Top 10 Kono Bijutsubu ni wa Mondai ga Aru! Character Moments

Kono Bijutsubu ni wa Mondai ga Aru! is a slice of life romantic comedy that showcases all the awkward experiences and shenanigans of students from an art club. This anime brought a wonderful cast of lively characters that presented a strong chemistry between them. Each character had a distinguishable personality and it really built on strengthening the unrequited love that Usami has for Uchimaki. As you will come to notice the majority of these moments stem from Usami’s emotions.

It’s quite possible that Kono Bijutsubu ni wa Mondai ga Aru! might have flown under some people's anime radar this past Summer. If you were some of the lucky ones who did get to view this wonderful anime you probably have a good idea on what is going to be listed in this article. With that being said, let’s get down to business, shall we.

10. Usami's Vivid Imagination

Our introductory Kono Bijutsubu ni wa Mondai ga Aru! character moment is brought to us by way of episode seven. Usami is a love-struck girl who obviously has feelings for her fellow art club member, Uchimaki. As you will find out in this countdown, there are numerous moments between these two. Usami meets up with Uchimaki at the art club with intentions of finishing first place in a contest. Earlier in the show, Uchimaki was being mistreated by another student and his art talent was being put down. Usami became incensed and vowed that they would beat this guy in the competition.

When Usami arrives, Uchimaki is already hard at work on his painting. Usami makes a comment that Uchimaki is hopeless and reminds him she is not his mom. Uchimaki retorts by saying, age-wise, Usami would be more like his wife. That immediately gives Usami a pleasant scenario in her head that involves the two as a couple. The best part comes in the dream sequence when Usami asks Uchimaki if he would like dinner, a bath or sex. Although sex is never actually said, it’s implied. Uchimaki decides on sex which leads to Usami, in real life, literally becoming a steaming hot mess with Uchimaki noticing a temperature change in the room.

9. Art Club Pillow Fight

This next moment also involves Usami and Uchimaki, but with a slight twist. During episode six, we’re introduced to a new character by the name of Imari. She is a charming girl who garners attention from nearly everybody in her class. Imari and Uchimaki begin to bond after he realizes that she’s into the same anime and manga that he enjoys. The two decided to have a talk about their interests outside together, but they weren’t alone. Usami caught the ending of their conversation. Needless to say, Usami became jealous.

The next portion of the episode seen Usami disconcerted, while lying on the club couch. This confused the other club member, most notably, Colette and the club president. No one knew what to do with Usami until Uchimaki came in and got one heck of a reaction. Uchimaki was initially unsuccessful at making her talk but what he did get was a pillow thrown at his face. The president hilariously quips “that pillow is expensive” instead of worrying about Uchimaki. Uchimaki surprisingly retaliates after being called an idiot, by throwing it back at Usami. They exchange the pillow with force, back and forth, much to the chagrin of the president.

8. The Clubs Misunderstandings

This next moment is the first portion of episode five called “Mistake Train.” At the beginning of the episode, Usami and Uchimaki are drawing the model in front of them of a male head. After the two of them leave to the art supply store, Colette is left alone in the art club. Playful as ever, Colette decides to paint the head to make him look “healthier.” Upon completion, she worries that the rest of the club will not like what she had done. In a frenzied state, she takes the head and hides it and then proceeds to sprint out of the room.

Tachibana shows up and after viewing a couple of the clubs drawings, she finds a box and pulls out the head. Usami and Uchimaki come back to find Tachibana out cold. Uchimaki hysterically looks for a manga to help him figure out what to do. He gets spooked after realizing that he needs to give her mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. In his attempt at doing so, the president sees what’s going on and stops Colette from entering the room. They discuss what had happened but many of them are confused and misinterpreted the situation. This scene was effective at showing the hilarity of a mischievous situation where misunderstandings led to wild imaginations.

7. Treasure Hunt

Continuing on with the countdown we come to the episode that involves a treasure hunt. In the secret room that Usami and Uchimaki found during the first half of the episode; Imari and Uchimaki are in there sharing stories and reading manga. Usami is off in the distance studying and complains that the two are being too loud. So Imari and Uchimaki comply and reduce the noise from the room. Unfortunately for them, they can’t seem to win because Usami worries that they are doing something indecent and tells them not to be so quiet. Usami’s ambivalence was fantastic.

In the room, Imari has a treasure map fall out of a manga. The three of them gather together and decide to take part in a treasure hunt. The map leads them to several places including the male’s bathroom and outside the school. Usami ultimately deciphers the riddles and finds the treasure. Then comes the best part of the hunt…. Their reward! Expecting to split the treasure three ways, they open up the box only to find an erotic book. This hunt was built up so well and the payoff was wonderfully done.

6. Lolimaki

Number six on the countdown takes place early on in the season. Episode two is where this takes us. To set this moment up, we need to highlight a couple scenes that took place prior to this episode. Usami and Uchimaki were out on a stroll one day when they ran into a little girl who couldn’t find her mom. Usami was unsuccessful at being able to comfort her, however Uchimaki was able to. He showed her a sketch of what her mother looks like. From then on Usami decided that Uchimaki wasn’t a bad person.

After that, Uchimaki meets up with a girl from his school that has a crush on him. She expresses her feelings towards him but much to her dismay, Uchimaki rejects her. Keeping in mind that Usami and the president have a watchful eye on the situation behind some bushes. This brings us to the moment where this entire layout comes to fruition. Like before, Usami and Uchimaki are seen walking home together and they spot another young girl. As she heads towards them, Uchimaki stops and claims it's “love at first sight.” Usami was relieved to find out that Uchimaki was making a comment about how cute the girl's strap on her bag was. She can rest easy knowing he isn’t a “Lolimaki.”

5. Indirect Kiss

We have now reached the medial portion of the countdown. We hope you have enjoyed the list thus far; it’s only going to get better from here. This moment takes place during the latter portion of episode three. It involves Usami and Uchimaki (naturally) as well as three of Usami’s friends. They are joined in the art club room after a brief competition between Usami’s friends. During the aftermath, Kaori is sent to get drinks for everybody and this is when things start to heat up.

Upon returning, Kaori hands drinks to everybody. The problem is, she finds out from Usami that Uchimaki can’t drink fizzy drinks. Kaori offers up her drink, that she drank out of, in a trade. Uchimaki accepts as Usami spits out her drink in shock. Usami doesn’t want them sharing an indirect kiss. Usami steals the drink off of Uchimaki before he could put his lips to the can, and proceeds to drink the entire content of the can. In retaliation, Uchimaki jumps up and pounds back Usami’s drink that she left unattended. She pretended that she didn’t like the fact that they shared an indirect kiss; oh what a scene!

4. The Indecent Book

This moment is a continuation of moment number seven. At the start of episode nine, Imari tells Colette of an evil grimoire called the Necronomicon, which is hidden in the school. Colette is frightened by this and tells Tachibana about it. After receiving their reward, the erotic book is left for the president and Uchimaki to fight over. As the two argue over who will get to take it home, Usami walks in on them. She is disgusted by that book and wants to get rid of it before they get caught.

Tachibana storms into the art club and the president hastily moves the book to the secret room. She informs the club that she is on the lookout for a dangerous book. Misunderstanding the situation the three of them worry even more about getting caught. Half of the episode consists of the three of them playing keep away from Tachibana and Colette. After several close calls, eventually their luck runs out and Colette gets her hands on the book. She opens it up just as Tachibana walks in on them. Everyone is embarrassed as Uchimaki gets blamed for that obscene book.

3. The Study Session

Episode ten brings yet another awkward moment to the mix. While the club is gathered in the art room, a disappointed Tachibana walks in and informs Colette and Uchimaki that they have average exam scores. Usami isn’t overly concerned about Uchimaki’s predicament until he comes to the realization that he might have to stop coming to the club if he doesn’t improve his scores. Usami isn’t having any of that and she makes it her mission to get their scores back up to a respectable number.

Usami decides the best bet would be for the two to come over to her house and study over the weekend. After a disastrous start, Uchimaki begins to get tired and is led by Usami to her bed. She lays him down under the rule that he only gets to sleep for thirty minutes. After the thirty minutes are up, Usami instructs Colette to wake Uchimaki up. Several minutes go by and there is no sign of them. Usami goes up to check on the situation, only to find Colette in her bed sleeping with Uchimaki. Usami goes ballistic and they receive one rude awakening. But hey, they both improved their scores!

2. The Red Paint Incident

Rounding out the list with our number two spot, we have an uneasy situation set up between, Uchimaki, the art club president and Usami. This would be our second moment from episode two. This time, however, it takes place immediately at the beginning of the episode. Uchimaki and the president get themselves in a very sticky situation early on. Uchimaki accidently knocks over a can of red paint and it spills all over the carpet. This was then followed up by the president accidently knocking Usami’s painting from the chair and falling into red paint.

A series of accidents lead the boys to try and comprehend what had just happened. Hearing Usami off in the distance, Uchimaki is sent out of the room to delay her. The president’s solution was to lie on the painting in the red paint, acting as if he got murdered. Humorously enough, Uchimaki was quick to pretend like they were playing a murder mystery game. The tension was at its boiling point when the president wrote in paint, to Uchimaki, that he needed to take a leak. Eventually, Usami found out when she fell and landed on the president. Needless to say, she wasn’t pleased with what had transpired.

1. Uchimaki Loves Usami

We’ve made it to our top character moment in Kono Bijutsubu ni wa Mondai ga Aru! This memorable scene did not show up in the anime until the season finale. Episode twelve is where you can find this gem, as it’s still very fresh in our minds. The moment starts off with Imari and Uchimaki outside sitting on a bench as they discuss their feelings for “Usami.” It finally looked like Uchimaki had fallen in love with Usami. Imari suggested that he should tell her how he feels. Little did they know that Usami was watching over them once again.

They meet up in the art club and Uchimaki confesses his love, but not to the Usami standing in front of him. Dumbfounded by this turn of events, Usami says that she overheard Imari and Uchimaki talking about her. Uchimaki clarifies that this character that he has fallen in love with happens to share the same name as Usami. It’s hilarious because he’s able to shut down every question she has with a proper explanation. First off, what a great way to tease the audience! Secondly, poor Usami, we feel sorry for her. She has been on a rollercoaster of emotion ever since episode one. Finally, despite all the hints, we never did see Uchimaki commit to a “3D girl.”

Final Thoughts

That concludes our look at the top 10 Kono Bijutsubu ni wa Mondai ga Aru! character moments. When we were compiling all the best moments, we knew there was going to be some left out. It was only natural since this anime produced many outrageously memorable moments. The romance and comedy were the selling point, no question.

We feel we captured the essence of this anime in this article. We hope you felt the same way. On that note, if there were any moments that we missed, be sure to let us know in the comments section below. We’d love to discuss this anime with you!

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