Top 10 Horned Girls in Anime

Anime girls come in many different shapes and sizes, this is something most anime fans have come to understand for a long while. Though one form that tends to intrigue a lot of anime lovers is when girls straddle the line between human and something...more demonic. These girls typically have the same features as a normal anime chick but with a big difference. Most of these anime girls who are demonic-like usually have horns or a horn protruding out somewhere near their head. Yet, horned girls aren’t any less adorable or cute than a normal girl and today we wish to celebrate these horned individuals in a rather special article.

Welcome, folks, to yet another top ten article courtesy of us here at Honey’s Anime. Our top ten list today focuses on examining some of the best horned girls from the world of anime. From newer series to older ones, we have “researched” hundreds of anime girls to see which horned beauty takes the top ten spots. Let us see the winners in our Top 10 Horned Girls in Anime list. Be warned though, folks, some of these girls aren’t to be trifled with.

10. Msyu from C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control

  • Episodes: 11
  • Aired: Apr, 2011- Jun, 2011

What would you do today if you ended up in a situation like Yoga Kimimaro from C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control? Thrown into a world where fighting means the loss of money and possibly much worse, how would you survive? Easy answer, you’d have to find a strong partner. Luckily, this happens for Yoga as he ends up teamed with an Asset--which is the name for the warriors within the world of the Eastern Financial District--named Msyu. Unlike most Assets, Msyu is strange in a multitude of ways. However, that odd nature Msyu has is what makes her so special in the world of anime.

Msyu, unlike most Assets, is very human like in nature. Not only is she not afraid to talk back to her owner, Msyu also is quick to defend Yoga in every turn possible. That’s why, despite most Assets being manipulated as tools, Yoga realize that Msyu is special and always treats her as a girl rather than a warrior being, Though don’t forget that Msyu isn’t a normal girl. Those horns on her head should warn you that Msyu isn’t a girl you’d want to anger...unless you want to get blasted away into a heaping pile of ash.

9. Aletta from Isekai Shokudou (Restaurant to Another World)

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: Jul, 2017- Sept, 2017

Restaurants are supposed to be inviting places when you first walk into them. Sure the food might be great, but equally, you want the service to be good as well. That’s why it’s important to hire quality waiters and waitresses when you have your own restaurant. Need proof of this statement? Then let us turn your attention to the horned girl named Aletta from Isekai Shokudou.

Initially, Aletta is clumsy and kind of meek. Quickly, though, this young horned girl learns the ropes and becomes one of the best--and few--servers in Isekai Shokudou. With a pleasing smile and a kind gesture, when you walk into this strange restaurant, your first sight is Aletta ready to serve you. If we had the power to find Nekoya--the restaurant in question--we’d definitely go there for good food. Though we’d also be going to see Aletta as we’d hope she’d be there to serve us.

8. Hanyuu from Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai (When They Cry: Kai)

  • Episodes: 24
  • Aired: Jul, 2007- Dec, 2007

The village of Hinamizawa is pretty awful, let’s just admit that outright. Death in this
village seems to never end and chaos thrives quietly to then explode out in one fell swoop of murder and mayhem. Needless to say, we here at Honey’s Anime wouldn’t want to visit this anime village anytime soon for a relaxing vacation. However, there is one girl’s we’d like to meet from Hinamizawa. No, we don’t mean Rena or Mion.

Hanyuu from Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai is the horned girl that is both a blessing for our heroes in Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai and their curse. While Hanyuu might seem like a typical small girl--if you disregard the horns--she is actually the goddess of Hinamizawa and the reason for the constant loops in time. Hanyuu attempts constantly to restart a specific cycle of time to save her friend Rika, but time after time, her attempts end in failure. Yet, Hanyuu doesn’t give up and eventually things work out because of constant interference. Hanyuu is a truly kind horned Goddess and that’s why we think she’s a perfect fit for our Top 10 Horned Girls in Anime

7. Aries from Fairy Tail

  • Episodes: 175
  • Aired: Oct, 2009- Mar, 2013

Not all horned girls are demonic or tough in anime. We might have made that claim, but in reality, some horned girls are just meek and kind. Aries from Fairy Tail is a perfect example of this. Unlike most of the rather, rambunctious girls from the series, Aries is quiet and meek despite her tough sounding name. However, Aries makes up for her lack of fighting abilities with a kind demeanor and a cute appearance. Let’s discuss Aries a bit and try to convince you readers why she made the cut.

Originally, Aries was nothing more than property. Owned by Karen Lilica, Aries was
abused and treated like the sheep she appears to be. Things only got worse for Aries after a misunderstanding occurs leaving her to be treated even worse by Karen. Thankfully, Aries’ owner faces some rather spoiler esque situations and Aries is semi-freed. Aries might not be tough and her few attacks might be comical, but she is so cute and kind that we still loved her in Fairy Tail whenever she made an appearance.

6. Kneesocks Daemon from Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt

  • Episodes: 13
  • Aired: Oct, 2010- Dec, 2010

One horned Kneesocks Daemon is quite an enemy in the world of Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt. With a crimson body and one long horn coming out of her forehead, Kneesocks looks pretty scary from her first appearance. Kneesocks’ weapon--Double Gold Spandex--is equally threatening as its a pair of long scythes that she wields effortlessly. Then don’t get us started on Kneesocks’ transformation. While Kneesocks looks pretty attractive when she’s in full power mode, to Panty and Stocking, this demon looking woman is anything but attractive.

Did we also mention that Kneesocks is the sister of another scary horned girl by the
name of Scanty? Just like Panty and Stocking, when Kneesocks and her sister join forces...hell follows behind them. Together the duo are a threat and their fights with our “angelic” protagonists comes off as some of the better moments in Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt. We still ultimately like Kneesocks slightly more than Scanty. Let us know in the comments below if you agree with us or feel we should have talked more about Scanty instead.

5. Lucy from Elfen Lied

  • Episodes: 13
  • Aired: Jul, 2004- Oct, 2004

As we were writing this Top 10 Horned Anime Girls in Anime list, there were several girls we knew were going to make it in the running without a doubt. One of those girls was Lucy from Elfen Lied. How could we discuss the best horned girls in anime without one of the strongest, cutests and deadliest horned girls we know? Now we do know Elfen Lied is an older series and some of you might have never heard of it before. Thus, let us talk about Lucy in more detail and why she stands as the poster girl for the Elfen Lied series. Lucy isn’t normal--aside from the obvious horns on her head--and is actually from a rare breed of humans. Known as a Diclonius, Lucy has the body of a human girl and the nature of one but also contains powers far beyond the scope of any normal human. This is what causes poor Lucy to be treated as a test subject and explains why she began to become filled with violence and hate. Lucy later ends up escaping the experimentation and hurts herself which

leads to an alternative state called Nyu, which is less violent and filled with anger. Yet, we know behind Nyu lurks Lucy and that’s why Lucy will always be one of the best horned girls in any anime series to date.

4. Zero Two from Darling in the FranXX

  • Episodes: 24
  • Aired: Jan, 2018- Present

If we examine the more recent anime releases, we know one horned girl in particular has been captivating not only us here at Honey’s Anime but the anime community as well. Who is this horned girl beauty you might ask? Well the text above spoils it a bit but yes, we’re talking about Zero Two from the popular mecha series Darling in the FranXX. There are plenty of reasons to watch Darling in the FranXX. You could watch it for cool mecha action or for the deep narrative that weekly has only been getting better and better. However, one of the main reasons you should be watching Darling in the FranXX is for Zero Two.

Continuing the horror stories of capturing a horned girl and experimenting on them, Zero Two was originally a red demon girl who was taken for reasons we still haven’t learned yet as of writing this article. We do know that eventually when Zero Two meets her Darling Hiro, she begins to change in nature. Instead of being ravenous and wild, Zero Two craves to become more human so she could one day be with her precious Darling. This leads to Zero Two even changing her red skin and becoming almost 100% human minus the tiny horns that protrude from her head that grow when she gets mad or wild. Zero Two is just a girl you hope finds happiness in Darling in the FranXX and this is a theme shared throughout the community. Though aside from that, Zero Two is easily one of the best horned girls in anime as of late and we knew she needed to be high up on our list.

3. Kanna Kamui from Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon (Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid)

  • Episodes: 13
  • Aired: Jan, 2017- Apr, 2017

Loli girls are a pretty interesting theme in the world of anime. Some love all things loli while others feel they are just off putting. Though a general agreement tends to happen with both sides when a loli girl just acts so adorable you can’t help but to love them. Does such a girl exist? Of course one does and this particular girl also happens to be a horned loli dragon. Yup, we’re talking about Kanna Kamui from Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon. Now when you hear the term dragon you probably think fire breathing creature that flies.

Understandable but that isn’t what Kanna is. Kanna is a small dragon girl with cute horns a stoic face and adorable mannerism thats make you go awww every second she’s on screen. Kanna isn’t a fighter and she barely ever does anything profound but she is easily the sole reason Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon was so darn enjoyable. That’s why Kanna steals the third spot on our Top 10 Horned Girls in Anime list and we doubt anyone will object her place on here.

2. Albedo from Overlord

  • Episodes: 13
  • Aired: Jul, 2015- Sept, 2015

Who doesn’t want a girl loving everything about you? Someone that sees you beyond your skeletal looks and appearance and just sees a strong leader who is worthy of ruling over the world. If you want a girl like this then Albedo from the Overlord franchise is the horned girl of your dreams. What makes Albedo steal the second spot on our list you might be wondering, especially when we’ve mentioned some great horned anime babes? Easy answer, everything about Albedo makes her worthy of her place here.

Originally, Albedo was a NPC within the MMORPG Yggdrasil with a code that made her very flirtatious and crass. However, before our main character--Ainz Ooal Gown--gets trapped in the world of Yggdrasil he changes it to make her fall madly in love with him and lust after him. Aside from the beauty of having a beauty like Albedo love you unconditionally, she is also a capable warrior with a ton of powers that stem from combat focused abilities to even magical ones. Needless to say, Albedo is the complete anime package when it comes to a beautiful horned girl and she almost made it to our top slot. However, number one horned girl goes to a maid who truly should be recognized for a multitude of reasons.

1. Rem from Re: Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu (Re: Zero: Starting Life in Another World)

  • Episodes: 25
  • Aired: Apr, 2016-Sept, 2016

Is anyone truly surprised that the best horned girl would be Rem from Re: Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu? Probably not, and it wasn’t a surprise to us either here at Honey’s Anime. This was a unanimous decision to make Rem number one on our Top 10 Horned Girls in Anime list. Cute, kind, cheerful, powerful and loving...these are just a few of the verbs we could utilize to describe Rem to readers who might not know her. Yet, because we feel defending our opinions in every article like this one is important, we plan on doing just that. Rem takes number one on our list and here’s some reasons why. First, Rem is a girl who starts off Re: Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu as a girl who seems stoic and quite rude.

As our “hero” Subaru begins to warm up to the blue haired maid, Rem begins to change and become more outgoing. Then after a slew of incidents involving both Rem and Subaru begin to occur it's no surprise why she falls in love with our NEET main protagonist. Rem is a girl who just proves to people that anyone can change after they meet the right individuals and equally shows that love can become a weapon in of itself. We won’t forget the times Rem went full on horned demon maid to save Subaru and others and neither should you. Our love for Rem is immortal here at Honey’s Anime and there are hundreds of thousands out there on the net that probably feel the same as we do.

Final Thoughts

Horned girls in anime are quite interesting, aren’t they? They can appear scary or kind and sometimes a mixture of both. Ultimately though, just like any other waifu out there in the anime world, horned anime girls need love too and we’re happy to oblige. Who are some of your favorite horned anime girls? DId we list them all or miss one that you wished we didn’t? Tell us in the comments below and for even more articles like this one, be sure to keep stuck to our hive here at Honey’s Anime!

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