Top 10 Manga Ranking [Weekly Charts]

boku no hero academia visuals

What You Need to Know:

  • What with the intertwining nature of Japanese popular culture, many fans of anime are also fans of manga, and vice versa.
  • With many current and upcoming anime being based on manga, we've decided to bring you the weekly rankings for manga in Japan, based on volume sales.
  • Are you reading any of the top ten? Maybe you're after something new to read and want to know a good place to start? Let's take a look and find out what's popular!

Top 10 - Top 6

10. Fate/stay night [Heaven’s Feel]

9. Kuubo Ibuki ()

8. Hetalia World Stars 3

7. Magi 28 ()

6. Sakamoto Desu Ga? 4 ()

Top 5 - Top 1

5. Grand Blue 5


4. Kingdom 41 ()

kingdom 41

3. Shin Tennis no Ouji-sama 17

shin prince of tennis 17

2. Platinum End 1

platinum end 1

1. Boku no Hero Academia 7

myheroacademia 7

Source: Oricon

honey's anime character
So is the BokuAca anime hype due to the manga or the manga hype due to the anime?! Either way I want both right now!

honey's anime character
Platinum End also looks really interesting! You can tell just from the cover that Ohba and Obata are behind it!