Top 10 Games with the Highest Level of Difficulty [Best Recommendations]

Video games are indeed an entertaining medium. Though sometimes, some video games are just down right challenging. This isn’t because of poor design choices mind you but because they are meant to be tough on purpose. Instead of offering players an easy time, developers want players to get better and learn from their mistakes. Want to know what games we consider the toughest of them all? Well that’s what this list will accomplish for you.

Welcome one and all to our Top 10 Games with the Highest Level of Difficulty list. Crafted by us here at Honey’s Anime, we sat at our hive and talked about what games made us rage and curse more than any others video games. However, even though we curse at these games, we love them because they aren’t easy, and we know many of you will agree. That’s why if you want amazing games that may or may not raise your blood pressure, just read below and you can see what games made our list of Top 10 Games with the Highest Level of Difficulty.

10. Bloodborne

  • System: PS4
  • Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
  • Developer: From Software
  • Release Dates: Mar 24, 2015

The city of Yharnam tonight will know no peace. The citizens will all lock themselves behind closed doors as the night approaches. However, the streets will not be empty as beasts will roam Yharnam. Though these beasts will be hunted by those who have been called Hunters. You will join these Hunters and become one yourself as you continue to struggle in what seems like an endless nightmare or maybe for some a blissful dream…

Many could have guessed that our top 10 Games with the Highest Level of Difficulty with the PS4 exclusive Bloodborne. Tough enemies and even harder bosses makes players struggle for each victory they earn. If you want to win at Bloodborne be prepared to practice and practice. With each failure—and don’t feel bad there will be a lot of it—you’ll begin to get better and better. Ultimately, in Bloodborne if you can overcome the challenge you’ll find one of the best games ever despite the high level of difficulty.

9. Contra

  • System: Arcade, Famicom/NES, PC, MS-DOS
  • Publisher: Konami
  • Developer: Konami
  • Release Dates: Feb 20, 1987

In the year 2633, the world faces a terrible potential future thanks to an evil group known as the Red Falcon Organization. With the intent to take over the world, actions are made to stop them. Commandos Bill Rizer and Lance Bean are sent to the Red Falcon’s secret base and must stop them at all costs. However, is the Red Falcon Organization the only thing to fear or does the island hold an even deadlier threat for our two commandos?

Many of us in the gaming world have obviously heard of the famous game known as Contra thanks to its brutal difficulty and only means of winning—for most—is to rely on the Konami cheat code. For those who decide to not use the cheat—which gives players a nice amount of lives upon entering it—expect a tough ride ahead of you. With hundreds of enemies shooting bullets, lasers and missiles at you, Contra will push your gamer reflexes to the edge. That’s why we never give anyone flak for relying on that cheat code. We here at Honey’s Anime have also used it multiple times ourselves because Contra does indeed have a high level of difficulty when playing.

8. Cuphead

  • System: PC, Xbox One
  • Publisher: StudioMDHR Entertainment
  • Developer: StudioMDHR Entertainment
  • Release Dates: Sept 29, 2017

Poor Cuphead and Mugman are about to learn a tough lesson, you should always listen to your elders. You see, despite warnings to avoid the Devil’s Casino on Inkwell Island the two brothers go to play craps. Cuphead and Mugman are happy as they continue to win game after game, but things go astray when the Devil appears. In a bet for the whole head casino or must give up the souls, the two brothers lose. However, with an ulterior motive in mind, The Devil tasks the boys to capture the souls of those that owe him, and they have only one day to do so…

At first glance Cuphead looks to be a nice and simple 2D run and gun game. Though that is quickly proven false once you begin Cuphead and learn how brutal of a game it is. Players will struggle with trying to survive bullets, enemies and various other objects constantly assaulting them. Even with co-op play, Cuphead remains brutally tough. However, Cuphead’s difficulty doesn’t make the game any less fun and despite multiple retries awaiting all of you, we do recommend checking it out.

7. Nioh

  • System: PS4
  • Publisher: Koei Tecmo, Sony Interactive Entertainment
  • Developer: Team Ninja
  • Release Dates: Feb 7, 2017

Edward Kelley is forced upon a journey after he lost his guardian Saoirse. Heading to Japan from Europe, Edward hopes to find William Adams—the one who captured Saoirse—who has taken his spirit to find a powerful stone called the Amrita. Upon arriving in Japan, Edward sees nothing but carnage and horror before him. With his sword skills and training, Edward enters Japan ready for anything.

Team Ninja is usually known for making some tough video games. Though one of the toughest games they’ve made recently goes to Nioh. Players must be smart about how they attack enemies using their various sword styles and weapons. If you go into Nioh thinking hacking and slashing will help you survive then you’ll find out rather quickly poorly that will work. Like most of the games on our Top 10 Games with the Highest Level of Difficulty, patience will be your means of surviving. Trust us folks, you may be defeated a lot but with each death you will get stronger and eventually become a warrior able to conquer anything in Nioh.

6. RockMan (Mega Man)

  • System: NES, PlayStation, iOS
  • Publisher: Capcom
  • Developer: Capcom
  • Release Dates: Dec 17, 1987

Dr. Light has changed the world by making various robots which in turn help society. These said robots have been used for numerous real-world situations and jobs which overall makes human lives live more comfortably. This all unfortunately changes when Dr. Willy takes control of Dr. Light’s creations and uses them for world domination. Dr. Light thus activates his personal robot RockMan and tasks him with stopping the now rogue robots and saving the world from Dr. Willy. With his mega buster at hand, Rockman goes into battle.

Many people know the original Nintendo system had some of the toughest 2D platformers around. One of those just so happens to be RockMan or known as Mega Man in the US. Players would have to find the right order of bosses to defeat gain their powers and take down the bosses weak to a specific power. Trust us folks, a lot of us here at Honey’s Anime know the pains of losing a lot in RockMan but still have beaten it. Just have to grip your controller and keep playing to hopefully defeat all the levels and Dr. Willy.

5. Super Ghouls ‘n Ghosts

  • System: Super NES, GBA
  • Publisher: Capcom
  • Developer: Capcom, Capcom USA, Nintendo
  • Release Dates: Oct 4, 1991

Sir Arthur is a valiant knight who knows no fear. That’s why when the Princess is captured by Emperor Sardius, Arthur armors up and goes to save his Princess. Along the way the Emperor has thrown various baddies to stop Arthur from completing his mission. However, with his trusty lance and his courage, Arthur still goes forward with unwavering determination.

Games like Super Ghouls ‘n Ghosts are deceptively tough. While many gamers can beat Super Ghouls ‘n Ghosts after a tough struggle the real pain comes as the final boss comes to a close. When you think you won, you’re then told you must do what you just did again. That’s right a tough game that you must beat not once but twice! That’s why it’s pretty easy to consider Super Ghouls ‘n Ghosts worthy of being on our Top 10 Games with the Highest Level of Difficulty list.

4. Ninja Gaiden

  • System: Xbox
  • Publisher: Tecmo
  • Developer: Team Ninja
  • Release Dates: Mar 2, 2004

The Hayabusa Clan has always been known for producing strong ninjas in their family. One such ninja is known as Ryu Hayabusa who has recently stepped outside his village on a mission. While Ryu is away, an evil warrior known as Doku attacks the Hayabusa village. Ryu rushes home as soon as he can but is too late to stop Doku from stealing the village’s precious treasure known as the Dark Dragon Blade. Even with Ryu’s high level of skills, he is cut down by Doku and is left for dead. However, Ryu is brought back to life by a spiritual force known as the “soldier of revenge” and seeks to retrieve the Dark Dragon Blade from Doku with his own two hands.

Ninja Gaiden released in March 2nd, 2004 and was critically acclaimed for having impressive graphics, solid gameplay and also just so happen to be one of the hardest hack and slash games ever made. Players fell to the difficulty seen in Ninja Gaiden left and right as bosses and enemies proved to be too strong. There were obviously some gamers who stood above the rest and showed their gaming knowhow by beating Ninja Gaiden but most would need to wait a year for Ninja Gaiden Black which had an easy mode for those who found the original too difficult. That right there goes to show you how perfect Ninja Gaiden is for our list of Top 10 Games with the Highest Level of Difficulty. Seriously, how many games can you recall being re-released with an easy mode?

3. Super Meat Boy

  • System: Xbox 360, PC, PS4, PS Vita, Wii U, Android
  • Publisher: Team Meat
  • Developer: Team Meat
  • Release Dates: Oct 20, 2010

The day seemed perfect. Meat Boy and Bandage Girl were happy to spend a date together in the park. Then suddenly the day was ruined when Dr. Fetus made an appearance. Taking Bandage Girl, Meat Boy was forced to chase after them. Though Dr. Fetus doesn’t wish to get caught and has unleashed a slew of hazards for our hero.

Spikes, saw blades and various traps are just a few things awaiting those who have never played Super Meat Boy. Players will need to move around dangerous obstacles all while timing each movement very carefully. With hundreds of levels and even secret levels, Super Meat Boy takes a skilled 2D player to get through the game unfazed. Thankfully, thanks to simple and fun gameplay with some great graphics, Super Meat Boy is one of our personal favorite tough games to play here at Honey’s Anime. Though, that hasn’t stopped us from cursing some rather rude and crude words as we died in game…

2. Dark Souls

  • System: PS3, Xbox 360, PC
  • Publisher: FromSoftware
  • Developer: FromSoftware
  • Release Dates: Sept 22, 2011

You have been rotting in a cell for some time undying thanks to a curse that befell the citizens of the country. While you sit there, the door to your prison cell opens and you make your escape. Soon you are told that you hold the ability to either save humanity by relighting the flame from the Age of Fire or letting it die out completely. Regardless of your choice, you must first survive against those that have also been cursed but in even worse ways than you…

“You have Died”. This phrase will be a scene you will see quite often and frequently once you begin your Dark Souls adventure. To say Dark Souls is brutally tough still doesn’t enforce how brutal this third person action/adventure game can be. Even with the first boss—which is essentially the tutorial of sorts—players will still run a high chance of dying. Though when you actually beat a boss or tough group in Dark Souls the joy you feel is unquestionably amazing.

1. Battletoads

  • System: NES/Famicom
  • Publisher: Rare, Arc System Works, Mindscape
  • Developer: Tradewest, Masaya, Sega, Mindscape
  • Release Dates: Jun, 1991

Battletoads Rash, Zits and Pimple have been tasked to help Princess Angelica by escorting her. Along the way the Princess and Pimple decide to go off together away from the group for a trip together. Suddenly, the two are attacked and taken by the Dark Queen! In a last-ditch effort, Pimple shoots out a message to his fellow Battletoads to help rescue them. With the guidance of Professor T, Zits and Rash head out to save the two from the evil clutches of the Dark Queen!

Taking the number one spot on our list of the Top 10 Games with the Highest Level of Difficulty we look at the 1991 NES game known as Battletoads. Famous online by fans and gamers for having some of the toughest levels of any 2D brawler/adventure game, Battletoads requires a high level of skill if you want to beat the game. While some of us here at Honey’s Anime are excellent gamers, only a handful of us have even defeated Battletoads’ 12 levels. Battletoads is infamous for some cruel levels of difficulty and that’s why it was a no brainer for it to be considered one of the hardest games ever. Though that doesn’t stop us from loving this old school classic Nintendo title even today in 2017.

Final Thoughts

Yes, the games above are indeed brutally difficult. Though that’s why they are enjoyable to some gamers out there. They require patience and skill in equal measure and once you beat a boss or a specific area, the feeling of euphoria is found in no other game. What games from the games with the highest level of difficulty list—or ones we didn’t mention—do you think has the highest level of difficulty? Comment down below and feel free to scour our site here at Honey’s Anime for more articles just like this one.

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