Top 10 Funniest Moments in Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou (Daily lives of High School Boys)


"High school boys doing stupid things." That pretty much sums up this anime in a single sentence. This series follow 3 characters - Hidenori, Tadakuni and Yoshitake. This series portrays their misadventures and their everyday life as they progress along high school.

Hidenori serves as the group de facto leader. Usually when there is a crazy plan to do something ridiculous, it's usually calling the shots. I don't know whether his ingenuity is something to be praised, but you can be assured that his antics are often funny as hell.

Tadakuni can be called the 'airhead' in the group. He is also perhaps the most normal amongst the trio and serves as the voice of reason - which usually backfires and he ends up being convinced to join in anyway therefore conferring him his airhead title.

Yoshitake is the pseudo-cool guy in the group. The pseudo is intentional. He gives off a cool vibe and even comes up with awe-inspiring lines sometimes only to ruin the moment by doing something utterly absurd which is beyond this world. He is my favourite character because even when he fails, he does it stylishly.

When you put these 3 unique characters together, you will be treated to laughter due to their silly antics. Scenes include slapstick comedy, exaggerated dialogue and even getting caught in an embarrassing situations! The abundance of silly happenings they are in makes it all the more fun and truly indeed, this anime continues to rank high in numerous comedy lists.

So let’s get to it! Today, we will count 10 moments in the anime that is definitely gonna make you laugh or at least put a smile on your face.

Moment No. 10: "Role-play" from Episode 2

10 Moments in Daily lives of High School Boys

Ever saw a long pole, or even a stick lying by the road and you imagine it to be the coolest sword like… Excalibur? Then you start swinging it around making slashing noises. Well, in this scene the boys are doing just that! They saw a stick on the road and imagined it to be a sword while acting out an imaginary scene. Tadakuni of course (spoilsport…) laments the idea of it as they are on the street but eventually joins in adding more to the comedy.

Nothing gets to me better than this scene. Game and an anime lovers can relate to this scene. When you hang out with close buddies who also happens to be gamer and anime lovers, anything and everything is your world. You can even make a stick become a sword and start a fight .

You can be in a busy street and still break out into goofy antics while the stares of everyone are ignored as you indulge in your make-believe world. To other anime lovers, you're just weeaboos. LOL, But that is what makes it all the more fun…

Moment No. 9: "Literature Girl" from Episodes 1, 2, 5 and 11

09 Moments in Daily lives of High School Boys

The Literature girl first appears in episode 1 under the setting of the typical boy-who-meets-a-girl-by-the-river. However, instead of talking like normal human beings, both of them happen to have the same thought of delivering cool sophisticated quotes and lines.

I mean come on! Their opening conversation is something like this: “The wind… is troubled today. Indeed… however, it weeps too”. Whatever happened to the golden age of hi and byes?
In the end however, it turns out that the literature girl simply wanted to fulfil her fantasy of her romantic scenario and Hidenori was the chosen person. The thing is that the protagonist in her story is this lonely otaku which adds to the humour but much to the dismay of Hidenori.

The literature girl spawned its fair share of jokes and memes. That's how much the literature girl scenes holds in the anime. Literature girl is often shown in a windy, open grass field with Hidenori. Both would usually come up with cheesy lines while standing in a composed and straight face. Looks are deceiving after all and what made these scenes special and funny are his soliloquy which is totally different from what he is actually saying.

Both are usually caught in numerous situations in the anime and it's never boring to see these two talking... with themselves…

Moment No. 8: "Daily Lives of High school GIRLS" Segment starting from Episode 3

08 Moments in Daily lives of High School Boys

Dubbed as “High school Girls Are Funky”, this short segment is usually featured at the end of the main show. It starts from Episode 3 and is featured in future episodes. It shows the girls doing the same everyday mundane activities such as complaining about how the boys managed to get a whole series to themselves while the girls are not mentioned, talking behind the boys' backs as well as discussing their favourite food – sweets.

Basically, instead of Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou, it’s Joshikosei no Nichijou (Daily Lives of High school Girls). Whatever nonsensical gimmicks the boys tries to pull off in the anime; you can expect the same for this segment. It's a shame that this segment is usually a 2-5 min. short at the end of the main show as there needs to be more female exposure in the series!

So I would like to make a declaration: Who's with me on the idea of a new season for this series??? Daily Lives of High school Girls (Funky Girls). Of course, we're also hoping for a second season for the original DKNN.

Moment No. 7 "Career Day" from Episode 7

Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou capture episode7

It is the day for the boys to hand up their career day questionnaires up to the teacher. Sensei however was sharp and she knows that the boys were up to no good; therefore she decided to check the answers on the spot in front of the whole class. The amount of nonsensical answers given was gold. In the future I would like to be: (Not a Lawyer) (Teacher’s Lover) (A ghost).

Just as the teacher was getting exasperated, the final answer delivered the best punch line.

Questionnaire Answer: Enter College
Teacher: MAKE A JOKE!!!

Remember that one time which the whole class got together to troll the teacher just because it's so boring... or maybe your teacher is an awesome person? There's something about the whole class trolling a teacher that makes it all the more fun. It gets funnier when she is expecting a serious thought out answer to a life question.

What do you want to be in the future? “I do not want to be a lawyer”. Such retort. Much funny. So sugoi. I wish there were more people like the person who wrote that.

Moment No. 6 "Ping Pong with a twist" from Episode 3

Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou capture episode6

Here we find the boys playing a game of ping pong after their bath. The only rule to this specific match is that they may only hit the call after giving the correct answer to a given topic. The topics are chosen amongst themselves and what they chose are honestly… quite good to sabotage someone with. First up we have the moons of Uranus. Tadukuni lost. Next we have the names of foreign presidents. Tadakuni lost.

Tadakuni is one point away from losing but he has a trump card. It's his turn to choose the topic. He reveals his specialty and ultimatum and puts his all into this. He chose countries that have a moon on their flag. He lost. As expected of the airhead of the group.

So you can only hit a ball only if you answer the question correctly. Easy enough. Except amongst friends, no one sets easy questions. Names of foreign president! Moons of Uranus?

These are too specific for a match to even last more than 2 strikes. I didn't even know that Uranus had more than 1 moon! Kudos to Tadakuni for retaliating with an equally challenging question only to know one answer... Yeah... Well played. He can compete with Akahisa from Baka To Test for the Baka title.

Moment No. 5 "You're eating a what now?" from Episode 1

Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou capture episode5

This is the first ever scene from DKNN. It shows the main character Tadakuni on his way to school as he is running late while eating a piece of bread for breakfast. He is joined by his two friends with one eating a bowl of ramen and another eating a plate of curry rice. Very unconventional… but hilarious when in that situation. I especially love the fact that both Hidenori and Yoshitake are doing it with a normal attitude as though as they are accustomed to it all along. Points to them for feigning ignorance!

I believe that it was the first ever scene that made DKNN a favourite comedy show amongst fans. Already, it started off by presenting a stereotype of anime characters straight off the bat with a twist. When you're late for school, you have bread for breakfast... unless you're like these two who had ramen and curry while running to school.

More often or not, the first few scene of an anime are the most important ones, as they determine whether potential viewers will stay on or drop it, depending on their satisfaction with the first few minutes. DKNN did well in bringing in viewers with slapstick comedy based on clichés.

Also, since we are on the topic of food...

Moment No. 4 "Don't drop your food in anime" from Episode 12

Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou capture episode4

While hanging out, one of their friends dropped a sausage as the various characters try their bests to save it from falling to the ground. It starts with Yoshitake almost seemingly catching it only to have the stick poke his hands as he launches it up into the air again as he winces in pain. As Hidenori tries to save the day, he ends up in the same predicament as Yoshitake. One of their unnamed friends dived down and launches it up again - into a girl's face which rebounded into the back of some passerby shirt that caught it and threw it straight into Tadakuni's stomach. As the sausage finally fell to the ground, the guy who dropped it in the first place picked it up nonchalantly and continued to eat it.

Did you see how long that description was? All this in the name of food. The measures that one take to protect food in anime. Anyone here remembers what Nichijou is well known for? (for those that watched it). The same way Yuuko prevents her octopus shaped wiener from falling to the floor, DKNN portrays the same scene with a hotdog and the efforts the protagonists take to save it. The moral of the story, everything is extreme and dramatic in anime, even when it comes to dropping food.

Also, the three-second rule do not apply here apparently.

Moment No. 3 "You don't deceive a girl to see her panties" from Episode 9

Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou capture episode3

The boys called in one of their classmates to help them solve their Internet connection problem. What she doesn’t know is that this is an elaborate plan setup by the boys in order for them to look at her panties. Whilst directing her to the modem which is conveniently placed on top of a cupboard, they managed to steal a peek. The mission was a success, so they ought to be happy right? Wrong! They regretted it as they did something which cannot be undone. They had to resort to deceiving a girl just to see her panties.

Rather, to quote, "You don't deceive a STUPID girl to see her panties"

This scene reminds us that no matter where it is in the world, boys will be boys. Calculative, Deceptive, Shrewd when it comes to panties. The answer is pantsu - the solution to every problem because we believe in the power of pantsu. Other than that... doing stupid stuff like putting on skirts maybe...(discussed further later). Yeah... The anime is called Daily Lives of High school Boys for a reason.

Moment No. 2 "Where are my Glasses?" from Episode 9

Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou capture episode2

Hidenori apparently loses his glasses (even though they are on his head) Tadakuni notices it however and is wondering why is everybody feigning ignorance. Eventually, he theorizes that everybody is playing along for the purpose of a practical joke. In the end however, everybody was really oblivious to the fact that the glasses were indeed on Hidenori’s head after all.

As a bespectacled person, finding your glasses is always a hassle as they could be ANYWHERE if you have a short term memory. It gets more annoying when your friends decide to prank you for a whole 30 mins and make you search high and low for them. Having that experience, I thought I knew what was coming when I saw this scene but NOOOO…Some humans in the world, are really just oblivious.

My heartfelt sorrow to the guy who noticed it... he didn't even get a chance to throw the punch line...

Moment No. 1: "Let's try on female clothes" from Episode 1

Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou capture episode1

The final and funniest scene on the countdown! This scene is the iconic DKNN moment. It shows the boys deciding to try on female clothes with all three of them proceeding to different rooms to try on the garments . As they emerged, the truth was revealed. Only Tadakuni was in a skirt as the other two burst out laughing. Things escalated quickly because they commented that Tadakuni actually looked good in a skirt and they had him do poses in the outfit. It would be okay and all... only if the sister hadn’t walked in at the material time. This is a scenario where both situation and context is hard to explain...

I will admit it, I am still a bit scarred from this scene... but then again, it's so hilarious you have a hard time deciding whether to close it or to continue. This scene introduces the comedy style of DKNN..

Throughout the scene you're just going "Don't do it bro!!! You just had to... didn't you?!"
This scene also actually made me question who the real females in the anime are as he actually did a good job by being effeminate.

Have you ever felt your pride as a man shrink so deep into a hole until you wince in pain while laughing at the same time?

danshi koukousei no nichijou wallpaper

So that's pretty much for the countdown of the Top 10 funniest scenes in Daily lives of High School Boys. For those that have already watched the anime, doesn’t this anime appeal to you? Isn’t it a perfect example of what a slice of life anime should be? That's the beauty of 4-komas manga. Is short, sweet and the punch lines are delivered quickly.

Readers, what do you think? Do you feel that there are any missing funny scenes from the list or even any other scenes that you find more hilarious? Leave a comment below on your favourite scenes. DKNN depicts many diverse scenarios so there must be one that appeals to you too. Share your hilarious moment with us here on the comment box. .



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