Top 10 Hottest Evil Anime Girls

What is the first thing that pops into your mind if anyone discusses an evil anime character? Does your mind fly to Light Yagami from Death Note or maybe the Hand Demon from Demon Slayer? There are hundreds of evil anime characters that truly look evil but remember, fellow otaku, this is anime and the laws of the real world don’t always apply. As many ugly evil anime characters exist, there are also some truly hot evil anime characters out there who just so happen to be potential waifu material, if you don’t mind your waifu being…well, evil. Here is our 'Top 10 Evil Hottest Anime Girls' list! Yes, these anime girls are truly stunning and will make you fall in love but please remember…they are evil.

10. Ruri Hijiribe from Durarara!!

Nicknamed Hollywood, Ruri Hijiribe has the looks and the glamour making her nickname fit perfectly. Though one thing you’ll understand about our Top 10 Evil Hottest Anime Girls list is that looks are 100% deceiving. Ruri is far from normal having supernatural levels of strength in the world of Durarara!! and uses said powers to kill, making her a literal serial killer. Every target Ruri picks ends up dead and mutilated beyond recognition, showing how dark her soul really is. Yes, Ruri does realize she’s a horrible person and hates what she does but she still does it and only later finds a reason to maybe stop her actions. Still, Ruri is beyond cruel which makes her a perfect starting place for our list.

9. Yoko Inari from Kemono Jihen

Leader of the Metropolitan Police Department, Yoko Inari leads her officers with a firm grip and caring heart…at least that’s the image she reflects. Secretly, Yoko is just a beautiful manipulator using a form of illusionary power that affects everyone around her. Yoko’s main goal is to bewitch everyone she can and spread her power of influence across the nation of Japan. What’s even scarier is that Yoko isn’t the girl to mess with as she will kill without remorse if she needs to and just to regain her sense of control. Yoko is the definition of a femme fatale and should be avoided at all costs!

8. Malty S Melromarc from Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari (The Rising of the Shield Hero)

When we think of a princess, our minds create this idea of a woman who is proper, caring, and a leader for those in her kingdom. Malty S Melromarc is none of those concepts and is nothing but sinister underneath her hot exterior. Malty hails from the kingdom of Melromarc, where she immediately shows that her only interest is manipulating her father into thinking she’s perfect and trying to charm her way into the hearts of the heroes, more so the Spear Hero. Early on, Malty tries to ruin the life of the Shield Hero—Naofumi Iwatani—and is successful, causing him to be hated and making her seem like she was a victim. Malty gets outed later in the series and even earns a new name—which we can’t say in this article—befitting of her evil nature.

7. Natsuko Honda from Ousama Game The Animation (King’s Game The Animation)

Popular among her classmates for being friendly, kind, sexy, and helpful, Natsuko Honda just seems perfect…right? Unfortunately, Natsuko is a deranged student who has survived a previous King’s Game—a supernatural death game with cruel rules that must be obeyed—and is willing to do anything to win again. Natsuko has a high kill count in the world of King’s Game and will use her womanly charms/previous status as an idol to gain followers who—to her—are expendable. The King’s Game is an evil game but for Natsuko, this game is what her personality was made for.

6. Satou Matsuzaka from Happy Sugar Life

Many high school students from the world of Happy Sugar Life have met Satou Matsuzaka and were instantly smitten with this beautiful girl who just radiates with idol charms. Yet, like most girls on our list, within her sexy frame lies a killer. Satou takes in a young girl named Shio and ends up acting as her “guardian” but how she protects this child is far from praise-worthy. Satou will often use her sexual charms and manipulate others to later kill them if they learn about Shio or could possibly be a threat to their happy little “family”. Satou is no parent and shouldn’t be praised for her “love” of Shio. We can love this waifu all day long but we know beneath that endearing smile lies a psycho who is ready to kill, maim, and torture to succeed in her mission.

5. Yuno Gasai from Mirai Nikki (Future Diary)

The world of Yukiteru Amano is pretty surreal as he finds himself thrust into a surreal death game where cell phones can predict the future and whoever is left standing at the end becomes the next God. That’s why Yukiteru seems to smile as he gets a partner in the form of Yuno Gasai who has the ability to track his movements and seems to want him to win. Sadly, our main lead learns that Yuno is far from an ally and is in fact a true yandere. Yuno is not fazed by death as she kills anyone that stands in Yuki’s way and hers. Yuno even killed her own parents—who were pretty twisted in their own right—and continued to hide their corpses in her home. Yuno might be a truly hot yandere but the evil that lies with her frame is kind of scary…

4. Ai Magase from Babylon

Alright, Babylon might be a very “mixed” series for many anime viewers to enjoy—that ending seems to be universally disliked—but one thing we all share as a common belief is that Ai Magase is quite a knockout. This incredibly evil woman literally has powers that cause her victims to fall into a form of hypnosis and commit suicide. Add to this that the Ai can even shift form into various women and thus remain undetectable by the police. Ai—in her normal form—is extremely attractive and we presume that’s why most allow her to get close enough to whisper what essentially will be the last words you’ll ever hear. Kills via hypnotic speech and hacked a literal woman into pieces…Ai Magase is truly one evil woman but one we can’t deny is pretty sexy.

3. Junko Enoshima from Danganronpa: Kibou no Gakuen to Zetsubou no Koukousei The Animation (Danganronpa: The Animation)

Junko Enoshima looks at first like your typical high school student who just has a yearning to be trendy and model-focused. Underneath her designer clothes and pretty face, however, lies a truly devious girl who wishes for the world to burn for no reason other than to see people suffer. Hell, Junko’s title—as many of the characters from the Danganronpa series have—is Ultimate Despair, which should show you how evil this girl really is. Junko has no issue killing others via death games, her own hands, and/or manipulating people into killing themselves making her a walking evil rarely seen in the anime world.

2. Elsa Granhiert from Re: Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu (Re: Zero -Starting Life in Another World-)

Being killed by an assassin seems like a horrible way to die in any world but then you have Elsa Granhiert from Re: Zero and you find yourself thinking... Elsa is introduced pretty early on in the world of Re: Zero as a killer who enjoys opening her targets up and removing their bowels to see what’s inside…gross and truly terrifying. However, Elsa isn’t a scary-looking assassin but instead is quite gorgeous with a beautiful face, long dark hair, and oppai that you wouldn’t mind perishing in. Elsa finds killing to be a sport—which is why she’s pretty darn evil—but yes, if we died from her we might be okay with it. We’d definitely be okay with it if we had Subaru’s ability making dying a bit less horrible if it was from Elsa’s hands.

1. Esdeath from Akame ga Kill!

Many wouldn’t think that a high-ranking general could look drop-dead gorgeous but we also presume you can’t imagine a beauty like Esdeath from Akame ga Kill! This well-endowed ice queen will freeze you over with her ample oppai and attractive attire but will then also freeze you with her abilities, kill you, and show you of what little importance you are to the world. Esdeath is pure evil as she enjoys killing and watching those she targets die slow and painful deaths via her icy powers. So yes, Esdeath is probably one of the most seductive anime women out there but she is evil through and through, making her a hard woman to love.

Final Thoughts

As easy as it is to love good anime babes, it can be just as simple to fall for a girl who is the literal definition of evil. We explored some of our favorite hot-but-oh-so-evil anime girls but we know we missed a few here and there. Can you fellow otaku name some of the most evil—but again, extremely hot—anime ladies that we skimmed over? Comment below with your choices as we’d love to hear them! Be sure to keep stuck to our always good and hot hive here at Honey’s Anime for even more Top 10 lists!

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