Top 10 Legendary Tales of Zestiria Characters

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Warning: This article has spoilers. If you don’t want to ruin the fun, please watch Tales of Zestiria and come back again. You can always read another of our articles instead.

Those otaku who love playing RPGs have to take a look at this anime! From the visuals to the quests, your thirst for adventure will be satisfied with Tales of Zestiria. Will Humans and Seraphim will be able to live in harmony? Will the Shepherd (a.k.a Sorey) triumph over malevolence and become an enduring legend through time? Until we find out, let’s remember a couple of things about what makes this show so entertaining: the characters! Here are top 10 legendary characters from Tales of Zestiria the X. So grab your sword and let’s go!

10. Atakk

This anime is full of creatures that not everybody can see, much less interact with. Nevertheless, most of such creatures (the Seraphim) are human shaped. The exception to the rule are the Normin, curious pet sized Seraphim that are simply adorable!. Among them, the most outstanding is Atakk, with his samurai like black and gold helmet.

Atakk’s background story has to do with art. When people forgot the value of art and destroyed it, that made him very sad. Thus, Atakk is a natural protector of art! But his legendary characteristics don’t stop there. Normins can boost other Seraphim’s power, like when Atakk met Mikleo in the anime for the first time, surrounded by enemies in a forest. Whenever there is danger, Atakk is there to share his powers with his friends. That makes of him a legendary helper, don’t you think the same?

9. Dezel

Meet a Wind Seraphim who hides among humans. This fact alone makes him stand out among the characters of Tales of Zestiria. Anyway, the mysterious looking Dezel acts as a ward for Rose, but he hides a secret objective. Yes, that pendulum Dezel uses as weapon is patiently waiting to reveal its act…

It turns out that Sorey’s party gets trapped by a fallen Seraph called Symonne. Dezel has been eager to confront her, as she caused the death of a friend and disgraced Rose’s former guild. However, the truly legendary act Dezel does is to sacrifice his life to save Rose during the battle with Symonne. Not everyone would give up their lives for their comrades, right?

8. Rose

This red haired girl is the daughter of a merchant, and used to be part of a guild of humans. However, Rose also used to be part of a thug group at the same time. She goes armed with two daggers, as a symbol of her duality. Rose possesses leadership skills and tries to be fair to those who fall in her hands.

In contrast, she also has a positive outlook of life that could pass for superficial to those who don’t know her well. Rose has a very good instinct in battle, which would eventually lead us to discover a surprising thing about her. That is, Rose can also sense the Seraphim to a certain extent. Because of her apprehension towards ghosts, her abilities were partly suppressed! All in all, Rose is one of those characters that can pass to history as either very good or very evil. It depends on who records her legendary deeds.

7. Zaveid

Zaveid is similar to Dezel, as both are Wind Seraphims and use pendulums as weapons. They also are elusive, leaving their objectives unclear to the viewers. Zaveid even wants to fight against Sorey! That is why we are not sure if he is a good or bad guy at first.

Zaveid plays pranks on others and like the company of ladies, but can also do serious harm in combat. However, we notice more hero like actions in him when he joins Sorey’s guild. Zaveid becomes more brother like to the younger members of the guild (em… practically everyone there) and even gives women advice to Sorey. Thus, the guy becomes a maker of heroes… which is in itself the stuff of legend.

6. Lady Maltran

Ready for some interesting lady stuff? Maltran is beautiful, but we must never underestimate such characteristics. She was born into a knight family, so we can guess she has trained for a long time. Maltran was presumed dead, as she was attacked by evil hellions years ago.

However, as legendary heroes who are simply too tough to kill, she survived and reappeared as a supporter of Princess Alisha. As some sort of mentor, Maltran trains Alisha in the usage of long spear and combats. She also gives her political advice, inspiring her. Nevertheless, Maltran might have secret intentions under her sleeve…

5. Edna

This lady can look petite and weak, but as always, looks can be deceiving. Edna is a Seraphim with the power of Earth, and a fully grown adult. Actually, her power is pretty impressive, controlling rocks, earthquakes and the like while she graciously employs her umbrella as a weapon. Her personality is interesting, as she is largely inexpressive and uninterested in humans.

There is one thing that can move Edna, though: her appreciation for her brother. It was actually him who gave her several of the accessories she wears, including her choker. Also, by meeting Sorey’s guild, she discovers humans can be a bit interesting sometimes. Thus, she joins their adventures, writing the legend with them.

4. Mikleo

Meet the Seraph of Water, Mikleo. His weapon is a staff (which is difficult to deal with for a Water Seraph). Mikleo can also manage ice. Mikleo was raised since a young age close to Sorey, so they have become very good friends. In the guild, he is some sort of sub leader.

Calm, analytic and restrained, Mikleo is the perfect balance for the more impulsive Sorey. A great hero needs a legendary great right hand, right? Also, Mikleo cares deeply for his friend and feels a sense of loyalty towards the guild… although Mikleo also has his comic side when he and Sorey debate about history (we could say it is their favorite pass time).

3. Lailah

We have met pretty strong Seraphim up until now. However, there is one of them who is more legendary: Lailah “The Pure”, the bearer of Fire. This lady has been waiting for a new Shepherd for a long time. When Sorey appears decided to take on the roll, prudent and mature Lailah warns him to think it carefully.

So, what do we get as result? Well, Sorey is Sorey, so he accepts the challenge. Therefore, Lailah makes a contract with him and trains him thoroughly to become a legendary Shepherd. It is true that Lailah can be serious business, but she also has a whimsical side that she only shows when she is not dealing with, well, legendary stuff.

2. Alisha

Any legend needs some character from the royalty. Alisha is a princess from the Highland empire. However, she has trained to become a night in order to serve her country. Alisha teams up with Sorey to find out what is going on with the in the world, becoming able to see Seraphims to a great cost for the guy.

Thus, that is partly why she comes and goes from the guild, besides, you know, royalty duties and the such. We can expect Alisha to be disciplined, courageous and responsible because of her dual military and royal training. She does not let her personal feelings interfere with her ability to act when it is her duty to do so. Being a strong character who knows when to act and have patience might sound boring, but when the time comes, Alisha will strike and become the stuff of legend.

1. Sorey

And finally, here we have the main character of Tales of Zestiria the X. Like many heroes who enter the hall of fame, Sorey had an unusual upbringing. He was raised in the village of Elysia by Seraphims. That is why he has such a good resonance with them and can interact as well as he does with humans.

Sorey has a positive outlook at life, and never loses hope. He shares a fascination for old places and history with his childhood friend Mikleo. As a mediator between Seraphims and humans, Sorey is in a unique position to save the world. Powerful thanks to his many guild friends, Sorey is the ultimate legendary character from Tales of Zestiria the X.

Final thoughts

If there is something that RPG like anime teaches us is that true power comes when you are surrounded by a close group of people. These people tend to be of various backgrounds and with different abilities. Although at first all guilds have difficulties, Sorey manages to make friends out of his team mates. Sorey and his adventures show us that we should not give up if our dreams are to see a happy world that includes everyone in it.

Which is your favorite Tales of Zestiria character? Which element would you like to be able to invoke? Don’t forget that we are open to all your comments and suggestions. See you soon!

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