Top 10 Mad Scientists in Anime

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When thinking of Mad Scientists, one can only imagine a character in anime as a crazy, psychotic, shameless individual who only cares about science, progress, calculations, and the outcome of their work.
That is exactly the basis of the anime characters chosen for this list. I will admit, close to none of these characters have all the attributes listed above, but they are too close. Some of these characters represent good and some evil, while a few are just down right crazy without any consideration towards life itself.

Here's the list of the Top 10 Mad Scientists in Anime!

10. Washuu Hakubi from Tenchi Muyo

tenchi muyo! DVD

This character is know as the mad scientist of the universe who possesses supernatural power and is always wanting to be the best.
She is extremely knowledgable in all fields of science, electronics and alternate dimensions. She is capable of accomplishing anything that comes her way, when she puts her mind to it. She can create anything in no time with little to no effort.

But, her reasoning is somewhat obscure, sometimes known to develop weapons of mass destructions and portals to another universe or dimension.
It doesn't seems to bother her in anyway for she sees it as a way of displaying her brilliance.

9. Dr. Gero from Dragon Ball Z

Dr. Gero
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This character is a vengeful, mad scientist, seeking refuge in his laboratory high up in the mountains after the Red Ribbon Army's defeat, Dr. Gero's hatred for Goku, sparks the madness for his experiments of revenge.
Because of Dr. Gero's cold-hearted goals, he is extremely confident in his technological skills and intelligence. After transferring his brain into an android of his own creation, he constructs Android 17 and 18 who later rebel against him due to their strength and intellect.

His madness leads to the destruction of many when he creates Cell, the ultimate android who doesn't gain full capacity, until he consumes android 17 and 18. Dr. Gero's madness succeeds with the belief that his androids will carry out his goals.

8. Miyo Takano from Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni

When they Cry

This character has a twisted personality and shows no restraint when it comes to scaring others with her past.
She is indeed a mad scientist to the point that she sees almost everyone as a test subject for her experiments and research. Truly caring mostly for her grandfather and the research he left behind, she is recognized as a complete maniac.
To the point that her actions sometimes lead to the point of unrealism and are mistaken as jokes, but do not be deceived in any way. Takano documents everything she conducts which includes her scientific theories and likes to share these theories for fun, no matter how inhumane they are.
Talking in a very condescending manner while questioning the loyalty of others, she is hated by all. It almost seems like she considers herself as a God in some ways that make her despicable.

When her mentor dies, she is infatuated with continuing his research, to the point of death!

7. Rintarou Okabe from Steins;Gate

Okabe Rintarou

This character is somewhat eccentric and melodramatic. He claims that he is a mad scientist and says so as an introduction to others.
Having some of the traits of a mad scientist like being delusional and paranoid, he invents several gadgets that are sometimes useless, but later on prove to be otherwise. He often engages in situations where others see him talking to himself on the phone or busting out in laughter for no apparent reason.
His paranoia comes in handy as he is fully aware of an unavoidable fate that has him following and saving his friends in several cases. His determination and knowledge is what makes a mad scientist.

One of his famous quotes is, “I am Mad Scientist, it's so cool! Sonuvabi*ch!” And he loves Dr. Pepper!

6. Franken Stein from Soul Eater

Soul Eater DVD

This character is one of the craziest scientists ever.
Having psychological problems to the point of losing control and seeing all of humanity in the world, including himself, as a test subject or experiment. He's always thought that way since he was young, and has an urge to dissect things he comes across, even people. Stein has stitches going across his face with the assumption that he experimented and dissected his own face for the greater good of science.

Stein is very strong in a way that something powerful lies dormant within him, and who knows if this was the cause of an experiment that he himself conducted.

5. Caesar Clown from One Piece

one piece dvd 02

This character is very manipulative, conniving, deceptive and shameless when it comes to being a mad scientist.
He has great knowledge in creating weapons of mass destruction that involve chemical mixtures of some of the most complex elements known to man. With these mixtures, he creates deadly poisons that can kill any living thing in an instant. He has also used his abilities to develop an oral substance that can cause extreme repercussions and addictions to the point of anarchy.

To know the lengths of his experiments, he has kidnapped several children using them as test subjects while deceiving them into thinking it's medicine that will heal their non-existent illness.

4. Dr. Stylish from Akame Ga Kill!

Akame Ga Kill

This character is a unique mad scientist in a way, classified as not only a scientist, but a perfectionist when it comes to fashion styling.Hence his name, Dr Stylish.
As a person who is very fashionable, it definitely does not take away from his shameless intelligence in being creative with anything technological or ground breaking. He shows concern for his creations that seems like he holds them dear, but actually couldn't care less if its a failure. Like a true mad scientist!

Because of his credentials as a renowned figure, he has gained the trust of many through his illegal experimentations and creations.

3. Shou Tucker from Fullmetal Alchemist

fullmetalalchemist DVD

This character is presented as a man who had great knowledge but was unable to prove his intelligence to others.
Out of an act of desperation, he's known as one the scientists to combine science and alchemy in the form of creating a chimera that is capable of speech. Believing that this was regulated by means of just science and magic, Shou in fact used a test subject to create this chimera.
This is where the evilness and madness takes over. Shou had actually used his own daughter to complete the process of creating a chimera that was capable of speech. In doing so, not only did he show no emotion in sacrificing his daughter's life in being the subject of his experiments, he did it in an attempt to gain recognition amongst his peers.

This was an all out sad story that made want to cry!

2. Mayuri Kurotsuchi from Bleach

bleach dvd

This character is the epitome of a mad scientist.
He is a master researcher when it comes to problem solving and overcoming any situation that comes his way with an answer that points out its flaw. Seeing most things, including people, as research and showing no respect towards said things or others, he wouldn't hesitate to use those around him to either defeat or accomplish his goals.
He hates perfection, because if everything were perfect, he would have nothing to look forward to as far as science.

Kurotsuchi is is also knowledgable in medicine, and is known to create some of the most sophisticated antidotes and viruses known to man.

Mayuri Kurotsuchi Fan Art

1. Orochimaru from Naruto


This character is probably the worst of the all in my eyes.
He has the same attributes as many other mad scientists, but on another level. He starts off as being an honest and intelligent individual who later becomes desensitized from all emotions and discovers a way to obtain immortality.
Showing no remorse or shame for those he feels are the perfect test subjects for his experiments in obtaining said immortality, he has been known to manipulate an entire community to do his bidding for the sake of achieving his goals.

He goes to such lengths as to kidnap young children and raising them as test subjects until they are unfit for his accomplishments.

Caesar Clown,Mayuri Kurotsuchi Fan Art

There you have it. What do you think about the picks for the Top 10 Ten Mad Scientists in Anime!
Do you agree with these choices? If you think there was a character was missed that should be on this list.

Let us know in the comments below!


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