Top 10 Irresistible Hundred Characters

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Now that Hundred has been over for a couple weeks and it’s lingered in our minds. We’re now able to process everything that transpired in that anime. For some of us it was a major disappointment and for others, they got by with the female cast of characters alone.

Regardless of what side of the fence you were on, most would agree that they had some very attractive ladies introduced throughout the course of the story. So much so, that we were compelled to bring all of our readers a top 10 list counting down the most irresistible characters from Hundred. Let’s get to it, shall we!

10. Mei Mei

Hundred-wallpaper-2-20160811183612-583x500 Top 10 Irresistible Hundred Characters

The introduction of our first individual to this list is a rather unique one. She gave us a slightly different impression due to her creation, by that we mean she is not fully human. Starting off the list is an adorable android by the name of Mei Mei. She first appeared in episode one of the anime and is Charlotte’s cheerful assistant. She’s almost always in an upbeat mood for an automaton who serves Charlotte and the rest of the Little Garden crew. In a crisis, she has strongly displayed some human emotions of admiration and safety, specifically towards Sakura, Karen and the trio of “hunters.”

Mei Mei has grey hair and a long ponytail that twists all the way down her back. She is seen dressed in a fairly traditional black and white maids outfit with some modifications. The most notable mod would be the ears on top of her head that resemble a cat. In addition to the ears, she sports a black tail to give off a more feline approach to a maid. Mei Mei is a high-spirited android who is very pleasing to be around and is always eager to lend a helping hand when requested.

9. Karen Kisaragi

Hundred-wallpaper-2-20160811183612-583x500 Top 10 Irresistible Hundred Characters

Our next irresistible choice is the younger sister of the main protagonist Hayato Kisaragi. Karen is first seen in a hospital during the first episode. The reason for her being there is she has become ill. When she does take some time to enjoy the weather, she is often getting assistance from Miharu, because she is not able to walk like a normal human being. With her best interest in mind, Hayato decides to become a Slayer in order for her to receive first-class treatment. During her spare time, she uses Tarot cards for pleasure. One could say she is a little bit of a clairvoyant.

Apart from her difficulties, she is a vibrant young lady who tries her best to stay positive in a dire situation. She has long black hair and a cute little headband that adds to her innocence. Her hundred is called “Divine Card” and when she activates it, she is able to stand and sing like a goddess. Karen is a truly inspirational character who only wants the best for her brother, friends and everyone who’s going through a tough time. If her looks don’t do it for you, her personality more than makes up for any deficiencies she may have. Her positivity is infectious!

8. Erica Candle

Hundred-wallpaper-2-20160811183612-583x500 Top 10 Irresistible Hundred Characters

Continuing on we have Erica Candle, who serves as one of the Vice Presidents of the student council. Erica has short brown hair and glasses. She is generally seen as a more conservative dresser, so between the glasses and mannerisms she gives off an immense nerd vibe. She is very loyal to the Little Garden and is seen as a battle strategist. Erica is always giving her best expertise and advice for the fellow newcomers prior to and during battles. Her ability to relay intelligence is hard to come by.

Erica’s loyalty to the Little Garden is not the only set of well-placed emotions she carries. It’s shown that she has a strong admiration to the “Queen” Claire Harvey. It’s almost to the point where many could argue that she has a crush on her. One example is where she is seen pushing and shoving her way into Liddy so she can apply sunscreen on Claire. Although quite reserved, Erica has a certain charm that can’t be duplicated in this series. She has a fine figure and the smarts to boot. It’s no wonder she has landed at number eight!

7. Judal Harvey

Hundred-wallpaper-2-20160811183612-583x500 Top 10 Irresistible Hundred Characters

Continuing on with our list is the only male character from this anime that we’ve included. It was a tough choice for us, because we felt Hayato could have easily been included as well. Ultimately there were too many other female characters to include, so Hayato got left out. Judal Harvey is the charming older brother to Liza and Claire. He also happens to be the president of the Warslran Research Facility. He’s a slim guy that sports the similar long blonde hair as his sister, except he lets his flow down his back. He has exquisite sapphire eyes that could make many people swoon from just a single glance.

It’s not always fun and games for people that associate themselves with Judal. Oh no, because he works as the president of the Warslran Research Facility he is known to be overly professional and unsympathetic at times. He has a large business man’s mentality, despite his ‘pretty boy’ looks. Judal displays his rather apathetic behavior towards his former employee and girlfriend Vitaly Tinyanof, who she claims he “used and discarded her.” Depending on how you look at his personal choices, he could be a make or break character, but his looks will get him by just fine on this list.

6. Vitaly Tinyanof

Hundred-wallpaper-2-20160811183612-583x500 Top 10 Irresistible Hundred Characters

Speaking of the aforementioned Vitaly Tinyanof, she’s become our number six choice for the most irresistible Hundred characters. She serves as the primary antagonist in this anime. Vitaly is a former scientist at the Warslran Research Facility. Vitaly was once infatuated with Judal Harvey; they went as far as dating. Later on, after Judal dumped her, she felt betrayed and her only means of revenge was to shoot Liza, Judal’s younger sister and sink the Little Garden. Now that’s what we say raising the bar to the extreme!

The fiery redhead's hair color seems to embody her emotions perfectly. She’s one of the more mature ladies in this show and it’s expressed by her voluptuous curves. Vitaly is a menacing femme fatale that should not be taken lightly. If she went that far over a breakup, imagine what she is capable of if she is provoked even further. Had Judal not dumped her, she would have made a fine girlfriend. She has the talent to develop Savage-like monsters, the smarts to sneak into the Little Garden and finally the looks of a spiteful, but sexy deviant. Learn from Judal’s mistake and you’ll be fine.

5. Miharu Kashiwagi

Hundred-wallpaper-2-20160811183612-583x500 Top 10 Irresistible Hundred Characters

We’ve made it the halfway point of this list and things are only going to get better from here on out. What if we were to say our choice for the number five selection would have something to do with “torpedoes?” Does that ring a bell or are you still scratching your head on that one? If you happen to be one of the latter, let us explain. Miharu Kashiwagi’s first appearance was a shocking one for Hayato. As Miharu walked into the room the first thing that Hayato noticed were her ample breasts bouncing. Hayato was so far taken back all he could muster was the word “torpedoes.”

Miharu is a nurse at the hospital and has been in charge of taking care of Karen. Nearly everywhere Karen goes, Miharu is right there with her. After all, it’s her job description to take care of patients, but you can genuinely sense that she is a kind and caring girl. Her most memorable moment comes at the beach wearing a small white bikini, only accentuating her matured chest even more. What everyone notices about Miharu is her sex appeal. The director clearly doesn’t hide that fact, and nor should we.

4. Emile Crossfode

Hundred-wallpaper-2-20160811183612-583x500 Top 10 Irresistible Hundred Characters

This next character went through a series of names before finally revealing why she had such an identity crisis. Emile Crossfode is the name that most of the cast know her as initially. What’s striking is that it’s not even the most peculiar thing about her. It’s the fact that she poses as a guy through the majority of the series and only a select few know about her true identity, Charlotte being one of them. She told Hayato that her name is Emilia Hermit. Towards the end, everyone finds out (thanks to Claudia) that she is not only a female but a princess of Gudenburg. We find it rather startling that her true gender would go unnoticed for so long.

Apart from her secrecy, Emilia is your typical jealous female who loves Hayato very much. It’s quite apparent when she is often asking questions or trying to separate him from the likes of Claire and Sakura. Emilia is a variant, just like Hayato and it brings her immense power that isn’t often matched. What really makes her shine is her commitment to protecting the Little Garden and her overly cute face. She has long silver hair and these captivating green eyes. In the land of large oppai, she happens to stand out quite nicely.

3. Liddy Steinberg

Hundred-wallpaper-2-20160811183612-583x500 Top 10 Irresistible Hundred Characters

Number three sees the other student council Vice President, Liddy Steinberg join the list. Just like Erica, she is extremely loyal to Claire and is often seen by her side. Liddy is in charge of enforcement, and enforcing she does. It’s clearly demonstrated that she has no problem administering school rules and regulations should anyone slip up. For all that portrayal of being an enforcer; she does have a softer side, especially when it comes to the highest-ranked slayer in the Little Garden, Claire.

We believe Liddy easily fits in the irresistible club amongst all these other beauties. First off she has a tremendous mindset for goals and structure. She could be considered a little over the top at times, but her heart is in the right place. The most attractive aspect about Liddy is that she is a sexy authority figure who shows just enough skin but generally maintains her ethics. Liddy’s green eyes contrast terrifically with her tanned skin. Finally, her beautiful locks of hair tied up into a ponytail make us weak at the knees. Liddy’s tall figure and well-proportioned body are certainly waifu material.

2. Sakura Kirishima

Hundred-wallpaper-2-20160811183612-583x500 Top 10 Irresistible Hundred Characters

Nearing the completion of this list we bring you our number two pick, Sakura Kirishima. She is a pop idol who is adored by many, including Karen. She and Karen became close friends after realizing that they met many years ago at a shelter. Sakura was a huge influence on Karen and it shows with her singing. They later practice and perform together as one dashing duet with their Hundreds activated. Sakura has the ability to captivate everyone in the audience with her voice and presentation, which includes flying around.

Her long pink twin-tails and pink eyes are something that gives her a sensitive but more defining look for her fans. Sakura has a style similar to a lot of idols. She’s not used to others rejecting her ideas. She came to meet Hayato after seeing that he defeated the Trenta Savage in the Zwei Island. He later gets assigned to be her bodyguard, and from then on her feelings towards him further escalate. Sakura just has a way of manipulating everyone around her for many reasons, including her voice, charm, style, and appearance. She’s given a superb body and is nearly flawless, she’s well deserving of this spot.

1. Claire Harvey

Hundred-wallpaper-2-20160811183612-583x500 Top 10 Irresistible Hundred Characters

We have come to our number one choice and as always it’s a tough act to follow. Claire Harvey is one of the centerpieces of this anime. Her bodacious assets have been plastered everywhere. It’s hard to not find a picture or a mention of her when anyone brings up or searches Hundred. She is known as the “Queen” of the Little Garden and is the highest-ranked Slayer. She commands this unparalleled Dragoon type hundred that she can manipulate into multiple cannons or transform it into one giant rifle.

She has everything going for her, from essentially being the commander of the Little Garden, to unmatched strength and finally one of the finest figures in this series. Claire is a natural leader and can balance love and work. Her lengthy blonde hair is frequently seen in the unique twin drills hairstyle. Claire is one of the more curvy females in this anime and it’s no wonder that she gets a lot of screen time. With that said, she has been through a lot, including having her breasts exposed to Hayato on several occasions, having her breasts fondled, being kissed unnaturally and finally ending up in many compromising situations. She is the forerunner of the fan service in this anime and we feel it’s justified.

Final Thoughts

After seeing these characters and all that they had to offer for this anime, who stood out to you? Appearance wasn’t the only thing that made them simply irresistible. There were other factors that brought them to be included in this list. Regardless, we hope this was what you were looking for and can appreciate the art of these fine individuals.

Now that we’ve reached the end of this delicious countdown, what did everyone think of it? Was there any attachment to these characters that you developed over time? Please don’t hesitate to let us know, we would love to discuss it with you!

Hundred-wallpaper-2-20160811183612-583x500 Top 10 Irresistible Hundred Characters


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