane series in 2015, One Punch Man. One Punch Man was praised as a very action oriented yet funny show that was quite different from other series at the time of its inception. Mob Psycho 100 bears a lot of similarities with One Punch Man, but does a lot of things different as well. But most importantly of all, it is as funny as One Punch Man ever was.

Mob Psycho 100 is filled with some of the most silly, over the top characters that do things that make no sense. And some of them do so in the most straight faced and deadpan manner that it only serves to add to the overall humour of the situation. Mob Psycho 100 is basically a show of a bunch of people who take themselves too seriously, and we have a whole list of them for you today!

10. Go Asahi

Go Asahi is one of the children who were invited to join the experiments at the Awakening Lab. Most of the time, he seems to take up a leadership role amongst the children. It also seems that Go Asahi is the most prone to be super serious about his powers, despite how weak they are in comparisons to the many super powered characters in the show.

What makes Go Asahi and the other esper children stand out so much in Mob Psycho 100 is how weak they are. In a world where other espers have the ability to cut through cement and wreck entire gangs of thugs in one blow, the children might as well not have powers. It’s especially telling when Go Asahi uses his power of pyrokinesis to create a flame so small, any smoker could reproduce it with less effort using the lighter in their pocket. But really guys, Go Asahi is super serious!

9. Tome Kurata

As with all shows that involve the supernatural, there will be those who are unable to sense it but are deeply interested in the issue. As such, they form large coalitions to actively hunt down those with powers, causing great inconvenience for the main characters. Not this show! While there is indeed a supernatural club with Tome Kurata at its head, they are way too lazy to even hunt down any prospective espers.

Instead, the club becomes a sort of after school club where they just sit around snacking and complaining about life. We are definitely hunting down espers through the consumption of our potato chips! Just you watch! When Mob finally joins the club, Tome gets her passion reignited at the discovery of a true esper. Instead of causing any real problems for Mob, Tome hangs out with him in hopes of discovering another esper. This brings some semblance of a social life for the normally reclusive Mob.

8. Ishiguro

Ishiguro is one of the main antagonists of the season and is a member of the upper echelon of the criminal organisation Claw. The esper is also the head of the 7th division, the entity that causes most of the trouble throughout the season. Ishiguro has a diminutive figure and is always proclaiming in a girly voice that the powers of espers are unmatched and will one day change the world. Overall, Ishiguro paints an intimidating figure, as befits the main antagonist of a season.

That’s why everything changed when his identity was revealed. Yes, it was a man. It was an old man that was stuck in a weird chuunibyou costume using a voice changer to sound like a girl. The amount of eyes that started watering at that horrid sight of his unmasking cannot be counted. And that’s just what comedy is right? Something that was so unexpected that we burst out into laughter? Although we might have felt a little horror as well…

7. Koyama

Koyama is one of the mini bosses of the season. At the midpoint of the series, Koyama approaches Ritsu to entice him into joining Claw. When that doesn’t work out as planned, he gets into a fight with Ritsu and defeats him. Even Mob, who tries to save Ritsu within the same encounter gets defeated by Koyama. Even though Koyama did get injured by Mob, Koyama ultimately did defeat the main character. In a literary sense, it creates an end goal for the hero to overcome, something for him to work towards. This makes it seem like the hero really grows when he finally defeats someone who defeated him before.

Oh you mean Mob defeated him in one move in the next encounter? And he wasn’t even trying that hard? Well that was anticlimactic! Koyama would have been a real hurdle type of character in any other show, but he was so easily trounced by the main character. That is the kind of humour that One Punch Man had, and it carries over quite seamlessly into Mob Psycho 100. For reference, remember the Deep Sea King?

6. Musashi Goda

Not everyone can be a super powered esper in the world of Mob Psycho 100. Some people remain powerless their whole lives, but it doesn’t make their lives meaningless. One Musashi Goda, the head of the Body Improvement Club, obviously seems to think that he can seek power from other venues. He and the rest of the club constantly work out hard to train their bodies into peak perfection.

And the weirdest thing about them? They don’t conform to the bully trope at all! When Mob joins their club, they treat him like one of them and earnestly try to help him improve. They even go out of their way to try and rescue Mob from the delinquents when they could have just left him where he was. These guys are so meta and anti-trope that you can’t help but earnestly laugh along with their antics. You may have esper powers, but do you even lift, bro?

5. Kenji Mitsuura

Kenji Mitsuura is one of those super rich guys who doesn’t have anything better to do with their money. Like all crazy and eccentric rich people, he has his own niche of insanity, and in his case, it’s research into unlocking esper powers. Thus, Kenji opens the Awakening Lab to help kids tap into their innate esper power. In the real world, he would just be seen as any other whacko with too much cash. But here Kenji actually…succeeds?

Despite the sheer impossibility of his research subject, Kenji actually manages to find just the right kids and manages to somehow unlock their powers. Granted, they aren’t anything amazing compared to the other characters of the show, but in the eyes of a normal person, that is some ground-breaking stuff! However, despite his weirdness, Kenji is a truly kind person that becomes extremely distraught at his inability to protect the kids from Claw when they get kidnapped, so he’s not just some weird rich guy who somehow succeeded.

4. Teruki Hanazawa

Teruki Hanazawa is basically the spiderman of Mob Psycho 100. When he first gets his powers, he abuses them to a great extent in order to garner great popularity over his peers, and absolute dominance over the gangs of his school. When he later clashes with Mob, he gets trashed so badly that he loses all his hair and the backlash completely destroys the school that he was attending. And thus he learns that with great responsibility comes great power.

Teruki also becomes a massive weirdo. After his defeat at the hands of Mob, Teruki decides to become Mob’s apprentice as it is obvious to him how much power Mob has at his finger-tips. So essentially, Teruki becomes the Genos of Mob Psycho 100. He eventually becomes the Tsukkomi to Mob’s Boke, often pointing out in an extremely deadpan tone how impossible the feats that Mob achieves are.

3. Dimple

When we first encounter Dimple, he is at the head of a cult whose primary purpose is to smile a lot. His logic seems to be that if many people worship him, his powers as a ghost will skyrocket and he will be able to one day rule the world through his smiling cult. Then Dimple gets completely wrecked through no effort at all by Mob.

Dimple starts to follow Mob around in a bid to restore his powers, but always gets caught up in Mob’s hijinks and ends up getting rekted constantly by the bad guys who want to do nothing but capture him as a pet because he carries great potential. His villainous ways in trying to manipulate Mob always end up falling flat due to how oblivious Mob is, and just end up being humour fodder for us to laugh at. He’s just like all the villains in the series, but even more pathetic if that is even possible.

2. Shigeo Kageyama

Shigeo Kageyama is more commonly referred to as Mob by the other characters throughout the series. He is the main character of the series, and parallels can be drawn between him and Saitama as they have the same propensity to wreck everything. The one difference that they have is that Mob is extremely reluctant to use his powers because he wants to be a normal person.

This doesn’t change how funny it is for Mob to constantly waltz into a situation and mindlessly destroy all the bad guys with a flick of his finger. He has the One Punch Man syndrome, in which it is just really fun to watch one person overpower everyone in the series despite their enormous build up in power and character arcs. The fact that he is completely oblivious to how powerful he is just makes the situations more ludicrous than they are.

1. Arataka Reigen

Arataka Reigen is the most morally bankrupt character in the series. He constantly cons people of their money by pretending to be a psychic medium. When there is a real supernatural situation to be dealt with, Arataka uses Mob to solve the situation and pays him a mere pittance for his time. Furthermore, in order to cement his control over the resource called Mob, Arataka is always giving him counter-intuitive advice in order to keep Mob from having a social life.

But everything about Arataka gets redeemed in 5 mins in the last episode of Mob Psycho 100. Seeing how Mob is about to lose control of his powers and start to get violent, Arataka steps in and tries to calm him down. But all that pent up energy has to go somewhere, and it gets channelled into Arataka as Mob deeply trusts him. And so, a conman with no powers proceeds to use the 100% power of Mob to absolutely destroy the final bosses in the show, essentially stealing the limelight from Mob.
It’s such a WTF moment that we just had to put him at the top!

Final Thoughts

The cast of Mob Psycho 100 certainly know how to put on a show! From meta humour to slapstick comedy, there is an endless array of different ways that they have to entertain us from episode 1 all the way to the finale. Each and every one is unique (read: weird) in their own way and it certainly shows when they make us laugh throughout the show.

We sincerely hope that there will be a second season of this series, as much as we hope for a second season for One Punch Man! It will certainly be a sight to behold. Thought any other characters were just as funny? Share with us in the comments below!

041 Top 10 Funniest Mob Psycho 100 Characters


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