Top 10 Immortal Anime Characters

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Immortality allows us to outlive the rest of humanity, being able to see every generation come and go as we continue to remain unchanged for all eternity. This amazing ability grants you the power to never die which means anyone who tries to take you out, you just regenerate and laugh at their misfortunes. Some characters like Alucard show obsession with the power, while others have been cursed with it and despise it. Many movies and novels have always talked about the immortal as someone who is evil and emotionless, with no care for the real world. Anime also focuses on that premise as well, but there are characters who use immortality as a tool to help others in need. Nonetheless, the power to never see death's door is a remarkable one, and so Honey's Anime decided that it would be best to showcase some characters who just never die in anime, despite the numerous attempts to kill them.

10. Kurou - Kurozuka

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: October 7, 2008- December 23, 2008

Kurozuka is a story that takes place in the 12th century as we follow Kurou (His real name is Minamoto no Yoshitsune) on his mysterious journey. After being defeated by his brother Minamoto no Yorimito, Kurou runs off into the mountains in humiliation. Many believed that he committed suicide after the events but instead, Kurou comes across a beautiful woman named Kuromitsu in her mountain retreat. Allured by her elegance Kurou falls in love with her not knowing that she's holding a deep dark secret, that she is an immortal vampire that stops at nothing to seduce her enemies into submission.

Kurou learns throughout the story that he too can live forever but was unsure of this in the beginning until Kuromitsu revealed this to him. Kuromitsu is very deceptive in her ways and there is something that she doesn't reveal to Kurou that we recommend you watch to find out more. There is some historical reference pertaining to Kurou and his actual character in the series. According to the popular Japanese literary novel “Heike Monotagari” or Tale of the Heike, Kurou was a well-known skilled swordsman who fought countless battles and eventually was betrayed by his brother, leading him and his family to commit seppuku. This deep and fascinating story is one we recommend you read but also watch in this fantastic anime rendition of Kurou's actual life.

9. Millennium Earl – D. Gray Man

  • Episodes: 103
  • Aired: October 3, 2006 – September 30, 2008

D.Gray Man was a very popular series that released in October of 2006 starring main protagonist Allen Walker on his journey to discover more truth behind his cursed eye, and to put a stop to the terrible plot that Millennium Earl is planning. Earl is the antagonist of the series and his entire pursuit is to trick people with their dead relatives and friends in order to create demons. His immortality grants him eternal power through sorcery and he intends to use it to destroy the planet. Earl had formed a pact with the Noah Clan in his past which allowed him to use his current powers to reign supreme over humanity. Main creator Katsura Hoshino stated that she based the character off the legendary alchemist Dorian Gray which is presumably where the title D.Gray Man originated from.

Millennium Earl's appearance is that of a Victorian gentleman with some bizarre features such as his over exaggerated grin which remains fixed when he eats or speaks, and his eyes permanently shrouded behind a pair of spectacles. Earl shows two different sides to him throughout the series, one who is very cheerful and friendly while the other half is sadistic showing no remorse for the lives of others. D.Gray Man is receiving a new season this summer and so we highly recommend if you'd like to know more about this immortal being, be sure to check out D.Gray Man Hallow July 5th.

8. Sylvie Lumiere – Baccano!

  • Episodes: 13
  • Aired: July 27, 2007 – November 7, 2007

Baccano! released in the summer of 2007 running for 13 episodes. The story is based on the award winning light novel of the same title and revolves around several events which seem unrelated but play such a major role of the entire premise of what's happening. We follow characters Issac and Mira, two thieves whose lives become a huge adventure revolving around alchemy, survival, and immortality. Set in the 1930's, the pair must investigate the objective behind the Flying Pussyfoot, a transcontinental train, that seeks out to leave a trail of blood in its path. Furthermore, an ambitious scientist along with his aide are in search for the elixir bottles that grant immortality. This entire adventure is filled with ups and downs and so Issac and Mira must work with other characters through the show, and come to the conclusion behind all that is transpiring.

Sylvie Lumiere is one of the supporting characters that the team meet along their journey, and she possesses the power of immortality. According to her back story, her lover Gretto was brutally murdered by Slizard, and she vowed to get revenge on him. While not much else is explained behind her character, she is aware of where the elixirs are located and so she along with everyone else must track down the rest of the immortals to find out more information.

7. Manji – Blade of the Immortal

  • Episodes: 13
  • Aired: July 4, 2008 – December 29, 2008

Blade of the Immortal follows the story of protagonist Manji on his journey to break the curse which grants him immortality. Manji was cursed with the Kessen-Chu by a nun which gives him immortal life, however this was something he didn't really come to enjoy. The curse was placed on him because he brutally killed 100 innocent men in the name of his twisted Daimyo. In order for Manji to break this curse and return to being a normal human, he must kill one thousand evil men to repay his debt. Throughout the anime he is given the title “Mister Twelve Blades” due to him carrying weapons of that amount around on his journey.

Manji comes across Rin who vows to seek revenge against the sword school whose members slaughtered her family. The two work closely in order to seek peace in both of their lives, but are constantly bombarded by enemies that lie in wait. We highly suggest watching Manji because it tells a story of a man who shows regret for his actions, and is trying to serve justice to restore balance in the world that he lives in.

6. Ritsuko – Yami to Boushi to Hon no Tabibito [Traveler Yami, Hat and Book]

  • Episodes: 13
  • Aired: October 2, 2003 – December 25, 2003

Hatsuki is a high school student who lives with her sister Hatsumi, and she has a huge crush on her. Something strange happens however, when on Hatsumi's 16th birthday she is suddenly surrounded by a green light and completely disappears in front of Hatsuki. Hatsuki chases her down and ends up in a place called “The Great Library” which is full of books containing different worlds. Hatsumi isn't there and now it has become the mission of Hatsuki to travel from book to book in order to find her beloved sister.

Ritsuko is a supporting character in the series but she plays an important role as we see her early in episode three, and more in episode four. Ritsuko is an immortal who specializes in the art of magic, traveling the countryside to perform healing rituals. She can also perform sexual magic spells when under pressure, especially since she must do a lot of traveling between books. Ritsuko was appointed to the job of being an alchemist to protect Princess Mariel, but things take a turn for the worse when one of her closest colleagues betrays her and so she must now use her special powers to save the princess from harm. This anime is not talked about too frequently and so to promote a really cool series we decided to throw Ritsuko into the mix to give you something fresh. We do hope you tune into this one because the story gets a lot better half way through!

5. Celty – Durarara!!

  • Episodes: 24
  • Aired: January 8, 2010 - June 25, 2010

Celty is the black rider or “Headless Rider” in the Durarara!! series and we chose her as part of the top five immortal anime characters just for you. Celty is a Dullahan from Ireland who travels to Japan in search for her stolen head. The motorcycle she rides is merely a dark horse in disguise and so we're immediately reminded of the classic novel headless horseman the minute we see her. Celty has no heart and so she feels out her surroundings using unknown sensors which are not located in her head. Her strength is beyond that of a normal human but not to the level of Shizuo, who surpasses just about everyone in the series. Celty also has the power to spawn a shadow like durable substance to form objects that range from a large scythe to a chariot all at will.

Throughout the series Celty usually is out on her own in search for her missing head, but often gets tangled in with Mikado's endeavors having to save him from gang related incidents that frequently take place around Ikebukuro. She is one of the very few characters in the series who know the real identity of The Dollars creator, but due to her inability to speak we never get a chance to find out. So perhaps that should your cue to check out Durarara!! to find out who's behind all of the nonsense in the city, but also to see if Celty will get her head back.

4. Alucard – Hellsing

  • Episodes: 13
  • Aired: October 11, 2001 – January 17, 2002

Hellsing is a secret organization of the British Government, battling supernatural threats that plan to terrorize the city and saving humanity from these strange creatures. The leader of the organization is Integra Wingates Hellsing who controls her own army to take down dead beings, but when compared to that of Allucard her soldiers do very little to hinder or stop them. Together they must work as a team along with Allucard's new minion, Seras Victoria, to put a stop not only to the deadly foes that confront them but also the corrupt Vatican and Millennium that stand in their way.

Allucard is the main protagonist of the very popular Hellsing anime. He is a vampire and the most powerful warrior of the Hellsing organization which works against vampires and other supernatural forces. Allucard just isn't your ordinary vampire, he is an immortal being with an assortment of other powers that make him pretty much unstoppable. Allucard can regenerate at any given moment that he is dismembered or killed, hypnotize his enemies very convincingly, and has a high resistance to most weaknesses that normal vampires suffer from. His list of skills go on for a number of pages but to save time, we suggest you watch the entire series to find out more about this overpowered hero.

3. The Skull Knight – Berserk

  • Episodes: 25
  • Aired: October 8, 1997 – April 1, 1998

Berserk is a widely acclaimed series that released in Japan around 1989, which has seen numerous movie and anime adaptations to explain its fantastic Story. The anime released in 2013 with positive praise, following Guts on his journey for revenge after being betrayed by the only person he could trust. Now a marked man, Guts is condemned to a fate in which he is repeatedly scouted out by evil demons. Despite all of his misfortunes, he must now travel a path carved by struggles, along with his massive sword to finally put an end to all of the misery and take the head of the one who stripped him of his humanity.

Berserk is slated to release its new season in the franchise this summer, so in honor of the new series we present to you The Skull Knight. The Skull Knight is one of the most mysterious characters in the Berserk series because not much is explained behind his back story. He is an imposing warrior dressed in full skull shaped armor, who rides on a ghostly black horse. He is the enemy of the Godhand and its acolytes, skillfully hunting down Apostles and feeding on their Behelits especially Zodd the Immortal. The Skull Knight wields a deadly sword that when stuck down his throat, becomes a threatening, Behelit-coated blade that allows him to cut rifts through reality and roam freely between different dimensions. We don't want to give away too much about the story, but if you'd like to find out how The Skull Knight acquired his immortality then be sure to watch not only the latest series, but the original as well.

2. Ban – Seven Deadly Sins

  • Episodes: 24
  • Aired: October 5, 2014 – March 29, 2015

The Seven Deadly Sins is an action adventure shounen anime that came out during the fall season of 2014. It stars Meliodas and his crew of the Seven Deadly Sins on a journey to uncover the truth behind who had betrayed them in order to overthrow the ruler of Liones. We are going to take a look at Ban who is one of the primary characters in the series, and is the only character who represents immortality.

Ban is the sin of greed and a fox symbol is located on his lower left abdomen. Due to the false information that was released to the kingdom, Ban had been imprisoned in the baste dungeon to serve out the rest of his life. Fortunately for Ban, he can't die so he instead tries to break out of his cell to reunite with his fellow members. Without spoiling too much of the show, Ban gained immortality from the fountain of youth in the fairy king's forest which led to his nickname “undead Ban”. He now uses his infinite strength to engage in battle with his enemies to put a stop to the onslaught that is ensuing within the kingdom grounds. Despite his very sinister appearance, Ban is actually a very warm hearted individual who only tries to serve a purpose, but sometimes winds up in more trouble than he should. Since he is afflicted with greed, a lot of his behaviors revolve around him wanting all of the attention, and taking everything for himself. Seven Deadly Sins is expecting its long awaited second season very soon also, so we highly recommend tuning in to see more of this awesome anime. Also don’t miss the special coming out in August as well!

durarara-Wallpaper-599x500 Top 10 Immortal Anime Characters

1. Kei Nagai - Ajin

  • Episodes: 13
  • Aired: January 16, 2016 – April 9, 2016

Ajin tells the story of a species of the same title that was discovered in Africa. They are said to have immortality along with supernatural powers, but look just like any normal human being. Since its first discovery more and more Ajin have found their way into the present world, and Kei Nagai is one of the characters who encounters one. The anime tries to express some complex truths about life and death, while showing us the darker side of human nature.

Kei Nagai is just your ordinary student who surpassed everyone in his class for being highly intelligent. A lot of his classmates ask him for help, but often tend to tease him when he decides not to. Kaito is Kei's closest friend going back to childhood, and most of the time is bullied by the same students who sometimes pick on Kei. Unfortunatelym one afternoon while walking home from school, Kei is struck by an oncoming truck killing him on impact. His friends stood there bewildered and shocked as it happened, but suddenly a dark matter slithers under the truck inserting itself into Kei's body. Totally unaware of this, his friends do their best to call for help but are then surprised to see when Kei walks from under the truck unscathed. From this moment forward the real story begins as now the whole town is after him knowing that he has become an Ajin, which has granted him immortality.

durarara-Wallpaper-599x500 Top 10 Immortal Anime Characters

Final Thoughts

If given the opportunity to live forever would you take it? It would most certainly be cool if we had the chance to outlive everyone and to see the world evolve without showing any signs of age to our bodies. There were so many immortal anime characters that we just couldn't fit on our list, so we're leaving it up to you to find some of your favorite immortal characters and leave them in the comments section down below. As a reminder, please be sure to check out the new summer season of anime that are about to drop in a few weeks! Some of these were on the list of second seasons so we hope you enjoy them.

As always, for your sweet anime fill, keep it locked here at Honey's Anime.

durarara-Wallpaper-599x500 Top 10 Immortal Anime Characters


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