Top 10 Magic Fighters in Majutsushi Orphen Hagure Tabi (Sorcerous Stabber Orphen)

In the world of Orphen, not only do sorcerers have to learn the art of magic, but the art of fighting and killing as well. So, where does one learn to be an assassin that can use magic? That place would be the Tower of Fang, where most of its disciples are orphans, due to how many of its enrollees tend to die from training. If you have any familiarity with the 2020 edition of Orphen, then you should already know that the Tower of Fang has numerous courses for its residents to study. In the case of the titular Orphen, the nature of his training allows him to become the successor to his teacher, Childman. Anyway, with a few obvious giveaways, allow us to introduce to you our Top 10 Magic Fighters from Orphen.

10. Cleao Everlasting

Sometimes, the best thing to do is not fight (or better yet, kill), and Cleao is a good motivation for that. While her reasons for going with Orphen and Majic are simply to go on a journey, you see her bond with her companions despite their bickering. By the time Orphen ends, you see how just her presence alone makes an impact on Orphen. As Orphen defeats his nemesis in the finale, he has every reason and every bit of rage to kill the guy in cold blood, but Cleao’s presence allows him to keep him down to Earth and spare his opponent’s life. Without Cleao, Orphen would likely go crazy in his journey that is filled with people who want revenge against him.

9. Majic Lin

Majic, Orphen’s disciple, is a beginner in the art of magic but has his own unique potential. As we’re introduced to the character upon his debut, anyone would immediately assume that Orphen was joking when he told Majic that he has natural talent. As it turns out, he does. With an elite such as Orphen as his master, he can reach his true potential. While he only knows the basics, he’s capable of coming up with his own spells for his own perverted tendencies, but he shows that he’s capable of helping Orphen in combat. When Orphen fights the deep dragon in the village, Orphen has Majic use a barrier to help defeat the deep dragon. Thanks to Majic’s assistance, Orphen is able to exploit the deep dragon’s weakness and defeat it. While Majic’s role is mostly regulated to backup, it’s backup that is most certainly valuable.

8. Fiena

Midway into the series, Orphen and company visit a village that also pays tribute to a deep dragon, a deity in the world of Orphen. While the villagers there tend to look down on those who practice magic, they also happen to have their own priestess, Fiena, whose powers are given to her by the deep dragon. As opposed to using magic for offense, her magic is used for healing purposes as she helps Orphen recover after his first fight with the deep dragon. Just like in your typical classic RPG games, you’re always going to need a healer, and Fiena fits that role. Unfortunately, due to the nature of being the priestess, she is unable to leave the village.

7. Leki

As a deep dragon, Leki is born with the natural ability to use magic. Since he’s still a baby, he comes across as unassuming. His magic is still very powerful and useful to our heroes, most especially with Cleao, who takes care of him. In the final battle, Leki shows how powerful he is by being able to teleport Cleao, Majic, and Orphen out of harm’s way. While his introduction in the series is late, we presently know little about this character but whatever he contributes, not only was it unexpected, but most helpful.

6. Leticia Macredy

In addition to Azalie, Leticia is another foster sister of Orphen who grew up with him at an orphanage and later at the Tower of Fang. Along with Orphen and Azalie, Leticia is one of the most feared disciples of Childman. Upon the climax of the series, as she is hunted by a rival class of magical assassins, she manages to take on the enemies on her own despite being outnumbered using a bit of magic and martial arts. Despite her young age, she is also now an instructor at the tower and has three active pupils. Not only is she good at fighting, but she’s also pretty good at trash talk and at getting under an opponent’s skin.

5. Deep Dragon

Despite being labeled as a dragon, this character happens to be a giant wolf based on Fenrir of Norse Mythology. As previously mentioned, they are essentially magical deities that rule certain places within the world of Orphen. Upon its first battle with Orphen, the deep dragon mentally shuts him down him with relative ease. They use a form of dark magic in which their abilities range from teleportation, erasing minds, terminating souls from existence, etc. However, when they have a mental bond with a human, a human will eventually gain the ability to use their powers.

4. Azalie Cait-Sith

Upon her introduction, a lot of her power stems from the fact that she assumes the form of a dragon due to an accident that took place five years prior to the start of the series. Despite turning into a dragon, Azalie shows she’s still conscious of who she is as she’s able to use the white magic that she specializes in. As she and Orphen grew up together, she loved to tease and test Orphen (who then went by Kyrlancelo, his real name) in every way she could to make him a better fighter. She goes as far as to fake a kidnaping just to make Orphen fight at full strength! After Azalie returns to her human form, her natural qualities of how she likes to tease people are taken up a notch as she evolves to becoming more malicious in her quest for revenge. However, she briefly turns around as she helps Orphen and his friends instantly take out their enemies with her elite skills.

3. Fake Kyrlancelo

Yeah, we know it’s really a killing doll created in the image of 15-year-old Orphen by Azalie, but hear us out on this one. As the 2020 series reaches its climax and our heroes make it to the Tower of Fang, they must face a deadly assassin. That assassin happens to be Orphen, or who he was at 15-years-old. Granted, he’s just an image created by Azalie, but through the Fake Krylancelo, the audience and Orphen’s friends and foes can get an idea as to the true capabilities of Orphen.

Through the fake Kyrlancelo, everyone can see what kind of person Orphen was training to be before he left the tower. Through this fake based on the 15-year-old Orphen, you see that he’s a merciless fighter who is capable of not just strong magic, but in the art of assassination as well. Unlike the real Orphen, who is willing to restrain himself in a fight so he won’t kill anyone, the fake has about as much mercy as a disciple of the Cobra Kai Dojo. Through his viciousness, he gives the real Orphen a run for his money in both the art of magic and combat.

2. Childman Powderfield

As the former master of Orphen and Azalie, it’s only reasonable to conclude that Childman is a powerful sorcerer who can fight. As a matter of fact, he was a feared assassin in his youth and managed to become a teacher at the age of 30. While he isn’t given much screen time for action scenes, his reputation and his role are more than enough to list him. But whenever he fights Azalie in her dragon form, he shows no fear or hesitation.

As you see him with his entourage, you see that they truly respect and fear him. When you see Orphen, Azalie and other students of Childman in action, it’s a true extension on what kind of magic fighter Childman must’ve been in his prime as they only represent bits and pieces of his true abilities.

1. Orphen

At number one, we give it to Orphen and not just for the sake that he’s the main character. While he dropped out of the Tower of Fang at the age of 15, the fact that he’s fighting at just a fraction of his potential (due to not finishing his training and he tends to hold back when he fights) is a true testament to how strong he really is. First, he truly demonstrates not only his knowledge but his perception when he defeats the deep dragon in episode 6-8.

While Orphen’s first encounter with the deep dragon briefly puts him out of commission, when he comes back for the rematch, he sees that the nature of the deep dragon’s magic has the same weaknesses as a human, then he instantly exploits it and gets the victory. Upon the climax of the 2020 season, Orphen once again demonstrates his skills as he defeats elite members of the Tower who are also trained in the arts of magic and assassination almost entirely on his own.

Final Thoughts

Orphen is full of unique characters who truly bring something to the table. Some characters are badass, and there are others who know how to keep a man humble. A warrior needs balance in their life and whether they wield a blade or cast magic spells. Thanks to some supporting characters, they can serve as motivation or as a re-definition of what makes a warrior. As we stated with Cleao, her presence alone keeps Orphen humble. As for some of the more villainous characters, they help the cast and audience come to terms with the true definition of being a warrior is. So, what do you guys say? Please leave a comment!

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