Top 10 Interesting Characters in Naka no Hito Genome -Jikkyouchuu- (The Ones Within)

Most of the cast of Nakanohito Genome -Jikkyouchuu- is a fictional band of Japan’s top Let’s Players of multiple videogame genres so of course they’ll all have interesting and diverse character traits. Anyone can record themselves playing a game but it takes a special personality, commentary, or charm to capture a large audience for multiple hours.

When you throw these guys into a strange world with real-life videogame levels and a mysterious kidnapper/host, you’ve got a recipe for a high viewer count! To see what each of these guys bring to the table, check out our list of the top 10 interesting characters in Nakanohito Genome -Jikkyouchuu-.

10. Aikawa Makino

Affectionately known as Maki-Maki by Yuzu, he’s the dating-sim master of the group. No romantic option is safe from his dialogue choices! His skills go beyond the computer screen as his eyes can charm anyone who looks at them too long. This could make him a terrifying enemy but he can barely keep those special eyes of his open for long. He sleeps most of the day even in the most frightening of circumstances. If he can be convinced to remain awake for any length of time, it’s not much different than when he’s sleeping. He barely speaks and very rarely has any noticeable reaction to the words or actions of others.

9. Kudou Anya

Anya, the fighting-game prodigy of the group, seems at first like your stereotypical hot-head with a short fuse and less-than-average intelligence. He has his nice moments but they’re usually eclipsed by his shouting and violent behavior. His stupid, anger-induced choices are quite predictable, even frustrating sometimes! What’s interesting about his character is that there’s a physical reason behind this bad attitude instead of the usual emotional reason for rude dudes.

While he certainly has trauma from his past, Anya suffers from sleep deprivation. It’s the reason he took up fighting games in the first place as a means to distract himself from painfully long, sleepless nights. Lack of sleep messes with your ability to control your emotions and to think which gives him more credibility as a perpetually angry person than just ‘I handle loss worse than most people’.

8. Somejima Nanami

Nanami is one of the survivors of the White Room, having been disqualified and left to rot by Paca-san. After digging an escape tunnel, Nanami and his friend Niki who had also been disqualified began living underneath the facility. Even after losing Niki, Nanami kept up his good and helpful spirit by looking after two other dropouts, Sakura and Chihiro, who came some time later.

He’s very resourceful and it’s almost unnerving how calm he can remain in dangerous situations. He did also taser Kaikoku upon their first few seconds of meeting so it’s clear he’s not just an easy-going airhead. He’s helpful but he’ll do whatever’s necessary to keep his peaceful life with his new family intact. It does make you wonder under what circumstances Niki disappeared…

7. Sarayashiki Karin

Karin is the resident horror queen and scaredy-cat. She’s a total tsundere and has no qualms about hurting the boys who upset her. While her impressive playing made her a renowned Let’s Player, she can’t deal with scary things in real life, especially when it comes to the supernatural. She’s quick to anger at real (or imagined) insults or when she gets flustered, but she also has a nurturing side and rises to the occasion when she’s needed.

Despite Yuzu’s flirtatious teasing and groping, Karin was the first to reach out when Yuzu was suffering silently. In her normal fashion, Yuzu tried to tease Karin to keep her from worrying that anything was wrong, but Karin saw through her act. Karin stayed by Yuzu’s side and even offered physical comfort if it would make Yuzu feel less hopeless. She’s also great with kids and shows an incredible amount of patience and understanding she doesn’t normally share with the guys in her group.

6. Oshigiri Zakuro

Zakuro is a normally quiet, calculating guy known for his proficiency in stealth games. Unfortunately, there’s no chance of him flying under the radar when Anya is around. The two are always at each other’s throats. He’s found a friend in Kaikoku at least and the two can often be found separated from the others, sharing their private thoughts. The black face-mask he wears even during meals and in public baths adds another layer of mystery to him.

He’s quite a diligent brother to attempt to be abducted by the same game that abducted his sister and definitely can’t remain calm when it comes to finding her. Even while playing for his life, Zakuro is always looking for clues on Sakura’s disappearance. A lot of times, supporting main characters only have one or two relationships worth examining, but Zakuro’s relationships with Sakura, Akatsuki, Kaikoku, and Anya are all so different!

5. Onigasaki Kaikoku

While not the instigator of the group, Kaikoku often finds himself in trouble for his attacks on Paca-san and disobeying rules of the game. As a Sengoku Period and Japanese style game aficionado, Kaikoku has the soul of a samurai. His mastery of the sword, his composed nature, and his willingness to fight without fearing for his life make him a truly remarkable character. Its obvious Paca-san controls the world around them and will answer violence with violence yet Kaikoku shows no fear of him.

He doesn’t waste his energy fighting over little things as Anya does. Kaikoku analyzes the people around him all the while playing along to gather more information about the game they’re trapped in. He’s an extremely capable player both for his quick thinking and fighting ability and an even more interesting character due to his penchant for gossiping with Yuzu.

4. Inaba Himiko

Himiko is a sweet, caring girl who likes to keep the peace even at her own expense. However, when it comes to protecting her ‘babies’, no enemy is too intimidating for her. She’s a fearsome caregiver with a big heart. She may not be a particularly skilled fighter but her flash-grenades get her point across when her words don’t. She can’t help but try to take care of others as expected of the top nurturing-game player.

When it comes to her afro-having panda-girl Murasaki or creepy, gooey creature Punitsuki, Himiko would do anything and fight anyone to nurture those that need it. In fact, the less lovable, the better. It’s funny seeing such a small girl go from cowering at Anya’s verbal abuse to being enveloped in a dark aura with the most threatening eyes you’ve ever seen!

3. Roromori Yuzu

Yuzu captures attention immediately from just her looks alone. Her laboratory coat is a fitting accessory for a puzzle game wiz who loves studying people. Her unbothered attitude at being suddenly trapped in a game makes you wonder just what her life before this was like. All we can know is that it was filled with an unsettling obsession with Akatsuki. She manages to show a normal level of affection for Akatsuki, showing that she is capable of hiding her true feelings and motivations.

Yuzu is a person who seems to just do what she wants but it’s uncertain if she’s a friend or foe. She has so many secrets that it’s hard to trust her, but dang do we want to! Her knack for solving puzzles and riddles, her cheerfulness, and her tendency to tease Karin all make her a character we want to keep enjoying for episodes to come! But with a closet full of stalker-like photos and information on all the other members, we’re a little hesitant to fully trust her.

2. Iride Akatsuki

Akatsuki, who specializes in escape games, seems both simple and complex. He’s never quick to anger, he’s always first to volunteer for new game levels, and he goes out of his way to support all of his team members. At first, Akatasuki acts like an excited doofus. However, he’s not just friendly, he’s able to form strong bonds with everyone despite their initial distrust of him. Akatsuki’s ability to endear people to him is a skill in itself, like how serial killers are purported to be extremely charming.

Iride shows no hostility toward Paca-san nor anyone else that hurts or threatens him. This goes beyond just interest in games as he insisted on helping Anya sleep even after being punched in the face. He’s so observant of everyone, it’s almost like… he may have some deeper motivation. One of the weirdest Akatsuki moments was shedding tears for Paca-san. His motivations are unclear but he’s an incredible adept player. His motivations may be unclear but for now, at least, he seems to be on the side of the Let’s Players.

1. Paca-san

It’s hard to know even where to START with Paca-san. He has the head of an alpaca and the rest of his human-male-looking body is obscured by an expensive suit. He speaks very respectfully, even when threatening the young players. Paca-san is behind, at least, seemingly behind, the kidnapping of not just our current gamers but of others as well and yet seems to care for some of the kids’ happiness. He speaks in quite an exaggerated and strange voice a lot but takes on a scary, threatening tone when anyone dares to flaunt the rules. He might be understood enough as a flamboyant villain with an unhealthy obsession with videogame streams, but one particular interaction with Akatsuki makes him seem more complicated.

Akatsuki is almost killed by a demon but Paca-san intervenes, demanding Akatsuki’s release as he is ‘extremely important’. Paca-san makes it clear he can easily kill the demon and anyone the demon loves should he wish to act out of line. When Akatsuki comes to, the two are alone and Akatsuki urges Paca-san to run away with him as he’s very good at escaping. What makes Akatsuki even think that Paca-san, the god of this game, would want to leave in the first place? But Paca-san answers that he can’t leave because of a promise he made. What kind of promise would make you kidnap young people and force them to play through real-life videogame levels? What’s under the Paca-head?? When Paca-san comes onscreen, you never know what’s going to happen next.

Final Thoughts

While it seems at first that Naka no Hito Genome is a simple story about real people forced into real-life videogames, there’s so much more going on than we understand. Everyone has their own differing reasons for being there and their own ways of dealing with the struggles ahead of them. Learning about the characters is just as intriguing as seeing what new challenges the players will have to face! We hope everyone lives a long time so we can continue to enjoy the interesting and varied cast of Naka no Hito Genome -Jikkyouchuu-.

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